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The best Book Tempi glaciali published Si mobilitata tutta l Anticrimine del tredicesimo arrondissement di Parigi sul caso dei due apparenti suicidi Il coltissimo capitano Danglard grande estimatore

The best Book Tempi glaciali published Si mobilitata tutta l Anticrimine del tredicesimo arrondissement di Parigi sul caso dei due apparenti suicidi Il coltissimo capitano Danglard, grande estimatore di vino bianco, l energica Violette Retancourt, lo specialistica in pesci d acqua dolce Voisenet Ma soprattutto lo svagato, irresistibile, spalatore di nuvole , il commissario Jean Baptiste Adamsberg Tutto inSi mobilitata tutta l Anticrimine del tredicesimo arrondissement di Parigi sul caso dei due apparenti suicidi Il coltissimo capitano Danglard, grande estimatore di vino bianco, l energica Violette Retancourt, lo specialistica in pesci d acqua dolce Voisenet Ma soprattutto lo svagato, irresistibile, spalatore di nuvole , il commissario Jean Baptiste Adamsberg Tutto inizia col ritrovamento di due corpi e la scoperta di uno strano simbolo scarabocchiato accanto a ciascuno di essi Ma come sempre accade nelle storie di Fred Vargas, questo non che l avvio di una avventura che finir per snodarsi in mezza Europa tra una balzana setta di adepti della Rivoluzione francese e una gita in Islanda finita in tragedia Sorprendente, ancora una volta Vargas non ha eguali Le Figaro Conosceva Adamsberg da abbastanza tempo per sapere che, nel suo caso, la parola riflettere non aveva alcun significato Adamsberg non rifletteva, non si sedeva da solo a un tavolo, impugnando una matita, non si concentrava davanti a una finestra, non ricapitolava i fatti su un tabellone, con frecce e cifre, non appoggiava il mento su una mano Vagolava, camminava senza far ru, ciondolava da un ufficio all altro, commentava, andava avanti e indietro a passi lenti, ma nessuno l aveva mai visto riflettere Sembrava un pesce alla deriva No, un pesce non va alla deriva, un pesce persegue il suo obiettivo Adamsberg faceva pensare piuttosto a una spugna, sballottata dalle correnti Ma quali correnti. A viral Ebook Tempi glaciali I adore the French Commissaire Adamsberg series and so pleased to get hold of this novel. This a knotted mystery that Adamsberg refers to as bundle of seaweed that refuses to be untangled for some time. It contains an Icelandic supernatural element with the deadly demon 'afterganga' that is summoning our other worldly commissaire. It is located on Fox Island, and there is local folklore and mythology about the warm stone on it that is supposed to have magical properties. There is experience of its evil intent amidst the harm visited on locals who avoid the island like the plague. In Paris, there are a number of apparent suicides that turn out to be murders. The first victim, Alice Gauthier, and those that follow have a sign on the scene that baffles the police, including Commandant Danglard of the Serious Crime Squad. A letter sent by Alice has the police visit a Stud farm to meet Amedee Masfaure and Victor who recount a story of murders that took place in Iceland amongst a group of French tourists on Fox Island years ago. The murderer threatened to wreak such terrible vengeance that the remaining group kept silent through the years. It becomes clear the victims are connected with the Robespierre Association, headed by Henri Chateau, which focuses police investigations on this area. A climate of fear grows in the present that echoes that of Robespierre's Reign of Terror, mesmerisingly enacted by the Association. The lack of progress convinces Adamsberg to go to Iceland despite the reservations and outright hostility of most of his team, particularly Danglard. There is a web of deceit and lies that are uncovered. An eventful and dangerous trip to Iceland yields vital information which leads Adamsberg closer to the truth. However, an adept, dangerous and ruthless killer has no intention of being discovered and will do anything to stop this happening.This is a complex and atmospheric story that weaves a spell over the reader. It is full of tension, twists and suspense. The conflict and hostility within Adamsberg's police team led by Danglard leaves Adamsberg isolated in the finale at the Stud Farm. I particularly like the French Revolution and Robespierre aspect of the novel that mirrors the revolt in the police team. This is another brilliant addition to the series which I highly recommend. Cannot wait for the next one!

