Dan's Dirty Day

A viral Book

A viral Book Dan's Dirty Day the best work Spend a fun day with Dan, the big yellow dog Explore the farm and learn your colors Find out what happens when this sweet dog leaves home to go on an adventure.. Good Ebook Dan's Dirty Day

About Author

  1. Dawn Chandler was born in Coffeyville, Kansas She moved to Idaho when she was six, but had the opportunity to visit there recently She very much enjoyed the Dalton Museum Growing up she spent her days in Murtaugh Lake, swimming, catching fish and tadpoles, from sunup to sundown most days At nights she would spend her time watching football with dad or cooking with her mom Today she is busy writing her novels, to be released as time and her muse allows She enjoys swimming, camping, four wheeling, spending time with family and friends, hiking, writing, drawing, painting, reading a vastly wide list of authors , and taking pictures as she travel the countryside She writes a wide range of genres, from fantasy and westerns, to scifi and romance, with historical romance being her muse s favorite pasttime dawnchandler Courses Taken Life in a medieval castle Problem words, punctuation and phrases Basic HTML The Power of WordsSelf Editing for Published and Unpublished Authors 25 Words from Query to sale Shaping and Sculpting the art of editing Adding Humor to your manuscript Building a successful submission package Editing with an editor The Scottish Highlands World Building Bringing Pirates to life Knights Templar Fairies and Dragons along the silk road and beyond Plotting for Pansters Medieval Ireland


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