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The 3 Word Journal

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  1. Randal A Wright has a Ph.D in family studies with an emphasis on the impact of the electronic media He is the author of several books, including Families in Danger Protecting Your Family in an X Rated World and Achieving Your Life Mission He speaks frequently throughout the United States and Canada on family issues and self improvement topics He and his wife, Wendy Bradford Wright, are the parents of five children and live in Austin, Texasom 3wordjournal about the aut


The 3 Word Journal Comment

  1. Great, easy read Interesting and simple concept that I am excited to implement into my writing Some of the examples I thought were lacking a good ending, but they were just examples of using the concepts I like his purpose for using it though to define and live and share your earthly mission, by way of journaling.

  2. Excellent common sense approach to journal keeping and story telling A simple but highly effective approach to jog the memory of life experiences and events that can be pulled and remembered to record, reminisce and teach.

  3. Excellent approach for those who journal as well as those who are trying to remember what they should have journaled By using three key word you can remember most any event One can then expand, or not I plan to give it a try.

  4. This is an excellent system for remembering, cataloging, and using your life experiences I find that as a teacher this is extremely valuable.

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