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The best Books Strange the Dreamer release Strange the Dreamer is the story of the aftermath of a war between gods and mena mysterious city stripped of its namea mythic hero with blood on his handsa y

The best Books Strange the Dreamer release Strange the Dreamer is the story of the aftermath of a war between gods and mena mysterious city stripped of its namea mythic hero with blood on his handsa young librarian with a singular dreama girl every bit as perilous as she is imperiledalchemy and blood candy, nightmares and godspawn, moths and monsters, friendship and treachery, love and carnage.Welcome to Weep.. Bestseller Books Strange the Dreamer Have you ever loved a book so much that it completely fills your soul, warms your heart, and heals your broken pieces? Because that's Strange the Dreamer.“On the second Sabbat of Twelfthmoon, in the city of Weep, a girl fell from the sky. Her skin was blue, her blood was red.”This is that rare type of book that, while reading, is a constant reminder of why you fell in love with reading in the first place. This book is perfection. This book is a tangible piece of joy. The feeling while reading this is indescribable, but the closest word choice would have to be pure bliss. This isn't the type of book to come around often. In fact, the last time I felt this was back in 2015 with The Name of the Wind, and the same feeling of guilt from giving other books five star ratings is here again. This book is so much greater than five stars. Yet, this book feels unratable, because how do you rate perfection instead of just feeling at a loss of words because of its awe? I don't see how anything I'll read in 2017 can beat this. Not A Court of Wings and Ruin, not Tyrant's Throne, not Skullsworn, not All the Crooked Saints, not The Chosen, not anything. Just throw my 2017 anticipation list away, because Strange the Dreamer was all I needed this year. “Two hundred years ago, there was a storm.”I truly believe the best way to go into this book is blind, I wouldn't even read the synopsis, but the basic premise of this story is that we are introduced to an orphan, who has always been ostracized for being different, and he is constantly dreaming of the Unseen City that everyone else has long forgotten. He grows up, and moves locations, but the mystery city is always on his mind. Then, he finally gets confirmation that the Unseen City is very real and very much in need of help. Surprise mystery after surprise mystery, eloquent word construction after more eloquent word construction, plot twist after plot twist, and you will become so immersed in this world that you will feel like you yourself have lived in the Unseen City all your life. I will say that this book does have a really strong romance. In fact, it probably has one of the biggest OTPS I've ever read. Like, I'm real invested. Probably too invested. There is also *gasp* sex in this book, and is dealt with in such a realistic and natural way, while also being very believable, because these characters are seventeen-years-old and are discovering their bodies for the first time. But don't go into this expecting A Court of Mist and Fury's sex scenes, but go into this knowing that it is an older YA book with mature themes that are amazingly written. Again, I'm too emotionally invested in these fictional characters. “She asked in a hesitant whisper, “Do you still think I’m a… a singularly unhorrible demon?” “No,” he said, smiling. “I think you’re a fairy tale. I think you’re magical, and brave, and exquisite. And…” His voice grew bashful. Only in a dream could he be so bold and speak such words. “I hope you’ll let me be in your story.”➽ The Plot - This story is so unique, like, take my breath away, how did a human even come up with this, unique. The themes brought up are so important, and the messages will stick with you. The plot is engaging, addicting, and nothing short of phenomenal. ➽ The Writing - I kind of want to just write "Laini Taylor is Queen" and leave it at that. The only other person I can compare her writing style to is Maggie Stiefvater. Lyrical writing speaks to my very soul, but Laini Taylor's craft is so perfected that she weaves these heart stopping, unbelievable lines that are so poetic that just leaves me with my mouth open, my breath gone, and my heart pounding. This writing will make you feel as if you are dreaming, and you'll never confuse it with a nightmare. Laini Taylor's writing is a tier above anything I've ever read. Anything.➽ The World - Again, like the plot, the world is so unique and so well crafted. The settings are enough to fill even the most empty of hearts. We have libraries, books upon books, story after story, a mysterious city with an even more mysterious water source running underneath it, mythical armies, demons and angels, domination and salvation. And we have magic, and the magic system in this world is a little random, but learning about all the different possibilities was fascinating. Again, something I became addicted over. ➽ The Characters - *breaks down in tears* I can't. The two main protagonists of this story, Lazlo and Sarai, are everything you could ever want and then more. They are empathetic, helpful, resistant, persistent, hopeful, even in the most bleak of situations, and capable of unconditional love. This story is also filled with gods and goddesses, a lot of ghosts, and maybe a few monsters. Oh, and moths. How I love the moths. ➽ The Messages - You can take a lot from Strange the Dreamer, but two messages are very predominant throughout this book. The first message is about race and how we treat and blame others dependent on their skin color based on bad things that other people with that skin color have done. Welcome to America, what ban attempt are we up to now? The next message, and the biggest constant theme of this novel, is that we are not our parent's/ancestor's mistakes. Everyone can change and everyone can be/do better. It is never too late to do good. “Sarai was seventeen years old, a goddess and a girl. Half her blood was human, but it counted for nothing. She was blue. She was godspawn. She was anathema. She was young. She was lovely. She was afraid.”This book is beyond words with its perfection. I loved every aspect of it, and the only legitimate negative thing I have to say is that Strange the Dreamer makes a very unfortunate abbreviation. And as much as that makes me giggle while taking notes, that's honestly it. Thank you, Laini Taylor, for a book I will carry in my heart for the rest of my life. This is the best thing I've read in years, and I will never forget this story, these characters, or its message. This book is a love letter to story lovers everywhere, and I recommend this book to everyone with every fiber of my being. Also, I'm buying this for everyone for Christmas, so if you're my friends or family reading this, pretend to be surprised. No other title in 2018 will come close to the anticipation I feel for The Muse of Nightmares. Please, Lord, help me and my very fragile heart with the wait. Blog | Twitter | Tumblr | Instagram | Youtube | Twitch [Update: July 26th, 2017]You can never have too many copies of your favorite book! 📖🦋✨

