Bestseller Ebook Agony release Revised edition uploaded on WARNING I have seen some strangely beautiful things which lead me to write this book agony is not a love story no matter how you ma

Bestseller Ebook Agony release Revised edition uploaded on 01 01 16 WARNING I have seen some strangely beautiful things which lead me to write this book agony is not a love story, no matter how you may feel about it in the beginning This book is intended for mature audiences 18 and over for a reason There is sex in this book, but there is also terrible violence There is no hero in this story Revised edition uploaded on 01 01 16 WARNING I have seen some strangely beautiful things which lead me to write this book agony is not a love story, no matter how you may feel about it in the beginning This book is intended for mature audiences 18 and over for a reason There is sex in this book, but there is also terrible violence There is no hero in this story This story is dark Reader discretion is advised Neve Dutton leaves New York with the promise of stardom in her eyes Never wanting to be in front of the cameras, she s happiest following her career choice of being a director s assistant But when she lands a job at an adult entertainment company, she realizes that her dream job is really a nightmare Tricked by her cousin, Adesynne, into working for the porn giant company Devil s Den, Neve finds her days are full of awkward moments, stress, uncomfortable shoots, and wishing for nothing than to be back home Until she meets Arsen Caldwell Arsen hides his secret from Neve for as long as he can and helps to get her transferred to another company where she lands a job with Jareth Vance of Golden Hills Media Jareth sees a potential star in Neve, but she doesn t know that her first starring roll could possibly be her last.. Bestseller Ebook Agony ☆☆☆ 3 "Annoying Virgin Goes Crazy" Stars ☆☆☆ I am going to start off saying I have loved this author's other books. This cover captivated me. I knew this was going to be crazy because that's how Miss Olson rolls and I like it!!! That being said.....Naive virgin Neve works for a porn production company and hates it. Meets sexy, boy Arsen at the porn set.Neve and Arsen connect instantly. She's annoying and Arsen is patient and sweetest of the sweet. Then Neve figures out he is a PORN BOY. This insta relationship evolves in 3 days. Ok, great I can deal. They continue in a cute relationship and then......... boom it is 6 weeks later. She is avoiding Arsen because of his jealousy. Ummmmm, ok.Then she gets offered $50k to star in a roll with Arsen. She accepts because she is "Curious "........Duh Miss Virgin....but whatever, go star in your film. Come to find out, the film is a black market slasher film. What??? What happened to the pornos? Our naive little virgin turns murderer???I just don't get this story at all. To sum things up....1☆ because I like this author1☆ because the start of this book had potential1☆ because the crazy twist rocked if it had made sense in this story.

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  1. Bestselling Indie Author Alice in Wonderland Junkie Horror Obsessed Arsenic Laced Welcome.Yolanda Olson is an award winning and international bestselling author Born and raised in Bridgeport, CT where she currently resides, she usually spends her time watching her favorite channel, Investigation Discovery Occasionally, she takes a break to write books and test the limits of her mind Also an avid horror movie fan, she likes to incorporate dark elements into the majority of her books You can keep in touch with her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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  1. 3 Annoying Virgin Goes Crazy Stars I am going to start off saying I have loved this author s other books This cover captivated me I knew this was going to be crazy because that s how Miss Olson rolls and I like it That being saidNaive virgin Neve works for a porn production company and hates it Meets sexy, boy Arsen at the porn set.Neve and Arsen connect instantly She s annoying and Arsen is patient and sweetest of the sweet Then Neve figures out he is a PORN BOY This insta relationship evolves [...]

  2. Well where to start about this book I seriously think that Yolanda has one sick and twisted mind, every book she has written just gets mind twistingly brilliant.Your happily reading this book when bam it it s you, a seriously twistedly dark mind boggling turn Neve is a young woman that moved from New York to start a new life in search of the dream job, she is set up by her cousin in a job that will certainly push her boundaries Meeting Arsen on the set of her job, she tries not to fall, and fal [...]

  3. This was my very first book I have read of Yolanda Olson s and I was given an ARC for my honest opinion In my reviews I do not give any spoilers since I believe you should experience the book without knowing it all Well Today I must say I am in a state of AWE I don t know what to say but YES YOLANDA Maybe if I really let it soak in my brain I could find words to write but at the moment my eyes are wide open and truly in AWE YES

  4. Don t be fooled this is no happy ending Oh my sweet baby Jesus I grabbed this book, it s one of the few I hadn t read yet by this author This book is about a girl who gets a job Then finds out it s a porno filming studio She hates it but is determined to stick it out But then she gets fired Thankfully the guy that fired her, hooked her up with a great job Or is it Seriously I was waiting for the other shoe to drop in this book Usually this authors books are horror You know slicing and dicing Don [...]

