Winterwood are Kindle of stars at The BiblioSanctum and I were love at first sight and all you have to do is take a gander at the book s myr

Winterwood are Kindle 4.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum and I were love at first sight, and all you have to do is take a gander at the book’s myriad subjects to see why: Magic. History. Fantasy. Romance. Fae. Ghosts. Shapeshifters. PIRATES. It’s like an irresistible smorgasbord of all my favorite themes and fantasy elements all in one place, and a strong, compelling female protagonist was the cherry on top.Set in Britain in the time of King George III, Winterwood tells the tale of Rossalinde Tremayne, a young woman gifted with magical abilities. Seven years ago, she eloped with privateer captain Will Tremayne along with the Heart of Oak, the ship meant as her dowry, and Ross’s mother hasn’t forgiven her since. Now Will has been dead these past three years, and Ross has taken on the mantle of the Heart’s commander, adopting her late husband’s identity and disguising herself by wearing men’s clothing.The book begins with Ross returning home to visit her ailing mother on her deathbed. In doing so, she learns more about her family than she ever bargained for, including the fact that she has a half-brother named David, who was fathered by the household’s rowankind bondservant. Ross also inherits a beautiful winterwood box, an object of great magical power that she is told only she can open, but the repercussions of that may be far-reaching and dire. Add to that, a shadowy enemy is on the hunt for Ross as well, and he would do anything to stop her from unlocking the box’s mysteries. With the crew of the Heart and the help of her newfound brother and a dashing wolf shapeshifter named Corwen, Ross sets off on a swashbuckling chase across the high seas to seeks answers and uncover the truth about her family’s secrets.In news that I’m sure will surprise no one, I absolutely adore stories about women characters disguised as men, and even better when the book is a maritime fantasy and the protagonist is a capable heroine who captains her own ship. I love how Rossalinde is a strong and intelligent woman, but that she also listens to her heart. She gave everything up to marry the man of her dreams, and even though she and Will only had four short years together, she doesn’t regret her decision one bit. Interestingly, while Will’s death occurs before the book even begins, we still get to meet him in Winterwood in the form of his ghost. Back when her grief was still a raw and open wound, Ross unwittingly summoned him and now his spirit is a constant presence in her life. Will’s ghost and Ross share some humorous moments, but for the most part his appearances are a reminder of tragedy; he is a symbol of her past at a time when she should really be looking to the future. Being torn between two paths is devastating for a woman like Ross who is so in tune to her emotions, which is why I felt for her.In addition to offering a well-crafted main protagonist, Winterwood also offers an altogether tantalizing blend of fantasy and historical fiction. Jacey Bedford’s prose is elegant and evocative of the setting, which is an alternate version of early 19th century Britain steeped in magic. The world feels familiar yet new, plus we get the added benefit of being on the ocean for a substantial part of this book, deeply immersed in the life of privateering during this time period. The battles at sea against pirates and French ships alike are thrilling and dramatic, where victory may come at a high cost but the rewards are well worth it. The dialogue is also superbly done, especially when it comes to the crew of the Heart and their nautical jargon and rough accents.In terms of magic, this book is practically full to brimming with it. Perhaps the foremost fantastical element comes in the form of the rowankind, a docile and subjugated race of people exploited for their labor. Britain’s entire economy is dependent on these unpaid servants, and yet their history and origins are mostly unknown, lost to time. However, there are rumors that connect them to the Fae, who also have a large role to play in this story. Moreover, the realm of the Fae is completely separate from the domain of The Green Lady, who rules over the natural world. While the inner workings of the various kinds of magic go largely unexplained, it is clear that there are many sources of it, and their powers mingle and react in very interesting ways.Also, when a book’s tagline reads “A tale of magic, piracy, adventure and love”, you’d be correct to expect a heavy dose of romance. Love is something Ross is just starting to allow herself to explore again after losing Will, and Corwen proves to be a good match for her, with lots of chemistry and sexual tension between the privateer and the wolf shapeshifter (just don’t call her a pirate, or him a werewolf—them’s fightin’ words!) But to my surprise, there’s more to this book than just romantic love. Familial love is an important part of this story too, with Ross accepting her half-brother David, becoming overprotective when he is threatened or treated poorly because of his rowankind heritage. I was impressed with the emotional level and complexity of the relationships in this book, as well as its unique perspective on social prejudice.The best thing about Winterwood is its many fascinating components, which Jacey Bedford weaves into one amazing story of magic and adventure. Rollicking action is expertly balanced with passionate romance in this novel which will leave you salivating for more, and I loved every moment! I’m already looking forward to the next installment and dreaming about a return to this exciting, magical world.. Set in 1800 in Britain, Mad King George is on the throne with Napoleon Bonaparte knocking on the door Unregistered magic users are pursued to the death, while in every genteel home resides uncomplaining rowankind bondservants who have become so commonplace that no one can recall where they came from.Meanwhile, Rossalinde Tremayne is satisfied with her life as a cross dresSet in 1800 in Britain, Mad King George is on the throne with Napoleon Bonaparte knocking on the door Unregistered magic users are pursued to the death, while in every genteel home resides uncomplaining rowankind bondservants who have become so commonplace that no one can recall where they came from.Meanwhile, Rossalinde Tremayne is satisfied with her life as a cross dressing privateer captain on the high seas But a bitter deathbed visit to her estranged mother changes her life completely when she inherits a magical winterwood box Now, not only is she confronted with a newly discovered brother, and an annoyingly handsome wolf shapeshifter, Rossalinde has to decide whether or not to open the box to free rowankind and right an ancient wrong even if it brings the downfall of Britain.This brand new series is perfect for fans of Elizabeth Bear, D.B Jackson, and Marie Brennan, as well as readers of historical fiction who are looking for an accessible gateway to fantasy.. The best Books Winterwood I don't even know where to start with my love for this book. The privateering rocks, the cross-dressing female captain Ross is in the ranks of my favorite heroines, the romance is sexy but doesn't take over the plot, the magic is fan-freaking-tastic, and all of this set in an alternative 1800 England where Fae and magic aren't just myths. It also works well as a stand alone with everything tied up but I'm excited to find out what will happen in the sequel!!!

