The Brave and The Bold: Los Señores de la Suerte

The Brave and The Bold Los Se ores de la Suerte The Brave and the Bold Los se ores de la suertePublicada originalmente en los n meros a de The Brave and the Bold de abril a octubre de Alguien ha robado el Libro del Destino un artefacto o

The Brave and the Bold Los se ores de la suertePublicada originalmente en los n meros 1 a 6 de The Brave and the Bold, de abril a octubre de 2007 Alguien ha robado el Libro del Destino, un artefacto omnipotente que otorga a sus poseedores un conocimiento completo del pasado, presente y futuro Batman y Green Lantern deber n formar una alianza con varios superh roes, comoThe Brave and the Bold Los se ores de la suertePublicada originalmente en los n meros 1 a 6 de The Brave and the Bold, de abril a octubre de 2007 Alguien ha robado el Libro del Destino, un artefacto omnipotente que otorga a sus poseedores un conocimiento completo del pasado, presente y futuro Batman y Green Lantern deber n formar una alianza con varios superh roes, como Supergirl, Blue Beetle, Lobo y la Legi n de Superh roes, para poder recuperar el libro y restaurar el tejido de la realidad.The Brave and the Bold n m 50Publicado originalmente en noviembre de 1963 La primera aventura en equipo protagonizada por Green Arrow y el Detective Marciano.

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The Brave and The Bold: Los Señores de la Suerte

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  1. Mark Waid born March 21, 1962 in Hueytown, Alabama is an American comic book writer He is best known for his eight year run as writer of the DC Comics title The Flash, as well as his scripting of the limited series Kingdom Come and Superman Birthright, and his work on Marvel Comics Captain America.


The Brave and The Bold: Los Señores de la Suerte Comment

  1. Well this was a real funny rollercoasting guided tour of the DC Universe by Waid P rez ultimate dream team, a fantastic duo making comics just for the sake of making them, and a perfect starting point for new readers like this old Marvel Zombie introducing with semplicity tons of characters.Loved the storyline, an amazing mix of superheroes, sci fi, time travel and mistery, and the Silver Age vibe when comics were just fun, heroes were flying around saving worlds, respecting themselves and joini [...]

  2. Good I may not like everything Mark Waid writes, but I got to give it to him, the man knows how to write good dialogue between characters So the story here is Green Lantern is flying through space when he stumbles upon a dead human body floating in space so he calls to Batman to help, they look into it and the story goes from a murder mystery to a Cosmic adventure Like I said earlier, the dialogue between characters is just so good, its what I liked so much about JLA Year One, where the dialogue [...]

  3. I m a big fan of George Perez s art, and I believe he assisted with the plotting I really liked this run, both for the stories, the dialog, and the art.EDIT Changing to 5 stars I m gonna go buy this and read it again I miss it Forgive me, BB.UPDATE Chapter Two Chapter 4 I m a sucker for this Supergirl incarnation With Lobo Finished again Good fun Supergirl and Lobo a highlight And what happens to Batman You d probably enjoy it if you knew DC Comics history, but I enjoyed it just fine not being [...]

  4. Remember when comic books used to be fun and nobody whined about their emotional issues because they were too busy, flying, fighting aliens and saving the world Well, so does Mark Waid and that means we get a collection of great team ups, big, epic stories and 1,000 little bits of DC history all done with beautiful George Perez art.The Supergirl Lobo story is particularly fun and I generally hate Lobo.

  5. 3.5 starsThis is not a must read, but it was still fun It has that Saturday morning cartoon kind of feel to it You know, just one big adventure story without all the angst and emotional undertones It s also something that someone with little to no knowledge of DC characters could read and enjoy.

  6. An enjoyable dive in to the DC universe featuring a makeshift, unlikely team of Batman, Green Lantern, Supergirl, Blue Beetle, The Legion of Superheroes and, surprisingly, Lobo.A rather good set up and high stakes are enough to entice any reader in a comic and this does it relatively well It s not 100% perfect but it kept me quite interested in finding out how they would resolve the situation.With a book that can tell the reader all of history and the reader can use it to manipulate the flow of [...]

  7. The book just couldn t settle down and tell the story It was all, Wow Gee Wowie Zowie Here s something even bigger than the last page, which we ll bring to you before we play the previous story out I mean, something significant happens to Batman no spoiler , but it s completely undone within 4 pages of his arc throughout maybe 10 15 pages in the book, but those 10 15 pages are telling other characters stories It s freaking ridiculous, and a waste of my time I expected a lot than this from Mark [...]

  8. This one is tough I really enjoyed the beginning of the story arc, and the team ups But by the end, the teams ups just became all of the heroes, which made for a mess Also, they were jumping timelines and running back and forth between each other in physical space for no reason whatsoever The conclusion of the story was convoluted but I guess sometimes that s just comics All of the crises are convoluted, but I guess when all of existence hangs in the balance, and there are ten plus heroes involv [...]

  9. 4.5 It would have been a 5 but I can t stand Lobo Each chapter involves a team up Batman Green Lantern, Supergirl Lobo, Batman Blue Beetle with the overarching threat being the theft of the book of Destiny Sandman s brother , a scheme to use the book to manipulate reality and the four heroes who can cheat destiny s decrees Very well done, with a good feel for the characters, particularly the Challengers of the Unknown.

