Green Arrow: Año Uno

Green Arrow A o Uno Green Arrow A o unoPublicado originalmente en los n meros a de Green Arrow Year One de septiembre a noviembre de Oliver Queen es un fr volo playboy al que no le importa nada ni nadie aparent

Green Arrow A o unoPublicado originalmente en los n meros 1 a 6 de Green Arrow Year One, de septiembre a noviembre de 2007 Oliver Queen es un fr volo playboy al que no le importa nada ni nadie aparentemente ni siquiera l mismo Pero cuando es traicionado y abandonado en medio de la jungla, en una isla, averigua que realmente hay algo que le importa la justicia ArGreen Arrow A o unoPublicado originalmente en los n meros 1 a 6 de Green Arrow Year One, de septiembre a noviembre de 2007 Oliver Queen es un fr volo playboy al que no le importa nada ni nadie aparentemente ni siquiera l mismo Pero cuando es traicionado y abandonado en medio de la jungla, en una isla, averigua que realmente hay algo que le importa la justicia Armado solamente con un arco y unas flechas hechas a mano, Queen lucha por sobrevivir en un nuevo y cruel territorio, mientras combate a los violentos traficantes de droga responsables de su situaci n.More fun comics n m 73Publicado originalmente en noviembre de 1941 Cuando la muerte hace acto de presencia en el Club de Historia, Green Arrow y Speedy, maestros arqueros del siglo, deben detener al asesino de tocayos de personalidades famosas.

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Green Arrow: Año Uno

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  1. Andy Diggle is a British comic book writer and former editor of 2000 AD He is best known for his work on The Losers,Swamp Thing, Hellblazer, Adam Strange and Silent Dragon at DC Comics and for his run on Thunderbolts and Daredevil after his move to Marvel.In 2013 Diggle left writing DC s Action Comics and began working with Dynamite Entertainment, writing a paranormal crime series Uncanny He is also working on another crime series with his wife titled Control that is set to begin publishing in 2014.


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  1. Re Read 2014I read this for the 1st time about 5 years ago, and thought it was amazing So, I re read it this yearjust to make sure.Since the tv show started, quite a few people have asked me to recommend a good Green Arrow comic book.And this was the only one I could think to point them towards.Shame on you, New 52 Anyway, I got a little nervous when I realized it had been a while since I had actually read this one What if I was remembering it wrong What if it sucked Long story short, I bought i [...]

  2. Apparently there are two methods on how to survive if you find yourself marooned on an island 1 Go almost crazy from loneliness and start talking to a volleyball.2 Teach yourself to be a master archer using the bow and arrows you cobble together.The first alternative will get you an Oscar nomination while the second will enable you to become a superhero with your own TV show.Wealthy Oliver Queen is a feckless thrill seeking playboy After embarrassing himself with a drunken incident at a charity [...]

  3. 5.5 stars Introduction Alright, so I have been reading Batman and Superman comic books from DC Comics so far, but I have yet to read comic books from other superheroes like Flash, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman But now I finally got the chance to check out another DC superhero that I have not read about at all and that is Green Arrow Now, I have been watching the Arrow TV series for a while now and I had always wanted to read about Green Arrow as a character So, when I heard so many good things [...]

  4. This is the origin story of Green Arrow, and it leaves a much better impression than the godawful TV show right away The basic premise is the same billionaire playboy gets lost at sea and stranded on an island where he learns to survive, and then meets some bad guys and fights them But because it s a comic book and not a live action show, there s 100% less Stephen Amell in the mix, and of course no Berlanti Guggenheim to turn the story into a cheeseball of horrible writing and plotting Andy Digg [...]

  5. What a great example of taking a third tier character and reimaging himw he is one of the hottest DC characters around Should be a text book for other characters Hawkman

  6. I ve never been a fan of Green Arrrow s and have only seen the character crop up in big events like Final Crisis a few years back, so I didn t know what to expect from the character He s basically just Robin Hood right Well I was pleasantly surprised Oliver Queen is a rich playboy who lives a directionless life until one day while practicing archery in the Pacific, his friend betrays him and leaves him for dead He washes ashore a desert island and hones his skills with a bow and arrow until he r [...]

