Hi, Mister Robin!

Hi Mister Robin None


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Hi, Mister Robin!

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  1. Alvin Tresselt 1916 2000 was born in New Jersey He was an editor for Humpty Dumpty magazine and an executive editor for Parent s Magazine Press before becoming an instructor and the Dean of Faculty for the Institute of Children s Literature in Connecticut He wrote over thirty children s books, selling over a million copies Although White Snow, Bright Snow won the Caldecott Medal in 1948, his best known book is a retelling of the Ukranian folk tale The Mitten Tresselt was a pioneer in children s writing, well known for his poetic prose style He created the mood picture book, in which the setting and description for a story was even important than the characters and plot.Memoria Press First Grade Enrichment Guide


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  1. This is a sweet novel about a little boy and a robin who seems to be watching out and helping him and his family This is a great novel for imagination and creativity for young children It could really help them open their eyes to different elements of nature that are around them This would be a great resource when talking about birds and the beauty of seasons.

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