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Last Days Intense and profoundly unsettling Brian Evenson s Last Days is a down the rabbit hole detective novel set in an underground religious cult The story follows Kline a brutally dismembered detective fo

Intense and profoundly unsettling, Brian Evenson s Last Days is a down the rabbit hole detective novel set in an underground religious cult The story follows Kline, a brutally dismembered detective forcibly recruited to solve a murder inside the cult As Kline becomes deeply involved with the group, he begins to realize the stakes are higher than he previously thoughIntense and profoundly unsettling, Brian Evenson s Last Days is a down the rabbit hole detective novel set in an underground religious cult The story follows Kline, a brutally dismembered detective forcibly recruited to solve a murder inside the cult As Kline becomes deeply involved with the group, he begins to realize the stakes are higher than he previously thought Attempting to find his way through a maze of lies, threats, and misinformation, Kline discovers that his survival depends on an act of sheer will Last Days was first published in 2003 as a limited edition novella titled The Brotherhood of Mutilation Its success led Evenson to expand the story into a full length novel In doing so, he has created a work that s disturbing, deeply satisfying, and completely original.

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Last Days

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  1. Brian Evenson Peter Straub Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Last Days book, this is one of the most wanted Brian Evenson Peter Straub author readers around the world.


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  1. Item 1 This is a hardboiled detective novel set in the world of religious fanaticism, with amputations and mutilations than a Civil War field hospital Now, if your reaction to this is than you may want to just quietly back away from this review This is not going to be your cuppa On the other amputated hand, if the plot teaser intrigues you, please continue on to Item 2 Item 2 Despite incorporating both the cadence and the tropes of hardboiled crime fiction, the surreal, existential heart of thi [...]

  2. Former undercover cop Kline is at rock bottom, depressed and missing a hand, when a religious sect forcibly drafts him into service, ferreting out the killer of their leader But is the leader really dead And what sacrifices will Kline have to make to finally learn the truth This was one powerful little book I devoured it in one sitting while waiting for car repairs, wondering how the rest of the patrons weren t shaken up by the events within.It starts simply enough Kline is at rock bottom when t [...]

  3. Rating four horrified, repulsed, goosepimply stars of fiveThe Publisher Says Intense and profoundly unsettling, Brian Evenson s Last Days is a down the rabbit hole detective novel set in an underground religious cult The story follows Kline, a brutally dismembered detective forcibly recruited to solve a murder inside the cult As Kline becomes deeply involved with the group, he begins to realize the stakes are higher than he previously thought.Attempting to find his way through a maze of lies, t [...]

  4. Been searching for a joyful, heartwarming story to get you into the holiday spirit Boy, have I got just the book for you Oh sorry, did I say heartwarming What I meant to say was gut churning, bone chilling, nerve racking, gruesome little slice of horror noir And if thy right hand offend thee, cut it off, and cast it from thee Matthew 5 30 But why stop there Mr Kline s decent into madness begins with a rather innocuous phone call offering him a job, which he flatly refuses He s too depressed to [...]

  5. I blasted through this book in a two days, starting deep into the night and finishing just minutes ago I would have finished it during the night but I had to go to sleep This has turned out totally against what I was expecting a mediocre mystery thriller and became something different entirely I don t know if enjoyment is a right word in this case, but I was barely able to tear myself away from it and couldn t wait to be able to get back to it and read to the very end.Sure, the thriller elements [...]

  6. I first discovered writer Brian Evenson after reading his reprinted short story, Any Corpse, in Gamut Magazine Issue One The story is a bizarre and dazzlingly original sci fi dystopian horror that really defies explanation It led me to seek out of his work This novel is just as original and it s actually rather startling in it s boldness and novelty Last Days is about an undercover cop named Kline who s deep in depression after his hand is chopped off by a bad guy He s then approached by a cult [...]

