Midsummer Dreams

Midsummer Dreams Four people Four messy lives One night that changes everything Emily is obsessed with ending her father s new relationship but is blind to the fact that her own is far from perfect Dominic has spent s

Four people Four messy lives One night that changes everything.Emily is obsessed with ending her father s new relationship but is blind to the fact that her own is far from perfect Dominic has spent so long making other people happy that he s hardly noticed he s not happy himself Helen has loved the same man, unrequitedly, for ten years Now she may have to face up tFour people Four messy lives One night that changes everything.Emily is obsessed with ending her father s new relationship but is blind to the fact that her own is far from perfect Dominic has spent so long making other people happy that he s hardly noticed he s not happy himself Helen has loved the same man, unrequitedly, for ten years Now she may have to face up to the fact that he will never be hers Alex has always played the field But when he finally meets a girl he wants to commit to, she is just out of his reach At a midsummer wedding party, the bonds that tie the four friends together begin to unravel and show them that, sometimes, the sensible choice is not always the right one.A modern retelling of Shakespeare s Midsummer Night s Dream.

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Midsummer Dreams

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  1. Alison May Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Midsummer Dreams book, this is one of the most wanted Alison May author readers around the world.


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  1. A whimsical, funny, modern romance inspired by Shakespeare s A Midsummer Nights Dream The correlation between his characters and those in this novel are evident as is the influence or reinterpretation of his storyline I actually really liked this and am excited to go back and try her other Shakespeare inspired novel I loved how each short chapter was from a different characters perspective so we get to get a little of their real thoughts and feelings and get to know each of them All the charact [...]

  2. I immediately can t like the writing style These days we aren t supposed to use the overdone dream sequence opening In the next chapter, we find many sentences ending in prepositions over, about, away, about, up etc while all sentences are short And choppy And short Like that She didn t know who Helen was thinking about Helen bristled A nursery for whom So the character understands grammar better than the author That s new It wasn t nice to be nosy It did sound out of character it wasn t a parti [...]

  3. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Emily has always had her father She lives with him, she works for him So when Tania enters his life, Emily instantly decides that she cannot stay While she obsesses over her father s new relationship, she is unable to see how hers seems to be heading toward a dead end Dominic is unhappy in a job and life his parents wanted for him that he didn t want for himself Helen must realize that the man she loves will never be hers, and chang [...]

  4. Received a copy via NetGalley in return for an honest review.This is a really quirky, fun, if a little dark at times, modern spin on A Midsummer Night s Dream and it works really well The four main characters have their own interesting backstories and the fact that each chapter transfers from one character to another really helps the story flowe real main character is Emily and she s driven by a fear of being alone and when her Dad finds love while away she tries to do all she can to keep her da [...]

  5. Having not read Shakespeare s Midsummer Night s Dream, I therefore only have a rough idea of the story line However, this did not impact my enjoyment of Midsummer Dreams although I likely missed a few homages to the original.There are several threads to the tale, all focused around one love triangle or square Emily likes to feel safe and be taken care of She works for her father as his assistant and intends to marry one of his university colleagues, Dominic Life can t get much safer than that Ho [...]

  6. I received this book from Netgalley for review Emily s father is in Verona, attending a conference, and when he comes home he brings a surprise a fianc A younger, free spirited woman who Emily instantly dislikes She s all wrong for her dad, a professor, and is determined to make her dad see that, and to prevent the wedding from ever happening Meanwhile, Emily has been dating Dom for quite some time, and while she thinks everything is good, she finds herself attracted to Alex, her friend Helen s [...]

  7. If you ask anyone what my favourite Shakespeare play is, they d probably umm and argh, thinking something romantic In actual fact, it is A Midsummer Nights Dream , and if you ask me why Then I will tell you to read this novel Why Because this book captures every single one of those parts of the Bard s original play that we love, and makes them accessible to a contemporary audience, all without losing its essence.Alison May surprised me with the emotional wringer she put me through with Midsummer [...]

  8. First reviewed at Keeper BookshelfWhat a delightful retelling of the Bard s tale in a modern day setting There is one constant thing in life and that is that life changes, daily and many of us do not accept change in any form well at all.Four friends and four lives that are in need of changing Midsummer Dreams is a delightful retelling of A Midsummer s Night Dream yes It s funny and heart wrenching as well as purely entertaining It s also a tale of modern day life that hits the nail so solidly o [...]

  9. Now here s a turn up for the books today I m reviewing a lovely book published by Choc Lit, not because they ve asked me to, but because I really wanted to Midsummer Dreams by Alison May was published as an e book on 12th June I m a big fan of Alison s writing I ve previously reviewed both Holly s Christmas Kiss and Cora s Christmas Kiss I loved them both and I m sure I ve told you before how much I enjoy reading Alison s blog, where she talks about everything under the sun and frequently makes [...]

  10. I totally loved the story s hook the famous plot retold in Academia There s so much that delighted me in this book particularly the academic setting, with all of its personalities so true to the life, from the sot in their ways tenured through the hangers on and the fritterers and the earnest gender politicians, down to the space cadet student All so funny and sad but true And the Kindle sample made me eager for but not, as it turns out, as much as I got For me, the book felt too long to sustai [...]

