The Seduction of Sara

The Seduction of Sara The Seduction of Sara is the lively conclusion to Karen Hawkins s trilogy of passionate Regency historical romances Saraphina Lawrence is a willful young woman as magnificent as the Lawrence sapphire

The Seduction of Sara is the lively conclusion to Karen Hawkins s trilogy of passionate Regency historical romances Saraphina Lawrence is a willful young woman, as magnificent as the Lawrence sapphires she proudly wears She wed once for passion and was widowed scandalously when her bridegroom fell from a carriage while coupling with his mistress Now, faced with an ultimThe Seduction of Sara is the lively conclusion to Karen Hawkins s trilogy of passionate Regency historical romances Saraphina Lawrence is a willful young woman, as magnificent as the Lawrence sapphires she proudly wears She wed once for passion and was widowed scandalously when her bridegroom fell from a carriage while coupling with his mistress Now, faced with an ultimatum from her brothers remarry and live quietly and respectably, or lose the income that supports the independent life she loves Sara is quick to plan her strategy Exiled to the dull town of Bath for the Season, she must find a gentleman who is socially acceptable, tolerable in looks and manners and, most important, willing to let Sara have her way in all matters Her search is going poorly when she hits upon a splendid plan involving Nicholas Montrose, the notorious Earl of Bridgeton the irresistible villain in need of redemption who was introduced in Hawkins s first book, The Abduction of Julia Nick wants Sara for his mistress, and she thinks it would be splendid to have such a masterful lover teach her the art of seduction, hoping to use those new skills to lure a suitably compliant man to the altar It would be hard to say whether Nick or Sara is surprised when Sara practices the wiles Nick taught her on Nick himself and the man who swore he d never marry is tempted to propose to the one woman who has promised she will never be his bride.

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The Seduction of Sara

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  1. New York Times and USA Today best selling author Karen Hawkins is known for her wonderfully humorous and emotion tugging historical and contemporary romances The author of over 30 novels, Karen writes for a living between shopping for shoes, playing around on Facebook and Pinterest, looking for fun items for Hawkins Manor, and napping, although usually not at the same time Sometimes, for fun, she takes Instagram pictures of her two rescue dogs, Sadie and Teke, and posts them online.Yeah, she s a wild one.Karen lives in balmy Orlando, Florida, with her husband, aka Hot Cop, and her two dogs Her children are both out of college and have become productive, non violent members of society Karen writes six to eight hours a day when not obsessively reading research books on Regency era Scotland, snacking on chocolate, or looking out the windows of her house and thinking about gardening Her hobbies include sculpting, oil painting, playing badminton, and ok, ok, she doesn t have any hobbies, but if she did, she s sure they d be something refined and fascinating.If you want to follow Karen on any of the various social media outlets that allow her to engage in productive procrastination, you can find her at FACEBOOK TWITTER INSTAGRAM PINTERESTIf you d like to keep up with Karen s crazed and hectic schedule, win free books, find out about her coming releases, or just want to engage in some easy on line snooping, sign up for Karen s amazing newsletter


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  1. 3.5Nicholas Montrose, the Earl of Bridgeton, was first introduced in The Abduction of Julia where he almost convincingly played the role of a villain He didn t really fool me though Even though he was the way he was in the first book, Nicholas Montrose was and is irresistible I am very good at suspending my disbelief Anyway, Nick is back and he gets roped up by Sara to help her find a husband She even has a list of requirements what the said husband should or shouldn t be All she really wants is [...]

  2. I ve been looking forward to reading this ever since I read the first two in this trilogy over a year ago Luckily for me I was disappointed.One of the interesting things about discovering an author a few books into their publishing career is that you can go back to their earlier works and see how they ve grown as a writer Not to say that this first trilogy is bad, far from it, but it s pretty neat to see how much better she has gotten since she first wrote these.Sara Lawrence has been running ar [...]

