Fix is a Books HOOKED HOOKED HOOKED I m so hooked to this series but that s hardly the half of it Ferrett continues to shock and amaze and simply improve upon everything he s accomplished so far So

Fix is a Books HOOKED HOOKED HOOKED I'm so hooked to this series, but that's hardly the half of it. Ferrett continues to shock and amaze and simply improve upon everything he's accomplished so far.So. As of right now, I'm positively quaking from the need to just rave and gush and talk about all the spoilers that I'm super obsessed on, where I obsess so much that I start 'Mancing about a book about 'Mancing.Look. I'm sorry. The book hasn't been published yet, and all I want to do is tell everyone just how spoiled I am to have read about how all of my favorite characters from the previous novels went through the ringer, got fleshed out even more in the most delightful and painful ways ever, and just how surprised I was with not just the twists and turns they took, but how the resolution panned, too!Of course, it's even worse than that. The characters are the heart of the story, but I can't even begin to truly gush about the fact we've gone to destroyed Europe, or just how, exactly, the rising action and final shocking and crazy and delightful and painful and awe-inspiring action resolves.From the start, this series has been an amazing UF with damn amazing twists to both characters and plots, and this third (and probably final, at least for Paul and family,) lives up to all the surprises and twists of the previous ones. And then some. There's never ever a dull moment and the emotions are real.I mean, hopefully it won't be considered too much of a spoiler to mention that at the beginning of the book, our happy magical family is directly responsible for opening a rift to demon dimensions to consume Kentucky, and the fact that Paul's unable to fix it, thanks to the scared and unthinking actions of normal folks, sends him and the rest of the underground 'Mancers into a spiral of run and regret... and that's just the opening.The Unimancers are a really big part of this one, and after that setup, it looks like all their resources are now rather focused. Yeah, things have taken a rather more global turn, this time. We've moved away from NYC. The political activism has just been completely scrapped. Even Fight Club is on the ropes.I can't believe how good this one was. #totalfanboy.Thanks to Netgalley for putting me through the hell of reading such a damn good book and being unable to spoil the living hell out of what happens because I've gone total obsessional fanboy over it. Thanks. ;) . America s long sent its best SMASH agents overseas to deal with the European crisis As of today, they decided dismantling your operation was important than containing the Bastogne Broach Now you re dealing with the real professionals.Paul Tsabo Bureaucromancer Political activist Loving father His efforts to decriminalize magic have made him the government s 1 eAmerica s long sent its best SMASH agents overseas to deal with the European crisis As of today, they decided dismantling your operation was important than containing the Bastogne Broach Now you re dealing with the real professionals.Paul Tsabo Bureaucromancer Political activist Loving father His efforts to decriminalize magic have made him the government s 1 enemy and his fugitive existence has robbed his daughter of a normal life Aliyah Tsabo Dawson Videogamemancer Gifted unearthly powers by a terrorist s magic Raised by a family of magicians, she s the world s loneliest teenager because her powers might kill anyone she befriends.The Unimancers Brain burned zombies Former mancers, tortured into becoming agents of the government s anti mancer squad An unstoppable hive mind When Paul accidentally opens up the first unsealed dimensional broach on American soil, the Unimancers lead his family in a cat and mouse pursuit all the way to the demon haunted ruins of Europe where Aliyah is slowly corrupted by the siren call of the Unimancers. Good Book Fix "You gotta save the world for the right reasons, Paul."I've said it before and I'll say it again: Ferrett Steinmetz's Flex series is one of the most imaginative and unique urban fantasies I've encountered. The trilogy takes place in a world where people's passionate, obsessive belief actually has the ability to warp reality to match their internal vision. As the book puts it: If you believed with a diamond-hard conviction the universe should act in a certain way, sometimes it did. You didn't mean to make it do anything, it just… shuffled out of the way. Someone with an unhealthy obsession with gaming might become a videogamemancer, causing bullets to bounce off skin or magicking portal guns out of thin air or causing people around them to patrol in repeated loops. An edumancer might actually be able to teach anything to anyone and make them remember every word. But 'mancy comes at a cost. When the universe is bent into an alternate system, it rebounds with flux: concentrated bad luck that targets the 'mancer and causes their greatest fears to come