Lost in Your Arms

Lost in Your Arms A Groom Who Can t Remember Bride Who Wants Desperately To Forget Enid MacLean is finally living a peaceful life when she receives word that an explosion has injured the husband she hoped she d never h

A Groom Who Can t Remember Bride Who Wants Desperately To Forget.Enid MacLean is finally living a peaceful life when she receives word that an explosion has injured the husband she hoped she d never have to see again Reluctantly, she agrees to do her duty but,except for his distinctive green eyes, the man she nurses back to health is not the man she remembers.And he remeA Groom Who Can t Remember Bride Who Wants Desperately To Forget.Enid MacLean is finally living a peaceful life when she receives word that an explosion has injured the husband she hoped she d never have to see again Reluctantly, she agrees to do her duty but,except for his distinctive green eyes, the man she nurses back to health is not the man she remembers.And he remembers nothing From the depths of his amnesia, he reaches out for the woman he believes is his wife, tempting her with ardent words and a reckless passion she finds herself unable to resist And while Enid finds herself losing her heart to this achingly familiar stranger, she cannot help but wonder how her husband has become such a dangerous, seductive man and what secrets he carries locked away in his lost memories.Last time marriage cost her her happiness This time love could cost her .

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Lost in Your Arms

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  1. 3.75 starsybe 4 Can t decideSo I decided to pick this one up because I was in desperate need of a HR fix I got it I really enjoyed this story and its characters MacLean and Enid were great characters I love how funny and strong Enid was She s been through so much and had to keep her guard up She is called to care for her dying husband who abandoned her and was just pure mean Her husband seems to have had a full personality swap and is a gentle yet authoritative warrior His love for Enid was a gr [...]

  2. I absolutely loved this book There s a part where the heroine and a maid are trying to get the hero to wash but he said he smells manly and won t and they say the cows are complaining about the smell Cracked me up I laughed throughout this book Very good book.

  3. Note This review, and all my reviews, comes from my blog Romantic Rose s Bookshelf romantic rosesblog Book 5 in the Governess Bride SeriesEnid MacLean, our heroine, is admirable but not in a remarkable way She didn t stand out from the other hordes of romance heroines, which is partly why this book is barely better than average She started out beautifully strong willed and a wonderful caretaker, but rapidly progressed into a mostly vapid and uninspiring heroine with the same internal battles eve [...]

  4. Model cover mirip Chelsea Olivia Pilih edisi yang ini karena covernya bagus dan belum ada edisi terjemahannya di GR, tapi selain itu pertama kali baca sekitar 1 4 jalan cerita, kok mirip dengan salah satu novel view spoiler Linda Howard White Lies hide spoiler well tapi gak apa2 aku tetep suka dan kasih bintang 5.Suka karena 1 Alur cerita pas, no slow spot 2 Karakter hero heroin kuat, walaupun heroin sempat pesimis 3 Sensualitas, gak usah dipertanyakan lagi, hot.4 Dan jatuh cinta sama karakterny [...]

  5. Enid es llamada por importantes personas relacionadas con el gobierno ingl s para que cuide a su marido que fue v ctima de una explosi n en Crimea En extra as circunstancias.El problema es que ella no ve a su esposo, un sinverg enza y jugador, desde hace casi 9 a os cuando l la abandon En ese tiempo, tuvo que sobrevivir trabajando de enfermera y dama de compa a, porque su situaci n econ mica social no era de la mejor.Accede a cuidarlo a rega adientes, porque le trabaja la conciencia y porque par [...]

  6. This was a very enjoyable read, well on its way to 4 stars, until the very end Which makes reviewing the book for perspective readers difficult, but I ll do my best to explain my experience without spoilers Enid hasn t seen her husband in over 8 years, not since he abandoned her because she was a chain around his neck, when all of a sudden she receives word that he has been nearly mortally wounded and needs her help She goes to him, somewhat reluctantly, but the nurse in her takes over when she [...]

  7. There are lots of eye opening things in this book I had no idea that the severely wound and sick were treated so poorly I have to wonder when keeping the sickroom clean and bright and fresh came to be the standard instead of the exception I had also had not thought about how one fed those that were unconscious and unable to drink I will have to search for when IV s came into practice I am sure that was the turning point for saving people that died from being unable to eat or drink There is also [...]

