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The Dawn Patrol is Ebook Maybe it s my landlocked Kansas nature but I don t get surfing Paddling out into the ocean on a board seems like a lot of work just to get drowne

The Dawn Patrol is Ebook Maybe it’s my landlocked Kansas nature, but I don’t get surfing. Paddling out into the ocean on a board seems like a lot of work just to get drowned or beaten to death on rocks or eaten by some kind of huge sea creature. Plus, fish pee and poop in the ocean so the whole thing is really just a big toilet. But to each their own, and one of my favorite crime writers, Don Winslow, has had several of his characters surf so I’m more than willing to read about it when he’s telling the tale.Boone Daniels is a seemingly laid back surfer in southern California who spends every minute possible on the beach with his group of friends nicknamed the Dawn Patrol. Boone is a local legend not only for his surfing ability, but for being an all-around good guy who acts as an unofficial guardian to the people in his community. He used to be a cop but now he runs a surf shop and occasionally does just enough private detective work to keep him a couple of payments behind on his bills.Boone and the Dawn Patrol are excited that an undersea earthquake has sent a monster set of waves rolling their way that will arrive in two days. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for surfers, but Boone’s plans get interrupted when a beautiful but pushy and ambitious lawyer insists on hiring him to find a missing stripper who is a key witness in an insurance fraud arson case that‘s going to court the next day. Boone hopes to locate her before the big waves roll in. Unfortunately, a sleazy strip club owner and the local pot kingpin don’t want her found, and the whole things turns into a mess that puts Boone at odds with the police and the Dawn Patrol.I enjoyed this one, especially the Boone character. While he seems like a beach bum with no bigger concerns than the next wave and who isn’t any more complicated than his belief that all food is better served on a tortilla, he’s actually a smart guy haunted by the case that drove him off the police force.This isn’t as powerful or dark as some of other Winslow books like Savages or The Power of the Dog, but it’s still a first rate crime story written in his conversational tone and laced with humor. This one also explains surfing techniques and history in such a fun way that even a landlubber like myself was entertained and interested. Even if it is set around the filthy dangerous ocean.... The author of The Winter of Frankie Machine is back with a razor sharp novel as cool as its California surfer heroes, and as heart stopping as a wave none of them sees coming.. The best Kindle The Dawn Patrol Oh yeah. Don Winslow has so many great things going on in this novel it is difficult to pick the best thing to tell you about. It is light and dark at the same time. At one point, one of the good guys goes to do something bad, but it turns out good anyway! That was a very cool twist of fate the pen.Winslow manages to make the writing sound like a five-piece band…instead of a mystery with two threads and a protagonist, I felt like I just watched a great concert. Part of the reason has to do with the fact that the main guy, Boone, has awesome backup. His team is called the Dawn Patrol, a group of surfers who meet in the water in the mornings before work. The six, whose interests outside of surfing do not necessarily align, trust one another implicitly, and so when when things in water or on land get seriously out of whack or when one of the team does something really dumb and needs rescuing (happens to the best of us), the team surfaces, spreads out, calls on buddies…Talk about social networking…This is California, after all. Since everyone is fit and smart and good at what they do, having a team like this at one's back is like having a superpower. Surfing for me is a little like fishing. I love reading about it. My first encounter with the concept and culture came in the form of an article by William Finnegan in The New Yorker, written years ago. It awoke in me something akin to awe, and ever since I read hoping to rekindle that early excitement I had about surfing. Winslow does a good job, but most importantly, perhaps, is that he is one of my tribe. Reading and surfing…Boone is a man after my own heart.So this story has many threads…what with all the folks out there, waiting for waves. We genuinely care about these characters with vulnerabilities, so we have skin in the game pretty quickly. The main story is that young (really young) Mexican girls are being brought in to Pacific Beach and sold for hourly trysts. The financial payoff is apparently sufficient to make liars and murderers of many marginally ethical folks, and their pressures exert a downward ‘domino effect’ on the society in which they operate. When this spills over to include Boone, he finds and condemns the source of the pressure.Winslow appears laid back in his vernacular, but anyone that can keep so many balls in the air is not casual in his writing. His writing is fit and tight and his storyline exercised and exorcised of fat. I love this stuff. If you are missing California, or not seeing enough of it in your daily commute, put a little light in your life with Winslow’s series. He gives us a sense that there are still people who have their values screwed on straight.

