Roman's Choice

Roman s Choice Five brothers One ranch Hold on s are about to get rough and dirty Roman Jericho and his brothers are known in Texas for their striking good looks and skill as ranchers among other things that keep

Five brothers One ranch Hold on.s are about to get rough and dirty Roman Jericho, and his brothers, are known in Texas for their striking good looks and skill as ranchers among other things that keep the ladies hot on their tails The last thing Roman wants, or needs, is another marriage that ends with an empty bank account and bed so he steers clear RelationshFive brothers One ranch Hold on.s are about to get rough and dirty Roman Jericho, and his brothers, are known in Texas for their striking good looks and skill as ranchers among other things that keep the ladies hot on their tails The last thing Roman wants, or needs, is another marriage that ends with an empty bank account and bed so he steers clear Relationship Guru, Pippa Wilder, is at the top of her career Two bestselling, self help books and speaking engagements all over the country, she offers advice that saves marriages But if only her fans knew how upside down her own love life is Relationship after relationship fizzled When she sees tall, strapping, and handsome stroll into the lobby at the Vegas casino, she drops all logic into the slot, pulls the lever and watches her life spin in front of her She s lost in smoky blue eyes and callused hands and that husky Texas twang After falling in lust, they do something real crazy They find themselves drunk on hormones, standing before an Elvis impersonator getting hitched When all hell breaks loose in the media, to save her career Pippa must save her marriage Roman has always been the go with the flow type so when his wife shows up on his ranch needing his help he s than willing to oblige especially if it means they ll be husband and wife in every way He s got it bad for the petite, spitfire and can t seem to get enough Finding themselves smack dab in the spotlight

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Roman's Choice

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  1. Rhonda Lee Carver is a published book writer with a collection of print and eBooks under her wing She is also a freelance editor Her first book was published with Wild Rose Press in 2010 She writes everything from contemporary to steamy to paranormal to suspense you name it, she s written it Her specialty is writing men who love to get their hands dirty hardworking, blue collar, heroes in everyday life When Rhonda isn t crafting edge of your seat, sizzling novels, you ll find her with her children and husband watching soccer, watching a breathtaking movie, traveling to exotic places with Bora Bora on her bucket list , doing or trying yoga, saving cats and dogs, and finding new ways to keep life interesting Rhonda thrives on making her readers happy She believes life can be a challenge, but reading is a place where fantasy comes to life Her motto Everyone deserves romance one page at a time.


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  1. What happens in Vegas, doesn t always stay in Vegas, as Pippa Wilder quickly learns Her job as a relationship guru is headed downhill because of a trip there, and a brief impromptu meeting with one seriously handsome cowboy Roman Jericho is not just any cowboy, his whole family has been rodeo riders, superstars, and there are five of these handsome devils One of them even has a little daughter named Brie, and she is just precious Throw in an old dog named Bojangles and it seems like Pippa not on [...]

  2. Roman s Choice by Rhonda Lee Carver is a very fun and entertaining read When Pippa and Roman decide to tie the knot just hours after meeting in Vegas neither one is expecting the ripple effect it causes As a successful relationship guru and self help best seller, Pippa did exactly what she is always telling people not to do she followed her heart and not her head This could totally destroy her career With no option but to make a success of her marriage, she heads to Roman s ranch While Roman is [...]

  3. A perfect ending to the day you don t have all the answer but it all works out this is the story for you When you fumbling through light with the what it s n drives Nguyen yourself Cray Cray crazy as my friend Th would say, then you read this book and knew sometime stop thinking and follow your heart Then take a moment to life Steen to why your heart lead you in that direction and then the head and heart just may get on the same path.Joey st saying that this story did for me5 hot Cowboys unlucky [...]

  4. You know the saying what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, well luckily for Roman that isn t necessary true.Roman meets Pippa in the hotel lobby and is instantly attracted to her Knowing each other for 6 hours the decide to get married While this fills a hole in Roman he didn t want to admit he had, this has disastrous consequences for Pippa and her job.Pippa is a relationship expert and self help author and her entire career is based on a person following their head and not their heart Knowing a [...]

  5. Roman and Pippa s story was such a fun read for me by Rhonda Lee Carver I have always enjoyed reading her books, and this one was definitely no exception Vegas stories can be very hit or miss with believeability, but this one was done really well with how it was handled The two characters really struggle with denying their true feelings throughout the book They SHOULDN T want to be married They re not supposed to want something so quickly But sometimes, going with your gut and trusting those ini [...]

