Good Ebook iAm iCan release To destroy great EVIL GOOD has to shed tears of blood Rudransh Kashyap is a self made billionaire and man of high moral fiber His life is shattered when he returns home

Good Ebook #iAm16iCan release To destroy great EVIL, GOOD has to shed tears of blood Rudransh Kashyap is a self made billionaire and man of high moral fiber His life is shattered when he returns home one day to find that his prodigy, his 16 year old grandson, Aarush, has been arrested and accused of a brutal gang rape It is easy to say, Kill the Rapist but what if the accused is your child This cTo destroy great EVIL, GOOD has to shed tears of blood Rudransh Kashyap is a self made billionaire and man of high moral fiber His life is shattered when he returns home one day to find that his prodigy, his 16 year old grandson, Aarush, has been arrested and accused of a brutal gang rape It is easy to say, Kill the Rapist but what if the accused is your child This case takes an unprecedented turn when Aarush s identity is made public on social media Rudransh finds himself living a nightmare as he fights against tremendous odds to get justice for Aarush, to save him and to bring him back home But what if the unthinkable is true Can Rudransh save his grandson, or will he end up fighting a different battle altogether. The best Kindle #iAm16iCan Recently I have read a very lengthy and much talked book #IAm16ICanRape by Kirtida Gautam which takes on a very important aspect of our judicial system and more crucially psychology of rape.Now as the subject is really hard-hitting and the book is 630 pgs long, I was excited to read this one hoping to find a true magnum opus on the current position of woman in India. In fact, I have finished this book quite a few days ago, but I was doubtful about my opinion on the same. So after much thought I am presenting my true opinion about this book.Firstly, this book is an honest attempt. But in midway through the book, I have almost decided to give it a 2-star and stop reading further. There are reasons for that which I will point our shortly. Basically the book gained 1 more star for Chapter 10.1, 6.4 and few more chapters on Aarush, our protagonist.Too Many Characters:In my opinion, this book would be better if it had been presented as a non-fiction book. The fact that, with almost 15 characters and 630+ pages; if the story and narration are not gripping enough, the book will bore the reader.This book has lot of characters and the author has tried to give equal space for each one of them. Whereas, many characters are redundant and removing them would have made this book far more compact and gripping.Narration/Language/Style:Next are narration, language and style. The style is in simple prose for which I have no problem but the presentation is not lively at all. For example consider the following excerpt:“Around 12:15 a.m., I get a call from the Santosh Hospital. Dad collapsed in the parking area at RK-JEE. How and when did that happen? We rush to the hospital and find out that Dad was backing his car from his parking space when suddenly, he fell on the wheel and fainted. The watchman, Makkhan Singh, rushed to the spot and drove him to hospital.”Excerpt is enough to show how lifeless it is.As each chapter is devoted to one character only it’s really irritating when in every line the character says “I am doing this, I am doing that.”Like this one:(From a chapter on Rudransh)“I am so excited with this thought that I cannot sleep. I wake up at least five times during the night to check the time. Every night when I go to bed, I get the feeling that it is morning in five minutes; but tonight, the time simply does not pass. By the time the alarm clock rings at 5:30 a.m., I am already up. I go for my morning walk.”(From a Chapter on Meghana)“I come home. My cook, Sarojini, has come. I ask her to pack three different Tupperware tiffin boxes. I specify in my instructions to use Tupperware and not regular plastic boxes. The first tiffin is my lunchbox, the second my 4 p.m. snack, and the last my 6 p.m. salad.I drive to my office. The intern, Shivani, is not in the office. I don’t appreciate it when people are late when they are on an internship. I criticize Shivani in front of Rajkumar, who is my best friend and colleague.”In simple words, it’s just telling, not showing: a mere newspaper report. Even you can’t differentiate the tone of each character; all are almost same.Dialogues:Also, most of the narration is based on dialogues and I am not happy to see the author considers her readers so dumb. A tone, or mockery, or sarcasm should reflect in the dialogue itself. We don’t need a comment explaining meaning of the dialogue each time.For example:“Hi Dad, I didn’t notice you. When did you come? What is the time? 1:30?” she asks.Sarcasm!“No, it is 9:30,” I answer.“How come RK-Ji is back so early?”Sarcasm, again!“Has your MIL’s spirit entered in your body by any chance? Why so much sarcasm? At the end of the day, you are a woman and you can’t change that, right?” I am her father-figure, she should not verbally brawl with me.Considering this and the redundant characters this could have been finished within 300 pages.But at the end few chapters pay off well as mentioned earlier. Very deep insights are presented at very crucial points that question our beliefs. Like this one:“There are people who believe in the basic goodness of human nature. I believe in the basic evil of human nature.I am a memory collector. I like to collect memories of high and intensely emotional moments. Any idea why people watch movies or read fiction and stuff? Homo sapiens crave emotional experiences. They need intense emotional experiences, but the fact of human life is that they don’t get those experiences in their real lives. They bottle up emotions, then they go out and watch or read something and their emotions come out, a process called catharsis. The lower the intelligence of a system; the more prone she/he will be to enjoy vicarious emotions and believe in the make-believe. That is how the film and TV industry survives. By stupidiots, with stupidiots, for stupidiots!”OR“When Mom slapped me, the absolute first thought that came into my head was, ‘Does she know?’ Then I quickly put all the pieces of the puzzle together. If she knew, she would not have been the only person to know. Bob would have known too! But Bob just hugged me and welcomed me back home. He didn’t know a thing, which implied Mom didn’t know anything either. She slapped me only because she felt like slapping me. Good! That is good! She thinks I was angry with her. I was not angry, I played angry, but in reality, I was relieved!”I adore this kind of mind play which is not much there in the book.Nearing at end of this review I can say that, it has good insights, an average plot, an average narration and too many characters (so many that you may forget their names). So it leaves me dangling in between whether I like this book or not. Hence, giving it a three star.

