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Up at the Villa Now a major motion picture from USA Films starring Kristin Scott Thomas and Sean Penn and director Philip Haas director of Angels and Insects In Up at the Villa W Somerset Maugham portrays a wealthy

Now a major motion picture from USA Films starring Kristin Scott Thomas and Sean Penn, and director Philip Haas director of Angels and Insects.In Up at the Villa, W Somerset Maugham portrays a wealthy young English woman who finds herself confronted rather brutally by the repercussions of whimsy.On the day her older and prosperous friend asks her to marry him, Mary LeonNow a major motion picture from USA Films starring Kristin Scott Thomas and Sean Penn, and director Philip Haas director of Angels and Insects.In Up at the Villa, W Somerset Maugham portrays a wealthy young English woman who finds herself confronted rather brutally by the repercussions of whimsy.On the day her older and prosperous friend asks her to marry him, Mary Leonard demurs and decides to postpone her reply a few days But driving into the hills above Florence alone that evening, Mary offers a ride to a handsome stranger And suddenly, her life is utterly, irrevocably altered.For this stranger is a refugee of war, and he harbors than one form of passion Before morning, Mary will witness bloodshed, she will be forced to seek advice and assistance from an unsavory man, and she will have to face the truth about her own yearnings Erotic, haunting, and maddeningly suspenseful, Up at the Villa is a masterful tale of temptation and the capricious nature of fate.

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Up at the Villa

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  1. William Somerset Maugham was born in Paris in 1874 He spoke French even before he spoke a word of English, a fact to which some critics attribute the purity of his style His parents died early and, after an unhappy boyhood, which he recorded poignantly in Of Human Bondage, Maugham became a qualified physician But writing was his true vocation For ten years before his first success, he almost literally starved while pouring out novels and plays During World War I, Maugham worked for the British Secret Service He travelled all over the world, and made many visits to America After World War II, Maugham made his home in south of France and continued to move between England and Nice till his death in 1965.


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  1. I remember being in a caf with a friend once when a guy walked in who obviously had some kind of mild disability to do with his legs he hobbled over to a table and sat down heavily, and then looked around him at the greasy spoon with an air of deep depression Amy stared at him and sighed and said, I wish I was really really pretty so I could be a little moment of happiness in his day I remember being surprised, because it sounded, somehow, like something a female character would say in a book wr [...]

  2. Up at the Villa, W Somerset MaughamUp at the Villa is a 1941 novella by William Somerset Maugham about a young widow caught among three men her suitor, her one night stand, and her confidant A fast paced story, Up at the Villa incorporates elements of the crime and suspense novel 1973 1336 96 .

  3. read hereOpening The villa stood on the top of a hill From the terrace in front of it you had a magnificent view of Florence behind was an old garden, with few flowers, but with fine trees, hedges of cut box, grass walks and an artificial grotto in which water cascaded with a cool, silvery sound from a cornucopia The house had been built in the sixteenth century by a noble Florentine, whose impoverished descendants had sold it to some English people, and it was they who had lent it for a period [...]

  4. The cover of the book that I read.WILLIAM Somerset Maugham was born in Paris in 1874 He was educated at King s School, Canterbury and at Heidelberg University, Germany Later he started practising medicine at St Thomas s Hospital However, the success of his first novel Liza of Lamberth 1897 made him decide that he was going to be a writer Besides writing novels, he soon became reputed for writing dramas and short stories But his oeuvre did not end here, as Maugham was also a prolific author of tr [...]

  5. Toward the end of this very short novel, a novella really, just as the posturing and dithering are giving way to the puzzle being solved, I turned a page of the book and a card dropped out A Lottery ticket, something I d never buy for myself As this was a library copy, I thought it was probably safe to assume it was some long expired specimen used at some point for a bookmark And if so, used by somebody who had gotten nearly all the way through the novel and stopped Maugham s Up At The Villa is [...]