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  1. Don Winslow was born in New York City but raised in South Kingstown, Rhode Island At various times an actor, director, movie theater manager, safari guide and private investigator, Don has done many things on his way to being a novelist.His first novel, A Cool Breeze On The Underground, was nominated for an Edgar, and a later book, California Fire and Life, received the Shamus Award The Death And Life Of Bobby Z will come out as a feature film in March of 2007, starring Paul Walker and Laurence Fishburne His upcoming novel, The Winter Of Frankie Machine, has been purchased for Robert DeNiro to play the lead role.Don lives on an old ranch in the San Diego area with his wife, Jean, and son, Thomas Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information.


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  1. Maybe it s my landlocked Kansas nature, but I don t get surfing Paddling out into the ocean on a board seems like a lot of work just to get drowned or beaten to death on rocks or eaten by some kind of huge sea creature Plus, fish pee and poop in the ocean so the whole thing is really just a big toilet But to each their own, and one of my favorite crime writers, Don Winslow, has had several of his characters surf so I m than willing to read about it when he s telling the tale.Boone Daniels is a [...]

  2. Oh yeah Don Winslow has so many great things going on in this novel it is difficult to pick the best thing to tell you about It is light and dark at the same time At one point, one of the good guys goes to do something bad, but it turns out good anyway That was a very cool twist of fate the pen.Winslow manages to make the writing sound like a five piece band instead of a mystery with two threads and a protagonist, I felt like I just watched a great concert Part of the reason has to do with the f [...]

  3. Classic PI story updated to the San Diego surfing scene, a fun and predictable read that offers up a raft of characters whose skills misdemeanour s improbably all interconnect at the denouement in a way that is only possible in a cliched detective novel.It suffers from not being dark enough, original enough, from not being a Kem Nunn novel or even one of Winslow s own stellar efforts, but it excels with Winslow s conversational writing style and the inclusion of passages on the history of San Di [...]

  4. Onto the beach, into the fog Don Winslow, The Dawn PatrolClearly, I m a Don Winslow fan One danger with grading any author is the scale gets warped by their most amazing books When I judge The Dawn Patrol next to The Power of the Dog or The Cartel, etc I tend to be really hard on the book I just read However, if I try to evaluate DP for itself and for what it is, I find I really enjoyed it Dawn Patrol is escape candy, beach noir, hard boiled surfer pulp It has a narrative drive that is one of th [...]

  5. The Dawn Patrol is Winslow s fifth book set in Southern California and comes one book back from Savages, which, you may recall, I liked a bit It s less experimental than Savages, which by definition makes it accessible, but the sensibility and style is much the same.This one actually has a hero of sorts, though ex cop Boone Daniels is an unrepentant surf bum in every way someone can be a surf bum He ekes out a living in San Diego adjacent Pacific Beach by being a sort of PI, guest bouncing at h [...]

  6. Fun, slick, slightly cartoonish sorta reminds me of watching Riptide starring Perry King and Joe Penny back in the 80s before Joe Penny went on to that great boob tube masterpiece Jake and the Fat Man with William Conrad, who was indeed THE fat man In other words, The Dawn Patrol is thoroughly entertaining but not really real or scary or particularly original Winslow is first and foremost a stylist, and he s found a nice voice with the short chapters and telegraphic sentences If I rewrote this r [...]

  7. naw, man the new winslow ain t nearly as great as his last two but, shit after the demented masterpiece that is Power of the Dog and the wildly enjoyable The Winter of Frankie Machine well, you ve earned a misstep at least but, check it neil young s solo in cinnamon girl it s one motherfucking note one note played over and over because it s over a changing background, because the rhythm guitar and bass are changing it up, young sounds like he s doing than playing one note nope one note and it s [...]

  8. Review An ex cop surfer turned P.I surfer provides listeners genuine characters, a plausible plot, heart rending moments of truth and terror on and off the waves I enjoy Don Winslows gritty Characters and how he can keep my attention Another one of his that I liked was The Winter of Frankie the Machine Ray Porter, one of the best , has an easy way of adjusting my emotions with subtle shifts in his timber.