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  1. Jacey Bedford is an English writer who is published by DAW in the USA She lives and works behind a desk in Pennine Yorkshire She s had stories published on both sides of the Atlantic Her first two novels, Empire of Dust and Crossways are science fiction space opera and follow on from each other in the Psi Tech series There will be a third Psi Tech book, Nimbus in late 2017 Winterwood, a historical fantasy came out in February 2016 Set in 1800, it has a cross dressing privateer captain, the jealous ghost of her dead husband, and a sexy wolf shapechanger A sequel, Silverwolf, follows in January 2017.Jacey is secretary of the UK Milford Writers Conference, a peer to peer workshopping week for published SF writers She also hosts Northwrite SF, a critique group based in Yorkshire She s been a librarian, a postmistress and member of internationally touring a cappella trio, Artisan and still occasionally is for reunion gigs When not writing she arranges UK gigs for folk artists from all over the world.


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  1. 4.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum 2016 01 22 bWinterwood and I were love at first sight, and all you have to do is take a gander at the book s myriad subjects to see why Magic History Fantasy Romance Fae Ghosts Shapeshifters PIRATES It s like an irresistible smorgasbord of all my favorite themes and fantasy elements all in one place, and a strong, compelling female protagonist was the cherry on top.Set in Britain in the time of King George III, Winterwood tells the tale of Rossal [...]

  2. I don t even know where to start with my love for this book The privateering rocks, the cross dressing female captain Ross is in the ranks of my favorite heroines, the romance is sexy but doesn t take over the plot, the magic is fan freaking tastic, and all of this set in an alternative 1800 England where Fae and magic aren t just myths It also works well as a stand alone with everything tied up but I m excited to find out what will happen in the sequel

  3. This could have been so much than it was The premise is lovely and the prose is readable so why then did I fail to connect with the characters The protagonist is very flat, one dimensional even, and her actions and thoughts often fail to have a sense of process and come out absolute and without any sense of internal conflict For instance, the magic box she is given by her mother A normal person would show some curiousity, spend some time trying to open the box but she doesn t In fact, she throw [...]

  4. Winterwood is a good solid read A delightful blend of historical fiction, fantasy, shape shifter, and romance Rossalinde Tremayne Ross is a young woman who has been widowed from her husband Will She eloped with Will taking one of her father s ships as a dowry for their marriage Will unexpectantly dies leaving Ross to captain their privateer ship Will s ghost however continues to hang around Ross mother is ill so Ross goes to pay her a visit The relationship between Ross and her mother is very co [...]

