Mr. Darcy's Forbidden Love

Mr Darcy s Forbidden Love Librarian Note Alternate new cover edition for ISBN ISBN Mr Darcy s Forbidden Love is a Pride and Prejudice variation Not a simple retelling it is an intriguing new st

Librarian Note Alternate new cover edition for ISBN 10 1468137913 ISBN 13 978 1468137910.Mr Darcy s Forbidden Love is a Pride and Prejudice variation Not a simple retelling, it is an intriguing new story that does not follow canon It is rated for Mature Audiences When Fitzwilliam Darcy meets Elizabeth Bennet for the first time, he is already married to another womLibrarian Note Alternate new cover edition for ISBN 10 1468137913 ISBN 13 978 1468137910.Mr Darcy s Forbidden Love is a Pride and Prejudice variation Not a simple retelling, it is an intriguing new story that does not follow canon It is rated for Mature Audiences When Fitzwilliam Darcy meets Elizabeth Bennet for the first time, he is already married to another woman Forced into a loveless marriage, in name only, to the widowed Lady Gisela Grantham because of his father s sins, Darcy is obliged by honour to remain in the marriage to hide a dark secret That unhappy part of his life, however, is quickly coming to an end as he meets the love of his life in a little known village in Hertfordshire Mr Darcy s Forbidden Love is the story of a love that was meant to be a passion too strong to be denied.

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Mr. Darcy's Forbidden Love

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  1. Welcome to my author page let me tell you a little about myself.First, I have never followed soap operas, I hardly have time to watch television at all Thus, if any of my characters match names of soap opera characters, I assure you it is a coincidence I come up with the names all by myself Now that that is addressed, I shall move on big smile I worked for years in the accounting world until I traded my career for life on a small farm A voracious reader and romance movie aficionada, one day I happened to notice that one of my favorite Jane Austen books had been made into a movie It was the 2005 production of Pride and Prejudice and I went to the theatre to see it instead of waiting, as usual, for the DVD or online video release Nothing can compare to seeing this production on the big screen It captured my imagination and made me want of these beloved characters or others like them I began buying all of Jane Austen s novels on and discovered the Jane Austen Fan Fiction genre.I read everything I could find and then decided to write a story of my own, which was posted on a fan fiction site A nice response from my readers convinced me to publish the story I began a forum, DarcyandLizzy.Com, where I post my stories before they are published It features many other writers as well.


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  1. Borrowed Through PrimeI adored the first book I read by this author She has a flair for the dramatic and romantic Her characters and plot were original and only mildly based on Austen s Pride Prejudice This is not something I mind so when I had the chance to read this second book with another intriguing blurb, I snagged it.Darcy and Lizzy were surrounded by dastardly plotters and tough, seemingly insurmountable circumstances Darcy is married His wife is awful and a blackmailer His Aunt Catherine [...]

  2. In this story we read that Darcy is married, due to the manipulations of a rejected woman, who 1 When Darcy would not succumb to her charms, 2 Then seduced his father, George Darcy, 3 Claimed to be pregnant by him and 4 Further, found letters written by Darcy s mother, Anne Darcy, which revealed that Georgina is not George s child So 5 Gisela blackmailed Darcy into marrying her to keep those two family secrets hiddend then after the wedding 6 He dumps her at her townhouse and refuses to have any [...]

  3. This is the first book that I have read by this author and I can t wait to read They are a bit pricey for me right now but looking forward to future readings Reread Still 5 stars I loved this book but I must say the highlight for me this time was Bingley.Reread Best Bingley Jane scene ever

  4. This was a long and wonderful PP variation I have to say that it took a while to get into this story There a lot of characters to keep track of and who s doing what to this person and that person But I had a giant smile on my face when it was over, which usually tells me I found another great readThis is a very different story from PP, but Elizabeth and Darcy s personalities are similar to the original book in many ways They meet and fall in love at a book store, which seals their connection and [...]

