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Like Jagged Teeth The guys following her home are bad enough but when Jacalyn s Poppa comes to the rescue things only get worse After all he s been dead for six years There s no time to be relieved because when she

The guys following her home are bad enough, but when Jacalyn s Poppa comes to the rescue, things only get worse After all, he s been dead for six years There s no time to be relieved, because when she ends up back at Poppa s new apartment, nothing feels right The food here doesn t taste how food should taste The doors don t work how doors are supposed to work And someThe guys following her home are bad enough, but when Jacalyn s Poppa comes to the rescue, things only get worse After all, he s been dead for six years There s no time to be relieved, because when she ends up back at Poppa s new apartment, nothing feels right The food here doesn t taste how food should taste The doors don t work how doors are supposed to work And something s not right with Poppa Guilt and sickness spiral Jacalyn into a nightmarish new reality of Lynchian hallucinations and grotesque body horror.

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Like Jagged Teeth

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  1. My mission in life is to make everybody as uneasy as possible I think we should all be as uneasy as possible, because that s what the world is like Edward GoreyBetty Rocksteady is an eclectic author and illustrator from Canada Her early exposure to Stephen King, The Weekly World News, and EC horror comics shaped her into the woman she is today With art and fiction, she explores personal fears and resonances.My debut novella, Arachnophile, is part of Eraserhead Press New Bizarro Author Series 2015 Like Jagged Teeth was released April 2017 I do monthly illustrations at Theme of Absence


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  1. On her way home from a party late at night, Jacalyn is followed by two unknown men The person who comes to her aid is very familiar, but may pose of a threat than Jacalyn can imagine What follows is nightmarish in scope and hallucinatory in imagery The unknown landscape that Jacalyn enters is harrowing and not for the squeamish I had a very hard time putting this book down, and I was in its grips right up until the end However, the finale is where this macabre journey lost its allure for me Per [...]

  2. The setup is like a fairytale gone wrong After Jacalyn is reunited her dead presumably grandfather and brought back to his house, she soon discovers she cannot leave, and things are much sinister than they seem It gets dark from there, as this allegorical tale about regret and forgiveness delves into visceral and nightmarish territories The imagery is often gory and always palpable, and the central metaphor weaves each scene together like a warm quilt, all of this adding up to a creepy but emot [...]

  3. I sat down fairly late last night to read a few pages of this and stayed up straight through until I finished it, I simply loved this book that much It is a journey through the dark, disquieting, and disturbing, and ultimately into deliverance 20 something Jacalyn finds her drunken evening take a turn for the strange when her grandfather picks her up her grandfather who has been dead for years What follows is an increasingly eerie and frightening journey through a regretful past and fever dream [...]

  4. There are a couple of different themes simmering in the background of this novella by Betty Rocksteady Themes of regret and grief are prevalent throughout the story and in Jacalyn, we have a character that struggles to be socially compatible This struggle results in her doing things which perhaps go against her character She just wants to fit in, and to do this she steals money from her Poppa and wine from his cellar.The entire novella plays out like a nightmare, from very early on when Jacalyn [...]

  5. Unnerving Magazine ReviewLike Jagged Teeth is different from anything I ve read It takes place in a crumbling house that seems to offer a surreal rendition of one young woman s memory as she processes guilt It s a lightning ride of constant happenings, opening on a fantastically developed slow motion chase of sorts that pushes all the right suspense buttons Then the grandfather comes in and things get weird.Grim whimsy seems the best way to describe the put off sensations of the hero There s a s [...]

  6. Weird and creepy from the very start and throughout, this is the stuff of nightmares I was instantly gripped by the mood Rocksteady created, unnerving the reader when the protagonist s Poppa arrived to rescue her Then the creepiness factor goes off the scale as, through the use of the first person narrative, we are gradually drawn into the murky depths of the narrator s worst nightmares The author s ability to create such dark and disturbing scenes are a joy to behold But this isn t simply an ex [...]

  7. A living dead story about a young lady coping with a family tragedy but her grief has come back to haunt her literally I just finished reading a weird fiction anthology called Looming Low which contained a story by Betty Rocksteady and it was one of my favorites I am a huge fan of PMMP press so when I saw Ms Rocksteady had a novella out with them it only made sense that I read it As I said before this is a ghost living dead story Could you imagine if one day you were walking down the street and [...]

  8. If you want to explore the literary equivalent of a nightmare that slips unassumingly into the brain, that sticks and leaves its nasty residue in the morning, then Betty Rocksteady s Like Jagged Teeth is the book for you Read my full review in Vague Visages.

  9. Reading Betty Rocksteady s Like Jagged Teeth is like sliding down a banister with a pillow filled with razor blades waiting at the bottom to catch you a terrifying exhilarating ride I can t wait to read by her

  10. Equal parts uncomfortable and unsettling, Like Jagged Teeth is a surreal, nightmarish journey into what is almost certainly the worst week Jacalyn has ever had A must read for fans of all things queasy, uneasy, and straight up horrifying.

  11. Excellent novella featuring a believable character facing unbelievable odds The title refers to the indelible image of a set of stairs Read in one sitting and wanted Highest recommendations.

  12. You sink with the book deeper and deeper, down a dark, strange, grimy spiral of sickness and confusion I loved getting lost in this bizarre story.

  13. Betty Rocksteady s LIKE JAGGED TEETH cuts straight to the quick, establishing tension on page one and steadily escalating from there It s a short, fast read that feels like a fever dream I highly recommend.

  14. Like Jagged Teeth is unlike anything I have ever ready before One one hand it is a stark and terrifying tale of a young woman trapped in an ever changing apartment with a grotesque and violent version of her beloved grandfather on the other hand, it is a tale of redemption, deliverance from guilt, and the peace that comes from forgiving yourself,Poppa s apartment is than just a setting for the book s characters, it is, in its own way, a character in the story It is a living, breathing thing of [...]

  15. Amazing Betty takes you to a place that you ve never been before but it s all too familiar Her writing paints such a clear picture You re immersed There is no way to read this slowly It s near impossible to put down Only reason I did was because my toddler woke up Vivid imagery and layers of story all packed into 102 pages If you re looking for something different, fresh, sick, and twisted, look no further I recommend this to anyone who s had a thrill of a nightmare.

  16. A beautifully haunted story If you ve ever felt guilty about something you did to your grandparents, then hope this thing doesn t find you Like Jagged Teeth will not let you go, no matter how much you try I just finished it and I want to read something else to help cleanse the fear, but at the same time I don t think I can yet because I feel like I need to come down from the story I loved it and would recommend it to anyone that wants a great horror story that will stick with you.

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