  7. For those of you that have read this book you will understand why I feel the need for a hug.If you took Kafka s The Trial and morphed it with Palahniuk s macabre sensibilities and sprinkled in the Book of Revelations, you might could get within spittin distance of Brian Evenson s writing.I only know about this author because of his book on Robert Coover Now I want to read every word writ by him.Highly recommended Just don t read while eating meat cooked rare.

  8. Wow What a darkly disturbing yet strangely delightful romp of a book Last Days is a marvelous mash up of hard boiled detective noir, literary mystery and straight up horror that never comes across as messy or confused Evenson s prose is sooooo tight not a single word is wasted, the narrative action propelled along at a break neck pace, every other chapter ending on a nail biting cliffhanger, the dialogue smart, snappy, and at times very funny I blew through its 200 pages in no time at all, and I [...]

  9. And if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee And if thy right hand offend thee, cut it off, and cast it from thee Matthews 5 29 30Talk about dark This book is dark, this story is darkweird, horror, violent, out of this world Not for the faint of heart I ve know this writer from Immobility, brilliant intriguing book and The Open Curtain, this one wew a bit too dark and gloomy for me, but still, good.Brian Evenson has a minimalist way of writing, straight to the point I li [...]

  10. This is the kind of book I wish there was an extra star for While I m not sure that I trust anything I ve read, it s really cool no matter how much I twist and turn it There is obviously a lot of anger directed towards organized religion in LAST DAYS, but there is a lot to it There is a borderline taoist exploration of existence, separating variables into balanced opposites flesh truth, knowledge faith, confusion purpose It s why the mystery aspect of LAST DAYS is so gripping The book was a cip [...]

  11. 5 StarsIf you like your fiction to be dark, gruesome, bizarre, and disturbing, then you should shuffle on down to the store and buy Last Days by Paul Brian Evenson immediately Paul Angel of destructionhe thoughtke a thief in the nightt with an olive branch but with a sword Hot damn, I am a believer now, so please call me Paul This is one sweet piece of in your face bizarro, cult loving, and mutations galore A story about a man made into a messiah because he was not a flincher, and he was able to [...]

  12. First a warning Do not read the introduction by Peter Straub It will give everything away This is not a book that you want to know much about before you read it The brief description is even than you might want to know So I ll try not to indulge in giving away any but relate to you my feel on this unsettling novelActually the novel is really two novellas The Brotherhood of Mutilation Geez Even the title is a big hint was written as a stand alone in 2003 and Last Days came later picking up wher [...]

  13. Very once in awhile there is an author who is connected to and praised by writers I hold close to my heart and whose own work looks interesting, but I still ignore them Then I discover them and end up kicking myself and putting aside other reading projects so I can mainline their work Brian Evenson is a prime example of such an author His relentless Last Days is a stark existential noir from hell inspire by Hammett s equally relentless Red Harvest and the art of Joel peter Witkin and Odd Nerdrum [...]

  14. Ok here we goHow i overlooked this book, no clue, but I read it last year I still remember so much about it, and that can either be a good thing, or a bad thing Good for me Bad if I was normal First let me educate you, the reader There are only 2 books out there that have amputee cults as a plot sub plot This book is one of them Amputee cults being defined as Where one either amputates himself or gets amputated body parts, as an act of love devotion to the divine It its on a sliding ladder scale [...]

  15. This book was amazing, disturbing, brutal, and amazing still The darkness of the story and the characters invades the life of the reader Noir from hell, that s what I d call it I feel a little less human now that I ve finished this book And I find that I don t miss the stolen piece of my soul at all.

  16. I didn t like this as much as my friends.I found it had very thin character development, and when that s missing, I have a hard time caring about what s happening to them.Last Days moves at a fast pace, and plot developments are quick, so I cansee how this type of read will appeal to a lot of people I m a little on the slow burning end of things I prefer a story to take its time with its players But this was a pair of novellas, so I guess you can t blame the author for this being what it is.It [...]