  6. This is entertaining and romantic The storyline is captivating and Roman and Pippa are likeable and fascinating Roman is cocky, sweet, romantic, amusing and vulnerable Pippa is shy, kind, stubborn and naive There is an instant pull between them from the moment their eyes meet, but neither of them is ready to trust the others feelings I really enjoyed reading this book and suggest that it be put on your TBR list.I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author This is my honest and vo [...]

  7. The best whirlwind romance I have read I mean it when I say whirlwind too When it s right, it s right though The Jericho Brothers just keep stealing my heart and this was no different Roman was everything a girl wants and Phipps was a breath of fresh air and their relationship was nothing short of magical I could read Rhonda Lee Carver forever She gets me If heartwarming is what you re after, read this Book was gifted to me.

  8. 2 starsI really wanted to like this book but by chapter 5 I was sick of the inner dialogue or self narrating When does the conversation start and all the thinking end I understand it s a story but if u tell all the boring background up front, I personally can t and don t want to finish the book I need interactive, other than just the sex scene.

  9. If you love cowboys, you have got to read this book Ms Carver does a great job creating fun, entertaining stories with very likable characters I love the banter and teasing between Pippa, Roman and the other Jericho brothers I can t wait to read about them Highly recommend ARC received from the author in exchange for an honest review.

  10. Love reads like this this is the first book of a new series, what a way to start it off grab yourself a drink and find a nice spot and enjoy reading a great journey with characters you will really like Vegas thinging dont always stay there but they sure are fun to read about

  11. Rhonda Lee Carver writes the perfect cowboy heroes I really loved Pippa, Roman and the entire Jericho family I definitely recommend this series I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy.

  12. This is such an awesome kick butt funny yet romantic story and also the first in a new series one which I no it is going to be the best of the best yet.Roman and Pippa meet in Vegas and they both feel the chemistry and attraction immediately You know that old saying What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas Well, this time, it just doesn t.This book was electrifyingly Hot, mind blowing but what will capture your attention as it did mine is the sort of drunk wedding proposal and marriage in a chapel [...]

  13. I received this book for free for an honest review In this book we meet sexy rodeo roman and pippa a woman who as written self help books on a perfect marriage who has never been in a serious relationship herself they meet in a hotel in vegas what can happen to this couple Only downfall to this book is your jumped into hot sex scenes wishing the first few chapters would of loved to have know a bit about them both at the begging otherwise brilliant book can t wait for next book

  14. I received an ARC in exchange for a honest review.Pippa is in Vegas for work promoting her upcoming release She s a relationship expert who makes a living off giving advice, but has never actually been in a loving relationship She s in the lobby of the hotel reading emails, some of them unkind, when she locks eyes with a gorgeous cowboy Embarrassed that she s been caught staring, she drops her eyes When she looks up again, he s no longer there He comes up behind her to flirt with her as he also [...]

  15. This book was rocking If you are a fan of cowboys, girls with attitude who know how to put their man in his place, and Vegas, then what are you waiting for Grab this book up and find out how these things come together to grab your heart and steal your soul Its beauty wrapped in words

  16. First off this was a fun read Rhonda Lee Carver does not disappoint in her first book to her new series Saddles and Second Chances Roman s Choice is about a woman named Pippa Wilder who is known publicly for her self help books and speaking engagements on relationships and marriages Pippa is in Vegas for a speaking engagement and while sitting at her computer during a break she sees a cowboy that catches her eye and some feelings start sparking Roman Jericho is an ex rodeo cowboy from Texas wher [...]

  17. OK I loved Roman the 1st description of him, he s what any woman would like to have in a man And, Pippa Wilder, relationship expert, isn t immune to hime likes what she sees yes, she d like to get close They meet in Vegas, on an impulse get married by an Elvis impersonator but go their separate ways the next morning Roman back to his ranch security business and Pippa to her world of writing self help relationship books Butn she continue doing this when her own relationships have been busts She v [...]

  18. Once I started reading this book I couldn t stop Roman, former rodeo star.ets Pippa in the lobby of the hotel they re both staying at Pippa is an author of self help books for relationships, even though she s not really had a successful relationship of her own The minute they eat it s instant fireworks for both of them What started off with a night of passion, leads to waking up the next day with a ring on Pippa s finger Deciding it was a mistake, they think it s best to go their separate ways, [...]