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  1. Fred Vargas is the pseudonym of the French historian, archaeologist and writer Fr d rique Audoin Rouzeau often mistakenly spelled Audouin Rouzeau She is the daughter of Philippe Audoin Rouzeau , a surrealist writer who was close to Andr Breton, and the sister of the historian St phane Audoin Rouzeau, a noted specialist of the First World War who inspired her the character of Lucien Devernois.Archeo zoologist and historian by trade, she undertook a project on the epidemiology of the Black Death and bubonic plague, the result of which was a scientific work published in 2003 and still considered definitive in this research area Les chemins de la peste Le rat la puce et l homme Pest Roads.As a novelist, Fred Vargas writes mostly crime stories She found writing was a way to combine her interests and relax from her job as a scientist Her novels are set in Paris and feature the adventures of Chief Inspector Adamsberg and his team Her interest in the Middle Ages is manifest in many of her novels, especially through the person of Marc Vandoosler, a young specialist in the period.She separated her public persona as a writer from her scientific persona by adopting the pseudonym Fred Vargas Fred is the diminutive of her given name, Fr d rique, while with Vargas , she has chosen the same pseudonym than her twin sister, Jo Vargas pseudonym of Jo lle Audoin Rouzeau , a painter For both sisters, the pseudonym Vargas derives from the Ava Gardner character in The Barefoot Contessa.Her crime fiction policiers have won three International Dagger Awards from the Crime Writers Association, for three successive novels in 2006, 2008 and 2009 She is the first author to achieve such an honor In each case her translator into English has been S an Leonard, who was also recognized by the international award.


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  1. I adore the French Commissaire Adamsberg series and so pleased to get hold of this novel This a knotted mystery that Adamsberg refers to as bundle of seaweed that refuses to be untangled for some time It contains an Icelandic supernatural element with the deadly demon afterganga that is summoning our other worldly commissaire It is located on Fox Island, and there is local folklore and mythology about the warm stone on it that is supposed to have magical properties There is experience of its evi [...]

  2. Nordic Noir encounters the 18th Century Reign of Terror in the latest Fred Vargas offering two elements which seem incompatible, at best, in a contemporary crime novel and albeit a clash of cultures and times, nonetheless manages to work quite well.As a warning, though, this is not for everyone Only the most die hard of Vargas fans will find satisfaction within these pages Although a stand alone novel in its own right, it relies on the reader being familiar with all the historical Adamsberg quir [...]

  3. Mettiamola cos rispetto a Un luogo incerto e La cavalcata dei morti , la Vargas mostra segni di rinsavimento Tuttavia, siamo ancora ben lontani dalla qualit dei primi romanzi, che non hanno mai interessato alcun appassionato di trame gialle , visto che, da quel lato, l autrice sempre stata carente, bens gli estimatori di quegli accattivanti personaggi che sono in s e per s Adamsberg lo spalatore di nuvole , Danglard praticamente un enciclopedia vivente che funziona sempre, anche quando manca il [...]

  4. While I ve sort of lost my zeal for keeping up with crime mystery series novels, there are still a few authors whose work I can t not read, and Vargas is one of those I haven t missed a single one of her Adamsberg books while sometimes I was less than enchanted to put it mildly with the turn toward the supernatural in some of her novels, I can t help myself it s the ensemble cast that is the real draw for me in these novels, and I have this thing for quirky, offbeat stories that are don t fall i [...]

  5. C tait grandiose, un retour tant esp r qui ne m a franchement pas d ue J ai ador du d but la fin, ou comment une simple lettre suspecte va conduire nos enqu teurs sur une s rie de meurtres d guis s en suicides, avec une simple guillotine en guise d indice, passant par un voyage touristique en Islande, des drames et des larmes, et pourquoi pas un vengeur masqu et des victimes paniqu es Fred Vargas pousse toujours plus loin ses excentricit s en nous emmenant galement chez les Amis de Robespierre, [...]

  6. A new Vargas I read few thrillers Bu I had good memories of some of her books There is nostalgia of a lost Paris Sepia chromos, accordion and white wine.It makes me think to 30th french movies with very typical secondary carachter.Nostalgia sequence.At the beginning of the book, the magic work.Until the page 200 Another murder A second strands of the plot come together But this second one did not function.Kind of malaise French gauchists always preserved a particular tenderness For Robespierre M [...]

