The Legendary Lord

The Legendary Lord THE MAKING OF A LEGEND When Christian Forester Viscount Berkeley flees the stuffy ballrooms of London for his Scottish hunting lodge the last thing he expects to find ensconced before his fire is a

THE MAKING OF A LEGEND When Christian Forester, Viscount Berkeley, flees the stuffy ballrooms of London for his Scottish hunting lodge, the last thing he expects to find ensconced before his fire is an incredibly beautiful woman But the plight of lovely young Sarah Highgate, who has run away from an unwanted betrothal, inspires an eminently practical exchange He ll saTHE MAKING OF A LEGEND When Christian Forester, Viscount Berkeley, flees the stuffy ballrooms of London for his Scottish hunting lodge, the last thing he expects to find ensconced before his fire is an incredibly beautiful woman But the plight of lovely young Sarah Highgate, who has run away from an unwanted betrothal, inspires an eminently practical exchange He ll safeguard her reputation with the ton while she advises him how to best attract a proper bride As the undisputed belle of the season, Sarah has enchanted plenty of suitors Still, she isn t interested in marriage, especially not to the pompous bore her father has chosen for her But her hasty escape seems reckless now that she s estranged from her family and has no one to count on besides Christian Turning the lucklesslord into such a catch has another unplanned consequence for Sarah Has he run away with her heart The Legendary Lord is the sixth installment of Valerie Bowman s Regency set Playful Brides series.

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The Legendary Lord

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  1. Valerie Bowman is an award winning author who writes Regency set historical romance novels aka Racy Regency Romps Valerie s debut novel was published in 2012 Since then, her books have received starred reviews from Publisher s Weekly, Booklist, and Kirkus She s been an RT Reviewers Choice nominee for Best First Historical Romance and Best Historical Romance Love and Laughter Two of her books have been nominated for the Kirkus Prize for fiction.Valerie grew up in Illinois with six sisters she s number seven and a huge supply of historical romance novels After a cold and snowy stint earning a degree in English Language and Literature with a minor in history at Smith College, she moved to Florida the first chance she got Valerie now lives in Jacksonville with her family including her rascally dogs When she s not writing, she keeps busy reading, traveling, or vacillating between watching crazy reality TV and PBS.Visit Valerie on the web at ValerieBowmanBooks.


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  1. Also posted HERE.I was going to delete my original rant review, but because that s what most people read, I m keeping it at the end.This review is going to sound terribly negative So I want to start by saying that as someone who hates topless man covers I actually think this cover is creative and interesting and full of emotion, and I like it tells me this is the fourth Valerie Bowman book I ve read all in this same series There s a reason I keep coming back to Bowman s work she s one of those a [...]

  2. The Legendary Lord by Valerie Bowman is book six in the Playful Brides series This is the story of Christian Bancroft, Viscount Berkeley and Sarah Highgate I have read the other book in this series but easily feel this is a standalone book But I will say that I enjoyed catching up with the past main characters Christian has been in the previous stories as a secondary character that ends up helping the couples get together it was nice to see his story play out in this book Sarah parents has set h [...]

  3. ARC from NetGalley for honest review 3.75Sarah is the perfect, well behaved daughter who did as she was told With her father being an Earl, Sarah was expected to marry well and was betrothed to the Marquess of Branford Sarah finds that she is questioning her betrothed and runs away to her fathers cottage But unbeknownst to Sarah it s actually Christian Bancroft, Viscount Berkley Christian has been searching for a wife with no success He s somewhat shy, good looking and well liked, but he s alway [...]

  4. The Legendary Lord Playful Brides 6 by Valerie Bowman is a 2016 St Martin s Press publication I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.This installment in the Playful Brides series is a delightful Regency period romp, filled with light banter and charming characters Sarah Highgate can t endure the thought of marrying the man her parents have chosen for her So, despite a lifetime of cowering to her parent s wishes and preparing herself to [...]

  5. 2 helmsPlease follow me on my blog Review originally posted on Vellum VoyagesThis was a light, easy to read, Regency romance with a beta hero and a style of writing almost reminiscent of Julia Quinn I haven t read the other novels in this series, and there were many characters that made reappearances I did feel like I have missed out on some interesting stories reading this out of order, but it didn t detract from the current book This is also the first novel I have read by Valerie Bowman.Christ [...]