true. And when 'mancy stands off against 'mancy, as happened in Europe, reality can be so horrifically distorted that it can be breached, opening a door for creatures from the Lovecraftian Dungeon Dimensions.If any of this sounds interesting to you, check out Flex, the first book in the trilogy. From here on out, there may be spoilers for the previous books.In some ways, Fix was a satisfying book. I love series that end, that resolve their plot arcs rather than dragging out character development and conflicts infinitely. As Steinmetz notes in the afterward, Fix is indeed the end of the trilogy, and I appreciated the sense of closure. However, at the same time, Fix was extremely difficult to finish. The previous books may have been dark, but Fix repeatedly verges on utter despondency. I believe that pacing is a delicate feat of acrobatics: if everything's too safe and easy and achievable, there's no suspense. However, when things are too hard and hopeless, where all of the protagonists' moves just make everything worse and worse, then there's nothing to keep the reader engaged and it's all too easy to give up and put the book down. Unfortunately, I think the first 75% of Fix falls neatly into the latter category. The protagonists--the people I've rooted for, admittedly with mixed emotions, for two previous books-- push so far past the moral event horizon that I felt alienated from them and just wanted it all to end. I kept putting down the book, coming up with any excuse to read something else. I had to force myself to take it up again and again.One of the things I've loved about these books is the protagonist. Paul is a bureaucromancer. He believes in laws and rules and order with so much passion that his faith actually bends reality. Needless to say, he's a bit on the OCD side. As someone who is compelled to turn the doorknob repeatedly in multiples of five when leaving the house to make sure it's really locked (not kidding about multiples of five, sadly), this makes Paul a very empathetic and relatable character for me. An example of why I love him:Back in the days before Paul had fallen hopelessly in love with Imani, he would find himself seized by shameful urges in his dates' apartments [...] college dorms so cramped they were practically spooning; Paul laced his fingers together to avoid temptation.His dates always smiled when they noticed his discomfort. "Whatcha thinking?" they'd ask."Can I…""Yes?" They'd tilt their chins, all but begging to be kissed."Can I rearrange your bookshelves? They're out of alphabetical order."The dates ended shortly after that.Paul's singlemindedness has always made him something of an antihero; after all, in the initial book, he's willing to sell drugs to gangsters to save his daughter and in the second book, his actions against the villain left me horrified. However, in this book, his descent is so abrupt that it wasn't possible for me to empathize or even comprehend his actions. Instead, I was left feeling disconnected, unable to empathise with Paul or see him as anything other than a villain. 'Mancers were always set up to be antiheroes. Their steadfast certainty means that they see the world in an inherently rigid and inaccurate way; after all, that's how they do magic. In this book, Steinmetz really examines the consequences of this rigidity. In some ways, I loved this introspective aspect and the ways it explored Paul's motivations and the repercussions of his actions, but it was also heartbreaking to watch him do some truly terrible things. (view spoiler)[I was already feeling alienated by his lack of concern for the other 'mancers; burning down the home was the last straw. And that left his mass murder spree for me to suffer through. Even apart from the whole Unimancer thing, it really bothered me that he cared only for his daughter's life, not for the scores of 'mancers in his safehouses who were put into danger and subsequently captured by his recklessness. He didn't even spare them a guilty thought. (hide spoiler)]I forced myself again and again to pick up the book, and I'm glad I did. I love how the book continued to develop Imani and Aliyah's characters. I love that we finally get to see breach-torn Europe. I love that we learn more about the Unimancers and their system. And I also love the way Valentine's romance develops through the story. Without any spoilers, I found the ending profoundly satisfying and also sweet*. If you've read the other books in the series, then I don't need to recommend Fix to you--you're going to pick it up anyway. If you haven't, and the idea of an OCD paperwork-loving 'mancer protagonist sounds like fun, you should definitely take a look at Flex. As for me, I'm excited to find out what Steinmetz has in store for his readers next.~~ I received this ebook through Netgalley from the publishers, Angry Robot Books, in exchange for my honest review. (Thank you!) Quotes are taken from an advanced reader copy and while they may not reflect the final phrasing, I believe they speak to the spirit of the book as a whole.~~Cross-posted on BookLikes.