  17. Even considering I ve been on a roll, this is one of the best books I ve read all year I was not expecting how gruesome the story became I was even wondering if this was some type of dark comedy since I was laughing through much of the beginning but my laughter was soon replaced with ewwwws and damns and worse I loved how the main character is towed around, rather complacent until it s too late, and then bam, when he finally decides to do something, it s overkill I do not want to talk about the [...]

  18. Brian Evenson is an evil man Las Days is the first book I ve read that makes me feel dirty for liking it and not sexy dirty, but like I had eaten something from the trash , and yet I can t help but feel that this is a remarkable piece of fiction I hate you Mr Evenson Where were you when I had to explain to my mother what this book was about without making her think about all the things she had done wrong regarding my moral education And how could you blame her I mean, really, how sick do you hav [...]

  19. Last Days by Brian Everson196 pagesUnderland press Portland press I saw Brian Everson read from this novel at Powells city of books here in Portland I was impressed not only with his readings but also the basket of books he had collected to buy that was sitting by the podium I swear this guy had four Thomas Ligotti books I admit I came to the reading to see local Jemiah Jefferson read from her web novel Wovel and had not heard of Everson before Boy have I been missing out.Last Days is a short br [...]

  20. This is the most disturbing and disgusting book I ve ever read At least five times, I nearly closed the book, wanting to fling it across the room Instead I kept turning the pages Mutilations, self mutilations, brutal killings people have their limbs hacked off legs, hands, arms, toes, fingers, breasts and buttocks shaved off eyes, noses, teeth gouged out I swear I could smell the blood These mutilations are all done in the name of Paul, the apostle This is NOT a book about faith I m not a reader [...]

  21. My first experience with Evenson s work was far too brief, but there is a complete story masterfully composed by an author who can tell the readers a lot without telling us anything at all As a reader who absolutely dreads long, expository interludes, Evenson s Last Days serves as a clinical approach for writers who want to learn how to craft a story that comes to life within the reader s imagination the audience is fully invested in the strange, violent adventure that pits a former undercover d [...]

  22. Brian Evenson writes, in his afterword, that Last Days was inspired in part by Hammet s Red Harvest I don t doubt it, but the echoes I hear when I read it especially the first couple of chapters are from Hemingway s The Killers In particular the opening ten minutes or so of the near great and eponymous film noir from 1946.Noir is a word that gets bandied about like a badmitten birdy but it s applicable here Evenson s scenes are staged in black and white His apartments, his hospitals, his compoun [...]

  23. 2.5 starsWhat on earth did I just readIt was too confusing I don t know what to say, except I think male readers would likely enjoy the book a whole lot than female readers I completely agree with everything Iris said.Buddy read with Silver Iris

  24. What s the weirdest book you ever read Something like UBIK by Philip K Dick How about Daniel Pinkwater s LIZARD MUSIC or THE SNARKOUT BOYS AND THE AVACADO OF DEATH or YOUNG ADULT NOVEL Maybe it was Charles Portis MASTERS OF ATLANTIS Neal Barrett, Jr s THE HEREAFTER GANG Well, whatever it was, tell it to move on over Here comes LAST DAYS.Wacked out does not begin to describe this book Kline no first name has lost his job as a policeman when the man with the hatchet cut off his hand To save himsel [...]

  25. 28 or is it 29 I don t like books about cults and secret religious organizations I usually find no interest in them and they bore me to death Last Days, though, doesn t belong to the genre and yet it does It s actually complicated.So, there is a cult But not only is it not like any cult you can imagine, Evenson s approach makes it even unique There is a gangster ish Guy Richie ish feel about it which I mostly enjoyed but the flaws were just too many At first, I didn t mind all that much about t [...]

  26. With his sparse writing style, Evenson mashes the darkly comic with the horrific in a surreal Non Hero s journey And his timing man, oh man, Evenson uses perfect timing to evoke a reaction in the reader, leaving us a bit disgusted, awed, and chuckling Highly recommend This is one I will read again Soon.

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