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  1. Kirtida is a clinical psychologist turned screenplay writer who completed her education from the Film and Television Institute of India FTII , Pune, India Her passion for psychology and writing inspired her into writing psychological thrillers While the readers are reading this introduction, the next thriller is in the making


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  1. Recently I have read a very lengthy and much talked book IAm16ICanRape by Kirtida Gautam which takes on a very important aspect of our judicial system and crucially psychology of rape.Now as the subject is really hard hitting and the book is 630 pgs long, I was excited to read this one hoping to find a true magnum opus on the current position of woman in India In fact, I have finished this book quite a few days ago, but I was doubtful about my opinion on the same So after much thought I am pres [...]

  2. First of all I like to thank Kirtida for this wonderful gift A psychological roller coaster ride which will keep you glued till the last wordIt s an awesome page turner Kudos to Kirtida for this experimental approach of storytelling I loved it Readers can t keep this book down until exploring the last word The plot is very sensitive and relevant, respect to the current circumstances of our country Kirtida has portrait a picture of our insensitive society masterfully She has invented few words wh [...]

  3. he premise of this book is as hardhitting as the title The in depth psychological analysis presented by the author is praise worthy She raises a pertinent question about the Juvenile law prevalent in Indian legal system which due to its loopholes is misused by juveniles with criminal bent of mind Like Rudransh Kashyap we need to wake up from our slumber as a progressive society and ensure adequate punishment of heinous crimes like rape We cannot afford to shrug our shoulders any and let criminal [...]

  4. Kirtida Gautam Rape a term which is an eye catcher for each one of us The moment we open our newspaper, we come across this word, and it s not as if we ain t aware of it s meaning but each one of us holds a different picture of this word in our head In fact, the dictionary holds a definition of this word, it isthe crime, typically committed by a man, of forcing another person to have sexual intercourse with the offender against their will in other words it is the abduction of an individual espec [...]

  5. IAm16ICanrape By Kirtida GautamPlot This is the story of Kashyap family in which the relations between parents and children are not as the way they are in a common Indian family The family gets a sudden shock when after the celebrations of Aarush s grandson of Gayitri and Rudransh, son of Ananya and Mrigyank and brother of Navya 16th birthday are over, he was arrested by police as an accused rapist The victim Shubhangi gives her statement that she was raped by Aarush and Vijay, a bartender, on h [...]

  6. Read Complete Review on my Blog Book Reviews From Heart Truth be told , I received this Book as a review copy and So far , I can Proudly say , its one of the finest Psychological Thriller I d ever read Flawless writing with plot packed with thrill which simply makes the reader believe as if reading on edge of some high mountain Kirtida Gautam has given an absolute tribute to the Victim of Delhi Nirbhaya Rape Case with her book Story of the Book is woven in such a manner that it let the reader to [...]

