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A viral Kindle The City of Woven Streets the best work The tapestry of life may be fragile than it seems pull one thread and all will unravel In the City of Woven Streets human life has little value

A viral Kindle The City of Woven Streets the best work The tapestry of life may be fragile than it seems pull one thread, and all will unravel.In the City of Woven Streets, human life has little value You practice a craft to keep you alive, or you are an outcast, unwanted and tainted Eliana is a young weaver in the House of Webs, but secretly knows she doesn t really belong there She is hiding a shameful birth defectThe tapestry of life may be fragile than it seems pull one thread, and all will unravel.In the City of Woven Streets, human life has little value You practice a craft to keep you alive, or you are an outcast, unwanted and tainted Eliana is a young weaver in the House of Webs, but secretly knows she doesn t really belong there She is hiding a shameful birth defect that would, if anyone knew about it, land her in the House of the Tainted, a prison for those whose very existence is considered a curse.When an unknown woman with her tongue cut off and Eliana s name tattooed on her skin arrives at the House of Webs, Eliana discovers an invisible network of power behind the city s facade All the while, the sea is clawing the shores and the streets are slowly drowning.. Popular Ebook The City of Woven Streets ''This night is different. Sleep is thin in the house, because strange blood is drying on the stones of the square.''What is left when even the ability to dream (literally) is considered a crime? And even worse, when your dreams are nightmares for which you may be punished severely? You are marked by society, exiled to the House of the Tainted, the left-overs of the community.I tend to approach every book that wishes to belong to the Dystopian genre with extreme cautiousness. First of all, when 1984 and The Handmaid's Tale grace my bookcase, there's bound to be a comparison. Secondly, everyone and their mother have decided to write a dystopian novel of late and I have always had a slight disliking for things that are en vogue. However, Emmi Itäranta comes from Finland and call me biased, but I would even read a phone book if it was written by an author from the Nordic lands. And thus, I ventured into The City of Woven Streets. The title is extremely intriguing and the two themes on which the story is built are dreaming and isolation. This society isn't as bleak and dark as others we have come across. It is made beautiful by the intricate webs created in the House of Weavers. In this dystopia, governed by the Council, dreaming is not allowed. Dreaming equals Freedom, the Council cannot control the thoughts of the islanders and this is toxic to them and their regime. This is a very interesting premise on Itäranta's part. We've seen many kinds of totalitarian societies, but not one where occupation is so absolute, so extreme that stretches into the most private, personal, solitary activity of a human being, that of sleeping. ''First the monster swallows you, then it digests you and eventually you come out of the other end feeling filthy.''The night terrors can be quite a shocking experience. I used to suffer from sleep paralysis during my university years when my anxiety level was sky-high. Naturally, we know that science has explained this weird phenomenon to the point of exhaustion, but still, I cannot avoid thinking how its traces approach the thin line between the Natural and the Supernatural worlds. In the novel, the writer makes good use of the myth of the night-maere (as is the original spelling), the Old Hag as it is also called. In Greece, we call it ''Mora'' and the people of the past used to believe that it was a demon, visiting those who were ''unclean'', targeted by the devil. Not unsimilar to the belief of the Council in the story. Here, the dominant religion is organised around a mysterious figure of many faces called Our Lady of Weaving, a combination of many goddesses of the European pantheons, and a divinity we never come to know much about.''A wind does not rise. A rain does not come. The dead stay dead, and do not respond.''''Do you look at this island and believe you see the truth?''Placing a dystopian community within the narrow space of an island makes the feeling of isolation and enclosure tense and atmospheric. The mists arising from the waters cover the city and the characters' actions. There is no contact between Eliana and her brother, except for the times when he comes to visit her.All these must sound very interesting and, believe me they are, but there are a few weaknesses as well. The plot becomes tedious after a point. All the talk and the details about the different kinds of ink and their ingredients become boring and slow down the narration. Around the 60% mark, it became too wordy, with long descriptions that offer nothing new and I began to lose interest. Worse, I started feeling confused, losing touch with the plot and this doesn't happen often. The characters are nothing to write home about, to be honest. Eliana is a nice, sympathetic heroine, clever, loyal, developing an interesting relationship with Valeria- a rather mysterious presence- but nothing we haven't seen before.I don't know if it is considered a YA novel as I am not familiar with the category, but I can say that it is an interesting book, a nice addition to the Dystopia genre and I definitely intend to read Memory of Water by the same author. However, The City of Woven Streets, as well-written as it may be, is not The Handmaid's Tale for the younger generation.

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  1. Emmi Itäranta Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The City of Woven Streets book, this is one of the most wanted Emmi Itäranta author readers around the world.


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  1. This night is different Sleep is thin in the house, because strange blood is drying on the stones of the square What is left when even the ability to dream literally is considered a crime And even worse, when your dreams are nightmares for which you may be punished severely You are marked by society, exiled to the House of the Tainted, the left overs of the community.I tend to approach every book that wishes to belong to the Dystopian genre with extreme cautiousness First of all, when 1984 and T [...]

