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Flashback Siren Song The year is Yancy Lazarus bluesman gambler future world class mage and fix it man is just a dumb unlucky kid serving with the rd Battalion rd Marines in Vietnam With just a few weeks left to

The year is 1969 Yancy Lazarus bluesman, gambler, future world class mage and fix it man is just a dumb, unlucky kid serving with the 3rd Battalion 3rd Marines in Vietnam With just a few weeks left to go until Yancy gets shipped back to the States, he s just trying to keep his head down and avoid a body bag no mean feat in Nam But when his squad is tasked with conductinThe year is 1969 Yancy Lazarus bluesman, gambler, future world class mage and fix it man is just a dumb, unlucky kid serving with the 3rd Battalion 3rd Marines in Vietnam With just a few weeks left to go until Yancy gets shipped back to the States, he s just trying to keep his head down and avoid a body bag no mean feat in Nam But when his squad is tasked with conducting a routine patrol deep in enemy territory, everything goes to nine kinds of hell, and he quickly sees his chances at survival slipping away When the radio operators start to pick up some funky, dirty ol blues all the way out in the backcountry, it s a nice change of pace At least until the men in Yancy s squad start losing their minds, turning on each other with murderous intent as the music works its deadly power within them Convinced it s some kind of new psychological warfare initiative, the squad leader forces the men to push deeper and deeper into the Vietnamese jungle, obsessed with locating the music s source What they find, however, isn t some new technology, but an ancient spirit awoken by the terrible war Even worse, the music is changing Yancy too, awakening something buried inside of him Only one thing is certain, nothing is ever going to be the same See how it all began Authors Note Siren Song is a novella length story 26,000 words and is not a full novel Though it is the first installment in the Yancy Lazarus Flashback series

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Flashback: Siren Song

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  1. Hey all, my name is James Hunter and I m a writer, among other things So just a little about me I m a former Marine Corps Sergeant, combat veteran, and pirate hunter seriously I m also a member of The Royal Order of the Shellback cause that s a real thing I ve also been a missionary and international aid worker in Bangkok, Thiland And, a space ship captain, can t forget that.Okay the last one is only in my imagination.Currently, I m a stay at home Dad taking care of my two kids while also writing full time, making up absurd stories that I hope people will continue to buy When I m not working, writing, or spending time with family, I occasionally eat and sleep.


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  1. 3.5Flashback Siren Song is a prequel to Yancy Lazarus series As an introduction to a whole new series it is really good You get a moment when the main character realizes he can see magic, then you have dark humour sprinkled through the story and the whole thing is well plotted You follow a group of soldiers going through the jungle, following some weird music that causes them to go mad and kill either themselves or others.I would have loved it if not for the setting Vietnam isn t my favourite s [...]

  2. This is a flashback for Yancey, back to the days when he first learned he was a wizard in the rainforests of Vietnam, surrounded by enemies, fighting for their lives and facing the sirens And an ancient force far deadly than even the modern battlefield.For a time in this book I was vaguely frustratedNot because I wasn t enjoying this book because I was Not because it wasn t well written because it certainly was It has a great sense of grimness, that classic Vietnam war film feel all grim and gr [...]

  3. Note I started reading Siren Song when I was about halfway through Cold Hearted Yancy Lazarus Book 2 , but even if you d never read any of the previous installments, you would be hard pressed not to fall in love with Yancy based on this prequel alone It holds its own in every way possible.In Strange Magic, the first book of the series, Yancy Lazarus immediately became one of my favorite characters A smart mouthed, music loving, magic slinging, reluctant hero with a broken past, suped up el Camin [...]

  4. A small scouting mission in Vietnam during the war leads a group of marines into danger There is deadly music in the jungle which is slowly turning the men mad, causing them to kill each other As their numbers dwindle, Yancy and his friends must find the music source and avoid the possessed Vietnamese soldiers in pursuit.I decided to read this short novella as an introduction to the series, to see if I liked the character enough to try the first full length novel in the series The answer to that [...]

  5. Great origin storyThis is a great short read about how Yancy Lazarus first discovered his abilities while serving in Vietnam Flashback Siren Song builds a fuller understanding of Yancy s character and how he became the mage he is in the rest of the series If you enjoyed reading the other books in this series, I recommend you picking this up to learn a little about this rambling, gambling, blues man and how he came to be a mage.

  6. I ve read this as part of a 11 first books in an urban fantasy series , and as such it s a cheat.If I understand correctly it s a prequel.A well written, exciting prequel, but a prequel.It did it job I ll try reading the Real books in the series, but I still felt a bit cheated so no 5 stars for you.As for the book itself The regular Vietnam cliches provide the right setting for this book, when we re starting following a squad of people on the third or second night of club jazz music playing in t [...]