  9. The Dawn Patrol is an interesting combination of history surfer culture crime murder mystery weak love story I listened to the audio book and narrator Ray Porter does a fantastic job bringing the story and characters to life I would rate the story as 3.5 stars Ray Porter s performance makes the audio book a good way to read this book to round it to an overall 4 stars.The Dawn Patrol references a group of surfer friends who sit on their surf boards at dawn watching the waves for a ride They are c [...]

  10. There are about as many private investigator stories out there as there are grains of sand on beaches When those private investigators roam around those beaches though, things get different The Dawn Patrol is the story of Boone Daniels, a passionate surfer, who keeps himself afloat just about by solving a case every now and then It is just when the biggest swell of his surfing career is about to hit Californian shores that a new case gives him the ride of a lifetime I have read many crime storie [...]

  11. There are few things potent in literature than accurately described physical endurances As Sunny Day, the female surfer in Don Winslow s evocative mystery The Dawn Patrol, trains for catching Big Waves off the San Diego coast we get a description of what it s like to be held under water after a wipeout I ve spent enough time bounced along the ocean floor disoriented in which way is up and wondering if my breath will last longer than the waves holding me down to know how that feels Winslow perfe [...]

  12. Winslow can t seem to make up his mind whether he wants to write a taut, suspenseful mystery thriller or a colorful, casual guide to the San Diego surfing scene Ostensibly a detective novel about a part time private investigator part time surfer hired by a local law firm to find and protect a missing witness in an insurance matter, for most of the book the plot advances only in brief,sporadic bursts The author spends most of his energy describing the main character and his group of surfer buddie [...]

  13. What starts out as a pseudo comedic caper book in the vein of, maybe, El Leonard becomes a rather moving, and unsuspectingly dark, crime drama that analyzes life itself.The first half of the book fleshes out the characters and explains the world they live in perhaps too much so and remains generally light The humor is present in both the prose fluid, not showy and the dialogue forced and the characters are, for the most part, approaching three dimensions This first half is low on plot and very [...]

  14. Take the perfect climate in San Diego, add a former police officer turned PI, give him a love to surf addiction, and put in an attractive woman who wants to hire him to find and protect a star witness and you have the ingredients of this dandy mystery Boone Daniels is the central character He is so good that he is, in effect, almost a characture of goodness His heroic deeds go from saving a prisoner fro a beating by another cop, saving a young boy caught up in the surf, to persuading a money hun [...]

  15. I remember the first time I read Dennis Lehane A Drink Before the War , Robert B Parker WALKING SHADOW , and Ross MacDonald The Drowning Pool All of those books just sucked me in with voice and character.It s all about character, isn t it People say that everything s been done in the PI novel already, and ultimately, that s probably true But in Don Winslow s latest novel, THE DAWN PATROL, he gave me the same feeling I got when reading the author s listed above I was sucked in Dragged in Pulled l [...]

  16. This is a cracker of a tale Boone Daniels is the archetypal laid back surfer cum PI, a former San Diego police officer who has chosen to spend his days with his group of close knit friends collectively known as the Dawn Patrol.The story takes off when a stripper witnesses some shady goings on involving her boss and pimp Boone gets involved in investigating the wrongful murder of another stripper that leads to busting a ring of pedophiles all while the local surfing community is gearing up for a [...]

  17. WINSLOW HITS ANOTHER ONE OUTTA THE PARK Chapter 102 is probably the best chapter I ve ever read You get a gun pointed at your head, it changes you Don Winslow, The Dawn PatrolAfter listening to a recent interview with Don Winslow, I am pleased and excited to hear that another adventure with Boone and the gang will be in the works.

  18. I ve got to figure out a better way to write reviews as I read It used to be easier when I wrote them on paper Such is life Anyway, now that I have finished the book, a couple of comments I still liked it, but the plot took some turns at the end that made it much dark The whole SPOILER ALERT pedophile thing, I thought, wasn t necessary and seemed a little contrived as an attempt to tie everything together Still, the book held my interest and I enjoyed the surfing cultureIt s a light read Lots o [...]

  19. STRAWBERRY FIELDSIl surf, sia come sport che come filosofia di vita, lontanissimo da noi non abbiamo l oceano, non abbiamo quelle onde e neppure quelle spiagge epper , a Roma, in una piccola traversa a senso unico della circonvallazione Gianicolense c un negozietto dentro un garage che vende assi da surf Eppure, lo conosciamo bene, ci familiare, come tutto quello che riguarda gli US gli yankees hanno sempre usato il cinema per colonizzare il mondo, esportando e rendendo vincente il loro lifestyl [...]

