Entangled Alana Avery s life is anything but normal Not only does she spend most of her time learning how to solve paranormal crimes and murders but her dead grandpa talks to her telepathically If that wasn t

Alana Avery s life is anything but normal Not only does she spend most of her time learning how to solve paranormal crimes and murders, but her dead grandpa talks to her telepathically If that wasn t enough, the Electi want her for an experimental subject.But when she goes with Jax to a murder scene where a group of fey was killed by a vampire clan, she discovers there mAlana Avery s life is anything but normal Not only does she spend most of her time learning how to solve paranormal crimes and murders, but her dead grandpa talks to her telepathically If that wasn t enough, the Electi want her for an experimental subject.But when she goes with Jax to a murder scene where a group of fey was killed by a vampire clan, she discovers there might be to her powers than she originally thought.Desperate for answers, Alana sets out with Jax to solve the case and figure out what s going on with her But what she discovers is worse that she ever could have imagined.

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  1. Jessica Sorensen is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author from the snowy mountains of Wyoming When she s not writing, she spends her time reading and hanging out with her familyssicasorensenfacebook pages Jessica


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  1. I love these characterse mystery.e intrigueI raced through the pages of Entangled looking for answers and gaining questions along the way Its addicting and fun and I can t wait to get

  2. There may be a spy from the Electi at the school Vivienne is up to something Dash, Thad and Jax are all working on protecting Alana Alana is basically bullied by Vivienne The semi scientific experiments are carried on by the Electi yet no one knows what those experiments actually are nor what their purpose might be.Alana finally finds an evil vampire she s been hunting but she turns out to be way powerful than expected There could also be a major war between two groups of fey I just didn t find [...]

  3. Beyond Entangled by this series.The continuation of events surrounding Alana s mysterious past, the unfinished business with her dead grandpa, and her growing connection to Jax are definitely keeping me hooked on this series

  4. Nonstop thrill ride This series is so good I couldn t put it down I love the murder mystery and the sparks fly between Jax and Alana

  5. Great readThe story keeps you on edge and wanting Author Jessica is an amazing writer creating a new reality Well written and exciting

  6. It was capturing, I was hooked after the first chapter.I read it and had to buy book two It was interesting and mysterious but had some potential romance too.

  7. The book Entangled by Jessica Sorensen was a great addition to the Guardian Academy collection I can t wait to see what happens next.

  8. GreatI love this series I cannot wait till the third book comes out This is the first I ve read of this author but I will read .

  9. Better than the first Well, I m a little interested by the end of this book, but still annoyed by a lot of it Again, this doesn t feel like a whole book, but the middle of a larger one We are on book 2 and we are just finding out that she has some kind of undefined power No details given by the end Which brings up one of my biggest annoyances with this series No explanation of any of the rules of magic powers monsters We are told that she is a Guardian but we are never told what that actually i [...]

  10. Better than the firstI enjoyed reading this book better than the first Although the narrator is still quite simple in her stereotype, the plot is stronger in this book The mystery behind who the main character truly is, and the steaminess of her relationship with Jax makes for a fun, quick YA read.

  11. This book immediately picks up right where you leave off from the first book Alana gets to go on a case and solves it immediately Through this whole mystery it seems like the main focus of the book was Alana making it up to Jax for the whole fiasco with the truth serum and building the sexual tension between them It ends without any main story plot movement, just loads of speculation and it ends just when it was about to get good.Here s what I liked Ahh Thad There wasn t a lot of book to pick so [...]

  12. From the moment I knew I was getting Entangled to review I was excited, I needed a fix of Jax, Alana and DashI wasn t disappointed I love the supernatural paranormal books and the first part of Guardian Academy was brilliant, this part just as good Now this is part 2 and if you haven t read the first book you need to, before you pick up this book.The story continues from where we left on in the first book With Alana and Jax at the Guardian Academy Their are plot twist and turns to the plot line [...]