  7. The nice thing about reading a war story written by a Marine veteran is that, like any culture, there are certain things you can only understand from the inside, looking out.Flashback Siren Song is an origin story for a modern day mage, set in the middle of the Vietnam War It s not overly preoccupied with individual morality, just war theory, or the Geneva conventions, because the characters are doing the best they can to survive and that kind of reflection is best saved for the after party And [...]

  8. Set amid the backdrop of the Vietnam War, Siren Song treats us to a glimpse of Yancy s younger days Before the Rakshasa and world dominating mages, before the malevolent spirits of winter and the politics of the Council, Yancy s only concerns were dogging the VC and not stepping on a landmine This is the story of how Yancy s life first hit the fan.Hunter s writing continues to impress me I m a big fan of the earlier novels Strange Magic and Cold Hearted, but this prequel is something else Darker [...]

  9. A short story which presents you how Lazarus discovered, or rather awakened his powers in the morbid surroundings of Vietnamese jungle.Surrounded by dangerous terrain, enemy troops and deadly song that seems to haunt them and even kill them Yancy and the rest of his group are trying to find the source of the deadly music The strange thing is he can actually see it and follow the bespelling voices Not without problems, as it seems to hurt like hell and break his mind bit by bit I actually liked t [...]

  10. YANCY Lazarus is serving for the marines in Vietnam when his squad is plagued by a strange music that sends them into sporadic bouts of madness, causing them to turn on the comrades and friends.He ventures deep into the heart of the dangerous jungle, following the trail of the music to its source to hopefully put an end to the madness This book is just the beginning for Yancy I prefer Lazarus as the strange music unlocks his latent magic abilities.It was an above average read The writing style i [...]

  11. First off what a frigging great original story And I ve read em all, believe me Loved this in that it helped piece a few things together about Yancy s past foundation and the start of his powers and his relationship with his old time friend and also a little of why he s now in the line he s in I m not into spoilers or long winded reviews that dance around as many details as possible I call them sideways spoilers It s a great book, great read, and if you re getting into Yancy them you ll definite [...]

  12. I have not read James A Hunter before but this short story was great and makes me want to read This story really pulled me into it I know just enough about Vietnam, that the backdrop of the story made sense to me I know just enough about the music of the 20s 40s that all of that made sense to me More than that, though, I m intrigued A young Yancy Lazarus awakens his magic in the jungles of Vietnam to fight something I really enjoyed the magic I liked the antagonist and the history It was a good [...]

  13. for full review onebooktwoAuthor James A Hunter does it again, except this time with a novella that lends some insight about what kind of man developed from a boy sent to Vietnam on his senior trip We see his friend Greg and Yancy s unit be overcome with you guessed it Siren Song Wait There s This Siren Song has a different origin than what you would expect It s a revengeful Tree King of Old , a Leshy of the Fae Court that likes of course blood.This is a most excellent adventure it s worth your [...]

  14. Flashback Siren SongThis is a prequel to the first Yancy Lazarus book, Strange Magic We get the background of Yancy and Greg s time in Vietnam and when and where Yancy comes into his power As a vet myself I like how Yancy has a Marine background Its well written from a man who has also served Yancy has just a month left in country before he can return to his family when a strange song floating through the jungle messes all that up for him.

  15. An awesome fantasy military short novelFlashback Siren Song is a fast paced, action packed, magic filled, military fantasy The plot is good, the characters are well developed and intriguing Loved the magic or power our hero develops Great job, can t wait to see the next book.

  16. Well toldSince reading the first Yancy Lazarus novel I had wondered how he came into his powers This book tells you that and gives you a little insight about him Enjoyed the story would like to hear of when he was a young family man.

  17. So much thrills Love every minute of this book Interesting story bout the Viet tree spirit folk tale I didn t even know about considering I was born in Vietnam Lots of actions and a tame of profanity compare to the author s other books.

  18. The series has a typical anti hero I won t go further on that sentence to avoid spoilers The Novella ASIN B01066TLC0 Flashback Siren Song Yancy Lazarus Book 1 was a good start and explains how it all began for Yancy i am eagerly awaiting the next novel

  19. I need yancy flashbacks This was amazing and was great insight into his past and the tragic incidents that shaped him into the great mage he is now.

  20. Great bookWow I thought this was going to be just another paranormal story this was great I look forward to the rest of the series.

  21. Outstanding intro to this character Just wish I had come across it before I had finished all the other books, but it was still good to read what was the initial start of Yancy s VIS powers.

  22. Great period pieceA great period piece, with some real feeling in it I always like when urban fantasy authors explore other parts of their universe.

  23. I m liking it than I m liking the actual first book in the series I hope it s reflective of an improvement in the writing later on.

  24. A prequel to the Yancy Lazarus series that I read in A World of Shadows I ll admit I didn t really care for the first book, the second was better and this prequel is well written as well.

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