Birdy Hailed upon its publication as a classic for readers not yet born Philadelphia Inquirer Birdy is an inventive hypnotic novel about friendship and family dreaming and surviving love and war madne

Hailed upon its publication as a classic for readers not yet born Philadelphia Inquirer , Birdy is an inventive, hypnotic novel about friendship and family, dreaming and surviving, love and war, madness and beauty, and, above all, birdness It tells the story of Al, a bold, hot tempered boy whose goals in life are to life weights and pick up girls, and his strange friHailed upon its publication as a classic for readers not yet born Philadelphia Inquirer , Birdy is an inventive, hypnotic novel about friendship and family, dreaming and surviving, love and war, madness and beauty, and, above all, birdness It tells the story of Al, a bold, hot tempered boy whose goals in life are to life weights and pick up girls, and his strange friend Birdy, the skinny, tongue tied perhaps genius who only wants to raise canaries and to fly While fighting in World War II, they find their dreams become all too real and their lives are changed forever.In Birdy, William Wharton crafts an unforgettable tale that suggests another notion of sanity in a world that is manifestly insane.

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  1. William Wharton 7 November 1925 29 October 2008 , the pen name of the author Albert William Du Aime pronounced as doo EM , was an American born author best known for his first novel Birdy, which was also successful as a film.Wharton was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania He graduated from Upper Darby High School in 1943, and was inducted into the school s Wall of Fame in 1997 He volunteered to serve in the United States Army during World War II, and was assigned to serve in a unit to be trained as engineers He ended up being assigned to serve in the infantry and was severely wounded in the Battle of the Bulge After his discharge, he attended the University of California, Los Angeles and received a undergraduate degree in art and a doctorate in psychology, later teaching art in the Los Angeles Unified School District.His first novel Birdy was published in 1978 when he was than 50 years old Birdy was a critical and popular success, and Alan Parker directed a film version starring Nicolas Cage and Matthew Modine After the publication of Birdy and through the early 1990s, Du Aime published eight novels, including Dad and A Midnight Clear, both of which were also filmed, the former starring Jack Lemmon.Many of the protagonists of Wharton s novels, despite having different names and backgrounds, have similar experiences, attitudes, and traits that lead one to presume that they are partly autobiographical citation needed There is precious little certifiable biography available about Wharton Du Aime He served in France and Germany in World War II in the 87th Infantry Division, was a painter, spent part of his adult life living on a houseboat as an artist in France, raised several children not all of whom appreciated his philosophy of child rearing , is a reasonably skilled carpenter and handyman, and has suffered from profound gastrointestinal problems.In 1988, Wharton s daughter, Kate his son in law, Bert and their two children, two year old Dayiel and eight month old Mia, were killed in a horrific 23 car motor vehicle accident near Albany, Oregon, that was caused by the smoke generated by grass burning on nearby farmland In 1995, Wharton wrote a mostly non fiction book, Ever After A Father s True Story, in which he recounts the incidents leading up to the accident, his family s subsequent grief, and the three years he devoted to pursuing redress in the Oregon court system for the field burning that caused the accident Houseboat on Seine, a memoir, was published in 1996, about Wharton s purchase and renovation of a houseboat.It is worth to be noted that he gained an enormous and very hard to be explained popularity in Poland, which was followed by many editions as well as meetings and, eventually, some works prepared and edited only in Polish.Wharton died on October 29, 2008 of an infection he contracted while being hospitalized for blood pressure problems.


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  1. In my teens William Wharton was very popular in Poland I believe it s all started withBirdy At least for me I read then quite a number of his novels and even though I didn t think much of him for years but only forBirdy andA Midnight Clear, and maybeDad he had and still has a very special place in my heart Not sure what prompted me to reread that one but here I was, with a flush on my cheeks, like a teenager I used to be, once again fascinated and totally preoccupied with the story.You may readB [...]

  2. What a book It forces you to think about some interesting questions Who is really crazy Am I crazy for trying to mold the world into my perception of normal Are crazy people really sane and just using insanity as a protection for their humaness We are de humanized every day Scary Makes you want to fly away or at least buy a canary.