  6. I m soooooooooooooooo in love with this book I should know why, but the truth is that I love Valerie Bowman narrative It is light and engaging The characters are dense, deep and at the same time so easy to love, even when you feel angry with them for some reason Christian Forester, Viscount Berkeley, usually flee to his cottage in Scotland.He tried for a long time to find a suitable wife, but the truth is that he ends up becoming friend with all the ladies and they marry others Tired of it, he d [...]

  7. I have been lucky enough to read several stories in this series and enjoyed every one This was a great opportunity to catch up on the main characters from earlier books but I don t think you would necessarily have to have read those books to enjoy this one.This novel focusses on Christian Bancroft, Viscount Berkeley, who escapes from the pressures of the season in London to return to his hunting lodge in Scotland As the inclement weather threatens, he discovers Lady Sarah Highgate, dressed as a [...]

  8. 4.5I know that my relationship with Valerie Bowman previously has been quite fluctuating and somewhat stressing but she certainly convinced me with this novel The story is very catching and fast paced, the protagonists are adorable, their relationship is of the sweetest sort they are so obviously perfect for each other and the sentiment of longing between them is so heartwarming The author was very good with keeping the story simple but at the same time, very entertaining I particularly liked th [...]

  9. This reads like a very light hearted romance to me Both Christian and Sarah are so unbelievably normal characters Christian is a shy man who seems like an honest and kind man He wants a wife but doesn t really know how to attract the ladies Sarah is the toast of ton Circumstances put them together and they spent some time together, developed some feelings for each other but Sarah had to go back to London Christian helped Sarah to get back to London with her reputation intact so Sarah was going t [...]

  10. Who doesn t love a good Pygmalion story Especially with a little regency and gender bender twist I love that the hero of this story is Christian, Viscount Berkeley, who s been popping up in the previous book, seemingly to help the heroines get their heroes Always a friend, never the boyfriend So it s extra adorable when he finally goes from our luckless lord to our legendary lord.Returning to his Scotland home, Christian stumbles upon Sarah Highgate, runaway belle of the season, who thinks she m [...]

  11. I received a ARC of this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review I liked this book, but I didn t love it.Christian and Sarah are both likeable characters and both a bit too stubborn.Sarah has run away from an unwanted betrothal, she mistakes Christian s hunting lodge in Scotland for her father s and has made herself at home Her chaperone has been injured and Christian s caretaker has taken her to town to see a doctor, while they are away Christian unexpectedly come [...]

  12. Christian Bancroft, Viscount Berkeley, has escaped for a much needed reprieve from all things social to his hunting lodge in Scotland All he needs is some peace and quiet and some time to himself Christian was not in the least expecting to find a beautiful young woman already sleeping in his bed One thing Christian is for certain of, he is about to discover just what this miss is up to.Lady Sarah Highgate, the said miss, has run away from London also She was headed for her family s estates, but [...]

  13. Not my favorite in this series but still a good reading Sarah and Christian have a good chemistry but sometimes they were so dumm that I would have loved to slap them with reality in the face Looking forward for Hart and Cade story.Non il mio favorito in questa serie, ma comunque una lettura divertente Sarah e Christian hanno una buona chimica tra di loro, ma a volte i loro discorsi erano talmente fuori dalla realt che avrei avuto voglia di prenderli a sberle Ora ho grosse aspettative per la sto [...]

  14. 2.5 actual ratingThis series is definitely dragging on a bit Instead of focusing on the main couple, I get pages of potential older couples interacting with each other I just didn t feel the connection, however cute the storyline was.

  15. Funny and Yet Deep Emotional UndertonesFINAL DECISION A man must take the risk to get what he wants and a woman who must upset expectations and disappoint others THE LEGENDARY LORD starts with two people who are obviously meant for one another but have to fight their own natures to be together Funny at moments but emotional as the two are seemingly destined to be apart I loved the characters and the resolution A winner THE STORY Christian Forester, Viscount Berkeley, has many women friends but n [...]

  16. I ve read all of this series now and although I ve enjoyed most of them, there have been a couple that I struggled with and unfortunately this was one of them It just seemed like there were far too many things happening here where it would have been impossible to smooth the way in society for the characters And each time the Duchess of Claringdon comes up with another hairball scheme it s all kind of brushed aside in a haha, I m a Duchess, I do what I like and people love me because I m precocio [...]

