Shadowed Strength

Shadowed Strength Alternate cover for this ASIN can be found hereSixteen year old Melanie Johnson leads a regular life She loves hanging out with her best friend Tara who supports her builds up her confidence when the

Alternate cover for this ASIN can be found hereSixteen year old Melanie Johnson leads a regular life She loves hanging out with her best friend Tara who supports her, builds up her confidence when the resident mean girl tears it down, and tries repeatedly to convince Melanie to talk to her secret crush the gorgeous Jeremy Stevens After being humiliated at a party, MelanAlternate cover for this ASIN can be found hereSixteen year old Melanie Johnson leads a regular life She loves hanging out with her best friend Tara who supports her, builds up her confidence when the resident mean girl tears it down, and tries repeatedly to convince Melanie to talk to her secret crush the gorgeous Jeremy Stevens After being humiliated at a party, Melanie is attacked and nearly raped as she walks home A mysterious black dog appears out of nowhere just in the nick of time saves her, and disappears just as quickly No one saw him but her And the man who tried to rape her In the wake of the attack, Melanie tries to pull her life back together with the help of her friends Just as things seem to be going her way, she starts receiving creepy notes from her attacker He promises to finish what he started Things become even complicated when Jeremy reveals a secret that Melanie is not sure she can accept He is not what he seems He is something Something untamed Forceful Wild Too scared to go to the police, Melanie tries to figure out who is stalking her and making these disgusting threats The discovery of his identity does not put an end to her fear as she hoped It only escalates it further Melanie must find the strength to believe in herself, take control of the situation and put an end to it, once and for all This is a YA Paranormal Romance intended for teens and adults 16 due to language and sexu

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Shadowed Strength

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  1. Wendi Wilson is a mother to two rambunctious boys, two cats, two snakes, a tortoise and a fish She spends her time watching her boys play baseball and football, volunteering for PTA, reading and writing.She enjoys reading YA paranormal romance, NA romance, and dystopian novels Her first book, Shadowed Strength, is the culmination of 20 years of work, a dream finally realized.


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  1. 4.5 stars.WOW This book saved me literally from a reading slump after my horrible time with The Fate of the Tearling.Wendi created such suspense in this novel I mean seriously From the mysterious attacker, to finding out what secret J was hiding ALSO THE ENDING OF THIS BOOK, call it a cliff hanger omg.This book reminds me of The Sweep series meets Shadow Fall series So many things i love.My only wish is I heard about the magical element of this novel and that the changes our girl goes under bei [...]

  2. Angst, first love, suspense, and the paranormal make this debut novel by Wendi Wilson a compelling story Solid writing makes Shadowed Strength an easy read Wilson did an exceptional job of crafting protagonist and heroine Melanie Johnson, right down to her inability to be dishonest, which plays out in fabric of the story in interesting ways The paranormal is introduced in this first installment of the Shadowed series, but the focus is on the relationship between Melanie and her first boyfriend, [...]

  3. This is the first book in a series It ends with a cliffhanger, and I do want to read the next book to learn of this fun, interesting, and well written story.Melanie, the main character, is kind, sensitive, and painfully lacking in self confidence Luckily, she has Tara as her best friend to stand by her side She also has her Mom who is comforting, supportive, and hard working It s always been just the two of them Melanie has never met her father And then there s Jeremy The guy who seems too good [...]

  4. Why I loved Shadowed StrengthPrologueThis was one fantastic prologue, I normally never mention these Fear trickled over my spine and I could sense the danger Mealnie was in.The book is sooo easy to read I don t mean that the language is simple but the writing style is perfect and the story flies swiftly.MelanieEvery girl will be reminded of their teenage years after reading about Melanie Melanie was slightly overweight, was trying to find herelf and had a bitchy nemesis.Her character development [...]

  5. I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review Oh this was really good Even though I didn t like Melanie for half the time she was too whiny and shy and submissive, especially with that Sissy b tch harassing her, and I wanted to shake her every time she acted stupid with Jeremy, when it was SO clear he was crazy about her I loved Jeremy even though the first impression wasn t good at all, what with him bringing that Sissy b tch as his date, totally oblivious that she was Evil incarnate [...]

  6. 3 stars First, a big thank you to Wendi Wilson for a free copy I normally don t write reviews actually this is my first but sharing my thoughts feelings seems like a good form of gratitude I really enjoyed this book Honestly, I started this book a little skeptical because she is a new author and pulling off PNR and YA can be tough, but she did really well Shadowed Strengthcaught and held my interest I ll begin with the worst, some things I didn t like 1 The book is in 3rd person nothing wrong wi [...]