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  1. After twenty years of wandering desolate as a writer, Ferrett Steinmetz attended the Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Workshop in 2008 and was rejuvenated Since then, he s sold stories to Asimov s Science Fiction twice , Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Shimmer, and Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, among others, and otherwise has a marvelous collection of very personalized rejection letters He lives in Cleveland with his wife, a well worn copy of Rock Band Painkiller, Expert, four stars , and a friendly ghost Should you want of Ferrett Steinmetz, he blogs about puns, politics, and polyamory at The Watchtower of Destruction theferrettvejournal.


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  1. HOOKED HOOKED HOOKED I m so hooked to this series, but that s hardly the half of it Ferrett continues to shock and amaze and simply improve upon everything he s accomplished so far.So As of right now, I m positively quaking from the need to just rave and gush and talk about all the spoilers that I m super obsessed on, where I obsess so much that I start Mancing about a book about Mancing.Look I m sorry The book hasn t been published yet, and all I want to do is tell everyone just how spoiled I a [...]

  2. You gotta save the world for the right reasons, Paul I ve said it before and I ll say it again Ferrett Steinmetz s Flex series is one of the most imaginative and unique urban fantasies I ve encountered The trilogy takes place in a world where people s passionate, obsessive belief actually has the ability to warp reality to match their internal vision As the book puts it If you believed with a diamond hard conviction the universe should act in a certain way, sometimes it did You didn t mean to ma [...]

  3. Full review here bibliotropic 2016 09 13 f So do I recommend this series Hell yes To one and all It s a powerful story, a take on magic and obsession that crosses boundaries and paints new pictures of a reality that could have been and could yet be It s a brilliant piece of urban fantasy, and adventure that stays with you long after the last page has been read and the cover closed, and Steinmetz has done something great here The characters are beautiful and flawed, the writing tight, the story f [...]

  4. This is a book that read like Ferret Steinmetz knew where he was taking his audience from the time he started writing and I love to find that in a series So many feel like the author starts with a strong idea and then that gets lost a few books in Thankfully, there is none of that here.Admittedly, I may be looking at this through rose colored lenses because I loved the first two books so much.I loved the twists that Paul s character took in this book He goes from being literally a paper pusher i [...]

  5. Three chapters into Fix, everything is already terrible, so that should give you an indication of how bad things actually get in this book.Paul and Imani want to give Aliyah a shot at a normal life, but it becomes very clear see above re first three chapters that such a life is not in the stars Before you can say Where the hell did the laws of physics go our favorite mancer family is on the run from SMASH, led by the determined General Kanakia The first quarter of the book is full of extended ac [...]

  6. lynns books 2016 09 01 fiFix is the final instalment of Ferrett Steinmetz s Mancer series and brings to a conclusion a story that I ve found totally absorbing and unique.I think for this particular review I m not really going to delve too much into the story I don t want to give anything away and I m going to make the assumption that you ve read the previous two books in the series If not, well then, I strongly suggest, nay implore, you to do so I also recommend not reading further in case there [...]

  7. Sometimes reading slumps happen I had been on a reading slump for months on end when I saw Fix on a shelf at my favourite bookshop I bought it instead of lunch that day.That was two weeks ago I had to portion out time to read it Carefully measure it out on public trasit This morning I was about halfway through, and I broke down and devoured the rest this evening.These books are glorious These are time eating, bad day fixing, meal forgettingly good books I loved Flex, and adored Flux, but Fix bea [...]