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  1. Hi I write fantasy books My latest is STRANGE THE DREAMER, about a young librarian, a mythic lost city, and the half human children of murdered gods Check it out Before that I wrote the DAUGHTER OF SMOKE BONE trilogy, which has been translated into 32 languages It s about a blue haired art student raised by monsters, a broken angel, and a war that has raged for 1000 years in another world I also wrote LIPS TOUCH THREE TIMES, which was a National Book Award finalist, and the DREAMDARK books As well as various short stories and novellas Thanks for reading lainitaylor lainitaylor


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  1. Have you ever loved a book so much that it completely fills your soul, warms your heart, and heals your broken pieces Because that s Strange the Dreamer On the second Sabbat of Twelfthmoon, in the city of Weep, a girl fell from the sky Her skin was blue, her blood was red This is that rare type of book that, while reading, is a constant reminder of why you fell in love with reading in the first place This book is perfection This book is a tangible piece of joy The feeling while reading this is i [...]

  2. It was impossible, of course.But when did that ever stop any dreamer from dreaming Oh hell, it was gorgeous perfection.I ve been away for a while because I m on vacation, but I just had to step back in and review this completely strange, utterly beautiful book I ve been waiting so long for Laini Taylor to steal my heart once , and Strange the Dreamer does not disappoint.It s so tempting when reviewing Taylor s books to talk about the writing style and language Because it s stunning I don t know [...]

  3. Audio re read was freaking awesome Had to get the UK Version my bookmark from my favorite place on Etsy Yay This book is amazing That s just all there is to it Laini Taylor is amaze balls When I got this beautiful book from UPS I about fell over It is so freaking beautiful The cover is so shiny and no amount of pictures can do it justice You just have to see it for yourself This book is so full of everything How do I even review a book that is all over and made me sad and took me to a strange an [...]

  4. I love the DoSaB trilogy, which made me nervous to read STRANGE, because how could anything top DoSaB Somehow, Laini manages it Probably because she is really, really talented but also I think she might make blood sacrifices to the muses STRANGE THE DREAMER is a beautiful, unusual, unexpected story which so many great characters that it s very hard for me to pick a favorite Worldbuilding is intense and wholly original, but still very readable and organic The incredible prose made me want to savo [...]

  5. Reread Apr 2017This time I actually finished it, I listened to the audiobook, and it was better but still lots of unnecessary filler that prevented me from really getting into the story Really sad I didn t enjoy it but oh well, I gave it a fair shot DNF Jan 2017I never, like literally never, DNF books but this is one that I just couldn t do I was so incredibly confused the whole time I read it It was so all over the place I couldn t even bring myself to read any further DNFed pg 150 Rating is o [...]

  6. boy do I feel like someone resurrected me from the dead badlyI wonder if anyone with bulky muscular arms is willing to hug me right now, I want to be compressed back to death because I ve decided to abandon humanity to become an orb of energy and light instead and just live photogenically until The Muse of Nightmares is out Beautiful and full of monsters All the best stories are How much money do you think I should invest in the search for immortality for Laini Taylor to keep her as a story tell [...]