  20. La pattuglia dell alba composta di sei amici, quanto pi diversi l uno dall altro, ma con una passione assoluta che li accomuna, quella del surf e che fa s che ogni mattina, all alba, prima dei rispettivi lavori, i sei si ritrovino a pagaiare e surfare a Pacific Beach In questi giorni imminente l arrivo di una mareggiata incredibile che porter le onde pi alte degli ultimi venti anni Boone Daniels, uno dei sei della Pattuglia, ex poliziotto e ora detective privato, accetta a malincuore considerand [...]

  21. I have read two other books by this author I started with The Cartel, which totally captivated me so I picked up Power Of The Dog, and although it had some long, somewhat dreary moments, I still thought it was very good So I got hooked on Don Winslow, and decided to pick up two of his, The Dawn Patrol and Savages What can I say about The Dawn Patrol Ah well, it was a huge letdown for me The pace is slow, the story never really goes anywhere, and I never felt anything for any of the characters, [...]

  22. Pacifick noir, kter klame t lem Dlouho se zd , e na Winslowovy pom ry je to nezvykle p mo ar a est kov , by samoz ejm napsan vysoce i nad ty nejvy nrov pom ry Ov em postupn se to za modrch a do ellroyovsk ch rozm r.Co tomu nasazuje korunu kvality je punc rozm ru jak se ije v San Diegu , kter by jeden ekal sp e ve velk m americk m rom nu ne noirovce o soukrom m o ku Je z toho c tit siln genius loci posthippie Kalifornie, kde se m s hisp nsk vlivy, vlivy japonsk ch starousedl k zhrzen ch separac p [...]

  23. This was a fun read Coming from a place where waves don t exist Wisconsin it was nice to read about a completely different life The premise was overall interesting and although I never got that heart pounding mystery thriller kind of feeling I thought the plot line and events were pretty well done.The characters were interesting and THOROUGHLY well described almost too much at times Also, it seemed that people were either angels or devils in this book with few flaws in between But the characters [...]

  24. Beautifully written It was amazing how the characters, who make up the west coast communities the tourists, the surfers, Hawaiians, Samoans, Japs, Mexicans, the rich, the poor, the desperate, the law enforcers, the criminals plus the place, and its history were all nicely knit The story s transition from CHILL to DARK was abrupt but effective And like a perfect tuberide, the dawn patrol were able to find their light at the end of the barrel and rode off, but not without the unforgiving punishmen [...]

  25. Another winner from this author Loved the San Diego surf setting, really liked the main character, a former cop turned PI who lives to surf, and was impressed with how the author unraveled the plot which, at first, seemed like it might be a bit lightweight but turned rather dark Listened to the audio version narrated by Ray Porter who did a great job with all the surfer slang and kept the pace brisk.

  26. What made this a 4 star book was the author s easy use of surfer slang, which makes you smell the soft tang of the ocean and lay back easy in your chair, until you read about the crimes our intrepid detective is investigating They re so heinous that you might not want to be there, but justice is finally meted out The Dawn Patrol as surfboard slinging cowboys Give me .

  27. Don Winslow has made surfer noir, drug cartels and police dramas great again In fact this piece made me ponder my purpose I am focused now on being fully present with everyone and to increase their quality of life But shaking the 70 s as a white, male, Mormon has been tough I was taught things like we were the only truth and above animals who we were given dominion over along with the land I believe this along with the entirety of their faith they got wrong I think we are the servants of the lan [...]

  28. Hardboiled San Diego, I enjoyed it It reminded me quite a bit of a Travis Mcgee book, with the author throwing in political outlook and critiques of history which don t come from any character I was disappointed that the big reveal didn t have clues leading into it and was not very cleverly exposed to the reader.This is my first Winslow book He receives shout outs from other authors I like and the WSJ loves him It s certain I ll read listen to some of his other books.The narrator is above avera [...]

  29. Way different than I thought this was going to be Cool to have this story set on the beaches I surf with regularity Crazy story though Thought it was going to be a surfing book, but ended up being a murder solving police thriller with human trafficking and a side story about friendship and how life is constantly changing Really enjoyed this book.

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