  3. 1 half through the book he did everything to make her his mistress.but when get married he decides not to sleep with her so she won t get pregnantHaaaa how did he plan to make her his mistress 2 did anyone think about consulting a doctor 3 didn t understand how Nick kept insisting on making Sara his mistress when he can clearly see how young and relativly innocent she was the fact that she was looking for a husband makes you think that he couldn t possibly care about her if he planned to enjoy e [...]

  4. This is my first book by this author and i loved it,it was a wonderful emotional story of Nick Sara,adored both of them,both have past baggage,both have their fears,Nick makes a blunder and Sara is really hurt but he realises it but Sara is not forgiving him and he has to work to gain her forgiveness and trust back after much hurdles they manage to take the leap and have their HEAVery good readRecommend it

  5. I found this to be a very old school romance novel I found the issue keeping them apart a bit ridiculous I found the heroine, Sara, to be vapid and annoying I found the hero to be a melodramatic numbskull I really didn t care if the got together or took a long walk off a short pier.

  6. I liked it and kept me wanting to read to find out what happens I would recommend this book to others reader that likes this kind of books.

  7. recensione precedente Una ventata di freschezza per questa storia che procede un po lenta, ma intrigante Non conoscevo karen e ora cercher altre opere sue Interessante la malattia del protagonista, quella che ai giorni nostri chiameremmo cefalea a grappolo e che all inizio dell 800 veniva curata con la camomilla, nel migliore dei casi, o con il laudano, che creava la dipendenza e quindi la morte Dovendo fare una cernita, anche questo romanzo non regge alla prova del tempo Letto oltre un anno fa [...]

  8. I thought this was a nice read Nick was absolutely wonderful, but Sara seemed a bit too strong willed for my liking Also, there were two other romances going on at the same time when I would have preferred the story to focus on the MCs.

  9. I loved the story and the characters I have read the St John series first so I had trouble with knowing each brother s story I wanted a better ending.

  10. I enjoyed this book but I certainly had a bit of confusion because two series were combined in this one book You had The Abduction and Seduction series that this book belongs to, but you also had the St John Talisman Ring series Sara Lawrence our heroine is the widowed sister of the St John brothers from the Talisman Ring series Sara and her husband made several appearances in those books, but she was always happily married So, I assume this book must have come before the series with her brother [...]

  11. This book was much better than the first MacLean Curse book This is a whole different series There were no 21 century american colloquialisms Which made it great This had a pretty good story that was fast pace, but some things were never mentioned or clarified that needed to be.Sara is sent from London to Bath to calm down and settle She has often said she is going to pick her wn husband who will let her run wild be free before her brothers can do it for her HOWEVER, there was no mention or hint [...]

  12. I am liking Karen Hawkins books and I like the characters They keep my attention I want to know what happens next However, there were times in this story that I found myself skipping sentences that seemed redundant I rushed through these parts because I was impatient to find out what happens in the end This was the last book of a trilogy I found out that I need to have all books in the series available and read them back to back Otherwise, I have lost the common thread of the series Since it w [...]

  13. Nothing particularly earth shattering about the story, but it kept me interested and had some fun parts There are times when that is than enough It took me a while to warm up to leading lady Sara, mostly because her personality never seems to fully form It really annoys me when a character is described as one way but constantly acts in another ButThe men in this book are awesome Every single one had a moment, thought, comment, situation, etc that made him interesting and a character I wanted to [...]

  14. I must say Nicholas Montrose will melt your heart You fall in love with this devil of a man the minute he comes into the picture In the first book of this trilogy The Abduction of Julia he was the villain, but in this book we get to meet the real Nick, and all is forgiven Though he still has his devilish ways, he proves himself worthy of the feisty Sarawho I absolutely lovee is one sassy, independent she devil These two characters were meant to be together, and Karen Hawkins detailed writing mak [...]

  15. I knew Nick had to have to own story And it was devilishly good I loved Sarah and Nick together At the beginning I hated her brothers for being so annoying and interfering But as the story progressed, I liked Anthony and Marcus I am eager to start their series One thing I wished the author had explored Sarah wanted her freedom to do things But after marrying Nick she just became a wife I wonder what happened to her sense of freedom that she was pursuing so earnestly I loved Alec s confrontatio [...]