  3. A good friend lent it to me, saying it was his favourite book I gave it five stars because the structure is so original, the voice pitch perfecthe pulls off something that i would never imagine possible, it is brave, fascinating, funny The best parts are where Birdy is trying to distinguish between his daytime life and his nighttime dream, between being a boy or a bird, it is delicious, the blending of reality and dream, you start to believe the dream than the reality, to want him to fly The wr [...]

  4. Between my teens and my early twenties I d pick my friends, according to weather they loved this book or not Maybe I should start doing it again these days.

  5. Who hasn t at one time wanted to fly When I was a kid I longed to be a seagull, soaring over the waves, riding the onshore uplift, sweeping over the shore Birdy wants to be , not only to fly, but to become a bird His best friend Al wants to become a tough guy, to fend off his father s physical abuse Birdy raises canaries, not for their song but for their flight Along the way we learn an awful lot about canaries, but it never seems like a lecture It s just what Birdy is passionate about Birdy and [...]

  6. Birdy is a weird little novel which feels like something one would be forced to read in junior high or freshman year English class That s not to say it s bad, though parts of it actually read a bit like an after school special only if that after school special were on HBO.The novel follows two disparate teenage boys who are close friends despite their stark differences One is a jock muscle man and the other dreams of being a bird and living in a bird world We follow them on their adventures thro [...]

  7. Birdy is a surreal fever dream that deals with mental illness and the travesty of war in a way I have never encountered before It deals with friendship and coming to terms with the unspeakable evils that we are sometimes forced to do The plot centers around two men, Al and Birdy, who have been friends since high school They re an unlikely duo, seeing as Al is a sporty, athletic ladies man and Birdy is a gawky, gangly runt of a thing, but they are inseparable friends Both of them are drafted into [...]

  8. Holy Jesus with the canary minutiae, I mean SERIOUSLY Although it was slightly interesting than what one might think, it s still hours of canary minutiae Canary minutiae does not a story make.I d really like to give this 1.5 stars, because I will never read it again, and I will never recommend it to anyone, yet there were definitely bits that I liked But overall, it was just the author had nothing to say Maybe everyone ELSE are the crazy ones Gee, never heard that one before, glad I listened t [...]

  9. The story is that of two men who have known each other since childhood, both of whom are locked up in a military hospital The book goes back and forth between present day and the past The past mostly involved one of the boy s obsession with breeding canaries and learning how to fly This is the kind of book with a plot I don t even want to discuss because if you knew what it was about you d likely have no interest in it 10 pages of detailed descriptions of tending to canary breeding It should be [...]

  10. This was weak at the beginning and end for me, but the middle was packed Some chapters I loved, loved, loved some lost me Toward the end, I got tired and I think Wharton got tired I understand why it was awarded, I looked forward to reading it, and I also know about birds than I ever thought that I would care to know I think parts of this story will stick with me for a long time, and I would highly recommend it for some people, but for whatever reason, it is not a 4 or 5 star for me In the movi [...]

  11. i have yet to read a book by wharton i haven t liked but birdy was the first and best of what i ve read by this author sharing a long fascination with anything in flight or that rides the wind, eg flags, smoke, or birds, the story was not so much the thing tho there was that the sheer detail of bird background info, what they re actually doing when it appears they re cleaning themselves they re zipping up their feathers, like velcro, to hold the wind in flight.

  12. I begin to wonder what men do that s the same as a canary singing It s probably thinking We built this cage, civilization, because we could think and now we have to think because we are in the cage I m sure there s a real world still there if I can get out of the cage.

  13. This is one of my favorite books ever Back in the day when I read it I both cried and laughed all throughout the book I need to find time and read it again

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  15. This is an unusual book The story revolves around two boys who grow up in Philadelphia and enlist in the army to fight in WWII The characters are what make the novel unusual Birdy is a strange, introverted, scrawny kid who becomes obsessed with birds and with wanting to fly He eventually enters the world of birds so completely that he believes himself to be one His friend, Al Columbato, is a tough kid who is into sports, bodybuilding and girls They seem to be polar opposite personality types, bu [...]

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