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The Twitter Book Media organizations should take note of Twitter s power to quickly reach their target consumers Tim O Reilly tiilly in a Los Angeles Times interview March This practical guide will teach you ev

Media organizations should take note of Twitter s power to quickly reach their target consumers Tim O Reilly tiilly , in a Los Angeles Times interview, March 2009This practical guide will teach you everything you need to know to quickly become a Twitter power user It includes information on the latest third party applications, strategies and tactics for using T Media organizations should take note of Twitter s power to quickly reach their target consumers Tim O Reilly tiilly , in a Los Angeles Times interview, March 2009This practical guide will teach you everything you need to know to quickly become a Twitter power user It includes information on the latest third party applications, strategies and tactics for using Twitter s 140 character messages as a serious and effective way to boost your business, as well as how to turn Twitter into your personal newspaper, tracking breaking news and learning what matters to you and your friends.Co written by Tim O Reilly and Sarah Milstein, widely followed and highly respected twitterers, the practical information in The Twitter Book is presented in an innovative, visually rich format that s packed with clear explanations and examples of best practices that show Twitter in action, as demonstrated by the work of over 60 twitterers.This book will help you Use Twitter to connect with colleagues, customers, family, and friends Stand out on Twitter Avoid common Twitter gaffes and pitfalls Build a critical professional communications channel with Twitter and use the best third party tools that help you manage it If you want to know how to use Twitter like a pro, The Twitter Book will quickly get you up to speed.About the authors Tim O Reilly tiilly , founder and CEO of O Reilly Media, has hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter Sa

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The Twitter Book

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  1. Tim O'Reilly Sarah Milstein Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Twitter Book book, this is one of the most wanted Tim O'Reilly Sarah Milstein author readers around the world.


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  1. I co authored this book, so I m biased, but I think we did a great job on putting together a quick read that teaches a whole lot, quickly, and does a decent job of spanning the range from novices to experienced users.

  2. This little book is chock full of helpful hints on how to use Twitter The format is very good for those who like things in Tweet sized chunks Each 2 page spread has a short blurb of text on the right, giving you one nugget of information, and screen shots of actual tweets on the left that are examples of what that page is talking about.They talk about getting started with Twitter, how to listen in and learn how it works, how Twitter can be used for conversations and tips to do that effectively [...]

  3. I got this semi randomly I wanted to get O Reilly s latest WTF What s the Future and Why It s Up to Us from the library but it was out, and this one happened to be available, so I grabbed it, not even really knowing what it was I would have expected an analysis of Twitter s technology, impact, and business but it turned out to be a simple introduction to what Twitter is and how to get started on it.The book was published in 2009 Many of the fundamentals are still valid, of course 140 characters [...]

  4. Didn t find useful I knew all those whistle and bells before I read this book A lot of things have happened in twitter yet it s explaining those old tidbits Some pages define meaning that I didn t know before I guess this manual is not for a IT student but hey, this can be handy for a starter Good Luck

  5. When I read, appropriately enough on Twitter, that Tim O Reilly and Sarah Milstein had written The Twitter Book, I couldn t wait to scoop up a copy Literally So I sent a message to the book s Twitter account and asked if I could get an early copy to review The book is so clear and concise, so necessary to the social media world, that I wondered why on Earth it has taken so long for this kind of book to be written Tim and Sarah are the perfect people to publish this type of work, both experts in [...]

  6. I don t get Twitter, after reading this book I understand it a little better but still don t really see the attraction to the service that because of it s limitations 160 characters, no RSS feeds any forces users to learn or guess at abbreviations to understand what people are talking about I m not a facebook user either but that s about privacy concerns then obections to the service I m on Google because Google already had my info through gmail, blogger, docs, calendar But I wanted to understa [...]

  7. Twitter is one of the buzzwords most bandied about in terms of social media and marketing, yet it is the one that most defies simple explanation In most cases, when someone asks about Twitter they are told that they just need to explore it for themselves Some see Twitter as the ultimate expression of narcissism I m eating a bowl of cereal right now but at the same time it has become a force for information much early information on the Mumbai terrorist attacks and the plane landing in the Hudson [...]

  8. Recently, I purchased The Twitter Book by Tim O Reilly and Sarah Milstein It is a must purchase for any one thinking about using Twitter or anyone already using Twitter It is full of lots of great tips and suggestions on using Twitter I learned a lot from it I was going to write a long review of the book but others have already done that I purchased the print version and the e book version So far, it is the only book where I have done that I have been reading the e book on a two monitor set up w [...]

  9. Borrowed this from the library and lost it 15 fine assessed If you find it let me know Other than that problem, I got allot from this book Twitter is a river that is constantly flowing at an amazing rate Just dip your toe in every once in a while to find out what is going on If you tweet, it will be seen by thousands or millions of people within about 1 hour After that, it will be ancient history Using Hashtags can widen your audience due to people who are interested in the same topics The book [...]

