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Signora Da Vinci Novelist Robin Maxwell delves into the life of Caterina the adventurer alchemist and mother of Leonardo da Vinci Caterina was fifteen years old in when she bore an illegitimate child in the tin

Novelist Robin Maxwell delves into the life of Caterina the adventurer, alchemist, and mother of Leonardo da Vinci.Caterina was fifteen years old in 1452 when she bore an illegitimate child in the tiny village of Vinci His name was Leonardo, and he was destined to change the world forever Caterina suffered much cruelty as an unmarried mother and had no recourse when herNovelist Robin Maxwell delves into the life of Caterina the adventurer, alchemist, and mother of Leonardo da Vinci.Caterina was fifteen years old in 1452 when she bore an illegitimate child in the tiny village of Vinci His name was Leonardo, and he was destined to change the world forever Caterina suffered much cruelty as an unmarried mother and had no recourse when her boy was taken away from her But no one knew the secrets of her own childhood, nor could ever have imagined the dangerous and heretical scheme she would devise to protect and watch over her remarkable son This is her story.

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Signora Da Vinci

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  1. Robin Maxwell began writing novels about the historical figures she had been obsessing about since graduating from Tufts University with a degree in Occupational Therapy Her first novel, The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn, now in its 24th printing, won two YA awards and has been translated into fourteen languages The Wild Irish an epic tale of Ireland s rebel queen, Grace O Malley closed out her Elizabethan Quartet, and is now in development for a television series Signora Da Vinci and Jane The Woman Who loved Tarzan are tales of the remarkable women behind two of the world s most beloved wildmen Maestro Leonardo and Lord Greystoke She has jumped genres again with ATLANTOS, now a 1 Bestseller Robin lives with her husband of thirty five years, Max Thomas, at High Desert Eden, a wildlife sanctuary in the Mojave Desert.


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  1. What a little gem this book is I stumbled upon it in the library I was drawn to the title and the cover painting I had never heard of the author, but I thought, Why not I am so glad I brought this book home I love historical fiction, and this book is a prime example of historical fiction done well I especially love this time period 15th century and location Italy The author has weaved an incredibly rich story around a woman about whom very little is actually known Two facts are known about Leona [...]

  2. Who was Leonardo da Vinci s Mother That is debatable Historians are pretty sure her name was Caterina, but was she an Arab, a slave or simply a peasant We do know she had Leonardo out of wedlock with a Florentine notary, Piero Most scholars believe and evidence shows she was a slave from Constantinople, living in Piero s friend Vanni di Niccolo s house That s about it Some believe she married later and had five children Whatever the case the author had an opportunity to weave a great story Fact [...]

  3. Maxwell s fanciful tale begins as Caterina, daughter of the local apothecary and secret alchemist , is seduced by well born, up and coming notary Piero da Vinci Piero promises marriage, but backs down when his family forbids it, although they do remove Caterina s son Leonardo to raise in their household Strong willed Caterina finds a way to be with her son anyway and when he leaves for Florence to learn his craft, Caterina disguises herself as a man and masquerades as Leonardo s uncle Cato Cato [...]

  4. 3.5 stars Good historical fiction that tells the back story of Leonardo da Vinci s mother Populated with real people from the era Lorenzo de Medici, Botticelli, Savanarolla, Pope Innocent, etc A good read, and I learned a little about this time and place in history.

  5. Before I tear it to shreds let me just say how much I loved this book.I LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH.I read it for the first time in December 2013 January 2014 for my English class, in which I had to read a historical fiction novel and then write journals as one of the characters My parents suggested it to me, and I read it in a single weekend At the time I had no idea about the Renaissance at all, I was obsessed with opera and I had previously adored ancient Egypt Anyway I discovered Lorenzo de Medi [...]