  7. Full Review Update I honestly still don t know what to rate this, so I m going with 3.5 stars Wow, so it took me nearly two months to finish this book Here s the thing The writing quite literally slays, and so does the characterization My struggle was this Half the time, I was sitting there in awe, thinking This is the best book EVER WRITTEN ahhh The other half It felt like wading through mud Sparkly, very very pretty mud, but mud nonetheless There would be pages and pages of descriptions and wh [...]

  8. I TRULY DO NOT HAVE WORDS FOR HOW MUCH BEAUTIFUL PERFECTION THIS BOOK IS I need stars to give it omg I honestly feel like this is the most beautifully written book of evere words The marvellous exquisite combination of words just IT SLAYED ME It s all gods and monsters and librarians and the most lush and gorgeous dream landscapes and I cannnnn t I just can t with how wholly i loved it I got to this point reading it and was just like I never want this book to end thanks OKAY BUT CAN WE TALK ABO [...]

  9. oooh, choice awards semifinalist for best YA fantasy what will happen laini taylor is a straight up godsend she s masterful at writing characters you care about, at building worlds down to the dust in the corner of a room, at creating conflicts that are analogous to a reader s experiences despite being set in imaginary realms populated by creatures not quite human, and she ll rip your heart out with zero regrets this book opens with the death of a character you ve never met, so your heart stays [...]

  10. mahal A risk that will yield either tremendous reward or disastrous consequence.That s really the heart of what every reader desires in a fantasy world, right Where there is no great risk, there is nothing worth losing, and where there is nothing worth losing, there is nothing worth reading Perhaps that is the pinnacle of this book s excellence, but it s certainly not it s only great feature I knew from the moment I dove in that this story would be special the three pages of prologue were beaut [...]

  11. YES PRINTZ HONOR You are in for a treat I mean, if you are a Laini Taylor fan and like her elaborate prose and rich worldbuilding and, let s be frank, romances with a whiff of instalove, I don t see how this book can disappoint you It surely didn t disappoint me.The story starts with a hungry orphan dreaming of a magic city beyond a vast desert where all kinds of wonders live And ends Well, I ll stop here because the biggest pleasure in reading Taylor s books is unspooling a wondrous yarn of her [...]

  12. Click here to watch a video review of this book on my channel, From Beginning to Bookend.Lazlo Strange, abandoned orphan and bibliophile librarian, has nurtured an interest in fairy tales and legends since he was a boy His secret passion is studying the language and lore of the lost city of Weep Lazlo believes he ll never be brave enough to search for the forgotten city, but when a heroic figure known as the Godslayer arrives at his village in search of aid, the opportunity to cross the world is [...]

  13. What a spectacular world Laini Taylor has crafted in this book Every once in awhile I enjoy a paranormal fantasy type of story, but it definitely isn t my go to genre Yet, Laini Taylor has managed to suck me in once again The beauty of her words and the vivid imagery that she creates never ceases to amaze me This book centers on Lazlo Strange, aka Strange the Dreamer An orphan, he has never really had a home or felt like he fit in The closest he s come to a sense of normalcy is during his time i [...]

  14. 11 19 2017 GET IT HERE ON AUDIBLE DAILY DEAL 5.95 That is a freakin steal oh my god Peculiar Resplendent Gripping.These are just a couple of words that race through my mind when I consider Strange the Dreamer Laini Taylor has solidified her spot as one of my favorite authors with this release I am unapologetically in love with her style of writing I am a shameless worshiper of her artistry for willing forth magnificent worlds characters scenarios from her pen I devour her books like oxygen.Befor [...]

  15. As a boy at the abbey, stories had been Lazlo s only wealth He was richer now.Now he had books.Those of you who ve been following my reviews and rant views for a while, already know that my first experience with Laini Taylor and her Daughter of was a complete failure.I kind of enjoyed the writing, even if I found it a little pompous and confusing, and the plot was not bad either, but my main problems were the characters and their interactions I couldn t be happier to admit that Strange the Dream [...]

  16. UPDATE I MADE FANART GUYSs347otobucket user emmaThis is one of the most beautiful and creative books I ve ever read, and I needed to try to get some of its gorgeous imagery onto paper I was extremely skeptical of the hype before reading this I d read Daughter of Smoke and Bone and didn t care for it, and honestly expected this to go the same way I could not have been wrong Strange the Dreamer is a beautiful story, but the word beautiful doesn t even seem to do it justice It reads like a fairy t [...]