  6. Tesoro, per questo che fatta la vita r correre rischi.Maugham una conferma La conferma di essere uno scrittore tra quelli che prediligo.Questo breve romanzo mi stava deludendo fino alle pagine finali, gi pensavo che stavolta Maugham avesse toppato con me, quando invece, all improvviso, arrivata alla fine, mi sono ricreduta.C un topos letterario tanto caro agli anglosassoni, l ambientazione in una aristocratica villa con uno stupendo giardino che guarda sulla cupola del Duomo di Firenze, abitata [...]

  7. I was really excited to get this book, since after reading Of Human Bondage I ve been on a quest to find all of Maugham s works This is really of a short story or novella, but at the same time quite powerful The story opens with the widowed, but still desired and beautiful Mary Leonard pondering a marriage proposal from an old family friend and waiting for his return During the few days he s gone, Mary has a chance encounter with a young and handsome stranger, and cougar action ensues Hi, Ben A [...]

  8. W Somerset Maugham was a master of the novel as well as the short story, and here he manages to cover the elusive middle ground This is a very short novel, weighing in at a scant 209 Harry Potter formatted pages, and it reads like one Not that that s a bad thing Where other Maugham classics like Of Human Bondage develop slowly, refusing to be rushed, this book moves at a ripping pace.Most of Maugham s formidable strengths are here, fully realized an ear for authentic, snappy, gently funny dialog [...]

  9. An engaging and thinly disguised morality tale about class, sexual desire and marriage all set in the hills of beautiful 1930s Florence.To read my full review, please visit my blog.

  10. The one thing I love about Somerset Maugham is how wonderfully and subtly he raises ideas of sexual liberty, perception and human folly This little novella brings us an exquisite taste of sexual objectification As an interested and a rather amateur scholar of gender studies, I have been constantly reading and writing about the sexual objectification of women in popular culture and media but this novella reminded me of one key point I had been missing all along how women objectify themselves Yes, [...]

  11. W.Somerset Maugham was one of the most commercially successful authors of his era and at one time was described as the most famous writer in the world There s something about Maugham s writing that appeals very strongly to me I don t know if it s the elegance of his writing the gorgeously drawn characters or the romanticism of his stories I adored Up at the Villa What a wonderfully clever writer Maugham was and how lucky we are to read his works.

  12. From Imdb Over a handful of days in 1938, a penniless English widow, on vacation near Florence, considers the marriage proposal of an aging British aristocrat who is the newly appointed governor of Bengal, accepts a pistol that he presses on her for safety, takes pity on an Austrian refugee, stands up to a Fascist police chief, and gets in harm s way with an American playboy After a good deed results in tragedy, she must choose between dependability and love, between her reputation and her feeli [...]

  13. Added 2 19 14 Up at the Villa 1941 by W Somerset MaughamI read this novella years ago and still remember it as a good story Maugham is one of my favorite authors.A few days ago I streamed the film adaptation Up at the Villa 2000 title tt0153464 flix WiMovie Up_at_CAST Kristin Scott Thomas, Sean Penn, Anne Bancroft, James FoxThis is a wonderful suspense story This particular film version is very lush in scenery and dress Beautiful Kristin Scott Thomas draws you in and you can t stop watching Forg [...]

  14. This is now the fourth book I ve read of W Somerset Maugham I find that I generally like his writing, but all his novels are so different Each one is like jumping into a different genre Up at the Villa is really of a novelette, a very short, quick read An upper middle class widow named Mary is living in a villa overlooking Florence She has been widowed for a year, but she is still quite young and beautiful She receives two proposals of marriage within a short time One is no surprise, and comes [...]

  15. This is the only Maugham I ve read which I nearly disliked The story is psychological suspense woman picks up stranger out of the kindness of her heart, tragedy ensues, woman and man try to avert disaster I disliked the portrayal of the main characters Mary is both unnaturally perfect and unnaturally stupid, while her male counterpart is supposedly sexy and yet merely overbearing The relationship set up at the end of the book just looks abusive to me, and I don t care for Maugham s attitude towa [...]

  16. My first W Somerset Maugham but it won t be my last Whilst I found this story a bit silly, it was well written and I m looking forward to reading The Painted Veil for a group challenge later this year Up at the Village is a short book, a novella, and tells the story of a widow who has travelled to Italy to recover from her marriage to a drunken womaniser She s beautiful, sociable and has friends who own a villa in the Florentine hills where she has lived for the past few months The story opens w [...]