  17. 3.5 stars My review cross posted from Wit and Sin witandsin 2017 04Christian Forester, Viscount Berkeley, is always the groomsman, never the groom After helping a number of his friends find happiness, Christian is determined that next season, he will be the one walking down the aisle Imagine his shock when the belle of the season, Lady Sarah Highgate, practically falls into his lap Or rather, his Scottish hunting lodge Sarah s the most beautiful woman he s ever seen, but for once Christian isn t [...]

  18. Originally posted on Adria s Romance Reviews A copy of this book was and provided by the publisher via NetGalley for the purpose of an honest review All conclusions are my own responsibility and I was not compensated for this review.I just love Valerie Bowman, seriously she just puts her own unique spin on such classic tales and she s at it again with The Legendary Lord Christian Bancroft, Viscount Berkeley has failed yet again to find a bride and flees to his cottage in Scotland where he finds [...]

  19. I binge read the first three books in this series earlier on this year and really enjoyed myself However I still struggle to identify the characters as there as so many maybe it s time for a brush up of the series At first I had no idea who Christian Berkeley was Eventually his title sounded familiar but I still couldn t remember him from previous books This annoyed me to no end but I tried not to let it spoil the book for me.Christian Berkeley is a viscount who stutters and is uncomfortable in [...]

  20. Christian, Viscount Berkeley, is everyone s friend but has no luck with the ladies He decides to visit his Scottish hunting lodge and finds Lady Sarah Highgate who has fled London as she doesn t want to marry the man her parents selected A snowstorm keeps them trapped as his manservant took her chaperone, who injured her ankle, to the doctor in town They strike a bargain that he ll keep this encounter from the ton and she ll help him become noticeable to the ladies This works out well until Sar [...]

  21. See Sonya Heaney s review as a reminder why this author is not for me

  22. As reviewed at Roses Are Blue wp p3QRh4 rNLady Sarah Highgate is nothing, if not a dutiful daughter For as long as she can remember, her parents have drummed into her head that her purpose in life is to make the most advantageous marriage possible and to obey them Up til now, she has done just that, but finding herself engaged to a man she has no desire to marry has sent her fleeing to her family s remote Scottish residence, hoping that her actions will cause her ruin The problem is, she ends up [...]

  23. Sarah could be a forceful little lady when she wanted to be, in the mood I m in tonight, I absolutely would dare Now take off your breeches or else I liked this book, Sarah kept Christian on his toes.

  24. Another great book from Valerie Bowman I loved the way she built up the romance a slow burn of emotion that culminated in a spectacular display of frustrating stubbornness and unending love, even when it seems to be impossible I scarcely put it down over the course of the day it took me to read it I was enthralled.Lady Sarah Highgate has fled London Betrothed to a man she cannot stand, she has traveled to Scotland with her companion, with her intention to create enough of a scandal that her betr [...]

  25. One seeks solitude and one seeks an escape from an arranged marriage Fate has other plans.Lady do as you re told Sarah Highgate has run from an arranged marriage to a self absorbed, titled peacock Unfortunately, however, things haven t gone to plan and she s ended up stranded in a small cottage in Scotland When her maid is injured the cottage s overseer takes her to town to see the physician leaving Sarah with only a small dog, better known as Fergus II, as company Sarah is not one to sit idly b [...]

  26. Christian Forester, Viscount Berkeley, isn t too fond of London Society, and even though he has been searching for a bride for years, he still hasn t found anyone suitable He is on his way once again to his refuge, his lodge in the Scottish wilds, however, upon arriving, it s obvious there s someone in his home, and it s not his caretaker Mr Fergus It s the beautiful Sarah Highgate, who is ready, willing, and almost able to defend herself against the intruder Sarah has fled London and a betrothe [...]

  27. I liked itI just didn t love it.The Legendary Lord revolves around Christian Bancroft and Sarah Highgate Sarah is the perfect daughter so when her father, an Earl, expects her to marry the Marquess of Branford, a popular man with many connections, the only thing that Sarah can do is run away from her father and her betrothed Christian being both at times shy and repeatedly put in the friends zone, has unsuccessfully been in search of a wife Well running away, Sarah mistakingly runs into Christia [...]

  28. Christian and Sarah were an innocent and rather traditional couple, who could have solved their problems if they had simply been assertive Sarah running away from her problems to Scotland was supposed to be gutsy, but standing up to her parents, speaking up for herself, and letting them know that she didn t want to marry the guy they had chosen for her, instead of avoiding the argument, would have shown guts.The story was interesting but not exceptional Christian and Sarah spent a few days alo [...]

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