  2. Oi miten ihana kirja En tied oliko Kudottujen kujien kaupunki parempi vain huonompi teos kuin Teemestarin kirja, mutta henkil kohtaisesti pidin siit enemm n Tarina on idealtaan ja milj lt n kiinnostavampi olen varmaan lukenut liian monta dystopiaa ja suorastaan lumouduin kirjan maailmasta Aivan t ysill en t h nk n rakastunut, mutta It rannan tulevat romaanit ovat lukulistalla ehdottomasti.

  3. I am probably too tired to write a coherent review, having travelled across Europe by train for twelve hours after five hours sleep Nonetheless, I ll give it the old college try I enjoyed The City of Woven Streets than Itaranta s previous novel Memory of Water, which I liked but found frustrating Her latest has of a fantasy atmosphere, whereas her previous was explicitly post climate catastrophe science fiction The City of Woven Streets is also arguably sci fi, but set in a distant enough futu [...]

  4. T ss huomaa miten paljon It ranta on kehittynyt kirjailijana, kun vertaa t t teosta Teemestarin tytt reen It rannalla hallussa kieli ja kuvailu, kirja on tietyll tavalla taianomainen ja unenomainen Ehk olisin kaivannut juoneet v h n enemm n suoraviivaisuutta tai punaista lankaa, v lill se tuntui huuhtoutuvan kaiken sanailun alle Milj oli ihana Mutta samalla maailmanrakennus j i v h n huonolla tavalla auki Ottaen huomioon, etten yleens lue suomalaista kaunokirjallisuutta ja en oikein pid siit nii [...]

  5. 4,5 5 t hte T ss oli se tunne, se kiintymys joka omalla kohdallani puuttui Teemestarin kirjasta Tarina oli kokonainen, kieli oli todella kaunista, hahmot el v mpi Loppuratkaisu j i v h n mietitytt m n, oliko Elianalle pakko tapahtua niin kuin tapahtui Ehk oli Mutta ehdottomasti mielett m n hyv kirja.

  6. 3.5 starsI m so happy that I gave this book a chance It s a Finnish fantasy dystopian novel about an island slowly sinking into the sea, and features a beautifully understated romance between two girls, each carrying their own secrets and burdens.I don t want to say too much about the plot and the characters at this point because I don t want to give away too much information it s best if you go and discover it by yourself The atmosphere that It ranta paints is dreamy and at times eerie The writ [...]

  7. An atmospheric fantasy that serves up a frustration of characters and world building.Eliana is a young weaver in the House of Weavers, one of several craft houses on an island where dreaming is forbidden Eliana can dream though, which makes her incredibly nervous when a voiceless young woman turns up at the House with a tattoo of Eliana s name on her hand.It s difficult to say about this, because Eliana is so sheltered and passive she doesn t know much than that She has no idea what happens in [...]

  8. Vor der Aufgabe, dieses Buch zu beschreiben, stehe ich ein wenig hilflos.Es gibt B cher, die definieren sich durch eine brillant konstruierte Handlung, welche sich von A bis Z spannend und unterhaltsam abspult Andere berzeugen durch schiere Originalit t oder durch lebensechte Charaktere, und man kann genau den Finger darauf legen und sagen Ja, das ist es Das macht dieses Buch so besonders.Und damit will ich keineswegs sagen, dass Die Stadt der verbotenen Tr ume diese Eigenschaften nicht besitzt [...]

  9. Teemestarin kirja teki minuun suuren vaikutuksen kielell n, ainutlaatuisuudellaan sek ymp rist teemoillaan, joten olin eritt in innostunut It rannan uusimmasta romaanista, jonka sain vihdoin luettua Kudottujen kujien kaupungin tarina on selv sti yhten isempi ja kootumpi kuin Teemestarin kirjan, mutta en kokenut siihen samanlaista yhteytt Lis ksi v lill tuntui ett It ranta yritti liikaa, proosa on kaunista ja kuvallista kyll , mutta vertauskuvia oli omaan makuuni jo liikaakin Ne saivat tekstin tu [...]

  10. Emmi It ranta has mastered the craft of writing brilliant, jaw droppingly beautiful language that flows like water In addition she possesses an imagination that takes the reader to a new, but still recognisable fantasy world The end result is a text that is at the same time both ethereal and immensely powerful The City of Woven Streets is It ranta s second novel and follows the footsteps of The Memory of Water, which featured similar themes of overpowering regime, natural disasters, environmenta [...]

  11. It s strange how books choose you I recently spent some days in Finland which had been my dream for years From day one, I was looking for some beautiful Finnish literature to take home with me when the time came to go back And from day one I couldn t find any bookstores that had a separate space for Finnish literature translated into English Then, the day after my birthday, I was in Turku and it was really cold, and I started going into malls and shops just to avoid the outside weather Then I fo [...]