  6. Signora da Vinci is the riveting tale of Caterina, the unmarried mother of Leonardo da Vinci, and her determination to be a part of her son s amazing life This is Robin Maxwell s first foray into Italian Renaissance history, her previous writing in Tudor historical fiction, with such novels as The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn and Mademoiselle Boleyn I quickly became immersed in the story of Caterina, daughter of Ernesto of Vinci Ernesto is Vinci s apothecary but secretly also an alchemist and her [...]

  7. 5 stars for this story of a mother s love and courage in a small Italian town at a time when women had no rights at all Caterina is a young girl who is lovestruck with a boy named Piero His family doesn t know of their relationship and would consider Caterina to be beneath their son s social status Piero and Caterina eventually make love and he promises to talk to his father about marrying her the next morning But the next morning comesd then the afternoond then it s the evening and Caterina is [...]

  8. The author admits in the reading guide that virtually the only known fact about da Vinci s mother is her name, Caterina, and that this entire novel is based on the author s own conjectures and whims It s well written, but I grew bored with the endless alchemical experiments and the discussions about enlightenment and sexual divinity, etc and thus ended up skimming a lot I liked it for its insights into the period of unrest when the Pope cracked down on the sinful pleasures of Florence, and Cater [...]

  9. According to the author s note at the back of this book, there are only 2 known facts about Leonardo da Vinci s mother 1 Her name was Caterina2 Leonardo was taken from her the day after his birth to be raised with his father s familyThat is ALL And yet somehow, Robin Maxwell took these two facts and weaved an incredible tale of a mother s love and the lengths she will go to protect her son I know next to nothing about Leonardo da Vinci, so I don t know how historically accurate some of the event [...]

  10. I think this was the best book I ve read all year After reading this book, I ve become very intersted in the Medici and started reading Lorenzo de Medici s sonnets, and started researching and studying it s compelled me to write a short story of my own using characters that I ve previously created and Giuliano de Medici Because, you know, as history tells us, view spoiler he was murdered by the Pazzi P hide spoiler Great amazing wonderful book Loved it.I wish there were books like this one

  11. Although I enjoyed the overall storyline and plot of this book, told by Leonardo da Vinci s mother, I found her life as a man a major distraction I think had the author picked another POV and or mechanism by which to tell the story, I would have liked it .

  12. Signora da Vinci is by far and away the best work of historical fiction I have ever read on Renaissance Florence I m a big fan of Robin Maxwell s books on Anne Boleyn, but her latest novel surpasses even these I just love the way Maxwell writes a story the history never seems forced, and in this case, Caterina s story is artfully interwoven with historical events to create a fascinating retelling of Renaissance Italy and its most notorious of artists, Leonardo da Vinci.Signora da Vinci has a ter [...]

  13. Catarina.Daughter of a mother whom died shortly after giving birth to her, and an apothecary for a Father In a time in when the Catholic church was wrought with frustration over the heretics spread of disease The disease of Knowledge Greek Gods and Goddesses, Science, Math, all terrible acts and words of heresy in the worst possible form Catarina is a most dutiful daughter But loves spending time alone in the woods as well, unlike all of the other girls her age, who are worried with marriage an [...]

  14. According to the author, Robin Maxwell, we have either two or three pieces of information about Leonardo da Vinci s mother And that s it However, Maxwell uses what little information we know and creates an enchanting piece of historical fiction Thus, the book is on the one hand preposterous extraordinarily unlikely that she has captured much of whom Leonardo s mother was but at the same time enchanting What a tale And what a wonderful creation is Maxwell s Caterina, Leonardo s mother.The book be [...]

  15. Robin Maxwell is one of my favourite historical fiction authors and she s written about some famous and influential female figures from history, including Anne Boleyn and Elizabeth I.Signora da Vinci is told from the perspective of Leonardo da Vinci s mother, Caterina We begin in 1452, when Caterina gives birth out of wedlock to Leonardo Her heart is broken when her lover s family refuse to accept the match and rip Leonardo from her arms to raise in their noble family.Caterina is an apothecary [...]

