Sufficient Encouragement: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

Sufficient Encouragement A Pride and Prejudice Variation We are all fools in love Some say a lady s imagination is very rapid Such is the case when Elizabeth Bennet overhears that Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy admires her eyes She thinks nothing for herself but imm

We are all fools in love Some say a lady s imagination is very rapid Such is the case when Elizabeth Bennet overhears that Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy admires her eyes She thinks nothing for herself, but immediately considers her dearest sister s growing attachment to Mr Darcy s friend If Elizabeth spurns such a wealthy and proud gentleman, he might do everything in his powWe are all fools in love Some say a lady s imagination is very rapid Such is the case when Elizabeth Bennet overhears that Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy admires her eyes She thinks nothing for herself, but immediately considers her dearest sister s growing attachment to Mr Darcy s friend If Elizabeth spurns such a wealthy and proud gentleman, he might do everything in his power to separate his friend from her sister Raised in a world of expectations and pedigree, Darcy knows Elizabeth Bennet can offer him nothing of material value As his attraction for her grows, he becomes increasingly convinced his feelings are nonsensical Still, he might forsake it all if only he had true encouragement Misunderstandings lead to betrayals, and the couple soon learns falling in love takes courage but staying in love requires forgiveness Traversing from the groves of Hertfordshire to the drawing rooms of London to the complexity and danger of Luddite revolts in Yorkshire, Sufficient Encouragement follows Darcy and Elizabeth s journey of love and forgiveness Although a series, this book reads as a standalone story of the courtship and first days of marriage of Darcy and Elizabeth This story contains a scene of nonexplicit sexual violence.Available on Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iBooks, and paperback

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Sufficient Encouragement: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

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  1. Born in the wrong era, Rose Fairbanks has read nineteenth century novels since childhood Although she studied history, her transcript also contains every course in which she could discuss Jane Austen Never having given up all nighters for reading, Rose discovered her love for Historical Romance after reading Christi Caldwell s Heart of a Duke Series After a financial downturn threatened her ability to stay at home with their autistic son, Rose began writing the kinds of stories she had loved to read for so many years Now, a best selling author of Jane Austen inspired stories, she also writes Regency Romance, Historical Fiction, Paranormal Romance, and Historical Fantasy Having completed a BA in history in 2008, she plans to finish her master s studies someday When not reading or writing, Rose runs after her two young children, ignores housework, and profusely thanks her husband for doing all the dishes and laundry She is a member of the Jane Austen Society of North America and Romance Writers of America You can connect with Rose on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and her blog rosefairbanksTo join her email list for information about new releases and any other news, you can sign up here eepurl bmJHjn


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  1. Mr Wickham is just than an opportunistic liar in this tale he s a scheming rat bastard He and his co conspirator Mr Denny start plotting as soon as Wickham learns that his old nemesis Darcy is hanging out in Hertfordshire What makes this compelling reading is that we are never let in on the exact plan but must watch it unfold, pretty much the same way Darcy does, without being able to determine what Wickham s end play will be He is too cunning to tell Elizabeth about how misused he thinks he s [...]

  2. This book has too much plot and too many important characters for one story In this story Wickham isn t just bad he is a conniving schemer Can he concoct a plan so devious that no one can figure it out yes yes he can.Mr Bennet for most of the book is a weak man taking the path of least resistance Whne in a rare moment of self reflection he realizes he should have done for his family he looks for the easy way to that solution, all along being a pawn in Wickham s game The story strays from canon [...]

  3. What If Elizabeth Knew Darcy Admired Her Fine Eyes Rating 3.5 out of 5 starsTYPE OF AUSTENESQUE NOVEL Pride and Prejudice VariationTIME FRAME Begins with Jane s and Elizabeth s stay at NetherfieldSYNOPSIS While escaping the confines of Netherfield for a walk, Elizabeth accidentally overhears Miss Bingley teasing Mr Darcy about his admiration of Elizabeth s fine eyes and supposed marriage While Elizabeth doesn t believe Mr Darcy has any serious intentions towards her, she knows what kind of influ [...]

  4. This story is a long story and has a Caroline Bingley who is not at all like the one in canon Really surprising Elizabeth is devious in her own rights as she decides to be nice to Darcy against her real feelings in order to help along Jane s romance with Charles Bingley Mr Bennet has a gambling habit from university days return to turn him into a man you will sadly shake your head at and then even grit your teeth as he betrays.spoilert Darcy has feelings but he keeps running back to London for v [...]

