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Under the Udala Trees is a Ebook Onvan Under the Udala Trees Nevisande Chinelo Okparanta ISBN ISBN Dar Safhe Saal e Chap One day in at the

Under the Udala Trees is a Ebook Onvan : Under the Udala Trees - Nevisande : Chinelo Okparanta - ISBN : 544003446 - ISBN13 : 9780544003446 - Dar 328 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 2015. One day in 1968, at the height of the Biafran civil war, Ijeoma s father is killed and her world is transformed forever Separated from her grief stricken mother, she meets another young lost girl, Amina, and the two become inseparable Theirs is a relationship that will shake the foundations of Ijeoma s faith, test her resolve and flood her heart In this masterful novelOne day in 1968, at the height of the Biafran civil war, Ijeoma s father is killed and her world is transformed forever Separated from her grief stricken mother, she meets another young lost girl, Amina, and the two become inseparable Theirs is a relationship that will shake the foundations of Ijeoma s faith, test her resolve and flood her heart In this masterful novel of faith, love and redemption, Okparanta takes us from Ijeoma s childhood in war torn Biafra, through the perils and pleasures of her blossoming sexuality, her wrong turns, and into the everyday sorrows and joys of marriage and motherhood As we journey with Ijeoma we are drawn to the question what is the value of love and what is the cost A triumphant love story written with beauty and delicacy, Under the Udala Trees is a hymn to those who ve lost and a prayer for a compassionate world It is a work of extraordinary beauty that will enrich your heart.. Good Books Under the Udala Trees This debut novel will reach deep into your heart and mind.... a story which stays forever! Ijeoma is only 11 years old when her father dies. As a young child, when one parent dies, ( I know this from experience), they often feel as though they've lost both parents. Everything changes instantly and dramatically. This happened to Ijeoma. She and her mother loose their living comforts...from their upper class,( more elite) home to being rather poor. The entire country is hurting as the Civil War had just broke out in Nigeria. On top of this, ( more loss...feelings of abandonment), Ijeoma's mother sends her to livewith another couple...( a teacher and his wife). It's suppose to be a short time, while themother can figure out her plans - then bring her back home soon..( this happened to me too... I remember being sent to live in another house for about a half year)... but for Ijeoma, it was a 2 year separation. If the entire story was about a young girl coming of age living in a country at war - withher home life completely broken ...and how she survives ...it could have been enough for a novel....BUT...This story takes place in a very religious and conservative country. Add to the challenge that Ijeoma has a lesbian experience and gets caught. She had no acceptance with her country or her mother. It can be dangerously threatening to be a homosexual in the 60's and 70's in Nigeria. Ijeoma was not an out spoken rebel type....( who would be given her circumstances?), fighting for gay rights...but she did spend a lot of time deeply thinking about God and the bible in regards to sexuality. She was grappling with why there couldn't be an"Eve and Eve"in the Bible, with the same reasons there was an Adam and Eve. We take a journey with Ijeoma into adulthood. One 'small' wonder....( maybe I'm a naïveté 63 year old), but I was the same age as Ijeoma in America during the 1960's, as Ijeoma was in Nigeria. I was sooo removed from thoughts of having sex with anyone...male or female, at age 11, 12. or 13. Ok... so, maybe, I'm just naïveté as I say. - but I kept thinking .., " so young?"Regardless of age, I sympathized with Ijeoma's......wishing her inner peace...with love and freedom. It was Ijeoma's faith, that gave her strength, against no agreement. "Sometimes I sit with my Bible in my hands, and I think to myself that God is nothing but an artist, and the world is this canvas. And I reason that if the old and New Testament are any indication, of change is the fact a major part of His aesthetic, a major part of His visionfor the world. The Bible itself is an endorsement of change". * It breaks my heart ... to read in the AUTHORS NOTES...that in January, 2014, The president signed a bill criminalizing same-sex relationships, making these offenses punishable up to 14 years in prison. Hopefully ... this book is planting seeds of Justice around the globe. Thank You to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing, Netgalley, and Chinelo Okparanta for the opportunity to read this book! This book makes a difference!

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  1. Chinelo Okparanta was born in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, and relocated to the United States at the age of ten She received her BS from The Pennsylvania State University, her MA from Rutgers University, and her MFA from the University of Iowa She was one of Granta s six New Voices for 2012 and her stories have appeared in Granta, The New Yorker, Tin House, Subtropics, and elsewhere.


