The Discerning Gentleman's Guide

The Discerning Gentleman s Guide Choosing a wife is not a task that should be undertaken lightly Bennett Montague sixteenth Duke of Aveley is seeking the perfect bride He s narrowed his search to five worthy Potentials until the ar

Choosing a wife is not a task that should be undertaken lightly Bennett Montague, sixteenth Duke of Aveley, is seeking the perfect bride He s narrowed his search to five worthy Potentials until the arrival of his aunt s companion unravels his carefully laid plans Having fought for everything she has, Amelia Mansfield is incensed by Bennett s wife selection methods Choosing a wife is not a task that should be undertaken lightly Bennett Montague, sixteenth Duke of Aveley, is seeking the perfect bride He s narrowed his search to five worthy Potentials until the arrival of his aunt s companion unravels his carefully laid plans Having fought for everything she has, Amelia Mansfield is incensed by Bennett s wife selection methods But as she s forced to spend time in his company, she begins to see another side to Bennett and that man is infinitely tantalizing and enticing

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The Discerning Gentleman's Guide

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  1. I live on the outskirts of London with my understanding husband and two, less understanding, teenagers After spending years teaching history, I decided to follow my dream of writing for Harlequin Now I spend my days happily writing regency romances, creating heroes that I fall in love with and heroines who inspire me When I m not doing that, I like to travel to far off places, shop for things that I do not need or read romances written by other people.


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  1. The Discerning Gentleman s Guide was recommended to me by Caz I had never tried this author before, but after reading this novel, I have added everything on this author s backlist to my pile.In this story, the hero, Bennett Montague, is a stuffy duke who has constructed a rigid set of rules for himself to ensure he is honoring his father and maintaining his own sanity in the midst of all his responsibilities The heroine, Amelia Mansfield, is the companion for the hero s aunt She is a free spirit [...]

  2. I ve given this a B at AAR, so 4.5 stars.In Her Enemy At The Altar, Virginia Heath impressed me with her ability to craft an enjoyable story, create complex, likeable characters and to deliver a romance that is sensual and emotionally nuanced In her latest book, The Discerning Gentleman s Guide, she displays those talents once again while also putting a slightly different spin on the stuffy aristocrat unravelled by unconventional heroine trope It s this aspect of the story that marks it out as s [...]

  3. A solid 4.5 stars What a lovely story Yes, I know it is probably a bit unrealistic but this is Romancelandia and anything is possible The heroine is a sweet, passionate crusader for social justice and she manages to awaken the hot duke from his narrow, entitled view of the world and help him break free from the weight of his father s expectations, expectations that have defined our hero and his life s course, even after his father s death.It was interesting to see how the hero s character develo [...]

  4. 4.5 stars I thoroughly enjoyed A Discerning Gentleman s Guide by new to me author, Virginia Heath It put me in mind of the acclaimed contemporary romance The Rosie Project which also follows the path of a gentleman who has decided that it is time to take a wife and clinically sets out to find one following a written set of rules In A Discerning Gentleman s Guide it is Bennett Montague, sixteenth Duke of Aveley, who is following this path two hundred years earlier and he is referring to a manual [...]

  5. DNF 28%, so no rating.For all the wonderful reasons for reading this, please read my friend Becca s review.For all the reasons why this didn t work for me, see my status updates It s honestly not the books fault that I got hooked on Cat Sebastian and K.J Charles lately and got used to having two sensible, mature, normal leads around who treat each other with respect, even if they don t see eye to eye If you don t mind heroines who hate a hero for something he has done before bothering to meet hi [...]

  6. This was a enticing romance with a brooding aristocrat with silvery grey eyes and a ladies companion with a background The spark was there throughout and you were led to become engaged with Bennett Montague as the book goes on He is looking for a wife to help further his political aspirations but his heart is drawn to the seemingly unsuitable Amelia He realises that your heart can over rule your head but they still have society to consider It really transported me into the time and provided ric [...]

  7. 4.5 starsThe story was very sweet but the ending was too abrupt I m just one of the readers who don t like a book to end on a emotional peak like proposal or confession , and I love at least one calm scene after that for a satisfying end, it doesn t necessarily have to be a long epilogue.I really liked Ben, I always love heroes who are cold on the outside but actually only shy Which is a realistic portrayal, shy or introvert people can be described as arrogant Amelia was a nice and likable hero [...]

  8. Outstanding and a cut above the regular Harlequin reads Ms Heath s The Discerning Gentleman s guide is a perfect example of the new breed of historicals now being published by Harlequin Mills Boon Excellent writing combined with a good solid plot and well drawn characters all combine to make a very enjoyable read.Yet another author to add to my auto buy list.

  9. 4.5 Stars as reviewed at The Romance Reviews bit 2vWPMpEAmelia Mansfield has no love for titled society gentlemen, and with very good reason She was born the privileged daughter of a viscount, but when her mother couldn t produce another child, an heir, he found a way to have the marriage annulled Amelia and her mother were then literally cast out, with no money, no home, and Amelia is now considered illegitimate Forced to live in the slums, and eventually, the workhouse, Amelia s mother became [...]

  10. I liked this book so much It was delightful Funny, heartwarming, touching, genuinely romantic, with surprisingly substantial subject matter and strong characterization for a fairly short novel It was just plain fun to read I m three for three when it comes to this author Highly recommend checking this one out.