  11. Emily struggles with abandonment issues that lead back to her mother s death Frequent nightmares haunt her but her relationship with her father has always been strong and this is what keeps her grounded Emily is quite comfortable in her relationship with Dom Older than she, Dom is a Professor of history and works under Emily s father, Professor Midsomer, as well as dates his daughter The relationship is something Dom would have rather kept secret, a bit professional Things seem to run smoothly [...]

  12. I m not big into reading Shakespeare it s meant to be watched, not read , but I do know A Midsummer Night s Dream, thanks to A level English Lit It s not all that relevant to the enjoyment of the book, really, because you can read this modern adaptation without needing to know the original.I loved the two guys Alex is bonkers, Dom is so, so sweet I do like a clever hero Of the women, I loved Helen and wanted to shake Emily Really, Emily was incredibly irritating It s not until the end that you f [...]

  13. Emily was afraid of being alone , she lives and works with her dad When her dad becomes friendly with Tania, Emily doesn t like it and wants to make her dad end the relationship Emily doesn t even realize her relationship is basically over Dominic isn t happy and realizes he has been living his life to please his parents not himself Helen realizes her love for Alec is hopeless Alec has come to the conclusion he wants from life and the girl he wants is already taken Dom who is Emily s boyfriend [...]

  14. My first experience with Shakespeare came at age eight, when I was the Changeling in the Queensland Ballet s A Midsummer Night s Dream I grew up and moved onto adult roles in various productions of the play, and so I feel like I have a special attachment to the story and to the character of Hermia in particular or Emily as she is here.I didn t know what to expect from this book, but I was willing to try almost anything It turned out to be much better written than I was expecting, with realistic [...]

  15. Brilliant modern telling of a favorite tale There are almost 100 chapters in this book Do NOT let that scare you away The chapters are short and hop around among the four characters brains to let you in on what they re thinking Me I spent well over half this book wanting to strangle every single one of them for their lack of communication Well, okay, whatever If they were communicating, there d be no story.The humor is sharp and quick Don t blink or you ll miss it Some of it is laugh out loud fu [...]

  16. Ill met by moonlight, proud Titania Thus says Oberon in A Midsummer Night s Dream I didn t read the blurb before I read the book I trust Chic Lit implicitly and was delighted to discover my friends from the magical forest of Shakespeare I loved the characters and how they blended with their literary counterparts It was a beautifully tangled plot the Bard would have been pleased The scenes on Midsummer Night were brilliantly described and the magic cleverly integrated Was impressed with the way a [...]

  17. This is the 2nd book in Alison May s 21st Century Bard series and the first I ve read It doesn t take a genius to work out the connections between the book and Shakespeare s much loved comedy, and Alison does an excellent job of parallelling her characters with those of the play There s a lot of fun to be had picking up all the literary allusions.The basics of the tale are well known so it will come as no surprise that they all live happily ever after or at least for a few days The cast of chara [...]

  18. Without a good memory or a recent reading to draw the comparison s to Shakespeare s play, I kept referencing the Kirsten Dunst adaptation vehicle Get Over It in my mind That movie and this book are both modern retellings and adaptations of Midsummer Night s Dream If you were reading this romantic comedy without that reference point, this plot would be called convoluted at best But instead, this is a fun romp through the setup of the Shakespearean play and characters but in a modern British setti [...]

  19. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Okay, so I was excited to see a series that is a collection of modern retellings of Shakespeare plays plus it s nice that the order you read them in does t really matter since they are separate stories I have previously read A Midsummer Nights Dream, so going into it I knew generally how things would go which in no way made the book any less entertaining actually, I think that was part of it s charm to read along and find out how th [...]

  20. Such a fun, clever read Great characters, excellent one liners and a plot that keeps you reading I loved the parallels with Shakespeare s play but they weren t overdone and the framework didn t feel forced Such an achievement

  21. Loved this book Very cleverly entwined with the characters and story from A Midsummer Night s Dream, but with a lovely current day twist I found myself looking for blips in the narrative where it didn t fit the Shakespeare play, but didn t find anything that didn t shadow the bard s intentions Well done, Alison a really lovely read, humorous, fluently written and engaging and an excellent ending too What could you want Love Alison s style I shall read of hers.

  22. A funny, updated version of Shakespeare s Midsummer s Night Dream Told through the perspective of four friends It was both delightful and thought provoking Made me compare characters to people in my own life I really enjoyed reading this book I received an advanced copy of this book from netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

  23. I was given a copy of this book from NetGalley for an honest review and this is the review.Truthfully I could not get into this book at all To me all it was a group of people who were not happy with their lives and wanted to switch partners and break others apart.I had to give this book two out of five stars because I could not relate at all.

  24. This is a cute take on Shakespeare s classic tale from a UK author, thus readers should not be taken aback by the difference in spelling of common words.Read full review in the 2016 May issue of InD tale Magazine.

  25. Not a very good book It s full of cliches and all the characters are stereotypes Nothing out of the ordinary, all very predictable It would be better suited for a movie script from my point of view, not a proper book Also including this into the rom com genre is way an exaggeration, the book didn t make me at least smile once An ordinary book, only worth if given free.

  26. One of those books it s difficult to put down A lovely happy ending although it s quite dark in places Fascinating characters.

  27. This was a cute story about family workings, your belief in your own self and the power of love Well written and engaging Read as an ARC through netgalley

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