  7. Wow I just devoured this book, finishing it in a single day Wendi s writing style is exactly what I like to read enough description to let you picture the scene, with steady pacing and great characterization Add the super powers, nefarious villain, and first love how could I not be hooked I really appreciated the fact that Wendi didn t give us the typical hot but she doesn t realize it, perfectly proportioned heroine Melanie has flaws and she s noticeably insecure I love that she has to work thr [...]

  8. I am a huge fan of shifter tales, and I love having a bit of an underdog to root for That being said, Melanie is a realistic character who is easily relatable and I felt that the author portrayed her very well There are some strong scenes in here I wouldn t let my teenager read, but I know that every parent is different and I do not deduct a star for that at all because the author did give fair warning Which I appreciate There is so much I enjoyed about this tale that I need to know what happens [...]

  9. I found this young adult paranormal book to be disappointing First, there was so much focus on the heroine being sensitive about being overweight Then, she has an attacker stalker who apparently is obsessed with that particular attribute, and we are given much too much insight into his thoughts on that Then, it was clear from the start who the attacker stalker was, so there was no mystery to stay tuned for Finally, the story indicates that the hero does not care about the heroine s weight But th [...]

  10. I have got into the habit of skipping back cover blurbs in order to have a surprise waiting Shadowed Strength did not disappoint and kept me entertained through the whole read I admit I was curious when the fantasy elements would reveal themselves amongst the world that swirled around the protagonist Very interesting take on the genre and I have to wonder how far Wilson will delve into strange world of the shifters There is a lot of room for some additional lore and backstory I have to say, I en [...]

  11. I really enjoyed this story, which was both compelling from the plotline point of view, and from messages it delivered to the reader Shadowed Strength tells a story of a young girl coming of age, Melanie, who almost gets raped by an unknown assailant, but luckily is saved by a sudden appearance of a big dog, which helps scare the man away Her school crush Jeremy swears to protect Melanie, and soon their friendship develops into something However, Jeremy has a secret that has to do with the rece [...]

  12. Couldn t put this book down There is always something to be said about a wonderfully written tale about romance, especially a new blossoming love that you re cheering on to succeed Awesome This book in a nutshell I just loved Jeremy He s sweet, charming, loyal, and never once let Mel down Even when her insecurities presented themselves he was the utmost gentlemen How can you not a love a guy like that Simple, you just do One of my favorite things he said to her, I can actually see your strength [...]

  13. Note A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.This book took me back to when I was a 14 year old and first getting into romance as a genre A little predictable, but oh gosh, it s everything I remember falling in love with back then over 10 years ago, wow I have no doubts whatsoever that this book will do extremely well in the young teen age group, and I even found myself getting really into the storyline even though I guessed about the happenings pretty ear [...]

  14. When I started reading Wilson s book, I was worried that it wouldn t be for me It started out with too many cliches the teenager who doesn t feel good in her skin, the instant love, the incident, the mean popular girl They re all real teenage issues, and not trivial ones at that, but I ve seen them in so many books that i wasn t wowed What did wow me, was Melanie s character arc, Jeremy s genuine sweetness, and the unexpected twist at the end That made me want to read the next book in the series [...]

  15. Fun story with a unique twist at the end Melanie is every girl struggling with insecurities and trying to fit into the cruel world of high school I genuinely felt her pain Jeremy is the perfect boyfriend well, except for that one minor problem No spoilers, you ll have to read it I m looking forward to seeing what happens now that Melanie has discovered her truth self worth and a few other interests facts about herself

  16. Good ReadI enjoyed this book I especially liked how the main character started out shy, chubby, and not perfect I completely related to her because that s exactly how I was right down to playing the flute lol I liked the tension between her and Jeremy and the insight in to Mr Hughes mind.

  17. YA ParanormalWhat an superb read this book was It had all the lovely makings of a good YA story.It s been nearly seventeen years since Melanie was born, her mom Elaine took Melanie away to race her on her own since Melanie s father Darren was not your average dad as most would tought him to be Trying to give Darren the chance to be what he meant to be she had to leave him even if it shattered her heart to pieces.Well here is where the story gets interesting Melanie has wondered for so many years [...]

  18. This book amazing great to read a book that touches on normal teenage emotionwow this book hits nerves with the inner insecure me in a good way trust me the way the author writes about the insecurities Melaine has about being the fat girl in high school is spot on i can instantly relate the Mel not being able to take off her cardigan in the summer sun because she was scared of her chubby arms i thought i was the thing one Enough about me back to the review This book is refreshing and not your no [...]