  7. I really have nothing to compare this to I ve never read a Green Arrow solo book, and I ve barely seen him show up in somebody else s book So I m coming in about as fresh as possible Maybe that s a good thing, because I ended up really enjoying this I don t know if it s a fresh take on his origin or a skilled rehash, and I don t really care I had fun reading it.

  8. So this is the first graphic novel I ve read, or what some try to tell me is just a big comic book I walked out of the library this week and ran into some friends who noticed Man of Steel and Iron Man DVDs under my arm along with this thing and a couple of actual novels I m on a bit of a superhero kick right now, I said with my head hung low Ohhhh our son reads those, too, says the wife pointing to my graphic novel slash comic book He s five But, to make a long story longer, I started watching A [...]

  9. A quality read from start to finish and an excellent starting point for new readers, it s easy to see why Green Arrow Year One is so highly regarded Andy Diggle pens an engaging story that only gets better as things progress Jock brings his unique art style to the table and colourist David Baron elevates it with some atmospheric colour work.I ve only read bits of Green Arrow before this, but Year One has guaranteed that the character is a future priority on my reading list Recommended.

  10. First review Still stands up to my insane devotion to Diggle and Jock on repeated readings This is a helluva modernization feels like all the antiquated foolishness of Green Arrow s olden days is washed away, leaving only the core of a real live flawed man who needs so badly to find purpose in his life I know exactly how he feels, so maybe this resonates so much with me because I see myself so easily in this Oliver Queen.Fantastic, rapid paced action, none of the usual braying by heroes or villa [...]

  11. Absolutely awesome Great writing that created deep, believable characters, solid dialog, and a conceivable island storyline that wasn t as weird as the show think Lost Ollie s dialog was a bit dorkier than the show but it didn t really bother me There were good quality comic art panels and stunning splash pages that seemed to combine photography and illustration I was glad I checked this out.

  12. So I don t know much about this character except maybe now and then from the Justice League cartoons and now the show Arrow So I thought, well, might as well read a comic with this character And this was pretty good, interesting but good.It does make me want to continue watching Arrow The flashbacks to him on the island were honestly, the most interesting moments and when he meets the later characters, at least in the first season.So it was interesting reading about Oliver on the island in a dif [...]

  13. Beklentilerimin alt nda kalan bir macera oldu ne yaz k ki Green Arrow un k ken hik yesini anlatan etkileyici bir macera beklerken ss z bir adaya d en ve hayatta kalmak i in bir anda aslan kesilen birinin mant k hatalar yla dolu, kli e yk s n okudum Green Arrow un k ken hik yesinin 90 larda de i tirilip i in i ine ss z ada etmeninin kat ld n biliyorum Bu izgi roman n o hik yenin modern bir anlat s oldu unu da biliyorum Yine de iyi i lenemedi ini ve vasat ge emedi ini d n yorum Her ey ok h zl geli [...]

  14. lk Y l ibaresini g r nce insan pek bir beklentiye giriyor de il, mi zellikle de Batman lk Y l okuduysan z Ama ne yaz k ki Green Arrow un k ken hik yesi bu ibarenin a rl n ta yam yor Durun durun, g mmeye ba lad m hemen En iyisi sayfalar ba a evireyim.2007 de Andy Diggle ile Jock ikilisi taraf ndan haz rlanan tek ciltlik bu mini seri Starfish Adas nda ya ananlar ayr nt l bir ekilde ele alan, modern bir k ken hik yesi Oliver Queen trajik bir kaza sonucu ailesini yitiren, b y k bir servete konan ve [...]

  15. Mal ch d t se pt te, jak jsou velik Vhodn ot zka pro m je, jak moc eru Olivera Queena Odpov T k mocw J snad za nu m t r da zelenou A hned m m trochu v c u nkovac n ladi ku

  16. More like 3.5 stars Was interesting to read, especially knowing this is where the main source material for the show of which I ve watched all three seasons was taken from I liked the light re working of Oliver s origins, while still staying true to his character I am glad that I read this and wish the show had stuck closer to Green Arrow territory and not ventured so far into Bat land I d recommend it if you re a fan of the show, or interested in something similar Otherwise, not truly necessary. [...]

