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Bestseller Asteroid Made of Dragons By G Derek Adams Viral Kindle G Derek

Bestseller Asteroid Made of Dragons By G. Derek Adams Viral Kindle G. Derek Adams Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Asteroid Made of Dragons book, this is one of the most wanted G. Derek Adams author readers around the world. . Official Sword Laser Selection When a lone goblin researcher stumbles across an artifact containing a terrifying message that the world is in grave and immediate peril she scrambles to find help A very unusual asteroid one constructed as a cage for dragons is headed straight for the planet, and Xenon is the only person in the world who knows As she clambers acrosOfficial Sword Laser Selection When a lone goblin researcher stumbles across an artifact containing a terrifying message that the world is in grave and immediate peril she scrambles to find help A very unusual asteroid one constructed as a cage for dragons is headed straight for the planet, and Xenon is the only person in the world who knows As she clambers across hill and dale with her quill, journal, and dwindling coin purse to untangle the mystery, she ll need plenty of luck to find the right clues and the right sort of help.Meanwhile, our heroes have their own problems They have a bank to rob, a sea to cross, and a kingdom to infiltrate Luckily, Rime is a wild mage the laws of reality quiver when she gives them a stern look and her guardian, Jonas, wields a reasonably sharp sword But Rime is slipping ever closer to the abyss of madness, and Jonas is wanted for murder at their final port of call To make matters worse, the mage killing Hunt and its commander, Linus, follow the duo like a patient shadow, bent on Rime s destruction.When the wise are underfunded, the brave are overbooked, and the cruel are unconcerned, can the world be saved from destruction. Popular Books Asteroid Made of Dragons I'm giving this 5/5, not because it is perfect but because I loved it very much and enjoyed reading it a lot ! This is definitely a book that will stay with me, that I will reread, and one that I will try to draw fanart of ! I'll write a better review as soon as I have some time ! (Going on a 12 days holiday without my computer T^T) In the meantime, I'm telling you: do not hesitate to pick up this book for a great SFF read <3 (EDIT: Here's the full review! Come to my blog for pics and quotes ! I first learned about this book on twitter with a list by io9 about april SFF books, the comparison to Terry Pratchett and the seemingly mix of science fiction and fantasy caught my eye instantly! I asked for it for my birthday, got it (Yay!) and started it as soon as I could (as soon as I was finished with "Nice Dragons Finish Last" actually!). I’m writing a review so obviously: yes I loved this book very very much.How could I not? It has goblins, some dwarves, gnomes and elves, mages, robots, an ancient civilization and technologies not really well understood by the characters of this world but recognisable to us, knights, half-devil… I mean I don’t know what else I could ask from such a book. We get to follow a number of characters, all really interesting. Sometimes, in books with multiple point of view, there is that one POV that is boring or that I just don’t care about, or in the contrary just that one I can’t wait to get back to. In this book, I was sad to leave a character for another but it only lasted a few lines before I was really invested with the other character. It was a joy to jump from one to the other and never a disappointment, they are very loveable character! There aren’t that many POV in this book, around 5 if I remember correctly, and as some of them are from characters that stick together it didn’t even feel that much like a change.The first one is Xenon, a green goblin archaeologist/scholar/traveller. I loved her very much and she made me laugh on multiple occasions. Then there was Rime (a really powerful mage, but her power is making her go mad) and Jonas, her squire/guardian/companion too nice for his own good. Linus, a knight brought back from death by his magical sword, and his associate Sideways, a half-devil orange-skinned assassin, he actually is kind of nice.All these characters are going on with their life and their problems until they are pulled together (not before halfway through the book though) to take care of a BIG problem crashing back to the ground. I wish they would have spent more time all together but Ha! I guess this will be for the sequel!I can’t help but compare it slightly to the movie Guardians of the Galaxy because every time I thought something cliché was going to happen: BAM it didn’t! Which is really refreshing."Asteroid Made of Dragons" is funny, beautifully written, fluid, absurd and silly (in a good way, obviously), has a little steampunk feel to it sometimes, is hard to let go and you can read it in one setting without having to spend the day on it (it wouldn’t bother me but maybe some of you like shorter books!). Sword and sorcery, fantasy, science fiction, it is a bit of all of this and that’s also what I love about it. Tropes are braided together and this is a great pleasure to read! It definitely has become one of my favourite that I cannot wait to reread.My only criticism? No enough dragons. Since, you know, the word “dragons” is on the title I thought there would be more actual dragons. But it is made clear soon enough in the book why there hasn’t, so it was not really a let-down. Just so you know, I changed my url on tumblr and my @ on twitter and Instagram to something in reference to this book: if that’s not a proof I love this book I don’t know what is!I didn’t know at first that it was the third book in an ongoing series, the first two of which were self-published. But when reading, I didn’t felt at all that I had “missed” things. We’re thrown into the action with Rime and Jonas and it feels normal. Learning afterward that there were two books before that one actually made me really happy because I can’t have enough of this world and its character. I’ll totally read them and pre-order the sequel when it’s available! For the info, the first one is "Spell/Sword" and the second one "The Riddle Box". The name of the series being "Spell/Sword".

