Molesworth Comic observations on s British school life complemented by illustrations

Comic observations on 1950s British school life complemented by illustrations.

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    Herbert Geoffrey Willans was an English author and journalist, is best known as the co creator, with the illustrator Ronald Searle, of Nigel Molesworth, the goriller of 3b and curse of St Custard s.He was educated at Blundells School, Tiverton, and became a schoolmaster there Molesworth first appeared in Punch in the 1940s and was the protagonist and narrator of five books, beginning with 1953 s Down with Skool , and followed by How to be Topp, Wizz for Atomms and, posthumously, Back in the Jug Agane and the anthology, The Compleet Molesworth Comic misspellings, erratic capitalisation and 1950s public schoolboy slang are threads running through all the books.According to Ronald Searle in his obituary His cunning was refined than BunterWillans was delighted that schoolmasters, far from feeling publicly disrobed, were in fact giving away his books as end of school prizes Willans co wrote the screenplay for the 1959 film The Bridal Path, which starred George Cole, but died at the age of 47 before the film was released He also wrote a number of other, mostly humorous, books, including The Dog s Ear Book also with Searle , My Uncle Harry an exploration of the British gentlemen s club , Fasten Your Lapstraps an account of the early days of intercontinental flight , and Admiral on Horseback a rather serious one about the navy He was a keen amateur botanist, and spent so long in the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew that the staff gave him a key.A review in The Times newspaper describes The Whistling Arrow as having a futuristic aeroplane as the heroine It is his apparent strength in writing about planes and the people that flew them The reviewer compares it with one of Evelyn Waugh s earlier novels.


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  1. I adored Down With Skool , the first of four books featuring observations from that consummate blockhead, Nigel Molesworth, the self described curse of St Custard s, an English boarding school in the 1950s When I had the chance to buy Molesworth, an omnibus of all four books for a pittance, I jumped at the chance As any fule kno, what could be fun Molesworth 1 so called by his schoolmasters and peers to distinguish him from his younger and stupider brother, Molesworth 2 remains as ignorant, laz [...]

  2. You do not review Molesworth, you can only pay homage to one of the funniest creations in English literature Almost 60 years since Nigel Molesworth, the curse of St Custards, turned a withering eye on the English public school system, the British class system, and life in general, his four masterpieces, Down With Skool , How to be Topp , Whizz for Atoms , and Back in the Jug Agane are still as fresh as the day they were written The collaboration of Geoffrey Willans who crafted the inimitable pro [...]

  3. Have you ever sensed a kindred spirit upon hearing the words as any fule kno Has your trained ear been able to detect the difference between No and Noe Have you ever seen a gerund cut a gerundive Or puzzled out the meaning of Caesar adsum jam forte Or cried, THE PRUNES ARE REVOLTING If not, you need to read these books Crie you mercie, Mowlesworth Noe

  4. According to the listing in , this book is by Geoffrey Willans In fact, it s a dual effort, Ronald Searle being the other contributor, and the latter s zany, way out illustrations contribute as much as the text to this work being one of the all time classics of school comedy.The Molesworth stories deal with the obviously fictitious St Custard s school or skool , for Nigel s spelling is not especially accurate , essentially a highly satarised version of what a typical English boarding school was [...]

  5. I first read this book when I was at a school that could have been the model for St Custards and I got into trouble for being unable to control my hysterical laughter I cannot listen to the march past of the Rifle Brigade without laughing The writing is beautiful, as are the illustrations This is a must read for anybody who enjoys a belly laugh and the repeated cocking of snooks at the English and their societies

  6. This was a wonderful trip down memory lane for me Molesworth, like me, first appeared in the 1950s, and we had all the books in the house when I was a child I agree with Philip Hensher a good 10 years younger than me who wrote the introduction to this anthology I thought they were children s books, when I was a child, and now that I am an adult, think they are books for adults about childhood True, it s ostensibly a kind of childhood that at first glance seems very much removed from anything tha [...]

  7. I first read How to be Topp when I was very young It was on my father s bookshelf, pushed haphazardly in among the erudite and literary offerings of George Orwell and the poetry of Byron My father, an English teacher, loved that book I loved it too, and revisited it many times.Until I chanced upon this compilation of the three Molesworth books jammed into one volume, I had no idea that they were so popular I thought dad s book was a quirky obscure little volume I ve been reading Molesworth over [...]

  8. Molesworth, Geoffrey WillansTerms from Down with Skool , How to be Topp, Whizz for Atomms and Back in the Jug Agane all published in the 1950s that seemed vaguely familiar Hogwarts wizard wheezes Scrimgeour hem hem view spoiler I expected this to be a juvenile Flashman It s not Down with Skool was funny, but the others just harp on the same one note song The only reason I kept on was for the delightfully obvious Nigel Fotherington Tomas backslash The dialect is hard to decipher, but it s nothing [...]

  9. Nigel Molesworth himself would be horrified to see himself described in such a way, but there is something quintessentially English and beautifully vintage about Molesworth s take on public school life The terror of 3B would no doubt be disgusted that we saw him in such a wet and weedy way, but I guess it often happens that something intent on mocking the establishment becomes, eventually, part of the establishment Through a series of vignettes, sketches and wild fancies of imagination, Moleswor [...]

  10. Read March 1, 2002I recommend this book whenever I get the chance It s hard to get a hold of in the US you have to buy it from UK, last I checked , but oh, so brilliant The book actually four books in one reads like the journal of a young British schoolboy with a very vivid imagination, a loathing for teachers and schoolwork, and a complete disregard for elementary spelling, grammar, and punctuation Geoffrey Willans delightfully mangled words are matched by the exquisitely cartoonish scribbles o [...]