  5. I had never smoked beforeI took one and inhaled.I was different now I was going to become an entirely new Neve Grace Dutton Name in lights, fame and fortune, a bright career is the promise naive Neve puts her faith in Newly qualified her cousin manages to secure her work as a production assistant but Neve jumps before she looks and lands in something she ever thought she would be part of Filming adult movies was never part of the plan, stuck in a job that makes her feel dirty in her own skin, th [...]

  6. Alright I ll keep this short, sweet and spoiler free I cannot stand young lovey dovey romance, its totally cheesy and unrealistic Thank Gawd this little Gem was waaaay outta the norm Absolutely surpassed my level of unpredictability, I did NOT see that coming.The beginning was fabulously witty and I giggled through most of it, the Author has a way of describing each character so well you connect with each one and relate to their lifestyles Also you had me at Baby Doll my absolute favorite swoon [...]

  7. Agony is a must read book If you are a fan of Yolanda Olsons writing then you ll love this dark ish read I m not writing a whole lot because it s not out yet but I will say it s a MUST READ BOOK More to come on release day Merged review A Dark Must Read I loved it Yolanda Olson knows how to grab your attention and keep it 100% till the very end I love how things may look normal and then is not normal Neve Dutton is working in the last place she thought she d ever be working Surrounded by cameras [...]

  8. What the hell did I just read This is so not what I was expecting I need of an explanation of what the hell is going on What the hell is wrong with Neve I would like to know if this shit was based on true events I m floored after reading this This story brought me back to a time in college when there was a guy on campus that I saw at the university center and I m thinking he is very cute and my friend said not that one He doesn t even go to this school and the girl he is with is one of his like [...]

  9. Wow This was intense I love Yolanda Olson s writing and was expecting a dark, gritty read, but the grand finale of this story really got me, and only very few times it has happened before Brilliant It starts off very innocent though, with a young girl Neve, who s just out of college and is struggling with her first job as a director s assistant On the set she meets a guy who has all the prerequisites to be the one, only even a seemingly perfect guy has his skeletons in the closet, some of which [...]

  10. I received this in exchange for an honest review.Neve has a job most would cringe at and so she does She works for Devil s Den and while it is very uncomfortable for her, she sticks by it That is until she is fired and lands in the hands of one Hollywood s hottest directors.She meets Arsen who charms his way into her life Though things go slow, it isn t until a horrible turn of events has her rethinking whether or not she should be in front of the camera Without giving away any spoilers, Yolanda [...]

  11. Agony, that s the feeling I m often left with after reading Yolanda I love this author, she s brilliant Yolanda takes me out of my comfort zone and messes with my mind leaving my brain exhausted This is a story that does a major about face toward the end leaving you with a what the heck just happened moment If you re expecting a HEA moment, don t hold your breath I recommend you grab this book when it s released, it s a must read.I received this ARC from the author for an honest review.

  12. Yolanda never ceases to amaze me with the insane thoughts running through her brain.Neve tries to make the best of a crummy situation Working for a porn company wasn t her first choice When she meets Arsen, she thinks things might turn around No matter what she does, though, nothing will ever be good.Bringing gritty and raw images, Yolanda grabs you from the word go and sweeps you into this crazy world of the grittier side of Hollywood Amazing and fearsome, grab this one and hold on tight

  13. I received a copy of this from the author in exchange for a fair and honest reviewWow I don t really know what to sayThis story took the words right out of my mouth, I was gobsmacked I read a teaser for this and was instantly interested, I like dark gritty stories.I read this in a sitting, seriously could not put it down, I needed to know, how and who was going to do what, boy did I get a shock.More Please

  14. Ok, I loved the twists Yolanda writes some amazing and disturbingly good books She can take any story and turn it into wicked awesomeness From helping a director on the set of porn to well you need to read it and see what Nev will star in herself It won t disappoint I was different now I was going to become an entirely new Neve Grace Dutton I would so love to see what happens to Jessica hope there is another book to come.