  5. I think it was the cover that got me Who wouldn t want to be a dashing young woman dressed for piracy I like a good historic fantasy, and the Golden Age of Piracy certainly has a lot going for it in the action department The idea of a woman who was old enough to be married, who is an illicit witch with a ghost husband to boot sounds like fun My first disappointment was that although Ross, our heroine, is indeed a widow, she still is barely over twenty I know that young heroines are the standard, [...]

  6. After I read the opening of Winterwood, I thought I was going to love it, but I soon found myself bored by it It s not that nothing happened it s just that what did happen didn t interest me and I wasn t invested in the characters I loved that Ross was a privateer captain respected by her crew, but there was very little characterization and the investigation in the story wasn t that compelling even though I had been looking forward to reading about Ross digging into old family secrets from the p [...]

  7. Pages read 60 someI could not be in love with this premise Unfortunately, I m not feeling anything for the characters and I m bored.

  8. Lightning review at Smart Bitches, Trashy BooksWinterwood is an alternate history Regency fantasy novel with magic, elves, a werewolf, a ghost, and a heroine who is the captain of a privateer vessel essentially a state sanctioned pirate The book is not a romance, although it has romance in it, and it s the first book in a new series thankfully, it does not end on a cliffhanger.There s an awful lot happening in Winterwood and yet the book feels fairly slow There are a lot of side trips and digres [...]

  9. I should read my outside my comfort zone often this book proves it Winterwood is an easy, compelling read which ticks loads of boxes pirates, fae, adventure, angst, ghosts, wild magic whilst managing to surprise you with unexpected plot developments and delight you its beautifully paced story and believably strange world A delicious page turner.

  10. 3.6This is a weird one to review because the first half of this book gets a 3.5 star rating for great pacing, plotting, and mystery And pirates Lady Pirates Then, Corwen shows up It s still good, still awesome Then they meet the Fae And that s when it starts to go downhill In fact, I d hazard a guess and say that they didn t even need to meet the Fae in the book and then this book wouldn t have felt so rushed.Because that s the real problem The last 45% was incredibly rushed This book could ve b [...]

  11. A successful blend of pirates, magic, mystery, and a well written female protagonist basically the recipe for a great, almost cinematic like adventure And such it was and I enjoyed it very much, seeing as I find it so hard to lay my hands on any kind of epic adventure lately It was strange at times particularly when it came to introducing us to an altogether different culture but Rossalinde, as the voice of the story, kept me grounded pretty much at all times and I especially liked her unpretent [...]

  12. I had higher expectations for this book give its a lady pirate and it begins with her facing her not dying fast enough mother and the expectations that lady placed on her and never forgave her for not living up to.In the end though it just wasn t fascinating enough to me to read in one go it took me a couple months.

  13. I liked this well enough that I am going to pick up the next in the series The romance wasn t as strong as I would have liked, but the world building was well done and the characters well drawn.

  14. This book had potential and I m sure there are some people who d find it wonderful but I just couldn t get into it In an alternative 1800 Britain with magic and fey a female cross dressing pirate look at that cover could she ever pass for a man, even with a false beard I don t think so visits her dying mother, inherits a magic box she can t get rid of, discovers family she never knew she had and goes back to her pirate ship And the ghost of her dead husband who seems much too creepy and possessi [...]

  15. This book was utterly ridiculous AU England with enslaved tree fairies, complete with some really unfortunate comparisons to actual, historical slavery and completely historically inaccurate among other things, the main character basically felt like Devi from the Fortune s Pawn series transported to England in 1800 also, LITERALLY NO ONE had an opinion about her dressing as a man This is not a good book by any objective means, but it was the perfect bedtime book because it was impossible to take [...]

  16. It s the year 1800 and England has a firm handle on magic Anyone with magical abilities is supposed to register with the Mysterium Anyone who doesn t register will be punished most likely hanged Rossalinde Tremayne never registered herself but she s managed to evade the Mysterium by spending much of her time at sea In truth, she s never been comfortable with her magical abilities and prefers the life of a privateer anyway Taking on the guise of her late husband, Ross wreaks havoc on the high sea [...]