  11. I m not going to give too much away, all I will say is this a MUST READThis is the second book that I have read of Virginia s and I loved it.We start off with Amelia Mansfield who is a companion to Lady Worsted, Amelia had being reading a book called The Discerning Gentleman s Guide, Amelia slammed the book down and called it drivel already I loved Amelia.Bennett Montague the Sixteenth Duke of Avely, he had written the book for his father, because Bennett felt he had to find the right wife for h [...]

  12. SuperbI loved it There was romance, passion It had real history and it made the story come to life Very good well fleshed out characters A bit Jane Austen like but that s no bad thing.

  13. Sublimely written, wonderfully funny and deliciously romantic, The Discerning Gentleman s Guide is a wonderful Regency treat from the outstanding, witty and gifted pen of Virginia Heath Bennett Montague has his sights set on becoming Prime Minister and in order to achieve his objective his behaviour must be impeccable, his demeanor dignified and patrician and his reputation untarnished by even the merest hint of scandal Well aware that it is incumbent upon him to make a suitable match, Bennett i [...]

  14. I choose books to read based on the author or the cover If I hadn t been looking for a book by Virginia Heath I would have skipped over this book simply because the cover looks so old fashioned and not very interesting I m so glad I didn t ignore it After finishing the book I am glad that I picked it up and look forward to reading by Virginia Heath.This is the story of a Jekyll Hyde character One the one side is the pompous, stodgy, imperious sixteenth Duke of Aveley His whole life has been gui [...]

  15. The Discerning Gentleman s Guide is a Georgian historical romance from the Harlequin stable The book is set in London in 1816.Amelia Mansfield is a companion to Lady Worsted, they are travelling from Bath to spend a month with her nephew in London, once the daughter of a Viscount, Amelia suffered a terrible loss when he turned both her mother and Amelia out, in a cold hearted move Left penniless, they did the best they could on the streets of London When Amelia s mother died in the work house, A [...]

  16. Bennett Montague is the sixteenth Duke of Aveley and is seeking the perfect bride, his father told him some things about this selection process and he made it into a book, a quite popular book He has whittled the list of possible brides down to a few candidates, all of whom know and who are trying to be that perfect wife.Then he meets his aunt s companion, Amelia Mansfield, who thinks his book is terrible and is very willing to tell him so She is vastly unsuitable but he finds himself inexplicab [...]

  17. The Discerning Gentleman s Guide, is classically witty, engaging and so sexy exactly what you would want for a historical Romance novel, and it is a pure joy to read, Virginia Heath is fast becoming the go to author for this genre.Full review at Chicks Rogues and Scandals chicksroguesandscandals.wordp

  18. One of the best reasons for reading or seeing an Oscar Wilde play is that you get to know the characters They are witty and intelligent, funny but in a way everybody else longs to be rather than playing the fool, and they are delicious.discerning gentAmelia Mansfield and Bennett Montague, the main characters in The Discerning Gentleman s Guide by Virginia Heath could fit in to the fast paced world of any Oscar Wilde play, where laugh out loud comedy sits so comfortably alongside deep feelings an [...]

  19. Despite the overuse of italicised words one or two in a sentence, I love six or Yikes , I really enjoyed this book.Bennett Montague, the Duke of Aveley, was a man who was almost clinical to a fault He had to be a Prime Minister to fulfill his father s ambitions and he had to find the perfect duchess I liked that despite his looks, he had no idea how to relate to people on a personal level, let alone in the presence of an unsuitable woman that quite took his breath away.Amelia Mansfield was that [...]

  20. This book was so much fun Bennett, the hero, is so socially awkward that he makes Darcy look like a suave chatterbox It was so funny And he was so aware of it, too, which just made it funnier He s running around wondering why he always sounds like a general giving orders when he talks to her And then when he does give Amelia an actual order and she defies him, listening to the butler explain to him how horribly he has mishandled the situation was hysterical I loved that butler.Also, Bennett s I [...]

  21. This was delightful This was a rec on the SBTB group for the enemies to lovers tropes It certainly has that early on, but once the leads realise there s than meets the eye to each other, it is on The hero in particular evolves from patronising stuffed shirt to WokeBae The heroine doesn t have quite as much change, but I guess learns to compromise and that you can t paint all peers with the same brush as her awful father.The book was well written, the characters both lead and supporting were wel [...]

  22. An excellent read If I have any criticism at all, I would say that I sometimes felt as if I was immersed in a history lesson instead of a novel and the story could have benefited from a little dialogue However I am loathe to deduct stars for this as the author has obviously done her research, the plot was good and the book was well written This is the second book that I have read by this author and I have enjoyed them both Highly recommended.

  23. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, the first I ve read by this author It was interesting to see the gradual change in the outlooks of both characters as they came to appreciate one another, which was skillfully done Although set in the ton , the story took an unusual angle which made for a refreshing change.

  24. 4.5 stars As delightful as others here have described much eloquently Deftly done and my only very, very minor quibble is the rushed and a tad overdone ending, but nothing that detracts from the joy of reading this book Go read it

  25. 3,5 stars actually.It was better than what I expected, really I loved the characters, and by that I mean both the main protagonists All in all, a nice read.

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