The Blood in the Beginning

The Blood in the Beginning Knock down kickass nightclub bouncer Ava Sykes takes us deep into a dystopian world and out the other side in this dark and gritty high action urban fantasySome things are better left in the dark U

Knock down, kickass nightclub bouncer Ava Sykes takes us deep into a dystopian world and out the other side in this dark and gritty, high action urban fantasySome things are better left in the dark .Undergraduate by day, bouncer by night, Ava Sykes is just trying to make her way in New LA, a city recovering in the Aftermath the time after an earthquake tore the countKnock down, kickass nightclub bouncer Ava Sykes takes us deep into a dystopian world and out the other side in this dark and gritty, high action urban fantasySome things are better left in the dark .Undergraduate by day, bouncer by night, Ava Sykes is just trying to make her way in New LA, a city recovering in the Aftermath the time after an earthquake tore the country apart Ava studies hard, trains at the local dojo, and teaches kids self defence Sure, she has a rare blood disorder and a stolen identity, but who doesn t keep a few secrets these days Life is tough, but when Ava takes a job at the trendy new club, Poseidon, her financial worries seem to be over Then the evil wakes up.After stumbling into the VIP area of the club, where humans are on the menu, Ava is attacked in the street, and finds herself in the hospital, trying to put the pieces together The bizarre hallucinations aren t helping, and neither is Dr Miguel Rossi, the man who claims to know about her origins than she does.Shocked to the core at the discovery, Ava begins a search for her birth mother and the truth but with a copycat killer on her tail, the attractive and powerful Daniel Bane offering to protect her and a doctor bent on unravelling her mysterious condition , the facts are hard to pin down Meanwhile, the otherness in her blood makes her increasingly irresistible to all the wrong people.Ava used to dream of knowing where she came

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The Blood in the Beginning

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  1. Kim Falconer, also writing as A K Wilder, is a bestselling speculative fiction author with nine published novels Her work is described as contemporary and ancient, dark and compelling, humorous, romantic, provocative, and supercharged with blockbuster action Originally from California, she lives on the far eastern coast of Australia with a house full of kids, and one extraordinary spotted cat.Along with her author websitess, she runs Good Vibe Astrology, trains with a sword and has recently completed a Masters Degree As an eternal student, she has studied everything from Jungian psychology to quantum physics theory and marine biology to socio technology and web design Her favourite pastimes, besides daydreaming, include meditation, yoga, organic gardening and weight training Her novel writing is done in the early hours of the morning.Find out at AKWilder,AvaSykes, The 11th House Blog and KimFalconer


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  1. End of May 2016 and the final edits are complete Ava Sykes is off to the printers This was my first venture into Urban Fantasy think hard boiled crime with supernatural elements and a dash of romance, but none of the usual suspects no vamps, weres or fairies For those of you who asked for of the Mar they met in Blood and Water, here they are.I found writing in the first person pushed my edge, but the added sweat and tears only makes me love this story world all the .The stars are for how much I [...]

  2. I won a free copy of this book from the publisher via a giveaway Fun times The Blood in the Beginning by Kim Falconer is a darkly intriguing paranormal urban fantasy that edges into the mystery and crime thriller genres The story follows orphan Ava Sykes, a struggling college student who moonlights as a bouncer to make ends meet in a dystopian Los Angeles Hunted by a dangerous serial killer, hiding from a shadowy organisation out to uncover the secrets of her abnormal genetics and trying to pass [...]

  3. The say that you can t judge a book by it s cover, if you have a good cover designer, yeah you can I was putting this on display I work in a library and I thought This looks like my kind of book And I LOVED it Never heard of the author before, but I was hooked from beginning to end If the cover appeals to you at all read it Dark Urban Fantasy with a Mystery Thriller twist Set in dystopian Los Angeles after The Big One Growing up thinking she s human with some kind of rare blood disorder that mak [...]

  4. I appreciated the worldbuilding about the downsides of the starring supernatural species, and the female friendships On the other hand, no one edited out the Angelenos saying things like kerb and uni , and the narrative voice was very annoying Realistic for a certain type of person, I guess, but your brown friend is exotic In Los Angeles Asian food is also exotic On the West Coast And please stop telling us your milk is organic No one cares that you drink organic rice milk and your trail mix is [...]

  5. She may have a few odd quirks, a stolen identity and a rare blood disorder, but Ava Sykes is a mostly ordinary undergraduate student, highly skilled in martial arts, who also happens to work as a bouncer for the clubs of New LA When the new, exclusive club Poseidon pops onto the scene and she s personally approached and offered a position, the pay alone is enough to make her jump on the offer Not to mention the owner of the club, Daniel Bane, has a mysterious charm about him.Her first night on t [...]

  6. What a fantastic new series At least I think it is a series Kick arse heroine trying to figure out just WHAT and who she is This is a paranormal read, but not with your well known common vampires Oh no Welcome to the world of the Mar Mermaids for those of you not in the know Fan bloody tastic The only problem is the next book isn t out yet Nooooooo Well worth the read.

  7. I started reading this after six hours at work and was pleasantly surprised I couldn t put it down Loved the fast moving pace, the well described action scenes I got up in the middle of the night and kept reading it The Blood in the Beginning captured my imagination All the scenes well scripted and dialogue believable Ava rules Watch the you tube video for a guide I had fun.Hope there is a next one.

