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The best Books The Empty Ones release was a bad year for Carey The NYC summer was brutally hot he barely made re

The best Books The Empty Ones release 1977 was a bad year for Carey The NYC summer was brutally hot, he barely made rent on his apartment, and most of his friends were butchered by a cult that worships the quantum angel he helped give birth to He needs a vacation You know where there s supposed to be a killer punk scene London Oh, plus the leader of the aforementioned murderous cult is building an army th1977 was a bad year for Carey The NYC summer was brutally hot, he barely made rent on his apartment, and most of his friends were butchered by a cult that worships the quantum angel he helped give birth to He needs a vacation You know where there s supposed to be a killer punk scene London Oh, plus the leader of the aforementioned murderous cult is building an army there in an attempt to solve the world, once and for all Time to mix business with pleasure Along the way, maybe he ll make some friends that won t try to kill him, or even meet a nice girl who eats angels for supper and can kick a man in half 1978 is looking better already 2013 was a bad year for Kaitlyn, too LA was distinctly unkind to her aspirations towards a career in stunt work, she hooked up with her childhood crush a B list celebrity heartthrob named Marco and he turned out to be an immortal psychopath trying to devour her soul, and she accidentally killed the angel Marco and his bizarre cult worshipped Now she s on the run through the American Southwest She heard Marco s filming a new show in Mexico, though, so all she has to do is cross the border, navigate a sea of acidic sludge monsters, and find a way to kill an unkillable monster before he sacrifices her and her friends to his extra dimensional god Nobody said a career in the entertainment industry would be easy.Following on the heels of his hilarious and horrifying novel The Unnoticeables, Robert Brockway s The Empty Ones is like any good punk band just when you think it can t get any louder, they somehow turn it up a notch It s terrifying and hilarious, visceral and insane, chaotic and beautiful The Unnoticeables is a nightmarish and hilarious tour through modern day Hollywood, the 1970s New York punk scene, and Robert Brockway s own diseased mind David Wong. Bestseller Ebook The Empty Ones 4.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum think it’s incredibly awesome that The Empty Ones is a lot like punk rock but in book form—loud, fast-moving, aggressive. It does its own thing, all the while being shamelessly, wickedly unapologetic about it. Better yet, I loved that this sequel was even better, funnier, and more entertaining than the first book!The story picks up again not long after the events of The Unnoticeables, for both timelines—because as you’d recall, we follow two major points of view in the previous volume—one in 1977 featuring a young New York punk named Carey and a second one in 2013 featuring Kaitlyn, a stuntwoman in Los Angeles. The Empty Ones is once again using this structure of going back and forth between these two points-of-view, using the battle against the monsters to link up past and present.For Carey, 1978 has become all about seeking revenge. He and his friend Randall survived last year’s secret war against the savage cult of Unnoticeables, Empty Ones, angels and tar men, but many more of their fellow punks weren’t so lucky. Carey is determined to hunt down the immortal Empty One who killed several of his friends, tracking him all the way to London, England where the punk scene is really rockin’. As it happens, it’s also crawling with Faceless, the British punks’ own term for the strange kids with unnoticeable, forgettable faces. Carey and Randall end up meeting Meryll, a one-woman wrecking crew who is also part of an underground London punk resistance group against the monsters.In 2013, the situation is a lot different, though the plot also revolves around the hunt for an Empty One, a B-list actor and former teen heartthrob named Marco Luis. The first book saw Carey (now an aging hobo) team up with Kaitlyn and her friend Jackie to thwart an angel, sending Marco packing. However, the monsters still won’t leave Kaitlyn alone, forcing the trio to go on the run, eating at cheap diners and staying in sleazy motels in order to keep a low profile. Finally, Kaitlyn can’t take it anymore, and decides to take the fight straight to Marco, hoping that killing him will end this once and for all. Last she heard, the psychopathic actor was filming a new show in Mexico, which means time for a road trip!I really can’t stress how much of a blast I had with this book. It’s gory, gross and just damn great. It’s also very funny, much more so than the first book. The type of humor in this is dark and cutting, but in spite of that, I laughed out loud more times than I could count.In my review of The Unnoticeables, I also mentioned how much I enjoyed the characters, especially Kaitlyn, but in The Empty Ones it was definitely Carey who stole the show. I just adore this nutty young punk turned nutty old hobo, whose brain is permanently tuned to sex, beer, and punk rock whether he’s 20-something or 50-something. Still, as vulgar as he is, I couldn’t help but find the guy compelling. His propensity to think with what’s between his legs rather than what’s in his head is somewhat redeemed by all the times he reacts to situations with his heart—which proves he’s really just a big ol’ softie. Brockway has created characters who aren’t just one-trick ponies, and Kaitlyn is proof of that as well, showing lots of growth in this sequel. No longer content with running and hiding, this badass stuntwoman has taken it upon herself to face her fears head-on, so that no one else would ever have to live through her terror.Furthermore, The Empty Ones introduces a ton of new elements to the mix. The trilogy surely would not be complete without a visit to the British punk scene, and we get to check that one off with style as Carey and Randall rock and drink their way across London, fighting Faceless at a Ramones concert and evading tar men in the Underground. Meryll is also an interesting wildcard, the addition of her character changing the game completely, so there’s really no telling where things will go from here. Finally, this book expands the lore of the monsters, building upon what we know about the angels, Empty Ones, Faceless, and tar people, and how their roles are all connected. Brockway even offers us a glimpse into the horrifying, inhuman existence of an Empty One by giving us a few chapters written in the perspective of Marco, or “this thing” as he calls himself, and it is truly some downright fucked up disturbing shit.Technically, new readers can start here since Robert Brockway does a fine job catching us up, but I do strongly recommend starting with The Unnoticeables. I’m pleased at how much I’m enjoying this series. It has a little bit of everything, a mishmash of elements from urban fantasy, metaphysical science fiction and cosmic horror. The tone can be describe as vulgar, violent, fast-paced and hilarious. Bottom line though, The Empty Ones was simply incredible, just one hell of a great read. It takes everything from the first book to a new level, and assuming things keep going this way, the third book promises to be amazing and I cannot wait to get my hands on it.