  7. Kirtida Gautam has divulged into the mind of a rapist in her novel IAm16ICanRape I found the package, overall, very interesting Especially, at a way it has been presented Even before a reader gets into the story, the first thing that will attract him is the title itself Clear, precise and above all hitting at the younger audience The name itself is a satire, questioning the law and mocking at the young mind of the rapist.The way the chapters are numbered is interesting Innovative but whether suc [...]

  8. It is not very often that a book has my attention for two full days I AM 16 I CAN RAPE was like an obsession I read it again and again to understand the level of impact No I am not going to state the obvious I see way beyond that.It is a very clever book The author bares it all with the title yet the reader is left with no choice but to keep turning the pages again and again It is like watching a SUPERSTAR in action A SUPERSTAR who knows his audience Just when the audience think they have seen i [...]

  9. When Kirtida asked me if I would like to review this book, I was skeptical seeing the title I didn t know what to expect of it The title was controversial But when I read the synopsis, I knew I had to read this book The first chapter was enough to catch my interest and I eagerly agreed to review the book and I am so glad I did This is one of the finest psychological thriller written by an Indian author Aarush is a 16 year old, whose IQ falls in the category of Genius He is brilliant in everythin [...]

  10. This is a stunning debut chilling to the point of being terrifying because the author makes it so believable it is everybody s psychological nightmare Aarush could be anybody s child Kirtida is an astute analyst, a great psychologist, and a good story teller I was a bit confused initially when I discovered multiple points of view it was hard to keep track but then I discovered how clever it was as a tack to keep things in perspective The story would not have been as effective without multiple PO [...]

  11. Hi Kirtida, I have been a voracious reader all my life but have never ever thought of putting my word across to any author thats because, i think no other book has touched me and my core soul, the way iam16 has This is by far the best book i have ever read, and believe me, i have read some really great books the characters stay with me particlularly rudransh and ananya i feel like talking to my internal samvedna rao, everytime i find myself in a tough situation its not only that story, there are [...]

  12. Thanks to Kirtida for gifting me her book It would have been great if I had received an author signed copy of such an awesome book I took than a month to finish reading it Because I wanted to make justice to the author s tremendous efforts in coming up with such a powerful title and end it with perfection When I started reading it, I was little scared if she could be able to keep the tension on till the end But wowI am so happy to find the author in succeeding doing so I was engrossed in every [...]

  13. This book has given me a new perspective of Psychology, the subject in itself I m really excited on picking up books around this area to understand, how people use this as tool to foresee their goals I really loved this book for the way it has been communicated, simple, yet a page turner To me, the core of the book began from Chapter 3.3 and from then, there is no stopping until the end It carries a sense of humor from Bollywood references Jab We Met to mathematical expressions like deserves o [...]

  14. This book is an eye opener and a detailed, apt, yet easy to understand insight into the human brain I would like to appreciate the author for bringing forth this delicate and significant issue of our society two sidedly As one begins to admire Aarush initially, and feels the opposite for Subhangi, the events take turn and the true nature and feelings of the lead characters Aarush, Rudransh and Subhangi come to the surface and change the perception of the story altogether What I found the most in [...]

  15. When I first started reading the book, the first thought that came in my mind was that it was going all haywire, the chapters were all a great mix match but I guess that was the beauty of the whole book I happen to be an avid reader but never ever have I read something so beautiful and deep The book is a tribute to the Delhi rape case victim Nirbhaya and oh What a tribute it is This book won t teach you how to study the psychology of a child but it will take you on a journey which will enthrall [...]

  16. Review Point 4 out 5Authoress Kirtida GautamGenre Contemporary FictionPages 592About The Book Aarush is a handsome teenager and grandson of billionaire Rudransh Kashyap Rudransh owes a coaching center for IIT preparation He has Arush, Gayatri his wife, Ananya his daughter in low, Mrigank his son and Navya his granddaughter in his family Besides, Pihu is also an important part of their family Mrigank with his wife and daughter Ananya lives in USA and Arush is grown under the look after of Gayatri [...]