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  1. This debut novel will reach deep into your heart and mind a story which stays forever Ijeoma is only 11 years old when her father dies As a young child, when one parent dies, I know this from experience , they often feel as though they ve lost both parents Everything changes instantly and dramatically This happened to Ijeoma She and her mother loose their living comforts their upper class, elite home to being rather poor The entire country is hurting as the Civil War had just broke out in Niger [...]

  2. 4.5 stars This was a nearly perfect novel It has what I would call a quiet power to it Okparanta has created something special here, something that s moving and resilient and important It s the story of conflict and reconciliation, of a nation at war with itself, of a mother and daughter at war with each other, and ultimately of a girl at war with her identity and how she comes to acceptance It s beautifully written and told, and I can t wait to read from this author Only small complaint is I f [...]

  3. A beautifully crafted tale of forbidden love, mostly set during and immediately after the Biafran war, but inspired by Nigeria s recent decision to outlaw homosexual acts Ijeoma is an Igbo girl from a middle class family whose world is shaken when her father is killed by a bomb, and her mother is forced to send her out to be a servant girl while she finds a place to survive Here she meets Amina, a Hausa orphan, and persuades her employers to take her in They start a lesbian relationship, but whe [...]

  4. With a man, life is difficult Without a man, life is even difficult Take it from me Like many artists before her, author Chinelo Okparanta took to her craft as a way to address oppressive governmental policies In 2014, the year before this book was written Okparanta s native Nigeria passed some of the most stringent laws in the world against homosexuality Those found to be guilty of homosexuality could be sentenced to decades in prison or death by stoning Okparata s beautiful and heartbreaking [...]

  5. What an amazing book Deeply personal and thoughtful A beautiful story, beautifully told I was not expecting to be so captivated I think what got me was the humanness of it all The world building was superb I knew I was reading about another country entirely with different culture etc and yet I connected with Ijeoma I understood her points of view and shared many of her perceptions The first half of the book with the religious dogma was interesting to me, but I was completely detached The moment [...]

  6. It is impossible for me to review this book without first addressing the why of its genesis Just last year, Nigeria the birthplace of Chinelo Okparanta passed one of the world s most punitive laws against same sex relationships, including lengthy prison sentences and in the northern states, death by stoning As someone who strongly believes that healthy and reciprocal love between two people regardless of gender is always a good thing, I can t help but applaud this young author for providing a vo [...]

  7. This book was amazing and EVERYONE should read it I had Americanah like chills while reading this It dealt with so many serious feminist issues, particularly the role of religion and the condemnation of homosexuality Ijeoma s thoughts and opinions on religion have been buzzing around my own mind lately so it was especially cathartic to read There s nothing better than an incredibly well written book that tackles very serious human issues.I will definitely be reading anything and everything else [...]

  8. Addictive, quick novel that takes on the horrendous homophobic conditions in Nigeria with a decades spanning narrative Okparanta is a writer of great restraint, comfortable with quick, punchy scenes and large time jumps, and her plot work is excellent You find yourself caring about the lead, her two forbidden affairs with men, and her marriage to a man who she can not possibly love The husband is a particularly well mapped character in a different book, in a different story, his narrative would [...]

  9. Under the Udala Trees is restrained compared with almost any other novel I ve ever read about a child growing up in time of war There are terrible things happening throughout the novel, but somewhat obliquely After reading many memoirs and novels that have no such restraint I kept being surprised when this main character was never raped or maimed or burned at the stake, all things that the author could have chosen to have happen to her protagonist The language here is simple and straightforward [...]

  10. E li, E li, la ma sab ach tha ni My God, my God, why have you forsaken me is the question Ijeoma asks in the novel UNDER THE UDALA TREES by Chinelo Okparanta The year was 1968 Her father was killed in Nigeria s violent assimilation of Biafra, her mother at the end of her wits Tears will fall from your eyes as Ijeoma prays, Dear God, I want to be happy Please help me to be happy THE MOTHER, THE HUSBAND, THE CHILDNot knowing what to do, Ijeoma s mother sent her away, to be properly cared for and t [...]

  11. I was inspired to pick this up by the blurb claiming that it was inspired by Nigeria s folktales Well, that s not quite true Certainly, the characters are all Nigerian, and there are a few traditional tales told, over the course of the book but the story itself is clearly based on true events, not on folktales I was actually nearly convinced that this was a memoir, it rings so true It s not, but the author has stated that some details are based on her mother s experiences in Nigeria It feels lik [...]

