Dark of the Moon

Dark of the Moon Caitlyn was an orphaned beauty with no future until the rugged outlaw nobleman rescued her from the streets And now they ride together in the shadows of the night on the run from corrupt minions of th

Caitlyn was an orphaned beauty with no future until the rugged outlaw nobleman rescued her from the streets And now they ride together in the shadows of the night on the run from corrupt minions of the law emboldened by the exhilarating heat of the chased by a love as wild and free as the wind on the moors Caitlyn has vowed she will never forsake Connor, heCaitlyn was an orphaned beauty with no future until the rugged outlaw nobleman rescued her from the streets And now they ride together in the shadows of the night on the run from corrupt minions of the law emboldened by the exhilarating heat of the chased by a love as wild and free as the wind on the moors Caitlyn has vowed she will never forsake Connor, her brave champion, her sensuous lover But to save Connor, she must now betray him Yet the proud lady can never betray the passion that joins their heartsd draws Connor into harm s way to rescue his cherished love once .

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Dark of the Moon

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  1. Karen Robards is the New York Times, USA Today, and Publishers Weekly bestselling author of than fifty books and one novella She has won multiple awards including six Affaire de Coeur Silver Pen Awards for favorite author.Karen has been writing since she was very young, and was first published nationally in the December 1973 Reader s Digest She sold her first romance novel, ISLAND FLAME, when she was 24 It was published by Leisure Books in 1981 and is still in print After that, she dropped out of law school to pursue her writing career.Karen was recently described by The Daily Mail as one of the most reliable thriller.writers in the world.


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  1. I have mixed feelings about this book, and it s one I should have loved a lot since there are so many elements I usually enjoy in older HRs hunky hero albeit a bit hot tempered , and a Robin Hood like hero at that The problem is the heroine is such a brat for the first half of the book and worse yet is the kind that stomps her feet and does what she wants to her detriment and endangers others Oh well, she got a hard lesson in life when that back fired, but I still didn t care for her much, nor [...]

  2. The constantly screeching heroine made me give up I understood why she was a rebellious hellion at the beginning, since she was a street urchin living as a boy, surviving on pickpocketing, dodging the hangman s noose, her own starvation, and the claws of men and women alike, but she was removed from that environment and nurtured pretty warmly by a makeshift family of generous farmers I needed some evolution in her character Not a complete turn around and not abruptly, I get it But there was just [...]

  3. My most common refrain This could have been so much better But it kept flopping back and forth between a good read and a huge eyeroll.I liked the scrappy heroine at first I liked the commanding but caring hero But then I realized the heroine was 15, and the hero initially took on the role of father figure to her even as far as spanking her AND explaining menstruation to her And then I m expected to go for the idea of them getting it on That took a lot to get past And although the heroine grew up [...]

  4. A Very Worthy Hero but a Different Irish RomanceI m a huge fan of Karen Robards historical romances and many of them grace my best lists.Dark of the Moon is another great romance and different because of its plot detour in the middle It begins in Ireland in 1784 and tells of Caitlyn O Malley who, at 15, has lived on the streets of Dublin disguised as a lad for so long, she no longer sees herself as a girl When she tries to pick the pocket of Connor d Arcy, Earl of Iveagh, an Irish nobleman, beli [...]

  5. Disguised as a boy, Caitlyn O Malley picks pockets on the streets of Dublin to survive One day she is caught by Connor d Arcy who instead of turning her in to the authorities, takes her to his home in the countryside to live with him and his brothers As years go by Caitlyn s feelings for Connor grow, but he still thinks of her as a child under his protection When she discovers Connor and his brothers are posing as highwaymen, robbing rich Englishmen and giving their bounty to the poor Irish, she [...]

  6. I gave this book an A for the story and A for the narration at AudioGals Dark of the Moon, released in audio format this past April, carries an original 1988 print publication date I haven t read a lot of romances written in that time period but this one thoroughly impressed me with its attention to detail and character development In fact, it s one of the first longer length audiobooks that I have listened to about 14 hours , where I actually believed that nearly every minute was essential More [...]

  7. This book was recommended heavily in a thread that had books that had an abuse theme This is my first Karen Robarbs books.First I would like to say that the writing style was good Grammar and spelling was good I do find it humorous that the older books have better grammar than newer ones I truly LOVED Connor as a hero I think this has been the best hero in any book I have read to date Strong alpha male but not obnoxious I could not state one thing about his character that bothered me All of the [...]

  8. I liked the book and added a star for the dreaminess of the hero I can only imagine those eyes Now The heroine drove me nuts It s one thing to be stubborn and set the standard of the way you want to be treated It is quite another to have the impression of being a brat never growing with the book EVERYTHING was I m not doing it and you can t make me I really liked the fact that she was in a bad spot in the beginning as a young girl BUT as her circumstances changed she er didn t She still seemed l [...]

  9. Caitlyn has disguised herself as a boy and roams the streets of Ireland as a thief and pickpocket when she picks the pocked to Connor, he catcher her, but instead of turning her in, he takes her and her friend to his estate to work honorably Connor has a secret, at night he rides the highways robbing from the ric to help the poor Irish when he discovers Caitlyn s secret, sparks begin to fly.

  10. 2.5 This book was just okay The beginning started very slow for me It got better as the book went on, but I found both main characters annoying, especially Caitlyn I did enjoy Connor s brothers and his relationship with them.