  7. A Climate of Fear Brilliant French Crime ThrillerUp until I started reading A Climate of Fear, I had not heard of Fred Vargas, and then thought Vargas was male, and I had never heard of the Commissaire Adamsberg series Now I know Fred is an award winning writer and the Commissaire Adamsberg, even if this is the ninth in the series, it could be read as a standalone thriller.A Climate of Fear has been written by one of the truly original crime writers, which is different from the usual formulaic c [...]

  8. The Commissaire Adamsberg series is the very highest quality Eurocrime, in which moral philosophy, human frailty and personal observation are interwoven with a genuinely perplexing mystery The Commissaire himself is among the most unusual policemen you ll ever meet whimsical and easily distracted, a brilliant mind with all the focus of a babbling brook His peculiar talent for pulling on loose threads to fuse improbable connections is Adamsberg s strength his many weaknesses are offset by his equ [...]

  9. Vaya hombre, tanto esperar, contar los d as para que se publicara, bajarlo en el Kindle, empezar a leer y en tres d as lo he terminado Y ahora a esperar el siguiente La serie del comisario Adamsberg es, sin duda, mi favorita Su extra a filosof a, su equipo, la investigaci n que siempre tiene un elemento sobrenatural, los largos paseos del comisario por el Sena, el gato la bola, los di logos, el humor todo, todo, es imposible mejorarlo Como siempre con Vargas, no me imagin el desenlace, ni la exp [...]

  10. I gialli della Vargas sono indubbiamente particolari La trama si aggroviglia, in questo caso come una matassa di alghe e si dipana lentamente, con molta attenzione per evitare di rimanere con minuscoli frammenti indecifrabili E lentamente procede lo spalatore di nuvole Adamsberg, che per riflettere ha bisogno di camminare e divagare, sconcertando spesso la squadra che dirige Quando leggo le sue indagini, pi della soluzione, mi appassionano il cammino, i personaggi che ruotano intorno a lui, ben [...]

  11. Hay algo nico en la prodigiosa imaginaci n de Fred Vargas su capacidad de convertir lo exc ntrico en algo entra able y cotidiano Y, sobre todo, hacerlo sin llegar en ning n momento a comprometer la verosimilitud de la historia Ese equilibrio Seguir leyendo

  12. una monumentale matassa di alghe secche E la metafora cui il commissario Adamsberg ricorre continuamente via via che la vicenda si fa sempre pi ingarbugliata.Sono trascorsi circa tre anni da quando ho letto un romanzo della Vargas ma vi ritrovo pi o meno i medesimi ingredienti dei precedenti episodi la bislacca compagnia di gendarmi diretta dall ancor pi bislacco commissario, le vicende poliziesche che conducono a un luogo geografico oscuro e sconosciuto questa volta addirittura un isoletta a no [...]

  13. Harvoin nykyaikaan sijoittuvia dekkareita lukevalle Hyisi aikoja osoittautui turvalliseksi aloitukseksi genreen Ei raakuuksia, perinteisemp poliisity t ja historiallinen sivujuonne Edellisten osien lukemattomuus ei my sk n haitannut Kutkuttava juoni, jonka ansiosta kirja tuli ahmaistua parissa p iv ss N iden parissahan voisi jopa jatkaa

  14. Je me r jouis toujours de retrouver Adamsberg et sa brigade h t roclite de gentils cingl s, tous plus attachants les uns que les autres J ai lu quatre autres Vargas, auxquels j ai mis d excellentes notes.Pourtant, Temps Glaciaires ne m a pas convaincue L ensemble, qui manque de dynamisme, est peut tre r server aux f rus d histoire de France sujet qui est loin de me passionner Le roman commence avec une palpitante intrigue islandaise qui se poursuit dans un petit coin pittoresque des Yvelines, pu [...]

  15. Ho sempre adorato la Vargas, per era un po che non leggevo suoi libri.Un po perch , fino all uscita di questo, li avevo letti tutti, un po perch l ultimo che avevo letto un luogo incerto non mi era piaciuto per nulla.Invece con questo si riscattata.Il giallo intrigante, fin verso la fine complicato capirci qualcosa view spoiler ammetto che io, che di solito gli assassini inizio a capire chi sono moooolto in anticipo, questa volta avevo solo capito che era lo stesso e non due diversi, ma l identi [...]

  16. Maybe it s because I jumped in at the 10th book in the series Perhaps one needs to start at the beginning in order to feel some affection for, or interest in the detectives I didn t find them interesting or endearing The first thread of the investigation, mysterious deaths of people who survived an incident in Iceland years ago, was intriguing The second thread, around a historical society obsessed with re enacting Robespierre s role the French revolution, completely bored me.It reminded me a bi [...]

