Introducing Nietzsche

Introducing Nietzsche Is God dead Is traditional morality just a useful mistake Does the will to power lead to the Holocaust What are the limitations of scientific knowledge Is human evolution complete or only just beginni

Is God dead Is traditional morality just a useful mistake Does the will to power lead to the Holocaust What are the limitations of scientific knowledge Is human evolution complete or only just beginning All of these questions are raised by Friedrich Nietzsche s philosophy It is difficult to over estimate the importance of Nietzsche for our present time His extraIs God dead Is traditional morality just a useful mistake Does the will to power lead to the Holocaust What are the limitations of scientific knowledge Is human evolution complete or only just beginning All of these questions are raised by Friedrich Nietzsche s philosophy It is difficult to over estimate the importance of Nietzsche for our present time His extraordinary insights into human psychology, morality, religion and power seem quite clairvoyant today existentialism, psychoanalysis, semiotics and postmodernism are plainly anticipated in his writings This book reflects the diversity and depth of this great 19 th century thinker It shows Nietzsche as a fearless critic of vanity and bad faith the philosopher who Freud believed had greater self knowledge than anyone I have read.

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Introducing Nietzsche

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  1. Laurence Gane Richard Appignanesi Piero Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Introducing Nietzsche book, this is one of the most wanted Laurence Gane Richard Appignanesi Piero author readers around the world.


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  1. From what this short sharp graphic guide tells you, if somebody was to have leaned over a balcony and dropped a television on Nietzsche s head as he was walking by, that would have not been such a bad thing Or crept up behind him and gave him a little push and sent him tumbling down the stairs, like you might do with your grandma if you were in a playful frame of mind And if he mortally wounded his vast moustache on the way down to the ground floor, so much the better Rarely has the world seen a [...]

  2. Nietzsche, he who can make your jaw drop while you read not a book of his, not a paragraph, but a single sentence, a single sentence of his can make you freeze and think for hours, for dayscause as he himself said It is my ambition to say in ten sentences what others say in a whole book Nietzsche shakes every shackle on your unused brain, he dives into the depth of human mind, discovers the origin of every human feeling, fear, joy, and sufferingis book was a beautiful and amazing introduction of [...]

  3. This book is part of a series of graphic accounts of significant modern philosophers and ideas The original idea behind the series was that you could educate through a combination of image and crisp short summaries of the life and history of complicated people and concepts This is both absurd and helpful None of these books largely produced in the post modern fervour of the 1990s can do than skim the surface of a subject Ideas can be so foreshortened that they are meaningless to the uneducated [...]

  4. Very helpful if you want a quick taste of all his ideas, make a list of those that interest you the most, and dig them further in scholarly books Here are some random jottings 1 Kant epitomized the tradition of thought going back to Plato which seeks knowledge of final truths beyond the confines of our daily experience, an underlying timeless reality like Schopenhauer s idea of Will This conception of truth wants to transcend the particular facts of any culture or individual or indeed history i [...]

  5. I can t tell you just how brilliant this book is Friedrich Nietzsche is one of the greatest philosophers of all time, and his ideas can be difficult to understand He has also produced a lot of books, which are dense and rife with allegories, philosophical thoughts, and reflections on life, reality, and religion, among other things This book, a collaboration by Gane and Piero, does an amazing work of condensing his thoughts into an accessible format.The text is clear, sharp, and easy to understan [...]

  6. I found this while at the bookshop looking for something else I liked the look of the cover so I picked it up and had a flick through It is very pretty and very desirable Introductory texts like this often pique my interest but my sense of pride, or machismo, makes me hesitate The booming voice in my head says not tough enough for the original material, Senor Quixote And I am not I ve trudged through a couple of Nietzche s works and found it heavy going, not much of it stuck.But I walked out wit [...]

  7. This book recounts the life and ideas of a famous philosopher.I found many of the concepts and the direct quotes from the philosopher in this book really fascinating some of the narrative writing around the philosopher s concepts was a bit ropey.

