Lily's House

Lily s House When Jen goes to her grandmother s house for the last time she s determined not to dwell on the past As a child Jen adored Lily and suspected she might be a witch but the spell was broken long ago

When Jen goes to her grandmother s house for the last time, she s determined not to dwell on the past As a child, Jen adored Lily and suspected she might be a witch, but the spell was broken long ago, and now her death means there won t be any reconciliation Lily s gone, but the enchantments she wove and the secrets she kept still remain In Lily s house, Jen and her dauWhen Jen goes to her grandmother s house for the last time, she s determined not to dwell on the past As a child, Jen adored Lily and suspected she might be a witch, but the spell was broken long ago, and now her death means there won t be any reconciliation Lily s gone, but the enchantments she wove and the secrets she kept still remain In Lily s house, Jen and her daughter Marianne reluctantly confront the secrets of the past and present and discover how dangerous we become when we re trying to protect the ones we love.

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Lily's House

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  1. Cassandra Parkin grew up in Hull, and now lives in East Yorkshire Her short story collection, New World Fairy Tales Salt Publishing, 2011 , won the 2011 Scott Prize for Short Stories and her work has been published in numerous magazines and anthologies The Summer We All Ran Away Legend Press, 2013 was Cassandra s debut novel.Her work has been published in numerous magazines and anthologies The Beach Hut Legend Press, 2015 is her second novel.Visit Cassandra at cassandraparkin.wordpress or on Twitter cassandrajaneuk


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  1. I cannot remember the last time I walked unsuspectedly into a forest of words and got my feet ripped out from under me without a warning of any kind.I started out expecting a gripping family drama, which it was for sure, with a little bit of secrets, a few shady and shiny characters, and a mesmerizing plot the usual cocktail of tragedy, love and hope Meeting the characters brought the normal feeling of expectancy for a new adventure and it took a while to decide if it was going to be worth the t [...]

  2. I m not sure what I was expecting when I requested this book to review, but it certainly wasn t what I ve just read This book far exceeded any expectations I had The writing is beautiful and almost dreamlike at times The descriptions immersive especially of food and flowers plants herbs and trees , and the characters executed wonderfully The book isn t exactly a dual time story, but the writing does flow back and forth between when Jen was a young girl and visiting her Grandmother Lily, at her h [...]

  3. This is rather a dark and thought provoking story covering heavy topics, but also has a kind of supernatural, magical feel throughout.There was an interesting mix of characters I wasn t keen on Daniel or Jen, especially their obsession with inheritance, probably because I lost my own grandma a few months ago, and couldn t even imagine looking upon her death as a way of inheriting money Daniel was also far too needy, which really started making me feel uncomfortable as the story progressed Lily h [...]

  4. 3,5 starsJen and Lily Granddaughter and Grandmother.In the childhood of Jenn s she couldn t think of summers without her grandmother It was the vacation that every child dreamed of Carefree, adventurous and without the stress of her parents.The years went by and Jenn grew and eager about the 3 weeks to be passed in the house of Lily.She felt about her something magical and adventurus but above all she felt her like a friend.But something happen that make Jen to stop visit Lily s house.Jen finish [...]

  5. I received a free copy of Lily s House in exchange for a review.Lily s House is unexpectedly dark and surprising Described as a book about family secrets, it contains its own secrets which are very cleverly revealed by author Cassandra Parkin There are secrets for the main character, Jen, to discover and there are also secrets for the reader to learn This novel is a frightening and somewhat depressing portrayal of the way people become prisoners of both their own pasts and the histories of their [...]

  6. I m not quite sure what it was about this book that first caught my attention, perhaps it was the beautiful artwork of the cover image or maybe the description which sounded so intriguing but either way I am definitely glad I took a gamble on this book A break from my usual crime thrillers, this book hints towards an existence of magic or special abilities , something I avoid but here it works so well within the plot The reader meets Jen who has sadly lost her grandmother Lily Jen and her daught [...]

  7. I received a copy of this via NetGalley and the publishers in return for a fair and honest review.Drawn in by the mention of a link to witches, I soon found this book to be much than I expected And I was spellbound from start to finish by this stunningly powerful book, despite it not being an easy read at times as you follow the character, Jen, through the past and the present and the numerous challenges she has found herself facing throughout her life.Jen is back at her grandmothers house afte [...]