  8. Wow Brilliantly fresh Loved the pace, loved the action and loved Ava Sykes I can not wait to see where her journey takes her This is a smashing start to a new series If you love urban fantasy this book is definitely one to be added to your reading list for 2016.

  9. Start to end, tightly packed action in a new dystopian world that not just kicks arse, but leaves vampires and wolf stories for dead

  10. I had nothing else to read on holiday and thought this was a detective novel If I had known it was a SF paranormal book, I probably would have given it a miss And that would have been the right thing for me as I didn t enjoy it The writing too is very YA, with a wishful thinking story and predictable action, poorly developed characters world At least the book read easily, easily enough to finish quickly and start something interesting.

  11. Wow, what a story Epic everything, seriously I couldn t put it down, I can t believe the twists and turns I went through All the characters are fabulous, the world creating is out of this world awesome But gah That ending though Sucked I would have liked some romance, I missed that a smidgen, but I was seriously hooked I thought the story was fantastic and I can not wait for Ava Skyes

  12. I enjoyed this much than I thought I would The world was really inviting Not so much the fantasy stuff not my thing but the dystopian elements Plus, the author is an Australian so I felt an attachment there I also really liked the protagonist, Ava, and enjoyed reading her story But saying that there are a few things I just couldn t get over Like the fact that with a stalker on her tail and threats of imminent death, Ava still goes to her classes because someone decided that Ava needs a study pl [...]

  13. Kim Falconer The Blood in the Beginning In the start of a new series Kim Falconer shows that finding out where you came from may be the very thing that saves your life Ava has always known that she was different, but she has always attributed it to her autoimmune disease that is in her blood She has studied hard as an undergraduate student with the hopes of working for the CDC to better understand her disease In order to make ends meet she works as a bouncer at night time at a dive bar, where sh [...]

  14. I got so excited after finishing this book, that I spammed Facebook I want everyone to know about this book If you like your Urban Fantasy with brains and a pulse, you ll love this Thank you Kim Falconer for writing such an intelligent strong female character Ava reminds me of a kick arse adult version of Hermione, with mixed martial arts, and knife and gun skills, instead of a wand The world needs these female characters realistically flawed, searching for themselves with a strong moral compass [...]

  15. The Blood in the Beginning sounds so appealing and could fit right in my comfort reading zone A paranormal urban fantasy dystopian novel with a kickass nightclub bouncer female main character, this is a potential for a pick me up feisty fabulous read but whilst I enjoyed the read, it fell short of my expectation.Ava Sykes is not actually Ava Sykes and she has a blood disorder so rare, she has to fly under the radar Unfortunately, there are people others sniffing around her and will not leave her [...]

  16. Welcome to the world of Ava Sykes.Sykes is intelligent and physically conditioned, she is tough and bold When Sykes enters a no go zone at a nightclub where she works as a bouncer, she is forced to engage in a journey of cat and mouse without knowing who to trust to find the truth behind the no go zone Simultaneously Sykes is searching for her biological mother and her flat mate and ultimately her identity.The action flows and many of the scenes would translate well into action scenes in a film [...]

  17. Wow, this book had me hooked from the first page Post big one in California it draws you into a world that is familiar yet strange at the same time.Ava s journey as a struggling student with a hidden and also unknown past to being drawn into a world that she never knew existed.The characters are well developed and help to draw you further into the story I can t wait to read the next installment of this series

  18. I found The Blood in the Beginning a refreshing and entertaining read From the blurb, I started the book expecting vampires I love vampires however, it was a pleasant surprise to find they are not the feature creature in this story Ava is a gritty and likeable heroine, and the two men vying for her interest are likewise engaging and sexy The pacing at times felt a little jerky periods of heavy action, followed by a few pages in which little happened and it takes a while to get to the bottom of w [...]

  19. Ava Sykes is inspiring, intriguing, and such a hoot Loved navigating this mystery world with her She s just what the world needs right now a strong, smart woman who isn t waiting for someone to save her.The only thing I didn t love was that the second book isn t already published to dive into next I hope someone s working on that.

  20. I only meant to read the first chapter, but before I knew it I was finished Surprising story, interesting characters, and a fast paced action packed story What does a girl need to break out of a looming post Wax Wayne Mistborn funk Can t wait to read the next book The author left me hanging in a good, if frustrating spot I need book 2, like NOW

  21. This was a great read with a unique subject I was captivated by the story and the need to know what was going on It was all very mysterious and really got those brain cells kicking in as I tried to work out what was happening and who the bad guy was The climax was fabulous and by the end I had decided that this would make a great movie Definitely worth a read 4.5 s

  22. Honestly thought it was the usual sort of contemporary fiction mysterious girl and mysterious boys with a mysterious mystery to solve But, this involved a whole lot water works than I expected.

  23. Wow I couldn t stop reading With a kick ass heroine and non stop action, this is an absolute thriller I m so looking forward to books about Ava.

  24. This book was a fun, fast and enjoyable read I loved the concept and the setting and the characters were good Keen to read the next book in this series.

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