  8. I don t care much for philosophy, but Nietzsche was such a dramatic lunatic that the graphic novel format suits him well I will never get that image of him having sex out of my head, sadly My favorite image was the one about eternal return which shows him walking through a dark forest I also loved the jaunty cartoony images of him when he announced he was the antichrist and started making appointments with the king of italy Thoroughly readable, and I happily read the whole thing.

  9. You know, I haven t read much Nietzsche, but I felt good reading it I know it s just a summary, and I may be wrong, but he has a morbid optimism in his philosophy He knew people aren t ready for his ideas, but they will be, and when they do, his writing s will help them leave their humanity behind and be Supermen.How can I not respect that

  10. I ve got a soft spot for these books They provide a very motivating, if superficial, introduction to the topic at hand Each section, no longer than 4 o 5 pages, introduces the reader to a new concept or facet of the thinker s life, and can be read on its own, without having to reference earlier parts of the book That alone makes these my books of choice to read between classes and during my commutes, when I only have around 5 minutes to read and I want to make good use of them.Now, I honestly do [...]

  11. I have been longing for a series like this and it served me well The truth is in the title It s an introduction, not a comprehensive text However, it does recommend comprehensive texts Very helpful for someone like me with large holes in their education.

  12. Interesting read.Simplified reading of Nietzsche, introduction to postmodernism in a way He foretold everything that was to come A genius without doubt.

  13. Personally, I am a great admirer of Nietzsche who, though not flawless, provided us with some very fundamental insights into human psychology and engaged deeply with some of the toughest metaphysical and other philosophical problems encountered in Western philosophy.

  14. The first book I read by Nietzsche was Thus Spake Zarathustra At the end of my edition of the book there was an essay that said that Thus Spake Zarathustra is the most inaccessible of Nietzsche s works, and it should be read only after having read the rest of his body of work Gee, would have liked to know that beforehand That being said, I still enjoyed Thus Spake Zarathustra immensely, even though I did not agree with its opinions all of the time Ever since I read it I was looking for a book th [...]

  15. The illustrations really carried this the whole way through For being shy of 200 pages and averaging about 3 sentences per page, it is perhaps a bit too brief, in that it requires the reader to thoroughly connect the dots to produce a clear picture Sometimes I d sit there puzzled thinking about a page for longer than it took to read the text It s worthwhile in that it offers perspective on the history and the other key players making major contributions to Western thought in Nietzsche s time It [...]

  16. Edition 1 84046 627 88This timeless, non physical cosmic force doesn t lead Schopenhauer to the diea of God Instead, Will is seen as the source of suffering, since wissing never brings contentment, but only futher desire.15Music is distingushied from all the other arts by the fact that it is not a copy of the phenomenon but a direct copy of the will itself.60if we chop up the endless tontinuum of the world into manageable pieces for our digestion, let us not imagine that the menu we prepare for [...]

  17. Read for the international philosophy olympiad This series is becoming a favorite of mine These books take complicated ideas and manage to make them easily understood I ve been wanting to read Nietzsche for basically ever but found myself intimidated by his books After reading this, I feel a bit confident that I ll be able to read something original Nietzsche wrote and maybe even understand a bit of it I find Nietzsche fasinating He s such an incredible influence on our culture I feel like peop [...]

  18. Intro to Nietzsche serves as didactic primer for those unfamiliar to him and his works What s great about this book is that there are colorful and enagaing illustrations to complement the concise takeaway points strewn throughout the book The first half of the book details Nietzsche s life, while the second half broadly addresses his beliefs, along with contemporary philosophers that cited him as their primary influence.What I didn t like was the book s lack of explanation for some of the 2nd [...]

  19. An engaging and comprehensive summary of Nietzsche s various thoughts organized primarily chronologically, but also establishing thematic links where necessary The book effectively pairs the prose of Gane to paraphrase Nietzsche s ideas which would likely satisfy Nietzsche himself and quotes from Nietzsche One of the most remarkable elements of this text are the illustrations which are spectacular and add a great deal of depth to this light analysis and re articulation of Nietzsche s core assert [...]

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