  8. An attempt acclimatize to normalcy doesn t pan out for 13yro Aliyah who just wants to live the life of a typical 13yrd old teen playing soccer with her friends and enjoying the company of the non magical inclined However, her brief attempt at fitting in leads to disaster as her mancy consumers her, resulting in her being kidnapped by the Unimancers and opening a breach to another world Series protagonist and Bureaucromancer Paul Tsabo seems to have heightened abilities in Fix as his obsession fo [...]

  9. I was so excited to get this ARC from Netgalley, but by chapter 14 I had to take a break for a bit to send a tweet out to Mr Ferrett about how my heart wasn t able to take much Both previous novels, while dark in spots, had an overall tone of levity to them Not pure comedy, of course, but there were a lot of light spots This book is pretty grim from start to finish I loved the fact that Unimancers figured a lot prominently in this book, and all the characters were gifted development, which wa [...]

  10. Some books you read because you have nothing else to do Not this one This is a book that makes you read it while eating, on the toilet, even if the TV is on I love everything about this whole series and it seriously needs to be made into movies.

  11. This review originally published in Looking For a Good Book Rated 3.5 of 5The third book in Ferrett Steinmetz s Mancy series I haven t been a big fan of the first two books, but I went in to this determined to see in it what others have found so appealing I didn t succeed, but I did find this book to be a tad interesting than the other two Mancy is a magic that draws on a person s obsession If you are someone who loves to play videogames, then you might become a videogamemancer like teenage Ali [...]

  12. First of all let s get this out of the way, though this is a review of Fix it s a review of the triology To start off Flex by Ferrett is the best Urban Fantasy to come out in the last few years and well worth a Hugo or Nebula Why Valentine She carries the triology with effortlessness, fat, sexy and nerdy just like we like it Valentine alone is worth reading the three books However, when I hear others talk about the books I hear words like mancy and world building and I kind of stop and have to [...]

  13. copy from Netgalley in exchange for a review Fix is the conclusion of the Mancer trilogy by Ferrett Steinmetz I ve enjoyed the series so far, so the conclusion had rather large shoes to fill Generally speaking, it manages to match, and in some cases exceed, my rather high expectations.The world of Fix feels a little different to that of Flux, its immediate predecessor Here we re slowly seeing the rise of a legitimate front for the issue of rights for Mancers They ve spun out of the rather viole [...]

  14. They just get better When reading a series, one always wonders if the last book will compare to the first I needn t have worried If anything, these books have gotten better, become stronger and sucked me even deeper into the story line as I read Bravo, Ferrett You have created a trilogy that is so vibrant I see the colors and smell the smells, I feel the anguish and my heart pounds with each victory I cannot wait to see the movies that are eventually made based on your books

  15. Thought this was a really solid read The series really hooked me with its magic system right off the bat and this third installment, going back over to cover the tantalizing story of the big broach that devoured Europe was fantastic And the family dynamic Between Paul, Imani, and Aaliyah Loved it Sad that this trilogy is over, but I d be very much looking forward to in this universe if Steinmetz wanted to continue along.

  16. Flex was an explosion into a new kind of magic and a new world Flux was as befits the title the backlash of that new magic and its effects on real people Fix is fix is what happens when we learn, sometimes learning well and sometimes learning poorly Fix is what happens when we don t look back, and when we do Fix is a damn good romp and a heartbreaking heart healing magical adventure I m exhausted and elated from reading it I think Valentine would approve.

  17. The final book in the Mancer trilogy, this one was harder for me to read I spent a lot of time in the early part of the book reading a single chapter then putting it down often for long stretches because the plot kept taking turns that I didn t want it to take It was harrowing and depressing Then at about the three quarter mark, I just couldn t put it down The last act was still pretty harrowing but Steinmetz had reminded me why I loved these characters in the first place.

  18. Thank you for sending me this book This is the third book in a series, the first two being Flex and The Flux I felt that if I had read the first two books, I would have got into this book quicker With some books that are part of a series, you can read one as a stand alone, but with this series, I don t think you can.