  15. I love how Yolanda Olson always has me guessing as to what will be next in her books I knew something was going to happen in agonyI just knew it There is always something with her books You are reading right along and then BAMB Something happens that normally shocks the hell out of me I loved this book Yolanda knows how to spin a good story that keeps me on the edge of my seat waiting for something to happen every single time A definite FIVE stars for me

  16. I must say that this book is very different from what i normally read This is my first dark story I was very shocked at how quicly things escalated, lol This book was very well written and i couldn t put it down If you are into dark story lines then this one is for you

  17. How does she do it Again this author doesn t disappoint She can take any story and turn it dark, like all the worst nightmares we have Just pick up one of her books, and enter another dream turn bad.

  18. I m blown away This is an amazing story with an anything goes ending MUST READ Every emotion will be tested in this story Neve is a girl with a dream Arsen is a BBF with a secret Will it work You have to read to find out

  19. Holy fucking hell I didn t think I would like this because it seemed like a romantic book I m so glad I read the entire thing God damn that was unexpected

  20. Oh my god I am so so so mad at myself I was warned that this book was no good, but decided to give it a try anyway, I mean, I had read inferno by the same author, And it was damn dark and good But boy was this far from that bookThrough out the whole book, I was either doing this,Or doing thisSpoiler alert view spoiler OK so neve starts working in a porn set, behind the scenes, neve being a virgin is uncomfortable with the whole set up and decides to go take a nap on a new York type of set I gues [...]

  21. I received an unedited ARC copy of agony in exchange for an honest review It isn t very often that I write a raw review But Yolanda Olson s writing elicited this response and I can t go to bed without doing this now HOLY EXPLETIVE I was warned numerous times the synopsis even comes with a warning label AND I have been following Yolanda Olson for months on the dirty F word social media site, so I know a little about her sinister ways Originally I fell in love with her personality, after reading m [...]

  22. Do what I will say I love Yolanda s dark books but this oneI don t have a clue what happened The last 4 or so chapters were short and clipped But what was worse is how its missing 10 chapters in between One minute I am reading about Neve having a great new job that she has not started yet and having feelings for Arsen the next instant weeks or months go by and I was lost trying to figure out what the hell happened Only to be even confused how she went into a killing spree then agreeing to conti [...]

  23. I went in blind with this book, had no clue what the story was about, I ve read a few of Yolanda s books and every one of them is unique and amazing.It s hard to describe as every book of hers has been completely different to each other but this is the one that really surprised me the most with how much different it is.I don t want to give anything away but if you are just dipping your toe in to horror and want to try one of her books then i would start with this one, it s not as much horror as [...]

  24. A good late nite readWhat can i sayIn this book i had an idea where it was going about 5 or 6 chapter s in, it wasn t until chapter 9 that i figured it out all out about neve s cousin This were a good read and also reminded me these things do happen im glad it twisted around from the normal outcome of the ending of these situations, you will understand me when you read the book i dont want to give anything away The only bad thing i can say is afew words i had to re read an add my own word in to [...]

  25. Wtf I never read the blurb for this book I just dived right in because I knew I was going to like it Several chapters in I had to look and make sure I was reading a Yolanda Olson book because it seemed to nice and romantic Then out of nowhere Boom once again this author messed with my head

  26. When I first started reading this book I thought to myself being new this author, this must be a lighter side to her writing But how wrong was I, when it changes at about 90% And even though I knew where it was going, it still didn t repair me for that ending OMG I m in love with this woman s writing, I seriously can t get enough of it I m now off to see what I can read next and I can t wait

  27. Well I wasn t expecting thatI ve read quite a few of Yolanda s books and this one is the first to catch me off guard Cracking story and the end well I wasn t expecting that

  28. I grabbed this book as I have enjoyed other works by Ms Olson I find her type of writing horror uplifting to say the least but this isn t one of those type of books in my opinion nor is it the normal happy ending people want from a romance book This book is about a innocent girl who gets a job at a porn studio as although she hates it tries to stick it out hoping for something better Then she loses the job but is hooked up with another job by an actor on the set who sees something in her Don t g [...]

  29. I believe this book to be the first book that I coveted from Yolonda Olson and I credit it with birthing my interest in her writing I was super excited when I finally ordered a signed copy.Agony started off without the mysterious darkness that I have grown accustomed to in her books, but it still piqued my curiousity in classic Olson fashion I was very eager to see what turn the story would take and what would happen with Neve and Arsen The end of chapter six had me very apprehensive because I k [...]

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