  5. What If Darcy Was Trapped In Marriage Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars TYPE OF AUSTENESQUE NOVEL Pride and Prejudice Variation, Mature AudiencesTIME FRAME April 1812, Mr Darcy s first appearance in MerytonMAIN CHARACTERS Elizabeth Bennet Mr Darcy, Georgiana Darcy, Charles Bingley, Richard Fitzwilliam, George Wickham, Lady Catherine, and a bunch of original creations Lady Ashcroft, Gisela Darcy, Lord Landingham , and John WilkensSYNOPSIS Darcy meets Elizabeth in a bookshop in Meryton and it is love at f [...]

  6. First off Brenda Webb s Fitzwilliam Darcy an Honorable Man is one of my all time favorites I have read it many times and was so excited when I saw another of her novels was being released She really changes the story and creates a whole new plot and atmosphere with the characters They are romantic, fun and enjoyable, and served up with enough angst even for me Mr Darcy s Forbidden Love is PP variation where Darcy is already married In order to hide a family secret, he was forced into marriage to [...]

  7. So this book took me an unexpectedly long time to finish compared to the last few I ve read And of course it is my 30th book of the year Which is what I set my 2015 goal as I may have underestimated how many books I read a year lolThis book definitely started out being five stars, but dwindled by the end It s probably 4.5 in reality.The premise Mr Darcy is already married Ah But he was blackmailed into this marriage by a very evil woman named Gisela The marriage is loveless, they never live in t [...]

  8. WOW Loved this book with only one exception In this alternative PP, Mr Darcy is trapped in a loveless marriage and he is married only to save the family name His parents lived longer but was not the ideal marriage by the end Anne Darcy was very sick and George Darcy had mistresses As a result Darcy is made to marry to save the family name and than in the span of a year both parents die and he is stuck married to Gisela who is a beautiful, pampered, winy, vengeful bitch She makes Caroline seem ta [...]

  9. I found this book very hard to rate What I didn t like I didn t really like the fact that Darcy was already married and concealed that fact from Elizabeth Also, I would have found it realistic if the Darcys had just paid Gisela off, instead of getting Darcy to marry her, or set her up in a cottage somewhere, like other mistresses I also thought there was a bit too much drama going on, at some point I kept thinking it would be nice to finally have some uninterrupted romance, instead of yet anoth [...]

  10. This was a very soap opera y what if telling of Pride and Prejudice, but one of the better ones that tend to go that way there are plenty of horrible and unreadable ones out there Some areas seemed to go on forever, but overall was a good indulgent read I read it while stuck in bed sick

  11. This story starts when Mr Darcy falls in love at first sight pretty much with Elizabeth when he meets her in the bookshop in Meryton Their paths cross again resulting in a compromising situation Mr Bennet demands Darcy marries Lizzy He says he would love, to were that it not for the complication that he is already married Oh dear.This book is long about 13 hours reading time It also a story that goes much wider than the original with a range of new characters that make for an interesting tale Th [...]

  12. An interesting variationAs Darcy arrives in Meryton to visit Bingley at Netherfield, he first stops at a book shop where he meets Elizabeth He is instantly struck by her beauty and lively personality This is the woman who should be sharing his life, but alas, he is already married.While the story is filled with angst and danger, it provides an interesting perspective of how love conquers all and how patience and trust will guide you through the obstacles set in your path.86

  13. Multifaceted storyI would have given this book 5 stars but it has an ending that is anti climatic It is an interesting story which has Darcy in a loveless marriage with a vindictive and revengeful woman Elizabeth and Darcy fall in love but can t be together A wicked Wickham and evil Aunt Catherine try to do their worst Elizabeth s mother is her usual horrible self and even the Gardiners aren t at their usual best This is a story with lots of intrigue and romance but could have easily been reduce [...]

  14. Nothing but the characters are the same from Pride and Prejudice Darcy meets Elizabeth for the first time in a bookshop and is immediately drawn to her ad falls in love with her quite easily He is not tortured by her family, her lack of connections or fortunes but rather of a loveless marriage he is stuck in to avoid scandal in his family when all he wants is Elizabeth At first I was surprised how quickly they fell in love as in the original they were under the same roof in Netherfield and they [...]