  17. I don t know if it s the unbelievably stupid fucking actions of Lazlo in the last fifteen pages, or the fact that I could not force myself to give a single solitary shit about Sarai, or the fact that this book scraaaaaaped to its conclusion at a grandfatherly pace, but I turn the last page in a fit of rage why, Laini Taylor Why My rating is generous, rage considered I accidentally bought two copies of this, and then we ended up with three copies total in the house, and while it s certainly beaut [...]

  18. I m going to try my very best to not kiss ass to this book lol but you guys my mind is blown, okay I will, forever and always, be starstruck whenever I think of this masterpiece of a novel.The plot has elements of awesome character developmentpolitical intrigue that heavily applies to our world todayhealthy romantic relationship my babies are so pure, they need to be protected at all costs friends and familyaction and ghosts.Strange the Dreamer is a book that I believe can be it s very own genre [...]

  19. I need stars This book was incredible and heartbreaking and magical and shattering and mystical and ruinous and absolutely everything I ve ever wanted in my life Laini Taylor has to be one of the most talented writers I ve ever read works from Her ability to capture and create magic is just breath taking Her characters, her worlds, her language, her story everything about this book has wrapped itself around my heart and probably won t let go for a very long time YouTube Review to come, once I v [...]

  20. What a great book I had heard good things and it did not disappoint.Taylor knows how to world build She took me to a place we have never been, that has its own set of rules, its own history, its own mythology, etc and in under 100 pages I was comfortable with the reality she had created Also, while world building, she didn t spend time stopping the story to set up the world for us Instead, it was seamlessly integrated with the story so that as we got to know the characters and their actions, we [...]

  21. EDIT 11 05 2017 I m reposting my review to share with you a funny thing related to this book that has been happening to me these past weeks I read Strange the Dreamer a month ago, and just before I started it, an abominably underestimated Italian singer that I love, Ilaria Porceddu, released a new album I listened to it over and over again mostly while I was reading Strange the Dreamer, and recently I ve realised that whenever I think of this book, the thought comes, always, with its personal so [...]

  22. I THOUGHT I WAS PREPARED FOR THIS BOOK AND I WAS NOT AT ALL I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS SO MANY FEELINGS.I am both needing and DREADING the next book because these feelings will only INTENSIFY.Man I LOVED this world and I love these characters so much OMGGGG

  23. It s been 3 months since I read this book and I haven t been able to stop thinking about it since Someone save me from my painHELLO FRIENDS I HAVE RETURNED BECAUSE WHY ISNT THERE MUCH HYPE AROUND SARAI I know Lazlo is fucking incredible but like CAN WE TALK ABOUT SARAI That chick is so damn cool She s blue She has the weirdest and most fascinating abilities and I am damn impressed by her Can we get hype around her please because THAT GIRL IS KILLIN IT AND NO ONE SEEMS TO BE APPRECIATING HER Als [...]

  24. full review finally upThis book put me in a slump and ruined my life It has taken me FOREVER to make any progress on this book for multiple reasons let s discuss.1 The WritingThe writing is absolutely magical Laini definitely has a talent with words She can describe emotions as if they are being felt and build vivid scenes that are practically tangible But is there such a thing as too much of a good thing Yes, yes there is.Although everything was gorgeously described, it was also so elaborate th [...]

  25. earlier i was feeling anxious and therefore couldn t fall asleep so i randomly picked this book up because i remembered that reading it felt like a magical bedtime storynow it s 3am and my mind s at ease and i feel warm and content and my heart is filled with pure joy i guess i ll be rereading the entirety of this book now a little bit of it every time i can t sleep until i m so swept up in this weird fantastical world that i won t even have one single bad thought left i won t even partake in th [...]

  26. Audible Daily Deal Sale until 28Jan18 5.954.5 Perfectly Delightful Shade of Blue StarsThis was an incredibly beautifully told part of a story It is a dualogy so consider this the first half The writing was impressive, full of wonder, elegance and felt like I was dancing with words It was beautiful and terrible and full of monsters Laini Taylor writes like I think other people dream There are stories within her stories I adore her prose and the way she can turn something ordinary into something c [...]

  27. Find this review and others on my blog Flipping Through the Pages TW Mentions of non consensual sex rapeI want to preface this review by saying I find it extraordinarily difficult to review anything by Laini Taylor in a coherent manner From her 35 page story in Lips Touch Three Times, to the entire Daughter of Smoke and Bone, I find everything she writes absolutely remarkable.So Strange the Dreamer was everything I wanted it to be and MORE.It s no surprise to me that Laini Taylor s writing was w [...]

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