  10. This was a good one, really gives you a bunch of the different DC characters and the story was whack but fun.Things I likedSupergirl going a bit nuts due to three suns was amusing Green Lantern Supergirl interactionsose were just funnyBatman being badass no matter the centuryBlue BeetleDestiny getting a cameo Didn t likethe rushed way the ending felt

  11. Al di l della storia e della certezza della sua bont , visto che lo scrittore Mark Waid, stato il nome del mio disegnatore americano vivente preferito, George Perez, a convincermi dell acquisto.E sulla qualit generale non sono stato smentito.

  12. A fun team up story that spans multiple planets, characters and centuries It reads well and interaction between characters is really nice and funny It actually convinced me to read some Lobo stories.

  13. Take a punch, er pinch, of Batman, a smattering of Green Lantern, a swoosh of Supergirl, a smashing of Lobo, and mix in a million other heroes and villains, and you have a complete whackadoodle of a story in a comic called The Brave And The Bold.Yes, it is a lot to take in Let alone comprehend.To old fogeys like me, The Brave And The Bold was a long running DC Comic that went through several changes in content Towards the end, in the early 1980 s , the comic had spent years and years being a Bat [...]

  14. Creo que es lo que m s me gusta de sta obra, y eso que el look a ejo le sale por todos lados Un trazo limpio, personajes bien definidos, vi etas cargadas de detalles y un look que parece de alguna d cada anterior pero que no deja de ser un estilo.El color, eso s , en ocasiones se pasa de chill n, con mezclas demasiado explosivas.Pero lo dicho, es una obra que entra por los ojos y en la que se nota un gran trabajo a nivel visual.Opini n personal No tengo muy claro lo que esperaba de sta obra, qui [...]

  15. I have always been a fan of the perpetual team up books I enjoyed Marvel Team Up, which brought Spiderman together with a revolving cast of Marvel heroes, and I enjoyed The Brave and the Bold, which brought Batman together Whether Batman was supposed to be the Brave or the Bold, I ve never thought about until now.Here, Mark Waid re imagines the BB team up to go beyond Batman It s a six issue series, with each issue involving a separate team up, taking off where the previous team up left off It b [...]

  16. This was a long read for a typical sized graphic novel I really enjoyed most of it, especially the first half with the writers taking their time introducing each character pair into the story I wish the pairings would have been a little consistent and involved with the story, but it was a minor annoyance Other than that I really enjoyed this all the way up to the end with the Lords of Luck and the Legionnaires I really thought this was well paced, and I enjoyed quite a lot of it But obviously b [...]

  17. So Many New Characters I do it to myself And it s not that it s even unenjoyable, because after an issue or two, I got the hang of it.Cool story with great build up I m not sure if the ending felt so random and tacked on because I was reading it in a hurry I had to take it back to the library or if I just don t have enough background in the universe to understand who the four guys are why they were able to appear I loved the characters, though Kara was awesome, Batman was surprisingly interestin [...]

  18. I really enjoyed this book Unlike a lot of modern comics the storytelling was straightforward, the plot was simple relatively , and the writer managed to introduce the characters in such a way that doesn t require a huge working knowledge of the modern DC Universe, but there are a lot of winks and nods to continuity that will amuse a long time fan without confusing new readers well, for the most part Good fun, nothing too deep or earth shattering, with the heroes being straightforwardly heroic, [...]

  19. Good old fashioned superhero comic fun to put it simply To expand, Green Lantern Batman investigate a highly improbable murder causing a chain of events leading to a series of varied team ups Batman, Green Lantern, Supergirl, Blue Beetle, Lobo, Adam Strange and The Legion of Superheroes, plus an appearance of one of Neil Gaiman s The Endless as the story leads its way through to an epic conclusion A nice, self ontained story, not bogged down by continuity, cossovers or convoluted backstories Cla [...]

  20. The idea of Mark Waid and George Perez teaming up is a great one This collection however, isn t There is such a thing as too many ideas What starts out as interesting murder mystery, quickly evolves into a crazy time and space travel adventure that has too many characters and locales Its not all bad Blue Beetle s interactions with Batman were hilarious and Perez s art is always classic The problem was Waid just kept adding ingredients unnecessarily Overall, look at the panels and skip the story [...]

  21. A little treat, wrapped up too neatly in the end or as neatly as comic book mechanics allows but throw George Perez and Bob Wiacek at me and I m yours Such a great team.I m sure it could have gone on a little longer and spilled out as crazily as that Infinite Crisis or Blackest Night Brightest Day Middling Afternoon biz.It was fun Read it.

  22. Si no me equivoco, le todos los n meros incluidos en este tomo y un par m s de los siguientes adem s del cap tulo final, el de Batgirl escrito por Staczynski Y me pareci bastante lento y sobrecargado pero entretenido Con suerte le pueda pegar una rele da en alg n momento Eso s , la edici n espa ola a esta altura debe estar impagable.

  23. This is how DC should do a big universe spanning story Lots of characters, some familiar, some not, ranging across the galaxy and across time.And yet, for all of its references to the history of the DCU, it is VERY reader friendly for those of us who don t have a PhD in DCology.The Brave The Bold felt like what Countdown wished it could be.

  24. Remember when comic books were fun Waid Perez sure do This book will not change your life, but is utterly enjoyable and Perez is still a master craftsman This is worth it for the art alone, but Waid is as adept at writing multiple characters as Perez is drawing them Heck, he even makes Lobo tolerable.

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