  12. If you set off on a witch hunt, you will find a witch.When you find her, she will be dressed like any other person But to you, her skin will glow in stripes of white and black You will see her broom, and you will hear her witch cry, and you will feel the effects of her spells on you.No matter how unlike a witch she is, there she will be, a witch, before your eyes Beautifully heartfelt and poignant story about a young girl growing up in Nigeria and repercussions of what happens when she falls in [...]

  13. Poignant and emotionally rich this story captured my attention and heart in many unexpected ways The author s storytelling abilities are showcased as she seamlessly weaves together the coming of age stories of Nigeria and the main character, Ijeoma This technique effectively put me into a specific time and place and yet is universally appealing Ijeoma s young world is shattered as the civil war kills her father, and her mother sends her away to a safer place In this new place Ijeoma, an Igbo and [...]

  14. i am not sure what the biafra war is doing in this book i am not sure what the death of a beloved parent who can no longer fight for survival is doing in this book i am not sure what a mother s breakdown and subsequent abandonment are doing in this book i am not sure what a child s servitude is doing in this book once you are done, once you get to the end, this feels very much like a book about being a young gay girl and a gay woman, but there are all these other things too they are woven togeth [...]

  15. A great coming of age novel, which takes place during the biafran war In a word poignant update The reason why this review is so brief is because it was written on my mobile, on a boat with limited bandwidth.

  16. This book will get you through a flow of emotions.Story of a young Nigerian girl living with the fact that she has to marry a man she doesn t love, because it s not right to be with a woman Oppressed by her mother and the bible to not make another mistake regarding the person she makes love with, Ijeoma will be forced to marry a young man and to make kids for him She leaves two women she loved for something that is supposed to be the right thing to do.The story seems so real and you can feel all [...]

  17. I was in a funk when I picked up this book I am very particular with what I read and I could not find something to read where I felt invested This book changed that, because it is the type of book that stays with you for a long time It is the type of book that begs to be read twice, the type of book you tell your friends about It is beautiful in language and the sentences read like music lyrics A must read I heard in an interview that she has received threats due to the subject of the book I can [...]

  18. This is the story of lesbian love in Nigeria but it is so much It evokes the folktales and the contrast between a Christian upbringing and the way of the heart in a young woman wh is forced to hide her love and lover due to the constraints of her family and society including different ethnic tribes The writing is exquisite and evocative The style does not bog down in the rich descriptions of the country or the characters but pulls the reader along rooting for the main character, first when she [...]

  19. By 1968, Nigeria was already winning and everything had already changed But there were to be changes There is no way to tell the story of what happened with Amina without first telling the story of Mama s sending me off Likewise there is no way to tell the story of Mama s sending me off without also telling of Papa s refusal to go to the bunker Without his refusal, the sending away might never have occurred, and of the sending away had not occurred, them I might never have met Amina If I had no [...]

  20. This novel tells the story of LGBTQ life in Nigeria The location provides poignancy because, as elaborated in THIS LINK, the country does not allow or recognize LGBT rights, and violence against LGBT people is frequent Both male and female same sex sexual activity is illegal in Nigeria The maximum punishment in the twelve northern states that have adopted Shari a law is death by stoning In southern Nigeria and under the secular criminal laws of northern Nigeria, the maximum punishment for same s [...]

  21. 3.5 starsI had high expectations of this book and, although I liked it, I didn t love it It begins at the time of the Biafran war in Nigeria, and the protagonist, Ijeoma, is coming of age as a young lesbian in a deeply religious society that shuns homosexuality We follow her in coming to terms with who she is, and there is a generally hopeful and optimistic vibe about the book especially the ending , despite the difficulties Ijeoma encounters along the way, both in her own family and in society [...]

  22. Full review in my blog wp p7a9pe 5d Under the Udala Trees beautifully and boldly lends its voice to Nigeria s LGBT community, which is critically important if the country is ever going to make progress in LGBT rights.

  23. Nigeria is the second most religious country in the world, and women can be stoned to death for even speaking of lesbian desires In this context, the gay protagonist of Okparanta s novel, Ijeoma, must express her true sexuality in a clandestine manner, or risk losing her life Told partly in the style of a folkloric narrative, with fables and biblical quotes blended into the text, the author tells an emotional coming of age story of love and the search for independence Told against the backdrop o [...]

  24. Sometimes a decision comes upon us in that way in a series of dreams, in a series of small epiphanies In a quote on the back cover of this book, Helon Habila says Under the Udala Trees has all of the ingredients of a great novel set against the backdrop of war, it tells a story of loss, forbidden love, and one woman s fight against tradition This is a brave and timely achievement This statement is, without a doubt, wholeheartedly true My only criticism is that these ingredients never quite come [...]

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