Showcase Presents: Hawkman, Vol. 1

Showcase Presents Hawkman Vol Showcase Presents Hawkman Vol

Showcase Presents Hawkman, Vol 1

  • [PDF] Showcase Presents: Hawkman, Vol. 1 | by µ Gardner F. Fox Bob Haney Joe Kubert Gil Kane Carmine Infantino
    309 Gardner F. Fox Bob Haney Joe Kubert Gil Kane Carmine Infantino
Showcase Presents: Hawkman, Vol. 1

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  1. Gardner F. Fox Bob Haney Joe Kubert Gil Kane Carmine Infantino

    Gardner Francis Cooper Fox was an American writer known best for creating numerous comic book characters for DC Comics Comic book historians estimate that he wrote than 4,000 comics stories, including 1,500 for DC Comics.Fox is known as the co creator of DC Comics heroes the Flash, Hawkman, Doctor Fate and the original Sandman, and was the writer who first teamed those and other heroes as the Justice Society of America Fox introduced the concept of the Multiverse to DC Comics in the 1961 story Flash of Two Worlds


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  1. This book presents than 30 Hawkman tales Really this should be Hawkman and Hawkgirl tales since she s the series co star The concept by Gardener Fox is great Husband and wife police team from the Planet Thannagar goes to Earth in pursuit of a criminal and sets up shop on Earth This book collects several runs of Hawkman in 34 36 and 42 44, the couple get two separate tryout runs for a full book in 1961 and 1962 A guest appearance in the Atom 7, and a run in Mystery in Space 87 90 as one of two f [...]

  2. This volume of Showcase Presents reprints three issues that were not included in the two Hawkman Archives, Hawkman 9 11 Same creative team Fox and Anderson , featuring the return of the Matter Master, an adventure on another planet, and a pretty good tale featuring the villainous organization known as CAW These three were actually very good, and it was nice to see The Atom guest in the Matter Master story, which is also notable because it is where the Hawks and The Atom reveal their secret ident [...]

  3. there is quiet possibly the best panel ever in comic book history in this book back in 1960 they spell out how awesome it would be to have direct deposit and debit cards it s the one thing we got right from 1960s sci fi we might now have flying cars and jet packs but we have debit cards

  4. Few artists of the silver age surpass Joe Kubert or Murphy Anderson, and here we have some of the best work from the early 1960s.

  5. Back in January, I decided to take up Chris Marshall s challenge over at Collected Comics Library to adopt a comic book character or creator in 2013 I chose Joe Kubert, an artist I d had very little exposure to over the years So a few months ago, I picked up DC Showcase Presents Hawkman Volume 1, knowing that Kubert didn t draw all the stories in the collection, but that was okay I had some vague memories of reading Hawkman as a kid, so I figured why not Like the Marvel Essentials series, the DC [...]

  6. Just your average Silver Age hero, nothing truly spectacular abut this one Although it irks me a bit how frequently the Halls destroy the priceless artifacts in the museum they re supposed to be curators for

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