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Dead Man's Planet

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  1. William Morrison was a pen name used by Joseph Samachson 1906 1980 He earned a Ph.D in chemistry from Yale at the age of 23 He was an assistant professor at the College of Medicine, University of Illinois He also headed a laboratory in metabolic research dealing with diseases that affect the skeleton Samachson worked as a research chemist until 1938, leaving to become a fulltime writer He worked as a technical writer but also wrote science fiction for the pulp magazines In the early 1940s he wrote primarily for the comics From that period, he is best known as the co creator of the Martian Manhunter at DC but also created other characters like Zatara, Tomahawk and Two gun Percy In the 1950s he produced science fiction novels and many short stories and was a frequent contributor to major magazines like GALAXY With his wife, he wrote books about various subjects, including the theater, music and ballet He returned to biochemistry in 1953, eventually retiring in 1973 after five years as Associate Clinical Professor of biochemistry at Loyola University, Chicago.


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