  17. Before I dwell further on my opinion about the book, I offer my heartiest appreciation and admiration for Kirtida for choosing such a grave and sensitive topic for her first book It actually would have demanded a great amount of physical and mental toiling on her part to carve out this fictionalized version taking cue from Nirbhaya case indeed a noble attempt Kirtida, for the intent with which it has been attempted Coming back to the book, it is a great piece of psychological thriller penned by [...]

  18. I never thought a book could come up with this unusual and disturbing title Iam16IcanRape I wanted to know the cogency Then, I started reading the so called why so called book Within an hour of reading, I was completely drowned in the book and by this time I already knew this reading experience is going to be stark different from my previous ones The language is so intriguing and sometimes shocking, the topic is very contemporary and the author is a genius I stopped calling it a book and coined [...]

  19. Review Time IAm16ICanRape By Kirtida Gautam Congratulations For Your Debut Book and Thanks for counting me in your reviewer list Highlights This book is a sarcastic slap to our judicial system who overlook the nature of the crime because of that one fact i.e Age This book focuses on the Opaque side of the relation between parents and children This book also the societies outlook to the rape and rape victim If we unite our voices for a logical cause that will definitely make some difference bcoz [...]

  20. IAm16ICanRapeAuthor Kirtida GautamMy Review When you read the title IAm16ICanRape, what is the first thing that crosses your mind When I read this title, a flash came into my mind of the famous Nirbhaya Rape Case I think most of the minds who read this title had such an experience.The novel IAm16ICanRape written by Kirtida Gautam and published by Read Out Publishers is a big slap on the society and its rules The story portrays how the law bends for people i.e it changes with different things, si [...]

  21. HighlightsKirtida has done a great job by portraying the most heinous crime in the history of manhood Rape The book is all about how the rapist and the victim reach the unfortunate state and how they proceed further A juvenile should be given a chance to change himself and start a brand new life so that he would become a better person Well, A juvenile should not be considered a kid if he rapes someone because then its clear that he is not a juvenile any.The main characters in this story are Rudr [...]

  22. IAm16ICanRape is novel written by Kirtida Gautam It has been very well acclaimed by many readers as it also comes at the time when Rape is at center stage of discussion in India There have been many debates about the topic which centered around a lot of frivolous discussion like what women should wear or by what time they should be home etc The Author has made a good argument about why it is not a woman s fault to get raped.The book has been written to throw light on lapses in Juvenile law its c [...]

  23. Kirtida Gautam, a clinical psychologist and an alumna of FTII, Pune did an extensive research on the rape laws of the country and knows her subject psychology well.The story revolves around a 16 year old Aarush accused of rape Each and every person who interacts with Aarush has been given a distinct voice in the story and story inches forward with all the characters of the story contributing in the character sketch and thought process of the accused.The typical thoughts prevalent in the society [...]

  24. What an amazing journey this has been Unlike a novel that exists merely to entertain, IAm16ICanRape is a member of a class which I would describe as literary activism Such books are rare most writers with a sociopolitical agenda choose to pursue that agenda via the medium of non fiction When it is done, if it is done well, as is certainly the case here, the reader cannot remain unchanged by it So when I say journey, it is not a mere figure of speech for reading a long book I learned from this bo [...]

  25. IAm16ICanRape A thought provoking tale When I started reading, I knew this will pique my interest but little did I know this book would be impactful.To be honest, the title first gave me a shock It was like a statement than a title As it implies, this book talks about rape and juveniles It exposes the untold side of rape and also questions the sensibility of Indian Juvenile Law I am 16, Can I rape If a person has the ability to do such a heinous crime, how come he is not an adult This question [...]

  26. The novel, Iam16icanrape is a work of fiction It deals with the psychological aspect of rape Be it the mind set of the criminal, the survivor or the people associated with both the parties It specifically talks about the loop hole in our judicial system regarding juveniles.The story is definitely inspired from real life incidents I am sure the author was prompted by the heinous atrocities prevalent and enraging society.The story, narration is gripping and well presented The language keeps one in [...]

  27. Entertaining and Thought Provoking This is one of those books that will change your outlook towards our society after you are finished with it It is funny, melancholic, melodramatic, and thought provoking The authors biggest strength is the multiple points of view of the different characters This book is written from a lot of different point of views and yet each and every one of them has a distinct voice and unique personality I enjoyed reading the little snippets of their lives that resulted i [...]

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