  13. 3.5 Stars Entangled is a wonderful follow up to the first book in the Guardian Academy series The story begins right where the previous book ended Alana has received another cryptic message from her dead grandfather warning her that the Electi are coming for her So she locks herself in her room and calls on the only person she can think of, Jax He sounds like he is in the club or on a date but Alana explains her current dilemma He tells her to stay put until he arrives Soon, her door is broken b [...]

  14. This book picks up exactly where the first one left off Alana is still trying to figure out what is going on with her grandfather as well as her cousin Jayse, who seems to be avoiding her Surely it s not because he is a Keeper and she is now a Guardian No, there must be to it than that And there certainly seems to be, but what On top of all this, she is also starting to discover about her abilities, which leads to even questions of what she is We get to meet characters in this book and supe [...]

  15. Another great read I love all jessica Sorenson books, I feel in love with the fallen star series and gemma Lucas and everything she endured Reading this second book in the guardian academy series has made me love everything so much , and I m very curious if I have missed a book or two because this is about gemma and Alex s daughter I live the way these characters are so likeable and relatable This could easily be about peo ple I know, minus the vampires and stuff.lol Jessica really knows how to [...]

  16. Ohh holy hotness Jessica is playing with my emotions From the waking up in bed together to the I think you smell yummy, but I also think cookies smell yummy, too SOB dagger straight to the heart Did Alana not realize what she said My god I died a broken heart right there with Jax More characters are coming into play Secrets are revealed, friendships made A battle is on the way O.M.G I can t get enough I read this book twice because it was that good I need the next installment like I need my morn [...]

  17. I enjoyed the next chapter of Alana and Jax Jessica has developed two very intriguing characters with chemistry that makes you want to watch a relationship develop Both strong willed, attractive, smart This is a good overall story There s no way to figure out where we are heading in the supernatural world The mystery surrounding Alana deepens and the danger grows There is humor and witty dialogue I would like for the books to be longer I feel just as the story gets really interesting, the book i [...]

  18. Alana is still trying to figure out why her grandfather had the dragger and what his involvement with Electi was When he speaks to her it s so short and he s not giving her all the answers she s looking for Things are changing with Alana and Jax s friendship They both need to admit it already Can they please just kiss and get it over with Alana is experiencing her gifts she was not aware that she had Will another mark appear on her What is she So many unanswered questions I m ready to know the a [...]

  19. Alana is one of my favorite heroines Aaahh Finally, a character who has a backbone and doesn t always pine after a guy I admire the way she handles situations such as asking the right questions, coming up with speculations etc Although I wish this book was detailed on each species, focused on world building, add details to the mystery and that it was longer I feel like this book is underrated just because it s very short and not really have a lot of details.

  20. Does not lack for excitement and actionIf you want stories that move at a smooth these are the wrong ones Action galore fast paced great characters and now I have to wait for book three to appear Pure torture I love this series.

  21. Part 2 in the series, characters introduced and we are slowly learning a little about each At this point I m not sure who to trust, who to believe and what is the deal with Grandpa I m going to keep reading.

  22. I love this series There is always action happening This poor girl is still in danger and Jax is still working hard to keep her safe I love the chemistry between Alana Jax is perfect I am definitely curious to find out what her connection is to the Electi Looking forward to book 3.

  23. GreatLove this series Seriously great chemistry between Alana and Jax I can t wait for this series to finish though And to read of her books

  24. AmazingI really loved this book It s very gripping and truly just a wonderful book Honestly, I can t wait for the next one.

  25. Can t wait for 3 I can not wait for number three These books are a lot shorter then I am used to but I can not wait until the next one comes out

  26. This series just keeps getting better and better honestly there are plot twists everywhere It s awesome It s also just hilarious and I love it, I just want now.

  27. Reading this book was effortless, it was so well written Can t wait to read the final book even though there could be definitely cause the story line has potential.

  28. I can t handle all that s happening right now there s so much my brain is spinning what will happen Jax please

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