  16. After her love match turned sour when her husband died in an accident while sleeping with his mistress, all Sara wants to do is live her life in freedom But her overprotective brothers are determined to rein her in and find her a husband Sara decides to find a meek husband who will let her live her life, and recently arrived rake Nick does not fit the bill.I really loved the Abduction of Julia, but this book doesn t quite live up to it I got too annoyed at Sara s brothers, and Nick s dithering a [...]

  17. Sarah Lawrence is a young widow who is living it up after her husband s death Her five brothers, however, are not happy with how she is living and banish her to Bath She becomes determined to marry the first man that she can find so that she can get out from under her brothers collective thumbs However, she is stymied by the Earl of Bridgeton who wants her to be his mistress He is not a gentleman of the first order, in fact, his reputation thanks to his father and grandfather is pretty black But [...]

  18. I actually was pleasantly surprised by this book It was a little unfair of me but I started with a strong hatred of Nick from the first book we learn just how much of a rake he is and I was definitely not happy to have him be a hero in another book However, he does tend to grow on you in this book The Author does a great job of giving us a much softer version of the man we met before I was enthralled I mean who does not love good bad guy being reformed Sad, to see the trilogy end but looking for [...]

  19. Overall this was disappointing compared to her other books which I love particularly the St John series I read this one for it is a prequel to the St John Series and ironically this was my least favorite of the three Nick was not all that likable, and Sara was too ditzy with her getting married scheme But, at least now I know what Sara s story is so I don t feel so clueless reading the the St John series 3 5ktleyed 2011 03 s

  20. I somehow missed this in my reading of Karen Hawkins it is actually one of her earlier books Sara is a widow who enjoys living life a little on the wild side Her older five brothers decide to curb her life by sending her to Bath in the hopes of finding someone to wed Enter Nicholas a naughty boy himself who has recently returned to England whose past is shrouded in controversy They both work to deny the attraction between them but when caught in a compromising position they wed It is a good hist [...]

  21. For the sake of my Nicholas I ll keep him in my imagination I love Nicholas A fallen hero, I loved him since book 1 Looking forward to his story, I even created a story of his own on my mind He is on my list of fictional guys that I want to marry But I don t think this book does justice to his dark soul Nick has trust issues and it is way too fast to spill the beans of his feelings when he have an issue.

  22. I probably would have awarded this historical by a new author for me 3.5 stars, but threw in the extra half star because there COULD have been a stupid misunderstanding staged by the hero , but the heroine was too smart to fall for it A sweet and, in the end, romantic story with some good grovelling thrown in Steam factor moderate not erotica.

  23. This was a fun book to read The lead female was so innocent and trying to be independent that no matter what she did it was usually a bit too over the top Loved the lead male and as usual he is dark and brooding Story moves along at a great pace, lots of funny scenes and tension building situations A great read.

  24. The story had likeable bits, I will admit But the whole migraine plot didn t work out that well, and many story elements didn t form a cohesive whole for me Some of the characters were one dimentional the transition between love and lust was too sudden and toouninspired I won t read this one again.

  25. Who cares Not me Not about Nick and his stupid headaches Not Sara and her lack of an h and her dead philandering husband Just really couldn t be bothered by this one So many words and so little story.

  26. I agree with another post, it was a chore to get thru I didn t like this trilogy as it seemed the girls all liked their hero well enough, but they were all so stubborn about it and it was frustrating to read Not horrible, but just not my favorite style of romance.

  27. Enjoyed this book than I thought I was going to, primarily due to the secondary plot line of the chaperon aunt and the French Comte Great writing Karen Hawkins does this genre so very well.

  28. I was looking forward to reading about the most rakish of rogues of them all Nicholas who was introduced at the gorgeously written Abduction of Julia I was a bit dissappointed hoping for drama.

  29. I m pretty sure I enjoyed the first novel in this series but the other two were boring and I can t even remember if I managed to finish them.

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