  17. Quel rapport entre un groupe d exp dition fran ais prisonnier d une brume en Islande il y a dix ans, et une association de Robespierristes de nos jours C est cette masse d algues que notre pelleteur de nuages va tenter de d m ler au cours de cette nouvelle enqu te J ai beau tre une fan convaincue de la s rie Adamsberg, ce dernier pisode m a laiss perplexe Les personnages sont tellement pouss s l extr me qu ils deviennent la caricature d eux m mes Danglard n est plus seulement cultiv , il se tran [...]

  18. This has got to be one of my very favourite mystery series Above all else it is original There is no way that Fred Vargas characters can be confused with those of any other writer Commissaire Adamsberg has eccentric methods, that often anger other members of his team, but they work.This time the tale begins with an apparent suicide of an ill woman in a bathtub There is a strange symbol at the scene Then a second victim is discovered The two victims were part of a harrowing tour of Iceland ten ye [...]

  19. Heb het boek in het Nederlands gelezen Ijsmoord Speelt zich ten dele af in Ijsland.Redelijk ingewikkelde plot, grandioos ontward door Adamsberg en natuurlijk in de eerste plaats door Fred Vargas Robespierre komt er ook aan te pasZijn schitterende redevoeringen.

  20. 3.5 5Il romanzo di per s abbastanza gradevole e si legge velocemente, ma siamo lontani dai migliori romanzi del commissario Adamsberg.La trama coinvolge soprattutto all inizio, dopo diventa un po impettita, legnosa, pi che avvincente E il colpo di scena finale non stato cos eccezionale.Si d per scontato che il lettore conosca Adamsberg e i suoi, ma soprattutto, a parte qualche tocco caratterizzante, non c quell indagine interiore che aveva fatto amare i personaggi in altri libri.Mi ha dato l imp [...]

  21. Okay, after what I said about the last Louise Penny book, it is almost unconscionable of me to give this such a high review, because it was every bit as bad for being completely ridiculous as a police procedural and had all the same issues with a near psychic mystic figure policeman as a protagonist and tending towards philosophical investigations and spiritual events bordering on the supernatural than to a straightforward crime novel And yet I still adored it I dunno Maybe it s because they re [...]

  22. aspettavo con ansia un altro libro dedicato ad adamsberg e compagnia ma questo romanzo con due storie parallele molto diverse fra loro, tra l islanda e la rivoluzione francese, ha un po deluso le aspettative lodevole, come al solito, il tentativo di mescolare la letteratura di genere con citazioni colte ma, in questo caso oltre all inverosimiglianza c qualcosa che inceppa e appesantisce la narrazione e la priva di quel ritmo trasognato che proprio della serie si legge, ma senza entusiasmo.

  23. Always a pleasure to devour a new Vargas novel Adamsberg is a favourite of mine his methods of detecting and thinking are a bit like mine This time he has a bit of a rebellion within his team, which he handles with his customary elegance The usual mix of history and eccentric characters, plus a trip to Iceland.

  24. I m not a huge murder mystery fan, so it s not surprising that I didn t really enjoy this book Too convoluted but also plain boring in parts unless perhaps you are a Robespierre fan

  25. C est encore une histoire de morts et de signes, comme souvent dans les romans de Fred Vargas pr s de la baignoire dans laquelle la vieille dame s est ouvert les veines, un trange signe est dessin lettre d une suicid e, ou signature d un assassin Heureusement que l inspiration du commissaire Adamsberg est l , pour nous mettre sur la piste d un meurtrier qui s me, au gr des pages, bien d autres suicid s Fred Vargas invente le voyage par roman policier, chacun de ses textes est un double voyage, t [...]

  26. Vargas non si smentisce Altro grande libro, con intreccio giallo di tutto rispetto, che condisce ingredienti molto diversi tra loro amalgamandoli fino alla fine con maestria e suspense.Ma come sempre accade per la serie di libri dedicati al commissario Adambserg e al suo gruppo strampalato di collaboratori, anche in questo capitolo sono soprattutto i personaggi a decretare il successo e la qualit dell opera.Chi non conosce questa autrice francese e ama i gialli dovrebbe subito correre ai ripari. [...]

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