High Spirits

High Spirits Pasadena California Daisy Gumm Majesty spiritualist can scarcely believe her client wants her to get her spiritual control Rolly to appear at a seance in a speakeasy However that s just th

1921, Pasadena, California Daisy Gumm Majesty, spiritualist, can scarcely believe her client wants her to get her spiritual control, Rolly, to appear at a seance in a speakeasy However, that s just the start of Daisy s troubles.

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High Spirits

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  1. Also writes as Emma Craig, Rachel Wilson, Anne Robins and wrote two books under the name of Jon Sharpe Pecos Belle Brigade and California Crusader.


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  1. Life goes on in the1920s This tale highlights the speakseasy.Mrs Kincaid pressures Daisy until she agrees to give the seance for the Mob boss, Maggiore In the progress the speakseasy was raided Daisy agrees to help Sam Rotondo to shut down the operation Daisy is scared will doing it Flossie, a mobster girlfriend becomes a friend Billy s continues poorly.The ending is interesting.

  2. As much as I thought I would enjoy 3 in the series, I only read it halfway before I gave up I had the same complaints with this one as 2 but even so Daisy is cute and funny, but Duncan s style of repeating her thoughts over and over again got to be too annoying for me Plus Daisy was not as clever and spunky in this episode as in the earlier stories She cries and whines and complains way too much Oh well, there are always other books out there for me Maybe you will like this one than I did.

  3. Step back into a 1920s speakeasy with the courageous, humorous, and livable Daisy Majesty in Alice Duncan s novel, High Spirits With a tremendous setting that quickly pulling in readers, and characters who are so true to life, Duncan delivers a fun, exciting, and moving story through a narrator who feels like a best friend confiding in the reader This book is not only recommended for fans of historical fiction, but also for any reader who enjoys stories about strong family bonds and overcoming d [...]

  4. Another enjoyable story Not a murder mystery but a mystery set in the roaring twenties Lots of interesting period detail.

  5. starting off better so farthis time daisy got mixed up with bootlegers sam the cop is making her find out who is the snitch that lets them know ahead of time they are getting raided i just started this, but it looks like another cop or copper as they say she makes friends with one of the gangsters girlfriends, flossie, and helps her dress better she is being beaten by her boyfriend, i dont know why flossie doesnt tell sam so he can go save her,but she did tell the salvation army friend so maybe [...]

  6. I like these mysteries set in post WWI America when spiritualism was popular Daisy is the prime earner supporting her family She gets caught in a police raid on a speakeasy and gets forced to work for the police to take down the new bootleggers There is a touch of guys and dolls to the story line about Flossie and her Salvation Army trumpeter I sometimes find Daisy s rants about the Kaiser repetitive but all in all I enjoyed this third outing in the franchise

  7. Daisy Gumm Majesty, fake spiritualist to the rich of 1920 s Pasadena, finds that she has an unwelcome new fan the mobster owner of an illegal speakeasy Family friend Detective Sam Rotondo ropes her in to helping put the mobsters out of business Meanwhile, as usual, Daisy is plenty busy with her other spiritualist clients, her shell shocked and mustard gassed husband, their dachsund puppy, and the rest of her colorful family and friends A delight, as always.

  8. I ve said this before but it bears repeating The Daisy Majesty books are an enjoyable palate clearing between heavier books They are light reading but have an interesting mystery This third book is about speakeasies with some darker elements My main complaint has been the breathy, frenetic rambling of the main character but that seems to have toned down in this book Daisy does tend to repeat herself a lot but that s getting better too.

  9. After reading the first 3 books in the series in about a month, Daisy is starting to get on my nerves She does an awful lot of complaining in her head about helping people like Flossie and Mrs Kinkaid A lot of repeating the same things over and over How many times does she have to damn the Kaiser A quick easy read, but I think this will be the last one in the series for me.

  10. This installment seems shorter than the earlier two perhaps it s an illusion because Daisy is so obsessed with her assignment to hold a seance for a mobster in a speakeasy The remainder of the story catches us up with her family while she makes and helps a new friend another mobster s girlfriend.

  11. This is the 3rd story in a 3 in 1 book publication, otherwise I probably would not have read it the first two stories were less that spectacular But this one I enjoyed, enough that I will probably read another It s of an adventure than a mystery but the characters are fun and the background is different.

  12. high SpiritsThis continues the story of the Daisy Gumm Majesty mysteries Delightful readingwith a touch of bygone times thrown in Looking forward to Daisy is now amember of my family, or so it seems Thanks again, Alice Duncan

  13. I liked this book a lot and would have given four stars if it weren t for that miserable husband who is still alive When, oh, when, is Billy going to move on to the next plane and put me out of my misery

  14. Daisy is fast becoming my favorite ultra cozy mystery heroine Although there wasn t much mystery in this volume of the series, I very much enjoyed the glimpse of life in the early 1920s as well as Daisy s narration.

  15. Need a series to take your mind off today s clown car atmosphere These are fun, fashion minded, and full of post WWI details The relationships are interesting than the mysteries, hence my 3 star rating I just read the first 3 And I wouldn t mind reading .

  16. I love this series It is a great, entertaining, light read Daisy gets herself into some sticky situations I love her character.

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