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  1. I am Robert Brockway.I am an editor and columnist for Cracked I am an author.I wrote The Unnoticeables trilogy from Tor Books.I wrote Rx A Tale of Electronegativity.I wrote Everything is Going to Kill Everybody.I live in Portland, Oregon.I dislike raisins.I am right behind you.No, still behind you.Behind you, again.You are now spinning in circles.


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  1. 4.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum 2016 09 09 I think it s incredibly awesome that The Empty Ones is a lot like punk rock but in book form loud, fast moving, aggressive It does its own thing, all the while being shamelessly, wickedly unapologetic about it Better yet, I loved that this sequel was even better, funnier, and entertaining than the first book The story picks up again not long after the events of The Unnoticeables, for both timelines because as you d recall, we follow t [...]

  2. Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths.My rating is 3.5 stars.It is difficult to find sequels that are better than the original Sure, a few are out there, but those are the exception to the rule at least, in my opinion But, now, I am happy to have uncovered one of those rare sequels in The Empty Ones, because Robert Brockway has delivered a follow up to The Unnoticeables that delivers a swift kick to reader s proverbial asses but only in the best of ways.Picking up shortly after the conclusion of bo [...]

  3. As someone who has a seriously broken mind s eye, and has the hardest time imagining anything that s happening in the books I read, Brockway has blown the hell out of my neural eccentricities and I had an actual world in my head, including the parts that don t even exist He s that good at describing what is happening, the characters, and the non existentent purely psychological aspects of the human psyche.Damn good book I meant to wait it out until I bought some cheap beer a leather jacket but I [...]

  4. In the Unoticeables Robert Brockway gave the gift that every horror fan secretly hopes for a new and exciting horror mythos The fact that the gift was wrapped in layers and layers of action, comedy, swearing, suspense and swearing was an attractive bonus But, at its core, the story of the super beings that mathematically syphon the life force of their victims, and the punks that throw beer cans at them, was too compelling not to be further explored in a sequel read the full review please follow [...]

  5. Thank you to Tor Books for the copy in exchange for my honest review Picking up right where THE UNNOTICEABLES left off, I dove right into THE EMPTY ONES by Robert Brockway It s always such a treat when a series continues just as strong as the first book It s arguable that this one is better than the first it s got the wicked humor, it moves fast and aggressive, and there are new elements added to the mix It s 1978, Carey s main mission in life is now revenge He and Randall survived the war again [...]

  6. It s probably not a great idea to jump into a series with the second book, so maybe I m not being entirely fair to The Empty Ones, but I didn t like this book very much Its punk sensibility feels like it s wearing air quotes the entire time, and the mythology behind the plot machinations never coheres into anything really interesting I spent most of the time wondering why I should care Brockway writes well enough, and I d consider reading something different from him, but I don t feel any real d [...]

  7. Even better than the first one If the first one had one major flaw upon reflection , it would be the lack of a really good villain This book introduces a truly menacing and at the same time sympathy inspiring villain in an ingenius way I am very excited for the next Final, I believe entry of this story.

  8. Review coming soon to HorrorTalk For now, suffice it to say that the mayhem and hilarity that commenced with The Unnoticables continues in full force in The Empty Ones Brockway delivers bleeding edge fear heavily laced with pure, unadulterated fun.

  9. Review originally posted on Erlebnisse erlebnisseweb.wordpress 2 Received a copy of The Empty Ones by Robert Brockway from Agent Sam Morgan in exchange for honest review It s a Saturday It s a glorious day outside feels like crisp October weather despite being the second week of September Tiny hooligans that belong to the neighbors I ve never met scream and frolic outside It s my day off and my options of how to spend that day are limitless, only growing because of the beautiful weather So how d [...]