  17. I think I m turning into something of a Somerset Maugham fan I ve yet to read anything truly bad by him I bought The Painted Veil some years back on a whim from a charity shop, and it took me a couple of years to get around to reading it When I did, I enjoyed it, and liked his style Since then I ve read various of his books.This is of a novella, or a very long short story As the books of his I ve read so often seem to do, Up at the Villa involves members of the smart set of his time, the kind w [...]

  18. Maugham non delude mai, un libro breve ed intenso La villa dal cui terrazzo si gode la vista di Firenze, nel cui giardino si passeggia romanticamente, il teatro di una tragedia Ma il fulcro del libro sono i sentimenti di due uomini che si contendono una donna e i cui sentimenti non sono quelli che appaiono all inizio, anzi

  19. Mi a placut destul de mult acest mic roman, desi se cam indeparteaza de ceea ce ai asocia imediat cu Maugham.Nu stiu de ce, dar actiunea m a dus cu gandul la Camus, la Strainul pastrand totusi proportiile.

  20. Mary Panton uma jovem viuva que se encontra em Floren a numa bela casa emprestada por uns amigos de modo a restabelecer se da morte do marido e pensar no que havia de fazer com a sua vida semelhan a de tantas outras ocasi es, aceita o convite para jantar de uns amigos e assim que se v num restaurante rodeada de um grupo de pessoas, algumas delas algo curiosas.Nesse per odo d se um acontecimento que se prolongar n o apenas no regresso a casa de Mary, como durante toda a noite, acontecimento esse [...]

  21. Somerset Maugham ao jeito de Harlequim Uma tolice pegada Mas, como j li por aqui, imagino que tamb m ele tivesse contas para pagar.Se n o estivesse assinado por aquele que se tornou num dos meus autores favoritos de h dois anos para c , n o conseguia acreditar que este romance fosse dele Sim, verdade, encontramos Somerset Maugham nas pequenas descri es da vila e do pal cio onde decorre a cena Mas um vislumbre t o t nue que quase passa despercebido Paix o em Floren a um livro de bolso e conta uma [...]

  22. As always well observed, atmospheric sense of place This novella is set in Tuscany in a villa overlooking the beauty and grandeur of Florence Here the princess blighted by first love awaits the arrival of her suitor Edgar Swift, an older wiser family friend who is about to become the Governor of Bengal Whilst Mary procrastinates on his proposal two other suitors attempt to win her hand, the notorius womaniser Rowley and the penniless art student Karl Tragedy ensues as Mary is faced with a ruined [...]

  23. L ho letto tutto d un fiato e mi piaciuto moltissimo L ho trovato scritto bene, arguto e intelligente, una bella sorpresa Durante la lettura mi sembrava di guardare un cortometraggio o un film in una vecchia sala cinematografica, alcune scene poi mi hanno ricordato quelle pellicole in bianco e nero dei film muti in cui un automobile d epoca scorrazza in una strada polverosa tra boschi e radure Bello perch un po assurdo ma con un ritmo irresistibile Impossibile chiuderlo prima di essere arrivati [...]

  24. If I needed to sum up this book in a phrase I m not sure what such an occasion might be I would be torn between going with It seemed like a good idea at the time and if I were in a meme mood a solid Well that escalated quickly.

  25. Wow, Maugham seems to have written this in a hurry was it my bad edition or his hastiness that had Edgar brown eyed at the beginning of the book and blue eyed by the end of it Anyway, a rather shallowish, yellowish sort of novel I can t bring myself to give less than 3 stars, but this was not the Maugham I love.

  26. Pequeno em n mero de p ginas, mas tremendamente intenso, este o terceiro livro que leio de Somerset Maugham depois de A Lua e Cinco Tost es e Servid o Humana S n o lhe dei 5 porque, depois da genialidade de Servid o Humana, soube me a pouco, mas cimentou em mim a vontade de procurar ler todas as suas obras Genial

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