  8. Akulah darah dalam pembuluh darahmu, sumsum di tulangmu kau tidak akan pernah pergi kemana pun tanpa mengetahui aku di dalam dirimu, mendukungmu, membuatmu tetap hidup aku adalah bagian dari dirimu kau adalah bagian dari diriku kita terikat selamanya Sumpah Kieran MacLean.oke, pertama kalinya aku liat lost in your arms by christina dodd, covernya langsung aku akui bagus pas aku baca sinopsis belakangnya , ide cerita agak mirip sama novel harlequin2 dulu yang pernah aku baca kalo nggak saalah San [...]

  9. Another interesting and awesome book by Christina Dodd As usual, she didn t fail in keeping me so totally engrossed until I forgot to have my dinner Enid is really such an endearing and compelling character I admire how she is still able to stay strong through her short miserable marriage with Stephen Maclean And how she still held her head high after the nine years separation with her late husband She picks up a nursing trait during their separation and before she knew it, she is working as a n [...]

  10. Beli di Gramedia Palmerah Pesta Novel Disc 30% 5% 5 Mei 2012Thanks to Rizka yang sudah rekomendasikan novel ini o selesai baca novel ini, baru serius baca review review di GR ternyata banyak spoiler, huff untung daku sebelumnya blm baca review2 itu kalo gak pasti ilang rasa penasaran dan selera baca pasti datar2 saja setengah buku ini menceritakan seperti alur cerita yang di sinopsistidak membosankan, malah bab 1 sudah cukup membuat penasaranlu tiba tiba alur cerita berubahibarat kereta api, pin [...]

  11. Third time through The Governess Bride series is a good one Romance, intrigue spies , strong characters, and this one complete with a gorgeous man wearing a kilt The identify of the traitors from the previous story In My Wildest Dreams are revealed but not caught in this episode This is a story of amnesia and it is one of my favorites of that sub genre because even though Enid eventually realizes the man she s been nursing back to health is not her husband she keeps the fact from him to aid his [...]

  12. 2.5 Eh,nothing really special about this book I liked the characters fine, but the plot was a bit boring for me.

  13. I never thought a book with a promising plot would stab and betray me You know like a fool you feel so excited, giddy and wonderful then suddenly you want to cry because of the deception you have felt That s how I feel right now, I wasted time reading until page 90 the story is too good and you wanted to take a peek at the middle and then you realize some things wrong Curious and a bit of need of clarification from an unwelcome, undesirable suspicion you peek at the last chapter and Poop, your u [...]

  14. Ecco, dopo la delusione del quarto, finalmente la Dodd ritornata alla grande, con un romanzo avvincente, con due personaggi graffianti e con grandi scene di passione.Gi l inizio promettente, con la Governante di turno che racconta bugie su bugie sul suo lontano matrimonio a un gruppetto di cameriere ingenue e sognatrici Poi la Governante riportata alla realt , perch chiamata a curare un corpo fasciato e sfigurato che dovrebbe corrispondere proprio a quel lontano marito perduto Da qui un crescend [...]

  15. MacLean, McLovin I just started reading this book last night and I m up to ch9t loving it so far especially how Enid keeps referring to her husband by his last name However, I am curious to see what happens I like the fact that the story is taking place at Blyth Hall and that Garrick Throckmorton and Celeste are present in it.In this story, Enid and her husband have been estranged for 9 yrs they were married for 3 months and he abandoned her He used to be a gambler and got hurt in an expolosion [...]

  16. 4 1 2 stars for the twist, the humoroh and of coursee sizzling passion duh i actually squealed like a ninny when the truth was revealed imagine thathaving the best night of your life with someone you thought waswellmeone else as is ms dodd s signature writing, you ll be sure to enjoy the witty repartee between the protagonists and isn t Mclean hot i simply had to say that i adored ms dodd s handling of this story somehow that adoration came with relief though, since i was getting a bit worried o [...]

  17. This is one of my fave Christina Dodd books She really excels in historical romance and I prefer her writing style in these novels than in her contemporary ones The story is timeless, I read this the second time around and still found myself anticipating what happens next, enjoying Enid and MacLean s banter, and their passionate love scenes The plot is well thought of, the added mystery is a classic touch and the results are surprising indeed I loved everything about this book, the characters un [...]

  18. hyaaa akhirnya kelar baca Dodd tentang seorang istri enid yg dtelantarkan suaminya stephen selama 8 tahun, tiba2 denger kabar suaminya kecelakaan dan lupa ingatan dan dia yg merawat suaminya sampai pulih sampai pada suatu saat mereka make love karena frustasi ga taunya ternyata laki laki ini bukan suaminya, melainkan sepupu suaminya maclean , yg memang agak mirip dan si cewe ini baru sadar ketika mereka berpelukan sambil berdiri, yang ternyata tingginya beda jauh dari tinggi suaminya tapi mereka [...]