  11. The Author lost Willie He was one of the main characters in the first six chapters then he disappeared I think the author forgor about him and that cost this book one star If you will forget about his character, why didn t you just leave him in Dublin

  12. Caitlin es insufrible Primero como brib n y despu s como jovencita coqueta que quiere tener a todos a sus pies Insufrible No me gust en ning n momento, ni entonces ni cuando se sacrifica Ella se lo busc , por tarada, y el pobre Connor salv ndola todo el tiempo.Tiene dos estrellas por l y por sus hermanos, unos bomboncitos todos Los am Y qu pas con Willie La autora me perdi un personaje Imperdonable.Me gusta mucho esta autora, pero este libro, no No lo recomiendo para nada.

  13. I saw this book when I was reading The Ultimatum by Karen Robards This book was no way as near as good a book as The Ultimatum, nor do I think it s the same genre So, I guess I shouldn t be comparing the two since all they have in common is the author Over all, I think this was an okay book I mean it was t awful or anything Maybe it was one of her first published books

  14. The book started off great Then I went through a part which wasn t much to my taste It was too vulgar and annoying But I m glad I kept reading, because I loved the rest of the book, and even if I saw through most of the plot I ve read way too many books not to , I enjoyed every second of it.

  15. An oldie but a goodie.Re read this one after many years and it is still a terrific read This was one of my first romance books and I love Karen Robards to this day

  16. Dark of the MoonRight up there with Kathleen E Woodiwiss Easy to read Believable Hated for the story to end Loved the characters and the way they blender together.

  17. The clich of the sassy heroine is getting so old for me Why can t she be nuanced Also the powerful male who is basically just a hot bully These characters seem so basic that the reader can t care about them Add some softness, some edge, some dysfunction, deeper backstory, interior monologue, internal conflict, grittier details and philosophical inquiries.It was due back to the library before I could finish, and good riddance It was so simplistic and sexist that I am offended such a thing actual [...]

  18. Dark of the Moon is brilliantly written The plot is clever and unpredictable The twists are like TV show s season finale cliff hangers This is a book I would forgo sleep to finish.After the death of her mother, Caitlyn takes to the streets to thieve in order to survive With a fervent distrust of men, she hides her identity as to not be taken advantage of With a fiery temper and a steel will she will do whatever it takes to survive Although the heroine starts out dressing as a boy, this is one of [...]

  19. De hecho estoy algo confusa respecto al libro La primera mitad me gust mucho, por la forma en que los personajes conviven y en general por el rumbo de la historia Luego el amor entre Caitlyn y Connor es que estuviera mal, s lo es que ten a un aire extra o No s c mo explicarme, me gust que de alguna manera nada cambiara entre ellos, porque no hay nada peor que el hecho de un par de personajes que se van al traste con tal de que se enan Pero tambi n por eso se me hizo extra o, como que no me la cr [...]

  20. Irish tempers were flared and trading barbs with each other was not uncommon for Caitlyn O Malley and Connor d Arcy, in fact Caitlyn had a way of brushing up trouble easily Caitlyn s gratitude and appreciation flourished into a love so strong she endangered herself and others Dark of the Moon had a great sense of family, a strong commitment to love, and passion between its pages sure to capture the interest of the readers This historical romance book was dramatic in its confrontations and paced [...]

  21. Hmm, I think the extra star is just because the hero has black hair and blue eyes And is Irish.Did I mention that the hero is Irish It was recommended forced on me by a friend who s a huge fan of the book It was alright, I guess Not bad The family dynamics were fun to read and the heroine was likeable Started dragging on for a bit, but still Oh and the Irish Protestant Ascendancy was interesting as well.All in all, it was alright But, then again, maybe I wasn t the right person for it.

  22. Definite five star bookThis is a really good book despite typos and grammatical errors The writing and plot make up for those errors It is romantic, interesting, exciting, political, sensuality, sad, funny, sweetjust a really good book which I HIGHLY recommend I found it so good I had a hard time putting it down Loved this story and the characters, including secondary characters, were done very well.

  23. I am a fan of Karen Robards, but some of her newer books Charlie Stone series and Hunted are so full of adjectives that they are getting on my nerves This book is a historical that was published a few years back and is well written I loved Conner even though he could be a little rough Caitlyn was strong willed even though she caused a few of her own problems I liked the characters and enjoyed the book from beginning to end Worth reading.

  24. Really like it but not love it I was expecting a series about the others but no It s a shame because the others have sort of power to have their own story anyway Love the beginning it was funny and frustrating but besides that I pretty much enjoy it except for the very 200 last pages I really was freaking out.

  25. This book is a good romance until the last 100 pages or so of the book When Caitlyn was taken away, it started getting creepy and I really didn t like reading about all the things that our heroine had to go through To me, it didn t even feel like a romance novel any I would only recommend this book if you don t mind having a creep as the villain.

  26. I loved this book I am a suckah for historical romance and this story just blew my mind I sort of teared at one point and I don t usually do that Robards characters are unforgettable I highly recommend this book to anyone who have interests in theives, action, and most importantly a developing love story

  27. GoodNot my favorite Karen Robards historical novel, but enjoyed the plot and characters Set in Protestant dominated Ireland, this is a story about the main characters, Catholics, both high and low born, and how they existed Romance, suspense, and an interesting historical setting, make reading this story worth your time.

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