  17. This review originally appeared on my blog, Books Without Any Pictures bookswithoutanypictures 20Winterwood by Jacey Bedford is the first book in the Rowankind series It features a strong female protagonist, angry fae, and pirates, which are an excellent combination.Although it s the first book in the Rowankind series, Winterwood is self contained and forms a complete story arc Book 2, Silverwolf, is scheduled for release in January.Rossalinde or Ross Tremayne is a privateer captain Her husband [...]

  18. Set in Great Britain in the year 1800, Winterwood overflows with fantasy from the get go Rossalinde Tremayne, a witch who s assumed the identity of her dead husband and privateer captain Will, returns home for a bitter visit with her dying mother There, Ross meets a half brother she never knew about and inherits a magical winterwood box a box that only she can open and, by doing so, free the nature born rowankind from slavery But the British government wants the box as well, and the ghost of Ros [...]

  19. One of the few books for my DNF shelf Normally i would try to push myself further in a book, but I just can t scrounge up the deisre to do so I have two reasons why I m not finishing this 1 the random F Bomb that just came out of now where I hate cursing I try to avoid it as much as possible when i read and I don t curse myself Cursing is vulgar and crass and I just don t like it 2 I was bored given all that happened in the short amount i read, a house fire escape on horseback riding through hau [...]

  20. Apparently I promised a review almost a month ago My apologies to anyone who s been waiting The original review will be posted on The Book Adventuresthe morning of Friday, February 26th, 2016 This book has so many of the elements I love in a good fantasy pirates, fae, magic, a wolf shapeshifter, a heroine who disguises herself as a man, adventure, romance, an alternative historical setting really, this book is just my thing I loved it.

  21. 3.5 4 starsI thought the world building was very interesting, and I loved the strong protagonist The pacing was all over the place, though, making it hard for me to stay completely engaged in the story When the action did kick into gear, the story telling soared Waiting for these bursts of awesome got a little frustrating.

  22. Let s see here pirates, werewolf strike that, lupine shapeshifter Fae, intrigue, social justice, and a strong female protagonist, plus just enough romance and humor, in an easy to digest, compact fantasy novel Yup no complaints here It s not a 4 star book in terms of objective quality, but I enjoyed it plenty and look forward to the sequel.

  23. Interesting fantasy romance, which also managed to be an alternate history novel As the heroine was a cross dressing pirate, it s no surprise I jumped on this book as fast as I could And I was rewarded for that, too I got action, adventure, magic, mythology, and a pretty good romance I m kind of wondering what book 2 will bring, as things wrapped up pretty well in here.

  24. 2.5 stars cool premise, but the execution was lacking The ghost husband was an interesting idea and dilemma, but it feels like the author can t commit to really fleshing out any other relationships to a degree that would make me feel it as a reader Ross loves her newfound half brother because the author says so I didn t feel that bond naturally develop insta love , same as the eventual romance happens because the author said so, I made this cool character design and you two are gonna be a thing, [...]

  25. Rossalinde Tremayne has taken the place of her dead husband as a privateer captain, roaming the sea in her ship, the Heart and dressing as a man When she is drawn to visit her mother on her deathbed, she inherits a magical winterwood box Soon it becomes apparent that the box is something that a deadly magic user wants, and will stop at nothing to take from her, even using her brother as bait In her quest to figure out what to do with the box, and find relatives she didn t know she had, she disco [...]

  26. Not a bad book just not what I was looking for The back promises magic, fae, and supernatural While it does give you those things thats not the main focus Its a book about pirates than anything Which is great just not what I was looking for at the time Very fast paced, I wish we slowed down some to really get to know the world and characters Also wished it came with a map or something.

  27. This sort of reminded me of Juliet Marillier s Sevenwaters books It wasn t at all what I was expecting and I wasn t even sure if I liked it until about halfway through but then I couldn t put it down It has everything you could want pirates, magic, ghosts, mythology, betrayal, and a satisfying ending.

  28. Ross, a woman masquerading as a male privateer is called to her mothers deathbed She soon learns her family had than one secret She must use her wit, magic, and family to help her set things right I enjoyed the magical elements and the moral dilemma at the end, but found the book a little too sexual for my taste.

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