The Lost Throne

The Lost Throne Carved into the towering cliffs of central Greece the Met ora monasteries are all but inaccessible Holy Trinity is the most isolated its sacred brotherhood the guardians of a secret that has been pr

Carved into the towering cliffs of central Greece, the Met ora monasteries are all but inaccessible Holy Trinity is the most isolated, its sacred brotherhood the guardians of a secret that has been protected for centuries.In the dead of night, the holy retreat is attacked by an elite group of warriors carrying ancient weapons One by one, they hurl the silent monks from tCarved into the towering cliffs of central Greece, the Met ora monasteries are all but inaccessible Holy Trinity is the most isolated, its sacred brotherhood the guardians of a secret that has been protected for centuries.In the dead of night, the holy retreat is attacked by an elite group of warriors carrying ancient weapons One by one, they hurl the silent monks from the cliff top to the rocks below the holy men taking their secret to their graves.Halfway across Europe, Richard Byrd fears for his life He has uncovered the location of a magnificent treasure But there are those who are dedicated to protecting it, and they will stop at nothing to prevent its discovery.Hoping to save himself, Byrd contacts two colleagues, Jonathon Payne and David Jones, and begs for their help The duo rushes to his aid and quickly find themselves caught in an adventure that will change their lives forever.

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The Lost Throne

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  1. Chris Kuzneski is a New York Times and Sunday Times UK bestselling author His thrillers have been translated into than 20 languages and have been released in than 40 countries His latest book, The Prisoner s Gold, won the ITW Thriller award for 2016 Book of the Year He is the first adventure writer to win a prestigious Thriller Award His works have also been featured by the Literary Guild and honored by the Florida Book Awards The first novel The Hunters in his new series is currently being made into a major motion picture It will be released in 2017.Chris just launched a new series called The Hunters Origins, which will detail the backstories of the major characters in the Hunters in advance of the Hunters movie His first novella in Origins is called Before The Storm.Chris grew up in Indiana, PA, where he was voted Class Clown of his senior class and anchored the offensive line on a team that won back to back CENPAC championships He continued his football career at the University of Pittsburgh playing with future NFL stars Tony Siragusa, Craig Ironhead Heyward, and many others Unfortunately, a freak foot injury ended his sports career That, and a severe lack of athletic ability While at Pitt, he worked for the Pitt News, the Indiana Gazette, and the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, eventually earning his B.A in writing and his M.A in teaching For six years, he taught English and coached football in western Pennsylvania and was selected to Who s Who Among America s Teachers But in his mind, he still wasn t doing what he wanted to do He wanted to be a writer So he quit his job and took a leap of faith.After being rejected by every agent and publisher on the planet, he self published his first novel, The Plantation Most experts thought it was a bad decision that would ruin his writing career before it even started Thankfully, the experts were wrong The novel was praised by James Patterson, Nelson DeMille, Lee Child, James Rollins, Douglas Preston, and several of the top authors in his genre Their endorsements gave him the confidence to continue writing The praise also caught the attention of a young literary agent named Scott Miller, who was just starting at Trident Media He asked to represent Chris, and the two have been together ever since.Over the past decade, Chris has written ten novels and has hit bestseller lists around the globe To learn , please visit CHRISKUZNESKI.


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  1. The Lost Throne is the author s first hardcover debut, the third in his Payne and Jones thriller series This was my first book by this author, I had not read the first two books in the series prior to picking up this new installment The reason I decided to try this one first was due to my previous interest and fascination with the history of Meteora Greece and it s mysterious monasteries The story itself, a murder mystery involving eight monks at one of the monasteries of Meteora, is a pretty us [...]

  2. Oh dear what a disappointment The previous two books Sign of the Cross and Sword of God were formulaic but had a certain raw energy and innocent paciness that made them enjoyable Chapters were short and ended on a high note so you wanted to keep turning the page even though you knew that you were just munching on boy chocolate.This one is formula without the energy, too long and leisurely, with dull plot McGuffins, hackneyed characterisation and an excessive use of cut and paste wiki description [...]