  10. The Twitter Book shows you how to sign up and create your profile on Twitter It deals with the seemingly endless opportunities that Twitter offers for users O Reilly and Milstein also explain in detail what makes your Twitter account stand out and how not to spam anyone For experienced users, it showcases additional applications such as the TweetDeck and mobile client and explains how to use Twitter tools to analyze influence rating and clout.It offers Twitter tips throughout to help you unders [...]

  11. Great little book about Twitter essentials Helps set you up, explains the rules and meanings even for someone experienced behind what goes around conversations, provides great references for tools that might help you manage the river of information A great last section dedicated to the Corporate perspective how companies should approach communication, how the company image should be presented some great graphical ideas here , pitfalls if expectations are not managed before followers customers an [...]

  12. This was a great and instructional book for everything you need to know about Twitter Unfortunately I have been on Twitter for some time, and found I knew the details of the book already However, for those that don t know of Twitter, and I m sure there s a few, this book would be the best tool to familiarize yourself with it An easy lay out and illustrations show you step by step all there is to Tweeting I am putting this on my recommendation list, for the savvy people out there

  13. Some great ideas for the beginner twitterer, or for those looking to add some very simple and fast social media to their marketing repertoire I highly suggest interacting with the authors online they can personalize the experience of reading the book to your particular needs, questions and ideas Check out all of the websites they suggest, as well even if you don t use them, you ll have an idea of what s available to your followers.

  14. Fun and concise book about Twitter, just like Twitter itself I m a Twitter fan and I often found myself nodding in agreement with what I d just read I picked up this book hoping for tips on commercial branding aspects of using Twitter, instead of personal ones I didn t learn much, but it doesn t mean the book was bad it s just only about Twitter itself as a service and a community, not going into possible applications Great overview if you re getting started with Twitter.

  15. This book written in a straight forward, informative way that will not intimidate readers who have never used the micro blogging service Twitter before.Even if you are a twitter veteran, Tim O Reilly and Sarah Milstein include great tips and third party resources any one can use to get the most of this popular and powerful service.Highly recommended.

  16. It s short Woo hoo All kinds of good info packed into a coffee table style book Tons of great illustrations and links too I had no idea what Twitter could be until I read this Now I m making it work to build my online brand Hopefully I ll eventually be good enough at something to actually justify brand power

  17. Very clear and concise, easy to understand and fast to read while giving you valuable info The layout is great relevant images on left, info on one topic on right Most of the advice boils down to act like a real person on twitter will get you the best results.Just started using Twitter for work I was already falling in love with Twitter, but this totally made me fall harder.

  18. Great starter book for Twitter Easy to read in pieces, I didn t feel compelled to read from cover to cover.Sated my appetite for , so that I can maximize my 140 characters Speaking of characterseeted about the book and lo and behold, started a twitter conversation with one of the authorsmething ONLY twitter with help from this book could provide Recommended

  19. great, great book Recommended for both twitter lovers and agnostics, this books explains why twitter is so popular and why it is carrying the flag of the real time web.I am using twitter for over a year before I read this book Still the book s examples and explanation are so inspiring I wish I read it much sooner.It s very thin so you ll read it in probably 2 4 hours.Read it.

  20. Este es un libro que no debes dejar de leer si pretendes dar un uso profesional a Twitter Si eres un usuario ocasional, en este libro encontrar s muchos consejos y datos interesantes sobre esta red social.

  21. Un libro super completo per chi non ha mai usato Twitter Tendenzialmente inutile per tutti gli altri Bello il formato, ma un libro su qyuesti temi nasce gi vecchio la conferma che ad un anno di sitanza sono inutili il 40% dei contenuti riportati.

  22. An excellent little book for learning the basics including Twitter navigation, terminology and methods for building followers of your account Resources are provided for linking your Twitter account with other social media networks Recommended for anyone new to Twitter.

  23. Fairly 101 for anybody who already uses Twitter regularly, but I expected that Still worth it for some of the tips and sites recommended, not to mention that the section on business will come in handy when talking to superiors about our org joining Twitter.

  24. Always a great resource, even as some information dates SOOO much is there that remains highly relevant Really, a must have for us business professionals impacted by important social media tools like Twitter.

  25. A insightful book on how to fully engage with the social media tool known as twitter Chock full of tips, tricks and links to tools you can use Worth reading if you want to improve your ability to communicate via twitter or just figure it out.

  26. A simple, concise introduction to twitter that hits all the main points One caveat since this book was written twitter has made some minor updates so a few of the instructions aren t 100% accurate.

  27. It s good for Twitter newbies that want to learn though, may be a bit daunting in some parts The only thing that bugged me is the chapters aren t well labeled confusion would set in when they d refer back to such and such chapter Contains a few good URLs for Twitter resources.

  28. A great guide for Twitter novices like myself It takes you through the whole process, from creating your profile to hashtagging to retweeting The final section was about businesses and Twitter which was not relevant to me, but, the rest of the book was very useful.

  29. Great for both novice and self proclaimed expertsere is definitely something for everyone in this guide to enhancing your Twitter experience

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