  15. I read BW s first book, An Honorable Man, and hated to see it end I thought it very romantic and loved how the author created that bond between Darcy and Elizabeth Georgiana and Evan was sweet too I love when author include children and then the glimpse into the future was perfect The one thing I felt it was lacking was the intimate moments I know some don t like reading about love scenes but I feel it adds depth and when your talking about romance and love it should be natural I felt it was dry [...]

  16. Lovers of Pride and Prejudice variations will find this non canon, what if, an exciting book filled with intrigue and suspense What could be horrendous than to find our favorite character, Fitzwilliam Darcy, forced into a loveless marriage with the immoral Gisela, a woman who has gained her position through blackmail In Darcy s mind, the situation is futile However a spark of hope is ignited when he meets Elizabeth Bennet, by chance, in a Meryton bookshop Brenda Webb is a master when it comes t [...]

  17. That was a damn tedious waste of an eveningor two Too many eye rolling, you have got to be kidding moments The book goes on and on and on and on and on One disaster after scandal after tragedy It s every bad romance plot rolled into one rather long PP variation Most unrealistic is Elizabeth considering marriage to an abusive cad because Mrs Gardener demanded it I was disappointed by the portrayal of Mrs Gardiner as a calculating social climber Read the whole book but skipped unnecessary paragrap [...]

  18. Mostly dreadful, but I read to the end Thought it was taking forever to get there, however There were parts that were fun and enjoyable, but also loads of crazy subplots, characters who are the opposite of their Austen selves, pistol packing society ladies , a disturbing emphasis on punishment, a reliance on dialogue to provide exposition the list goes on and on But the most problematic aspect to my mind was that Elizabeth did not seem like herself Darcy s character is different, too, but his tr [...]

  19. Rich with interesting new heroes and villains There was passionate moments and also nail biting suspense A few of my beloved characters are flipped to be unlikeable, but the plot works it into a good balance overall There were points when I laughed until I cried and other times I just cried for my beloved Lizzy and Fitzwilliam I really like how the writer makes each character interesting from the elite to the servants They all played active parts in moving the story along I will keep my eye out [...]

  20. I enjoyed this story for the most part, but it tended to ramble and run on in areas Though I read it quickly, as is my norm, there were so many characters that several times I had to stop to think who someone was as they had not been mentioned for such a long time There were parts that did not hold my attention and I tended to skip ahead Language is not true to the period, but it was well written.

  21. There is nothing particularly wrong with this story, I never completed it but that was to do with my own constitution rather then the prose I don t consider myself a angst wheenie most of the time but half way through this I found I couldn t endure any suffering on the protagonists behalf Not for the diehard janeites or the angst wheenies I think.

  22. The cover picture is heinous but the book is pretty good The gardiners weren t true to the original, it was missing the witty banter of the original, there were a few inconsistencies, and the ending kind of dragged but overall i would recommend it

  23. TOO MUCH bad grammar, plot twists, repetition, cliches, drama I m not sure why I finished reading the book.I read a lot of fan fiction and don t hold it to the same standards as other genres This novel, however, was not good even on that sliding scale.

  24. I thought this was a fun read I haven t read a premise like this one and I was surprised at how the author portrayed the Gardiners, specifically Mrs Gardiner I am glad I read it and would recommend it to anyone who likes, or wants to try, PP variations.

  25. WOW Long but in the best way When I first considered this book, I wasn t really sure if I d like it Darcy already had a wife That just seemed so wrong I put off reading it only to find that it s one of my favorites.

  26. This one had a ton of added characters and a story line that started with Mr Darcy already married albeit unhappily so.I liked it, but kept getting bogged down by all the characters storylines that the author added.

  27. This author needs to learn when to leave well enough alone One tragedy after another, the book just went on, and on, and on.

  28. I had written my review for this book just after finishing it but it s long as hell and must be revised I will hopefully post it in the next few days

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