  19. Lost in Your Arms4.5 StarsEnid MacLean has a satisfying life as the companion nurse to Lady Halifax when she is suddenly called to the bedside of her estranged husband after he is almost killed in an explosion As she nurses him back to health, Enid discovers that he is suffering from amnesia and has no recollection of his past transgressions against her As they become reacquainted, Enid finds it and difficult not to succumb to his charms once again Lost in Your Arms is an engaging romance with [...]

  20. Excellent book I loved both characters they were so well written The story flowed along very well and never stalled The H was an alpha male but he knew when to be gentle and kind and show his emotions The h was tormented by a past but she didnt dwell on it and it didnt make her weak All the secondary characters were wonderful as well I loved Kiernan s mother, Lady Bess, she was a hoot My favorite quote Holding her tight against him, he said, I am the blood in your veins, the marrow in your bones [...]

  21. Sempat nunda bacanya tapi akhirnya selesai juga Suka banget ama ceritanya, plotnya yang tidak bertele2 dengan segala cerita yang membosankan untuk memperpanjang cerita Sempat kasian ama Enid, uda ditinggal pergi suaminya yang tidak berguna dengan setumpuk utang eh setelah 9 thn dipanggil sama atasan suaminya tuk ngerawat suaminya yang terluka kena bom Sempat pula gregetan ama suaminya yang ternyata uda amnesia tetep ngotot g percaya Enid istrinya Ternyata dipertengahan cerita, Enid baru sadar ka [...]

  22. This book was fantastic I opened it to see what it is about, and realized from the very first page that I already have read it, but I couldn t stop and ended reading it again.The story is so hooking, so compelling and funny There are surprises at each corner, there is romance and love, enough to make it cute but not too sweet your teeth fall.It s fast, it has a lot of action and is like a river that goes on and on with turns and falls and then there is a beautiful cascade and then river and rap [...]

  23. Enid MacLean is finally at peace with herself and her life when her husband, the man she hoped never to lay eyes on again, is wounded in an explosion and she has to nurse him back to health.Unfortunately, he s forgotten everything Grateful for his wife s presence, he reaches out to her, seducing her anew, rekindling her love and his.Despite her reservations, Enid give in to the temptation, but things are seldom what they seem.Another wonderful historical romance byChristina Dodd At first the sto [...]

  24. This book has all the plot devices I usually hate.a, estranged spouses, a main character who is an invalid for part of the book, an orphaned main character, and there are a couple However, all of these devices are woven together into a great story I found it witty, with a strong hero and heroine, and a strong supporting cast While the story was rich and entertaining, it was also a quick read It gets four stars because I was very satisfied with the ending, and how the hero heroine resolved their [...]

  25. Once again, I was so disappointed with how poor the translation was True, it was not censored, but it was awfully confusing I couldn t bear reading it any longer, and even if I was, it would ended up me disliking the book even though it should be the poor translation was to blame Hence, I gave up reading the translation, and would read the english version instead Just not sure when, since I have other books on my hand.edit I haven t read this book but I ve read its predecessors and I don t like [...]

  26. I loved Lost in Your Arms Overall, Christina Dodd always creates strong characters with sharp tongues And this is not just a historical romance, there is also a mystery This book has the second chance theme with a twist, though predictable, quite delicious The romantic scenes were very intense and there is no doubt as to the existence of sparks between the couple The only criticism I have to make is in relation to the end, the last few pages Personally I didn t like that much But otherwise loved [...]

  27. I have gotten to the point where I try to recognize in each of Ms Dodd s historicals where her inspiration came from, but this one slipped by me I don t recognize any of the characters or any of the plot Although it unfortunately uses the much abused amnesia plot device, I thoroughly enjoyed this book The timing was exquisite and Enid MacLean a wonderfully depicted character I found very little to fault except that, given the times and her character, I think Enid would have succeeded in fending [...]

  28. this one the best books ive read from this author, the twist in the middle about the identity of the main charecter stunned me i actually re read the chapter twice before droving in deeper into the book wanting to find out i was really happy when i found out the truth about the real husband in the end made me not hate him as much as i did in the beginning of the book dont miss this one you will not regret it

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