  19. I just loved this book I knew I would, Rhonda has not let me down yet Very well written, no confusion, easy flow We meet Roman and Pippa who fall in lust with each other on sight 6 hours later and they are married Roman has trust issues having been married before Pippa is a well known author advising on relationships without really having one Their lust turns into love then it all blows up in their faces With the help of Roman s ex wife, his brothers and niece along with Pippa s manager, they ha [...]

  20. Roman and Pippa were a hoot together Roman is your dreamboat rodeo star Pippa is yourself help guru that manages to land herself in hot water.As I read this I thought it was just as easily Pippa s choice She owned up to her mistakes, she wasn t ashamed, and just jumped into the solution whole heartedly and without fussing Roman and Pippa were great together Roman was all about family and protection, including his heart But he was loyal as could be to those that he loved Pippa fit seamlessly into [...]

  21. This is such an amazing story Roman and his brothers are so funny, and Pippa and Brie were so cute with their makeovers I couldn t stop laughing at the line Sweetheart, it looks like a makeup bag vomited on your face Roman and Pippa meet in Vegas and it is immediate attraction Hot, mind blowing sex and a semi drunk wedding proposal and marriage in a chapel with Elvis Catch your attention yet You know the saying What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas Well, I promise you that this time it doesn t T [...]

  22. Totally hot story.Absolutely loved the story about Roman this larger than life ex rodeo rider falling for Pippa who is a book writing relationship guru They meet in Vegas, where they go through a night of the hottest sex out there and as they come up for air in the morning, come to find that sometime during the night they become man and wife I love how Pippa follows Roman to Texas and meets his brothers and young niece then embarks on getting to know Roman in the biblical sense and every other w [...]

  23. I have never read a book by Rhonda that has disappointed me and this one was possibly the best one yet I absolutely loved this story and couldn t put it down My day job sure got in the way of my reading Pippa and Roman s story was a love at first site and was amazingly written I loved how the story showed their love developing and how they grew together I CANNOT wait to the other brother s stories come out I have a feeling this series might end up being my favorite Write faster Rhonda

  24. Loved it sexy sexy sexyThis is a 5 book Pippa and Romans romance starts off with exploding chemistry between the two followed by sexy sexy sexy storyline Not going to leave any spoilers here so just sit bac as the main characters k and enjoy their love story And as a bonus , the secondary characters are as well written and so well developed that you know you re going to see them again in future books in the series I couldn t put the book down It captured my attention and kept it from word one Go [...]

  25. Gotta love hot and sexy cowboysPippa and Roman have a chemistry that just won t stop They fall for each other immediately and, being in Vegas, do the crazy thing and get married while buzzed Pippa decides to talk to Roman about staying married to save her career, but ends up falling in love with him With a few surprises, a few heart to hearts, and a lot of HOT sexy times, these two have a lot of decisions to make.but it looks like they may just make the wrong ones Definitely a must read, I canno [...]

  26. Roman s Choice by Rhonda Lee Carver.Another great book from Rhonda Lee Carver in a brand new series, I am so excited for this series I absolutely loved Roman and Pippa, these two are probably my favorite couple characters ever, so likeable and fun Rhonda Lee Carver is one of my all time favorite author, she writes amazing books and always story you will re read I was given a complimentary book for an honest review.

  27. Roman just might be my favorite book boyfriend, he s what most every woman wants in her man I m pretty sure Pippa agreed, even from the beginning I loved Pippa also, and I think she really is Roman s best choice One of the best lines I have ever heard comes from this book Marriage ain t always rainbows and sprinkle farting unicorns Now you have to read so you can find how this line was used I totally recommend this book.

  28. I was given this book with a request of an honest review I loved this book It is well written I can t wait till the next book Rhonda Lee Carver is one of my favorite authors I can count on getting a wonderful story when I get one of her books This one is worth your time and effort I encourage each of you to go get this book it s fantastic I fell in love with Roman and his brother s, I think you will also.

  29. For lovers of rodeo ranch life, second chances at love, HEA, a brief look at what rodeo riders endure yes,I really DO know , this wonderfuly crafted story has it in spades Characters and scenes are perfect Ms Carver makes me feel as if I am there in time with them Read the book twice I loved it.

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