  19. If you like high school drama, suspense and a touch of paranormal teenage angst this is the book for you Though a bit repetitive, I enjoyed reading this paranormal YA I actually found myself being pulled in with the need to know who Melanie s stalker is The author has you seconding guessing everything.One moment you know exactly what is going to happen or who the stalker is and the author throws a plot twist or clue your way to make you change your mind constantly Once the stalker is finally rev [...]

  20. YA, especially YA Paranormal, is one of the genres that tends to be either very good or very bad In spite of a few small issues, I very much enjoyed this YA paranormal by Wendi Wilson.I found the teenage characters believable, the relationship and dialogue between Melanie and her best friend Tara in particular seemed especially strong The main characters felt like real people and I found Melanie s journey from self loathing to strength, with the support of her mother, best friend and handsome ne [...]

  21. This was an easy read, with teenage angst, romance, mystery and shapeshifters The MC teenage Melanie is an everyday girl to whom most teenagers will relate She suffers huge insecurities, about her weight, her lovelife and her parent s relationship she doesn t know her father, and her mother won t talk about him The events in the story bring about her coming of age and with it great changes to her outlook A little action could have lifted the pace but generally a good young adult story with a su [...]

  22. If you are in the mood for a paranormal romancelook no further.Melanie Johnson is a pear shaped, pudgy high school student in Georgia She has confidence and self esteem issues because of her weight Melanie still saw herself the same way everyone else saw her plain and fat She has been friends with Jeremy Stevens for a few years and had a crush on him since day one When the bully in the school goes after Melanie, Jeremy decides to stand up to the bully, while Melanie walks home from the party Unb [...]

  23. A generally well written YA supernatural romance with a pleasantly imperfect heroine Zippy plot toward the end Read the full review on Undergroundbookreviews dot org

  24. Let me just start by saying that I was absolutely obsessed with Jeremy as the lead male character I feel like girls grow up wanting a Prince Charming figure that just doesn t usually exist in high school, but Jeremy defies that expectation in this book He was one of those male leads a teenager mind you that you are smitten with and is always putting the girl first and trying to shield and protect her Completely sigh worthy While I could see what was coming down the pike as far as Jeremy s secret [...]

  25. Possible Mild Spoilers Wendi Wilson, I am just blown away This is the third YA I ve ever read and I have to say you are something truly special Staying up until 4 a.m has never felt so good in my life I could not put this story down I had a few false starts because, pssh my kids think I m here to feed and bathe them ha Once they crawled into bed though, I was enraptured.Jeremy is the stuff of dreamy yumminess, while Mel is so sweet andwell, introvert She s completely relatable and I wanted to sc [...]

  26. Reviewed for readers favoriteIn Shadowed Strength, a fast Young Adult paranormal romance by Wendi Wilson, sixteen year old Melanie Johnson is a quiet teen struggling with self confidence but with a strong group of friends Then one night after an encounter with a bully leaves her feeling shattered she bumps fast to face with a masked assailant who has the worst of intentions Despite trying to fight him off she s nearly overcome when a mysterious dog comes to her rescue.Shaken, Melanie tries to pu [...]

  27. Ahhhh I m in one of the states after finishing a book where I have all the feels, and so many thoughts going on in my head I m just so excited and I have to figure out how to get all of it down in writing so it makes sense I liked this book right away The authors characters and writing style had me drawn in within a page or so, and I LOVE when that happens in a book So, I knew the book would be about an attempted rape, and overall I feel like the author did a really good job of dealing with such [...]

  28. Shadowed Strength is a paranormal romance that might appeal to a large, YA audience.The book revolves around sixteen year old Melanie, an otherwise normal, intelligent and interesting teenager who suffers from an overwhelming inferiority complex Although she is the current target of schoolyard bullying, she has the support of her best friend, Tara, and also of hottie, Jeremy, on whom she has had an unrequited crush for the past year Real world and paranormal events quickly evolve from the bullyi [...]

  29. Shadowed Strength for me was between a 3 and 4 stars.I have to confess I m not a huge fan of YA books, but I like a good story so the fact that it was a YA book didn t bias me against the author In a nutshell, shy and insecure sixteen year old Melanie Johnson is attacked one night, only to be saved by a large black dog with soulful eyes Both attacker and rescuer disappear into the night You know that s not the last time we will hear from them again What I liked about this book is the theme about [...]

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