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  1. G. Derek Adams Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Asteroid Made of Dragons book, this is one of the most wanted G. Derek Adams author readers around the world.


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  1. I m giving this 5 5, not because it is perfect but because I loved it very much and enjoyed reading it a lot This is definitely a book that will stay with me, that I will reread, and one that I will try to draw fanart of I ll write a better review as soon as I have some time Going on a 12 days holiday without my computer T T In the meantime, I m telling you do not hesitate to pick up this book for a great SFF read 3 EDIT Here s the full review Come to my blog for pics and quotes adragoninspace.w [...]

  2. Asteroid Made of Dragons, on its base, is a fun but absurd premise A goblin community of scientists, with one finding an asteroid headed toward their planet The asteroid is a planetoid with lots of dragons on it, so, of courseI mean, it s a silly premise on its face, and that s fine The book kind of gets bogged down in worldbuilding that doesn t seem to matter before coming to a climax that is solid but doesn t exactly seem to matter, and that s where this book ultimately falls flat I don t have [...]

  3. Not a review, just a link to a sweet Spotify playlist you can enjoy while reading If you aren t listening to the Pacific Rim theme during the climax you re missing out on my authorial intentay.spotify user 1229879And here s my blog where I explain all the tracks and how they relate to the novel.spell sword 2016 02 09 mu

  4. Asteroid Made of Dragons starts off strong with a non human protagonist that I almost immediately fell in love with A goblin researcher named Xenon is way, way invested in getting information and learning about the ancient races than she is in anything else including her seeming safety She stumbles upon an artifact that tells of some thing coming, something called Shame and with it Zero will rise.From there I was hooked on for her story, but the novel also follows a mage on the cusp of being dr [...]

  5. Ratings are tough 1 and 5 stars are easy But this book is somewhere in between I didn t really know it was a sequel when I started my fault But the story just happens too quickly One minute people are spread throughout the city and a page turn later they are eating together with little explanation til a bit later The book does has some genuine moments of greatness but it just feels like the story is on fast forward Great characters with a weak story and even weaker plot elements short read even [...]

  6. I feel a little weird giving this a non stellar review because I recognize that the book had two prequels I didn t read and which likely better acquainted the reader with the characters and world If I found something lacking in this book, it s totally possible that it s because of my own failure to realize this was the third book in the series and to have not read the prior ones So please keep that in mind when considering my review.That said, I m a bit surprised how well this did hold up withou [...]

  7. It is obvious that G Derek Adams, author of Asteroid Made of Dragons, understands the trappings and tropes of fantasy backwards and forwards It is also obvious that he has tremendous love for the genre because and in spite of its cheesier clich s and frequent absurdities.I m not getting down on fantasy here Long time readers of the Warbler know that I, too, love fantasy well, even if my interest waned of late.Adams s book was the perfect supplement to A Crucible of Souls a book that took itself [...]

  8. This book has a fun premise It s a meshing of science fiction and fantasy in which a bunch of fantasy races and classes eventually band together to deal with a very science fiction event That event is, you guessed it, the asteroid made of dragons Because of the title of the book, you know the whole time what is coming The weird prophecy of Zero Totally an asteroid that is made of dragons, in fact There is no question, and that s actually a pretty fun little device The title basically makes the r [...]

  9. Asteroid Made of Dragons by G Derek Adams should clue you in to what kind of book you ll be reading just by the title alone and the great cover art It s a kitchen sink full of fantasy tropes that get spun on their heads and it s a fun read.A goblin researcher finds a strange artifact that may spell out danger if she can figure out what it says She sets out to find out with her sister and her rocket powered flying motorbike Meanwhile a seemingly limitless magic user makes friends with a young wou [...]

  10. Do you like JOY or half ghost pirates or zombie knights or HAPPINESS Well, hopefully you won t like Jonas because everyone s mean to him even though he s the cutest murderer in the whole book Besides Sideways, maybe Both Xenon and Rime are the kind of interesting, complex female characters we should be demanding from our reading material Good thing G Derek Adams gave them to us, otherwise there would have been trouble My main complaint is that they don t get to spend enough time together they kn [...]

  11. This reads like a roleplaying campain where every player is slightly drunk and the DM has several aces up his sleeve.Such a fun read And the author assures me that the lack of dragons only one appears at the end is a feature not a bug

  12. While Asteroid Made of Dragons is an enjoyable read, focusing on colorful characters, and framed by a really neat narrative device, there were several issues that made it impossible for me to rate it higher than this.First off, this is a book that would have benefited greatly from having a map It can be difficult at times to picture just where each country or far off land is, in relation to other locations already mentioned It didn t take me completely out of the story, but the lack of a map cer [...]