  11. One of the funniest books I have ever read And re read And re re read times without number A gauranteed pick me up, no matter how down you are Do ye ken John Plunk in his tinkle tinkle zing will be with me forever.

  12. I think if I were a 12 year old British boy attending a boarding school I would have found this hilarious As it is, this was a pain to finish When it comes to British humor, I think I ll stick with Douglas Adams or PG Wodehouse.

  13. Howling funny book on school life Every teacher dreads Molesworth and for good reason Some of the slang is a bit confusing to figure out, but this one is worth it to read Originally published as four books, and illustrated by Roald Searles.

  14. You can get this book for less than 20, if you live in the U.S So what are you waiting for I don t give out five star evaluations without due consideration I will have to say about the genius of Molesworth in due course.

  15. As good as ever A book to skim, laugh at, then put away for another few years Not a gud way to lurn to spel.

  16. I loved Molesworth when I was in my early teens He s such a prat but so viciously funny with it Very clever writing.

  17. Nostalgia and fun Superb illustrations by Searle First read In the Jug Again as a boy My introduction to satire and I was thrilled Revisiting it now I wonder how I filtered out all the private school in jokes Cave

  18. I bought this to read Down with Skool but I don t think that I am going to bother with the rest I can see how it ended up being a classic, however.

  19. Maybe it s a Canadian thing, but I ve never really held an opinion on private schools I ve sort of been aware of them, but even when I was younger, they seemed like something for rich kids, something of a British relic Which is maybe why so many British novels deal with them while Canadian fiction doesn t.It ranges from older stuff like The Lord of the Flies and it s marooned school children to something as recent as the Harry Potter series, which is basically about life at boarding school troub [...]

  20. I don t get it.Even as someone with at least a vague understanding of the British private school system, I still don t get it.What s so funny about someone trying MUCH too hard to sound like an uncultured and completely unrelatable teen yob with atrocious grammar Perhaps that s why Molesworth spectacularly fails where other teen diary series have succeeded Adrian Mole is an almost unbelievably pretentious ponce, yes but at least the reader can empathise with his interests, goals and ambitions Wh [...]

  21. I finally did myself a solid and purchased this book for my v own cheers cheers it had been such a long time since I read of the exploits of the gorriler of 3B i had wanted to read it agane but no copy was to be obtaned from our local bookmongers lo these many years chiz chiz yar boo sucks But now i have a copy in my hot ickle hands much to the astonishment of various weeds and wets It maketh me to frolik about saing hullo birds hullo sky which is what the gurlies do but i am a gurlie of corse a [...]

  22. Profuse pages of line sketches make clear how their great importance front and back inner double set of skool at center of the world, cameos Know the Enemy or Masters at a Glance p 30 34, Table of Grips and Tortures for Masters head blip, ear tweak, hair strand pluck, ruler shave p 50 52, Parents at a Glance p 92 94, Guide to grown ups p 346 7, scatter of author Molesworth elder sibling, Molesworth 2 is younger p 210 illustrated with chums and head in Perlice Notise p 210 211 Some words are as t [...]

  23. I discovered this book as an adult, and though I went to school in America, Molesworth s views on school, camaraderie, and people he doesn t want to admit are his friends but are feel timeless Molesworth was the first grate misspeller, before the Internet and Leetspeak One downside, though, is after reading Molesworth s misspellings, most anyone else on the Internet seems like an amateur even 60 years later.Molesworth, the goriller of 3b, complains about anything and everything, but not seriousl [...]

  24. Re read 14 11 13 I was taught at an early age to look after my books Despite that, my copy of The Compleet Molesworth is ink blotched, dog eared, filled with unidentifiable stains and tiny fingerprints, and falling apart at the seams Molesworth was my near constant companion in the 1980 s.It s interesting to see GoodReads s Readers Also Enjoyed box in the corner of the book s page I suspect readers who have not read this book will be unsurprised to see Just William there but they may be surprise [...]

  25. chizz chizz chizz I realy only have Down with Skool not The Complete Molesworth chizz anyone who kno anything about public skools will die larfing at these books Only weeds and new bugs and other wet and weedy roters dont think molesworth is super chizz chizz br br quote from molesworth about Pythagoras, who insted of growing grapes figs dates and other produce of greeceaplied himself to triangles and learned some astounding things about them which have been inflicted on boys ever since br br Wh [...]

  26. Total and utter classics of English wit, schoolboy humour, and social satire all wrapped up in Ronald Searle s timeless and pitch perfect cartoon caricatures I loved these books when I was still at school myself, and love them even now Searle was always a big influence on my own drawing career and I referenced these books a lot when I was a teenaged artist with big ideas The writing is impeccable and while the world it depicts of blazer wearing cads, oiks, sissies and other assorted junior devi [...]

  27. Cheers cheers cheers to Nigel Molesworth, brave fearless noble etc he should have won the Karackter Kup Boo to the grabbers, the swots, the oiks, you know who they are Only complaint re Molesworth lat is the intro by Philip Hensher, who comes across as wet, and also a weed The poor fellow seems to be under the delusion that there s nothing funnier than a gay joke, esp when about The Wind in the Willows, chiz chiz chiz So five stars to Molesworth hurrah hurrah and 90000000000 boos to Philip Hensh [...]

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