  16. SIGNORA DA VINCI is the story of Leonardo da Vinci s mother Caterina Hardly anything is known about her, only that her name was Caterina and that Leonardo was taken from her arms shortly after he was born.Out of that lack of evidence, Robin Maxwell has spun a remarkable tale that vividly portrays life in northern Italy during the Renaissance But the novel is uneven It begins very well, with Caterina as the young daughter of an apothecary, who falls in love with a young nobleman Piero da Vinci , [...]

  17. I learned some interesting facts from this book I had no idea that da Vinci was illegitimate, nor did I know much about his path as an artist s apprentice I think that part of the book is reasonably accurate, and I liked that kind of historical context.Unfortunately, most of the book is completely invented from whole cloth and consists almost entirely of extremely implausible coincidences that would be historically significant if they were true Which, of course, they are almost certainly not I j [...]

  18. This is one of my favorite times in history and I enjoy interpretations on women from that period In Signora Da Vinci, Maxwell presented an interesting take on Leonardo da Vinci s mother Many of the details around the novel did ring true to the time period but there were places where there was obviously much license taken and took me out of the book in distraction That was a bit disappointing because a good historical fiction will blend the fiction and nonfiction seamlessly Ultimately, I rated t [...]

  19. Robin Maxwell says in the Reader s Guide that the lack of information about Leonardo Da Vinci s mother gave her the opportunity to use this book in order to write about what interested her She used this freedom to the hilt Her protagonist was completely outrageous in her behavior and beliefs in terms of the period, but I still found the book credible People who want a book whose events are verifiable and recorded will be disappointed, but I liked the wild originality of Signora Da Vinci On the o [...]

  20. This was a good book this is definitely closer to fiction than historical fiction It is set in history, and based on a real historical character However, there are only a couple of facts known about Caterina Da Vinci so her character is completely fictionalized Which is not a bad thing, but important to know going in Okay, onto my thoughts on the book reading it from a fiction mentality, it s fantastic She s an amazing character I love love love a strong female protagonist Well worth a read.

  21. I really thought this book was well written and interesting, however I was horribly disappointed at the end to find out there was no basis for the story I know that historical fiction can take whatever path the author chooses, but to find out that there was nothing in history that even hinted at the relationships that were developed was very disappointing.

  22. I d probably give this book three and a half, but I ll round up simply because of how much I learned about Renaissance Florence and how much it piqued my interest in the town A fanciful tale about Leonardo Da Vinci s mother that at times is a bit over the top, but nonetheless has as its heroine an intelligent, head strong woman who was advanced than her time would permit her to be.

  23. After 170 pages I decided not to read any further I just couldn t really get into the story The characters were flat and the writing lifeless My mind kept wandering off and I had to re read paragraphs all the time Definitely time to quit.

  24. A good book about Leonardo da Vinci s mother Not the next great American novel or anything, but very well written, interesting, captivating, etc and I would definitely recommend it Along the same line of books as The Red Tent and The Other Bolyn Girl historical fiction.

  25. Good book but it dragged on little too much I don t know that much about Italy s history so can t really tell what s true and what s not.

  26. At over 16 hours, this is a pretty lengthy audio book, but it was worth the read listen It was well written and all of the characters were nicely rounded out.I enjoyed how the storyline included so many well known figures from history, however this is the one thing that also bothered me about the book There is little known about Leonardo s mother so I understand, to some extent, that a purely fictional account of her life can be written with little impact on how we envision her and her role in t [...]

  27. I have to say that historical fiction is not something I gravitate toward, although I enjoyed Girl with the Pearl Earring, and a few others So much of this book was improbable in the extreme I think this author should stick with pure fiction or pure historical writing and not mix the two.

  28. Caterina is a fourteen year old girl when she falls pregnant Denounced by the father and by her community, she is compelled to live a life of shame, with only her child, Leonardo, and her brother in law to give her comfort With the growth of her child and his eventually move to the city of Florence, she creates an elaborate plan of disguise to follow him and live in a golden age of thought and culture However, she must conceal her real identity, although the pitfalls of love stand in her way MAS [...]

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