  8. Her expression is so sweet and conspiratorial that I almost miss the spite I m always surprised by Lily s sharp edges She enjoys being cruel about the neighbors who clearly find her charming, and look forward to seeing her This is the Lily I need to remember Not the woman who let me bring other people s cats home and gave me bacon rind for the seagulls, but the Lily who dropped sharp truth from her lips, cutting everyone else to pieces Jen brings her daughter Marianne along to her deceased grand [...]

  9. I have an interview with the author here too lindasbookbag 2016 10 25 Returning to her estranged grandmother Lily s house to arrange Lily s funeral, Jen finds the past isn t as far away as she thought.I absolutely loved Lily s House by Cassandra Parkin I thought there was a lyrical, dreamlike quality to the writing underpinned by a touch of magic The necromancy of Lily s presence is never fully uncovered so that there is a layer of mystery that pervades both Jen and Marianne s dreams and imagina [...]

  10. 3.5 stars Jen travels down to Cornwell with her 12 yr old daughter Marianne to clean out the house of her estranged Grandmother Lily Her husband, a struggling musician who thinks he is on the cusp of a big break is left at home We slowly come to learn why Jen was estranged from Lily, as she was very important to her during her earlier life I had so many questions about this story, why was Jen so rude to Lily s neighbour, why was the only form of communication with her husband via txt and I found [...]

  11. Jen returns to her grandmother Lily s house after her death, and having been estranged from her once beloved grandmother in her later years, Jen intends to just sort out all the necessary paperwork as quickly as possible, sell Lily s house and get back home to her husband But the longer she stays the secrets are revealed and she begins to feel Lily s presence guiding her on a different path.This was such an original and compelling read, surprising too, as the story takes an unexpected and rathe [...]

  12. I won this phenomenal book in a giveaway, so thank you to the publishers for sending me a copy of this book.Wow My head is swimming with the sheer beauty of this book People say you should never judge a book by its cover, and my God, this book was nowhere near what I was expecting Baking is a kind of magic, Lily tells me A very gentle kind It s good for your soul Like meditation.It is beautiful, magical, dark and stunning in one breath It s almost fairy tale like A dreamy, gorgeous backdrop set [...]

  13. This book hooked me from the very first page at first, a seemingly simple story about Jen and her daughter returning to her grandmother s house to pack it up and sell it after her death, it became a complex tale about families, relationships and hidden secrets that twisted and turned and kept me absolutely spellbound Anyone who remembers their stays with grandparents as a child will love the vignettes from Jen s childhood, the memories of unaccustomed freedoms, the pleasures in small things, all [...]

  14. After her grandmother Lily s death, Jen takes her daughter Marianne to sort through Lily s things, presumably to sell the flat and get enough money to support Jen s husband s musical career and extravagant spending habits Jen hadn t seen Lily in years, and Marianne never met her great grandmother As they work through Lily s belongings together and spend time in the almost magical town that Jen spent many summers in, they will uncover a multitude of secrets some dark, some about Lily, some about [...]

  15. Jen has lots of hurdles to go through in life There are some odd calculations about her father Lily who is Jen s grandmother dies and Jen believes that she will inherit Lily s money While Jen is in her grandmothers house sorting out arrangements after her death, Jen sees an old man James Moon who has stayed in Lily s house James declares that he told Lily not to leave Jen anything as she was an ungrateful granddaughter not visiting Lily Jen wants a divorce from her husband Daniel It s spooky tha [...]

  16. I was first attracted to this book because it is set in Cornwall my home but what a read Jen was once very close to her grandmother, Lily, but has not seen or spoken to her for many years Now Lily has passed and Jen, together with her daughter, are sorting out her house and belongs preparatory to selling, howeverAs they work memories are woken, discoveries made and secrets revealed which explain the rift between Jen and her grandmother and so much At one stage thought I may have sussed out the [...]

  17. Lily s House is an enchanting, quirky and often surprising tale of unconditional love between a grandmother and granddaughter By the time the book begins, Lily has passed away, leaving her house to her granddaughter Jen, despite their rocky past, but she is still the most endearing and striking character in the book, as well as the guiding light for her granddaughter and great granddaughter She is a determined and and kind hearted woman, intent on influencing the destinies of those she loves, ev [...]