  5. Just some little changes and you get a whole new perspective I loved this what if , the characters remained true but reacted to a different set of circumstances Evil almost triumphs, there s some angst involved, some characters that we know exist but seldom appear have a prominent role But, best of all, love conquers all And not only with our dear couple if you want to know , read the story you won t regret it

  6. Sufficient Encouragement A Pride and Prejudice Variation When Love Blooms Book 1 Lies and losses abound in this story Mr Bennet looses 10.000 gambling with Wickham To erase the debt, he sells Lizzy to Wickham for marriage Of course, Wickham was his hateful self but handles everything with kindness until it s time to strike Darcy removes from Netherfield the day after Elizabeth refuses his proposal Caroline and Georgiana join to help to solve the misunderstandings between the two lovers and reuni [...]

  7. I enjoyed the premise of this Pride Prejudice variation very much What if Elizabeth overhears Darcy complimenting her to Caroline Bingley What if she decides to encourage his good opinion instead of remaining insulted and aloof with him As Jane lays ill at Netherfield, Elizabeth tries to be less impertinent to ensure that Mr Darcy does not discourage Mr Bingley from pursuing Jane.Most characters stay true to canon but there are some significant changes to the plot, with new characters, and to so [...]

  8. I liked this premise, because Lizzy knew that if she spurns Darcy then Jane might not get Bingley Of course this is before The Proposal They are still at Netherfield and Lizzy is led to believe that Darcy fancies her Which leads to other things, they actually talking Talking is good And her falling for him, which I liked.It also has a really wicked Wickham, and then I do not mean ohh he is so wicked No, he should be shot.I also did not like Mr Bennet, not cool man, not cool.And gasp I understood [...]

  9. In this Pride and Prejudice variation, Elizabeth overhears that Darcy admires her eyes, so she uses this information to ensure the growing attachment between Jane and Bingley by being amiable to Darcy We also have the constant scheming of Wickham.Misunderstandings obviously occur, but can there really be a happy ending for any of the characters This is the story of Darcy and Elizabeth, which I enjoyed Also of interest were the new characters introduced in this tale.

  10. I won t go into as much detail and Debbie and Sheila as they have covered most everything I did enjoy this book but was also disturbed by a few things I felt like the part with the rebellion in the north was forced and didn t fit with the majority of the book which focused on the courtships of D E and CJ I was fascinated with the backstory of the Viscount, Caroline and Richard It was very interesting to see these different backgrounds That being said, I did enjoy the novel even though at about 8 [...]

  11. I loved this book and though I m not good at written reviews I knew I had to share my love of this book with people So I decided to share to 2 quotes from it that have stuck with me, one from the beginning and one from towards the end Love is like a flower There is a seedling the beginning of the acquaintance Given the right encouragement, as a seed given any soil and the most basic form of sunlight and water, it will begin to sprout But some loves are hardy to begin with while some are fragile [...]

  12. A surprising plot, and even surprising are the personality changes in some of the secondary characters as the story unfolds The author introduces a couple of original characters as well, who will figure predominantly in the next title in the series From the start, where Elizabeth overhears the conversation between Darcy and Caroline while walking at Netherfield, the story takes many twists and turns woven into some of the original events, creating a tale I couldn t put down.

  13. Good retellingWhat if Elizabeth encouraged Mr Darcy just so her sister would have a better chance with Mr Bingley What if she then actually began to care for him This story diverges from the original around the time Jane is recovering at Netherfield.

  14. This book had a lot of twists and turns Personally, I thought there was too much history and too much Wickham, but the story brought me to tears on numerous occasions It was a little hard to like Elizabeth, especially since she was so easily fooled by Wickham When Darcy said he could never marry while the woman he loved livedjust sigh

  15. Interesting plotI enjoy out when an author takes the time to mix in a little history lesson with romance Rose Fairbanks is one of my favorite JAFF writers and she has done it again.

  16. I received an complimentary advanced copy of Sufficient Encouragement in exchange for an honest review Anything you read here is solely my opinion based upon reading said book This book is a Pride and Prejudice Variation with samples of stories written by authors Linda Cooper Thompson, Victoria Kincaid, and Lia Fairchild at the end of the book Also at the end of the book is a snippet of a coming soon book from Ms Fairbanks, called Renewed Hope The story of Sufficient Encouragement starts off wit [...]

  17. There are thrilling parts of this book but there are also boring parts which is why I rate it 3 stars.I am not overly excited over this vertion Elizabeth or Darcy They seam to go back an forth a little to much for my taste.The plot is new and fresh but not beliveable in my mind The interaction and reactions of ODC after Wickhams attack is one example.Liked the new vertion of Caroline though.Mr Bennet on the other hand is drinking and gambling I think Lizzy forgiveness is rushed and there are a l [...]

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