  3. Really, really, laugh out loud AWFUL It appears to have been written by a teenaged boy, full of dreadful cliches and steryotypes.I kept imagining a Micky Spillane type voice over.I was expecting something a bit like Matthew Reilly or Lee Child delightful hokum but the writing in this is soooo bad I couldn t help chuckling, for all the wrong reasons

  4. Very well written and enjoyed the action but especially loved the bits of history intertwined in the story.

  5. The Lost Throne is a decent enough read it won t have you on the edge of your seat, but it probably won t bore the pants off of you Does it have some issues Yes, it has quite a few of them Do any of these problems matter No, not unless you hate either a information dumps relating historical information and or b characters that it s difficult to relate to In which case it may be best to go elsewhere.Although Kuzneski has both of these issues, they are a rather common weakness of this genre of boo [...]

  6. Depending on who you listen too, this is either the 3rd or 4th book in the Payne and Jones series I did get the sense that the writer has now settled on his style, and has got comfortable with it The two main characters, Payne and Jones, do seem a bit larger than life, but their humour is often a welcome break, although some might view the humour as a bit juvenile.Initially the storyline follows two different threads There is an Interpol investigation, headed by Nick Dial, into the massacre of a [...]

  7. Kuzneski reminds me of some of my favorite authors like Steve Berry, James Rollins, and Matthew Reilly Their stories take the reader back to mysteries of the past but are told in the present.Jonathan Payne and David Jones are former military that belonged to a group called Maniacs.Jonathan receives a call at night asking for help The call leads Jonathan and David on a mission to Greece The find that the call for help came from Richard Byrd who as been murdered His attractive assistant, Allison T [...]

  8. Looking for a beach or plane read Like adventure The Lost Throne fits the bill A wealthy amateur archaeologist, who entered Russia illegally, is killed, execution style, in St Petersberg, Russia His beautiful but brainy assistant, Allison, calls on Jon Payne and DJ Jones, intrepid ex MANIACS special ops guys , to rescue her At the same time, seven Greek Orthodox monks are beheaded in an all but inaccessible monastery.Will these two threads merge You bet they will Payne and Jones, with the help o [...]

  9. Perhaps not the best example of literature, Kuzneski s The Lost Throne is the perfect read for the lovers of action adventure novels With an excellent plot, fast pacing and amusing though somewhat juvenile banter between the two lead characters, the pages will practically turn themselves A great read for sitting next to a fire or for a day at the beach, the adrenaline rush caused by this story is one sweet ride Carved into the towering cliffs of central Greece, the Met ora monasteries are all bu [...]

  10. I really liked this book, it had Interpol, retired special forces chaps, who were holidaying in Tampa near McDill AFB, treasure hunts and Spartans Along the way Monks who tell nothing, who live in the past, but hid secrets, while Spartans hunt them down and chop their heads off It all started with Payne and Jones getting a phone call, by the time it is answered the person needing their help has been killed They take off for Russia to help a young lady who is working on her thesis, who has been h [...]

  11. This is an excellent thriller that alternates between two apparently disparate plot lines which are finally bought together in a stunning and violent climax Firstly we have Payne and Jones rushing to the aid of damsel in distress who has witnessed the murder of her travelling partner and employer and is now stuck in St Petersburg Russia At the same time Nick Dial is struggle with the investigation into shocking and brutal murder of eight monks in an isolated Greek monastery they were all decapit [...]

  12. In place of tension we have testosterone, instead of style we have stereotype The author constantly reminds that the two main protagonists are highly trained ex members of an elite American force the MANIACS try not to laugh out too loud over that This training serves as the default Deus ex Machina to cover a multitude of sins and the constant referencing to the protagonists past rapidly becomes a tedious droning mantra There is a coy and occasionally not so coy glorification in the violence, th [...]

  13. Once Kuzneski creates a treasure hunt for ex Marine types Payne and Jones Back too, is Nick Dial from Interpol, and both parties weave their own strands through this lengthy journey The actual content of Lost Throne could easily be condensed, and the sheer volume of redundant narrative creates a bloated action adventure through Europe The research is evident, and expected, although at times a little shoe horned in The main villains of the piece are well thought out and interesting However Lost [...]