  13. I have complicated feelings about this book First of all I would give it a 3.5 if I could, I did enjoy it, but the issues I had with it made it so I couldn t justify a full 4 star rating.The basic premise was great, dealing with a science fiction type scenario within a fantasy setting is something I m instantly engaged in as you get a fresh take on familiar ideas Plus having a goblin perspective character is something you don t see very often and I enjoyed her chapters the most However I found t [...]

  14. What a great story.I picked this up on a whim, then decided to read the other two books first While it could probably be read alone, I m so glad I read it third The cumulative effect of the author s writing evolving, the characters growth, and the expanded world building, led to everything I liked in the first two feel like they got turned up to 11 Amazing job feeling both lighthearted, while at the same time having massive events and plot unfold I always love stories that present antagonists wh [...]

  15. Interesting concept, awkward writingThe idea of an asteroid dragon prison returning from space and a ragtag bunch of fantasy heroes to stop it is fantastic This book, though, does not pull it off The writing is awkward, frequently contradicting itself, and the book is overloaded with exposition For the most part, none of the characters make a choice to take an action or encounter a problem that takes than a paragraph of exposition to overcome.I can appreciate the fertile imagination G Derek Ada [...]

  16. Was expecting to have a fun read Instead I have trouble staying awake and focused on the story I did finished the book.Kindle e book Heard about it on Sword and Laser podcast In the hilarious and uproarious world of Asteroid Made of Dragons, a lone goblin researcher has stumbled across an artifact of mysterious import that delivers a terrifying message the world is ending Soon And the apocalypse will hail from the skies in the form of an asteroid made of dragons When it falls, the planet will be [...]

  17. The book didn t do much for me I didn t really find it funny It was of a light fantasy than humorous fantasy I liked how Linus wasn t really an evil villain, but had a valid reason to chase after Rime I also liked how the background wasn t your typical medieval fantasy and that the scholar was a goblin but if the goblins are just like humans, why are they goblins Still the prose was workmanlike and no and the story wasn t that compelling either It could have used another round or two of editin [...]

  18. This was a huge chore to get through On the surface, the writing is better than in the first two novels However, the slight technical improvement is continually overshadowed by awkward phrasing, annoying instant flashbacks a chapter has one paragraph in the now and then merely two paragraphs of catch up plot , and a general lack of knowledge of or interest in the English language Note to author nonplussed does not mean unperturbed and calm.

  19. I was between a 2 and a 3 on this one Fun premise and characters, I really enjoyed the first half But the second half rushed by without much to it The premise is supposed to be absurd I mean asteroid made of dragons, come on , but the second half pushed too far into jokey buddy comedy for me Seemed to clash with the first part of the story, which still had humor but presented the peril of the main characters as serious.

  20. The big kid brought this home from the library and it was just sitting there looking lonely so I picked it up This was a fun book, it was different than your usual fantasy book and I quite enjoyed it I didn t realize that it is the 3rd book in the series until I signed on to do this review I will have to read the others now.

  21. I enjoyed the story once I had some time to read than a few pages here and there The world felt engaging and interesting A few of the plot lines felt like the fizzled into the final climax It could be that they lead to other plot points further in the series.

  22. I was not a fan of this book I couldn t even finish it I got halfway through and felt no care for any of the characters or sense of where the plot was going I don t normally quit reading books, but I quit this one.

  23. It was a fun story, even if it took me forever to understand the title I didn t understand the connection of the actors at the beginning to the rest of the book.

  24. This book feels, in many ways, like The Third Book In A Series should the reader is familiar enough with the returning characters and the overarching plot that it is easy to slip comfortably back into the world the trials our protagonists face have kicked up several notches in Uh Oh itude and we are introduced to yet morsels of delicious world building that continue to flesh out an already very well thought out setting The King of Gilead The airship engine Literally everything that Xenon refere [...]

  25. Overall wonderful dialogue, fun humor, of the characters you might love from previous books, but plot wrapped up too quickly and easily, making the ending anticlimactic Again.I loved the previous books for their fun tone, neat worldbuilding, and wonderful characterization The author also has a real gift for writing dialogue, and I love how in this book he dabbled in the the good guys aren t all that good end of the characterization spectrum It blurs the lines nicely, and makes for a very cool m [...]

  26. Great cast of charactersI gave this four stars because I felt the story was good without the need for the device of telling it as a play That took away from the fantasy tale of the story itself.

  27. The story of Rime and Jonas continues as they face old and new threats on the way to see the King in Gilead At the same time, a young goblin researcher discovers a secret that s on its way to destroy the world Proving that he is no one hit wonder, G Derek Adams releases a third novel in the saga of Rime and Jonas and once again knocks it out of the park I might be stealing this from another review, but this is an exceptional third book in a series, it seems to do everything right The worldbuildi [...]

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