  12. Emmi It ranta s sopho novel once again invites the reader to a dystopic world in which water has an important role However, this time the limits of the world is set in a different fashion than in the debut novel Memory of Water as this time the setting is not defined by the lack of water, but by its abundance.Eliana has lived her whole life on an island from which only traders and dignitaries ever venture further Through her narration the reader is slowly introduced to a young woman who appears [...]

  13. I wanted to love this book, so much And there were a lot of things in it that I loved the descriptions of the island, the exquisite language, the main character But then there were things that I did not love the overall plot, the ending, how it felt like the story is stuck in place It took me a long time to get into the story, for it to get going at all, and once it finally did, it felt like it ended all too abruptly with very little explanation Mostly I was left with the feeling that I did not [...]

  14. Emmi It ranta ei pett nyt odotuksiani, sill Kudottujen kujien kaupunki pit sis ll n aivan yht hienosti eteenp in soljuvaa kielt ja kerrontaa kuin h nen esikoisteoksensa Teemestarin kirja Pidin t st jopa himpun verran enemm n, jos mahdollista, sill t ss on mielest ni monis ikeisempi tarina, joka tarjoaa my s j nnityst loppua kohden.N iden kansien v liin k tkeytyy uskomattoman paljon koskettava rakkaustarina, jota ei ole sen kummemmin jalustalle nostettu, ihmeellinen saarimilj , jonka voi tuntea j [...]

  15. Dare I say it Classic It ranta Love it Intriguing world building, iresistible women, striking imagery that slows you down while reading and perhaps gets a little lost in translation every now and then , dystopian elements that are thought provoking and plain unsettling in equal measures, subtle treatment of environmental issues, an ending that makes you want to punch something and, upon finishing the novel, a feeling of not being satisfied Highly recommended

  16. T m oli juuri sellainen kirja, jota t h n hetkeen kaipasinkin se avasi uudenlaisen, kiehtovan ja unenomaisen maailman erityisine henkil hahmoineen Kieli oli todella kaunista Suosikiksi nousi, ehdottomasti.

  17. An enchanting tale of love and resistance Unexpectedly tender and heartfelt, the story swept me away Itaranta has crafted a world of intrigue that both defies and embraces the many dystopian tropes, weaving a story with a pattern quite unlike any other The world is ready to drown The world is ready to rise The synopsis describes the plot in barren terms The protagonist Eliana is a young weaver in The House of Webs where a spider like Goddess is worshiped, and she does meet a mysterious young wom [...]

  18. I would prepare those readers expecting the stark, post apocalyptic reality from Memory of Water The Weaver is much fantastical, mythical, dream like Its story a little denser, a little unfocused.I loved the use of water in The Weaver in this case it is something to be feared, the potential ender of life instead of the giver as in Memory I loved that Eliana had brown skin view spoiler her girlfriend was pale skinned, which, I assume, is who the publisher chose to feature on the book s US cover [...]

  19. The bones of a standard YA dystopia fleshed out with dream like prose, eerie worldbuilding, and hints of magical realism There are individual scenes here that will stick in my mind for a long time, like the twisting amber tunnels and the blood coral lurking under water, just out of reach I also appreciated the slow burn, matter of fact lesbian romance The overarching plot, though, is frustratingly pedestrian, all the so because the protagonist has almost no connection to it For most of the book [...]

  20. Lumoavasti luotu maailma, tarina ajasta, jota ei ole ja unista, joita ei saa n hd It rannan toinen romaani onnistuu ensimm ist paremmin, siin on sit jotain, mit Teemestarin kirjasta puuttui Henkil hahmot ovat syvempi , tarina ehe ja tarkka Silti henkil kohtaisesti hieman petyin kirjaan loppuosissa, maalailevuus ei ehk ennakoinut ainakaan minulle lopun tapahtumia tarpeeksi hyvin Oikein hyv kirja kuitenkin, 3,5 t hte.

  21. 3,5 The City of Woven Streets is a fantasy dystopian story that does not explain itself much and can be confusing most of the time much like a dream And is this dreamy vibe that makes this novel beautiful.The plot is slow this story is undeniable character and prose driven We get to witness a beautiful romance between two girls blossom a subtle but strong brother sister relationship and friendships on many levels The prose is rich and captivating, although, again, can be too confusing at times T [...]

  22. I was fortunate enough to pick up The Weaver entitled The City of Woven Streets in the UK at a time when I was almost prepared to give up on fantasy as a genre After a disappointing succession of would be Game of Thrones novels with a lack of compelling plots or characters, I was starting to think there was nothing left to read Suffice to say, I was wrong.The Weaver introduces us to Eliana, a weaver of cloth on a Fantasy island, where everyone is defined by their role in society, given as the Ho [...]

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