  19. An excellent wrap upIt took me awhile to finish this series It s a very good read, but the author really put his emotion into creating his characters, so watching them face the tribulations they each did made me struggle to get through some chapters.But everything ended as spectacularly as each character deserved

  20. The Mancer series is a series I fell into half way through, picking it up with book 2 The Flux rather than book 1 Flex But I loved it that much I went back to the beginning and listened to Flex, even though I knew what happened When The Fix arrived on NetGalley I HAD to find out how this series ended, and after a few painful long weeks I was finally approved.Reading The Fix was new to me, although I know this world and characters, I have only ever listened to the books, so reading it was a whole [...]

  21. This book made me care about a doughnut.I m not talking about, like, the doughnut itself is a character That would be silly But a crucial plot point that might actually be a minor spoiler is that at one point, someone s choice of doughnut actually mattered It s the focus of a moment of genuine human compassion and introspection It s important to the plot Critically so, at the time.I guess what I m saying is that any author who can make me cry over someone picking a pastry has some skills, you kn [...]

  22. Fix is a solid ending to one of my new favorite authors breakout trilogy Please note, you MUST read the first two books or you WILL be losing out and probably very confused I actually appreciate when an author demands some loyalty into a series by not explaining EVERY SINGLE DETAIL of each character in depth again for people that randomly pick up the middle of the series Thank you, Mr Steinmetz, for not punishing the reader that has started in logical order in the hopes of placating those too la [...]

  23. Free book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.This world is completely fascinating to me I love the idea that our greatest hobbies, the things we can lose ourselves in for hours, can become our form of magic bibliomancers unite Seemingly useless skills like a knack with forms, kite flying and even rock balancing, can have magical traits that allow you to do some really interesting things Unfortunately, magic comes at a cost, called flux, and it presents itself as serious bad luck The [...]

  24. So I originally tried to ration this book out But Fix was a lot faster paced than the previous installments of the series I wound up abandoning my only read it while walking on the treadmill so I have an incentive to exercise plan and, while I haven t been back on a treadmill in a week, I finished that book Fix is an even speedier, even smoother thrill ride than the previous two entries This does a great job bringing the series to a good close, taking everything about the world building and myth [...]

  25. Aliyah Tsabo Dawson just wants to be a 13 year old kid Unfortunately, she s a Videogamemancer, and her and her family are perpetually on the run from the government backed agency SMASH an anti mancer force that captures and enslaves rogue mancers, turning them into Unimancers.Aliyah convinces her parents to let her play soccer on team like a normal kid, so her father Paul Tsabo a Bureacromancer wanted by SMASH finds the perfect place for her to do it a small town in Kentucky that s just far enou [...]

  26. Having now gone through all three of the Mancer books, it s interesting not only to see the growth of the stories, but also how well this ties all the tales together This is a book about than just saving the world or saving your daughter, but also has a lot to do with sacrifice, and it s handled in such a great, adept way that it s hard not to consider this one of the better reads of late in this genre.The book jumps forward in time a bit, and we have our protagonists from the previous books re [...]

  27. I was wondering when Ferrett would finally get around to using spoiler redacted mancy, and it turns out my exact thought is the crux to the novel s finale so, well done as always Ferrett, if you want to write books in the future I ll keep telling take my money, please

  28. I really oscillated between 3 and 5 stars for this before I finally just split the difference I love the author I love the series I love the characters However two things made me like it less view spoiler First, chapter 30 I know this will make me sound like a prude and or get me backlash But this chapter was unnecessary at least the beginning part and immediately broke my immersion.I get what he was going for But the delivery fell flat and I had to actually set the book down for awhile because [...]

  29. I ve been reading this since the beginning of September It is now the end of December I am not 100% sure it is Ferrett s fault that I couldn t get into this novel as quickly and deeply as I did the other two which I gave both 5 stars Some of it was my mindset, and some of it was not wanting the series to end But I just didn t like this one as much as the others I still liked it And I enjoyed reading how it all turned out But I didn t race through it, desperate to discover how it ended I will say [...]

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