  14. Modern day Spartan warriors, murdered Greek monks, an assassinated archeologist, and a lost treasure from the ancient world are just some of the elements that combine to make The Lost Throne an enjoyable read.

  15. This series is so fun following the adventures of Payne and Jones is really addicting, action packed, and rich with a historical base Very Dan Brown esque, but perhaps with better writing.

  16. I normally read a book in fits and starts and have about 20 on the go at once I liked this book enough to finish it in a couple of days.Would I read another one Maybe if I came across another one in an op shop.

  17. Chris Kuzneski is an internationally best selling author of Sword of God , Sign of the Cross , The Plantation , and the fourth in this series The Lost Throne The Prophesy is the fifth novel and was just recently released in hardcover This review is about The Lost Throne which took place primarily in Greece and Russia This is an exciting action packed adventure loaded with mystery, lost treasures, and ancient monasteries Portrayed as legendary like characters are Jonathon Payne and David Jones wh [...]

  18. Well written characters carry the book s few weaknesses,I greatly enjoyed this novel There are reviews questioning the plausibility of the story, but the true gift of a novelist is the ability to suspend disbelief Even though I knew that there were portions of this book that were essentially impossible , the author manages to write the story, use the characters, manipulate the history, in order to make the story enjoyable nonetheless.The strength of this novel is, without a doubt, the character [...]

  19. This is a crime thriller with an interesting historical twist The book is fairly long, about 593 pages, and 76 chapters plus prologue and epilogue Having said that, I wasn t bored at any point, and the story is revealed through multiple narrative voices, necessitating that the book be split into key sections chapters to change voice There are three main viewpoints in the book the Interpol and Greek police investigation, the mercenaries and their associate characters, and finally, the Spartan war [...]

  20. ENGLISH Probably one of the best historical thrillers I ve read I did it wrong because I started a saga with the last book, but the main characters are perfectly described and past events are mentioned and explained so you don t miss anything or you can just read this one with no need for the first ones.Is set in Greece, but also in St Petersburg and half Europe The thing that amazed me the most was the perfect description of the Peterhof building, along with the rest of the places The author ha [...]

  21. Jonathan Payne and D.J Jones are former members of a top secret American military unit A request for help sends them to Russia to save Allison Taylor whose employer has been murdered Payne, Jones, and Taylor then pick up her murdered boss pursuit of an ancient treasure Meanwhile, Nick Dial, Chief of the Interpol Homicide Division, is investigating the brutal murders of seven monks in Greece No routine murders these, it is soon revealed they were committed by men dressed and armed as ancient Spar [...]

  22. The Lost Throne by Chris Kuzneski pp 590 A historical thriller focused on ancient Greek antiquities, Spartans, and international monks Instead of the one loner ex CIA type, Kuzneski employs a buddy team of D.J Jones and Jonathan Payne, ex special forces elite Their skills come from their training and experience in black ops, but personality wise are very buddy cop movie, down to the different sizes, races, and economic backgrounds that define their characters A series of random phone calls and a [...]

  23. The book begins with two separate narratives Nick Dial from Interpol with an NCB Agent Andropoulos assisting him investigating the horrific deaths of several monks at a monastery in Greece and two ex special forces soldiers Jonathon Payne and David Jones receiving a cry of help from an academic in Russia The seeds of doubt were sown right from the beginning that I was in trouble, as the agency to which Jonathon and David had served were called the MANIACs who sounded like a rock group than an e [...]

  24. This book should contain a warning Beware, nothing will be done until the last page is read.Jonathon Payne and D.J Jones, former members of an elite special forces unit, are called by a man being pursued in St Petersburg, Russia The calls are missed and upon investigation they find out the calls are from Richard Byrd, an American archaeological smuggler After a frantic call from Byrd s assistant they find themselves on the way to Russia to save Allison, a doctorate candidate Allison has seen Byr [...]

  25. From my review at SolomonSays The Lost Throne is one of Kuzneski s best books, with just the right mix of all the elements that go into the making of a thrilling read It is easily the equal of The Secret Crown in the scale of its historical plot and far ahead of some of the author s other works in terms of narrative.The nuggets of Greek history and mythology that form the props of the story are well researched, and the line between fact and fiction skilfully blurred as the plot moves between det [...]

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