  10. It s rare that I remember anything than a general outline of the plots of the books I ve read some time ago This is especially troubling when I m about to jump into the next entry of a saga, when I happened to have read the previous one last year and can t remember jack of the all important details.Now then, my usual M.O is to think screw it and go at it anyway After all, if it s self contained stories it won t matter, and if it s a sequential story, the continued plot will become clear after s [...]

  11. 4.5 stars from Marion and 4 stars from Jana, read the full review at FANTASY LITERATUREThe Empty Ones 2016 is suspenseful, scary, action packed and occasionally gross This is the second book in Robert Brockway s THE VICIOUS CIRCUIT series, following 2015 s The Unnoticeables The Empty Ones crackles with tension, and I found that several of the questions that plagued me at the end of Book One are answered here By the end of this one, I am even worried about young stuntwoman Kaitlyn than I was bef [...]

  12. 3 starsreviewstaphorosisRobert Brockway s The Empty Ones has character, at least It hits you over the head with character, pokes it in your eyes, drags it through your brain, and pulls it out your ears, hoping that you ll wipe away the blood and come back for .The plot is interesting enough there are several kinds of dark, part human or ex human creatures, and they cause havoc though apparently only selectively The book shifts among several viewpoints and timeframes of characters trying to fight [...]

  13. More punk rock, empty shells of former humanity, balls of light seeking to solve the problem of the human race.This sequel to The Unnoticeables once again follows the parallel story structure of the first This time around, Carey in 1978 is going to Britain to seek revenge against Gus, an Empty One who killed most of Carey s friends In 2013, Kaitlyn, Carey, and Jackie are trying to find Marco, the Empty One that nearly killed Jackie in a similar fashion to all of Carey s friends.Much like the f [...]

  14. I received this book via first reads If punks, monsters, gore, swearing, sarcastic humour and non stop action is your thing, then this book is for you There are also frequent sexual references, which goes without saying for setting the scene for punk rock, but I am just putting this out there as I know some people don t like it.As I said above I won a copy of this book and when I received it, I realised it was the second in a series so I ordered the first one as I have a thing about reading book [...]

  15. I listened to the audiobook of the unnoticeables not that long ago, looking for something to read since I had nothing left in queue and it was a nice surprise Original, funny in parts, nice action sequences and the voices of the characters were unique enough to make you care of course when it comes to audio books the voice actors play a big part too So I didn t know exactly where the book would go after part one but I definitely wanted to read or listen the second part When it finally came out I [...]

  16. This is the second of a three part series In addition, the author follows three timelines so I found it to be a little tough sledding It is urban fantasy and the author has created a world of monsters that appear to be threatening humanity or at least a part of it There were several classes of monsters and since there were some cross cultural differences among the protagonists, different names were used for the same class of monster by different individuals That was a little off putting as well [...]

  17. The first book, I thought it took some time find its flow and that the portrayal of punk was a few years ahead of its time, but I ended up really enjoying it I still have the latter complaint this time around Misfits LPs in 1978 just weren t a thing But I m not gonna let that ruin it for me I dug the hell out of part 2 of the Vicious Circuit trilogy We re in London and Mexico this time around, chasing not Iggy Pop in one era and not AC Slater in another This part of the trilogy really fleshes ou [...]

  18. Is it fair to review a book when I ve read only half I loved the first book in this series, but this second book just isn t grabbing me The new British characters are all interesting, but it feels like the book is just rehashing what we already knew, but with a British accent with UK slang Maybe it get better later, but I found reading The Empty Ones to be a chore Don t let my two star review stop you from reading this, perhaps my reading brain was just not in the right place for this.

  19. Simply put completely bonkers in the very best way Robert Brockway s second book featuring the misadventures of cantankerous NYC punk Carey, his best and possibly only friend , Randall and former stuntwoman Kaitlyn who find themselves caught up in a nightmarish scenario is just as good if not better than first book The Unnoticeables.Recommended.

  20. I loved the representation of crude punk culture but I also appreciated the further explanation of what is going on with the Angels The ending just raised questions so I look forward to the next book in the series.

  21. Book 2 in a series Although I made myself finish this book, it wasn t very good I doubt anyone could identify with the characters and the back and forth between time with the chapters doesn t help the story except to make it confusing Save yourself some trouble and don t read this book.

  22. Brockway s writing is hilarious, dramatic, horrifying and entrancing all at the same time His trademark blend of cosmic horror and whiskey fueled antics makes me long for part three

  23. Love, love, love these books, short though they may be The characters are so interesting and the story has me cringing and laughing out loud all the way through Can t wait for another instalment.

  24. All I am going to say about this book is that it is awesome and I cannot wait til the next one comes out And also if it gets made into a film miniseries I am auditioning.

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