  17. Although I m not a fan of the art but definitely great writing by Andy Diggle I wonder if the Diggle character in the series Arrow is purposely named to pay homage to this writer, but nonetheless a little different from the origin story we ve seen played out over the CW.Oliver Queen still is the same spoiled rich kid who finds himself betrayed and left for dead after being thrown overboard his own ship He washes up on an island and it is here where his mettle is tested and is faced with the hard [...]

  18. I really enjoyed this take on a rich and privileged boy having to fend for himself in the wild, and ultimately become the man he always wanted to be Oliver gets fooled by someone he trusts and he lands on an island in the middle of nowhere But the island hold some secretsThis was a great intro to Green Arrow and it definitely makes me want to read about Oliver Queen And I can t wait to see some ass kicking Illustrations 4 starsStory 4 starsOverall 4 stars

  19. I was reminded of this book today and ended up rereading it This is the book that the Arrow TV series is based off of.

  20. This is one of the best year one stories I ve ever read There is a common trend in superhero comics to continually update a hero s origin to fit with the times, and the work a popular writer or artist has done with the character This doesn t fill like one of those stories at all In fact this story is so simple you can boil it down very fast and it loses none of its punch Rich playboy discovers himself and his life mission while surviving on a deserted island It is that simple The thing I liked b [...]

  21. I m a big Green Arrow fan Ever since I saw him on the Justice League Unlimited cartoon when I was younger He was the cheeky, less brooding version of Batman He had a ton of money an no real powers, apart from his ridiculous archery skills I am also a huge fan off the TV series, which seems to have taken some inspiration from this book.This is the origin story of Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow He was a spoilt rich kid searching for the next adrenaline filled adventure, trying to fill an unknown voi [...]

  22. I think my expectations were too high on this I saw the names Diggle and Jock whose art I really like and got really excited I knew the basics of GA s origin but never any of the specifics of just what happened on the island figured this would be an excellent albeit modern version of the events.The story is really well done, a couple cool moments and lines, but in the end it didn t feel like a really unique and original take Nowadays it s a bit of a cliche origin which may be why I m less than e [...]

  23. Since I ve gotten back into comics over the past few years, Green Arrow has become my favorite character superhero His outlook on the world, how things should be, and his defense of the poor and working class made him a very unique character in the world of capes and tights His philosophy was also something that I really identified with That was of course until the character was ruined in the New 52 Green Arrow Year One is the post Crisis on Infinite Earths Infinite Crisis origin of Green Arrow [...]

  24. 4.5Ever since I started watching the television series Arrow, I have developed a keen interest for Oliver Queen I love the idea behind his backstory and the development into his life of the Green Arrow.Now that I ve started reading graphic novels seriously, why didn t I do this a long time ago , I had to pick up one based off the Green Arrow, and this one caught my eye I have no regrets in this purchase.Green Arrow Year One delivered an in depth look into an amazing origin story for Oliver Queen [...]

  25. yEEESS finally a good green arrow story I ve been looking forward to this So of course Oliver in the beginning was always drunk and being stupid.But of course the island changed him.One of the best Arrow stories i have ever read.The first thing i thought was he never knew how to shoot with a bow and arrow but hes been knowing before being on the island,you could say hes a natural.His best friend betrays him and secretly on the island theirs a huge drug cartel.This comic is so much better than th [...]

  26. This one is worth reading just for the art alone Each page is monochromatic, and the colors are really distinctive The blue water pages are gorgeous, and the green really makes the island feel lush The first few beginning pages are a nondescript brown, which so contrasts the wild and crazy life that Oliver is leading but also implies that it is dull, vivid less It s very clever Story wise, it s pretty solidgood origin story, and I enjoyed the introduction of China White Some of it was a little c [...]

  27. In general, I m sort of over long retellings of superhero origins While there s usually something interesting unearthed when the magnifying glass is brought over an origin story that only took two or three pages to cover in the 1950 s, I ve suffered through too many languidly paced Year One mini series to very much care any.That being said, I was surprised to find myself loving Green Arrow Year One as much as I did I had heard amazing things about the creative team of Andy Diggle and Jock and th [...]

  28. A smart updating of Green Arrow s origin , with a clever script by Andy Diggle and Jock s trademark pencils It has that summer blockbuster movie vibe to it Die Hard comes to mind , without succumbing to the excesses and pitfalls that one can find in half of them.

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