  18. Lily s House is a beautiful, rich, haunting and addictive read I have loved everything Parkin has written, but perhaps this is a new favourite She effortlessly weaves magic in this story of long gone secrets, self discovery, empowerment, and love The book is assured, mature a masterpiece I ll never forget it, and nor will you.

  19. I was first attracted to Lily s House because of the subject matter, that of a granddaughter returning to her grandmother s house, following her death From the book s blurb it is obvious that something happened between them, for Jen to not be able to say goodbye to her grandmother before her death, and this thought ate away at me I needed to know what had happened between them and what their unique story was Throughout the book we are told their story, and it is beautiful This is such a beautifu [...]

  20. Jen and her daughter Marianne have got to clear out the house of Lily, Jens grandmother As a child Jen was really close to Lily but in later years they were not Jen now has to accept that she can never get that back and clearing out the house is bringing back all sorts of memoriesAll sorts of stories come to light, James Moon is her neighbour and eventually he starts to talk to Jen and shares the final years of Lily when she and Jen were estrangedA good original story, different to what I was ex [...]

  21. Having enjoyed Parkin s last book, The Beach Hut , I was interested to see what her next tale would be like This book has a little bit of everything from relationships to domestic violence, truth and falsehoods, mystery and resolution I found it a most compelling tale, with relatable characters and a great plot with Parkin, piece by piece, slowly bringing it together to form a fitting conclusion Full review at greatreadsandtealeavesspo

  22. I really enjoyed this story about Jen and her daughter Marianne and their relationship with Lily, Jen s grandmother The story comes out in a series of flashbacks as Jen relates her current situation to the past She loved coming to Lily s house in the summer holidays, but a falling out had her not seeing Lily in the years leading up to her death Why did Jen and Lily stop talking

  23. Wow This ends up being a really good book, however for me, it was slow going for the first 1 2 of the book, not because it wasn t good, because it is good Character development was good and I really liked Lily, Jen and Marianne, in fact, wouldn t mind a sequel 2nd 1 2 of the book, I couldn t put it down.Thanks to giveaways for this book.

  24. Absolutely loved this book Read it in one deliriously enjoyable day Just brilliant This one creeps up on you gathering tension and pace to a fantastic ending that I didn t predict at all, really loved it Reminded me of my beautiful grandmother whom I still miss dearly and think of all the time.

  25. This book was a pleasant surprise The title drew me in as I have a grandmother called Lily The synopsis had me requesting the book from the publisher via Netgalley and I could not wait to read it Jen and her daughter Marianne visit Jen s grandmother s house after she passes away The book is dark, scary engrossing amusing and at times tender It explores human relationships well and each of the characters is very well fleshed out with clear personality traits and quirks The story has a hypnotic pa [...]

  26. 3,5 stars from me The ending was really good I was impressed at how well everything was written and explained It has some Sci Fi twist to it which I never expected.However there was a lot that pissed me off tooJen is not the brightest candle on the cake Daniel is an abusive twat The constant texting was annoying me like 2 3 pages just texting back and forthease Marianne I actually adored She s definitely the one with the biggest brain in there.Like I said the ending or likely the last 150 pages [...]

  27. The words are beautiful and the story is dark A very interesting contrast There are things I loved about this book Ultimately it s a depressing piece but it feels like a dark and twisted fairytale There is magic at the root of the story and the thread continues till the end Now I need to read the author s other books A unique book and well worth the time to read.

  28. What a lovely treat this book turned out to be I was constantly torn between the urge to keep reading in order to find out what happens versus a longing to savour the pleasure to make it last longer Lily s House reminded me how much I enjoy reading a well written family drama mystery as a nice change from my usual fare of gruesome murder mysteries.For me, Lily s House had all the essential ingredients for a great read A strong interesting female protagonist, who may not always be a totally relia [...]

  29. Memories certainly leave their impression in Lily s House, a bewitching novel holding the key to the past, the present, and the future.Lily possessed a peculiar charisma which she used to influence the lives of those she loved Her abilities allowed her to apply a specific kind of persuasion could only be perceived as manipulating a situation to its best advantage or giving people a nudge in the right direction with extreme consequences.Remarkably her estranged granddaughter, Jen, believed she ha [...]

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