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Girl Meets Boy is Books Find all of my reviews at Girl meets boy I said In so many more ways than one While I m admittedly someone who is not afraid to sha

Girl Meets Boy is Books Find all of my reviews at:“Girl meets boy, I said. In so many more ways than one.”While I’m admittedly someone who is not afraid to share my opinion, I am also not a person who actively seeks out things to rage about. Especially on a social media site. Yes, there are injustices in the world and yes sometimes a book makes me think about political/religious/whatever controversial topics, but my goal on this site is to discuss those things as little as possible. It’s my opinion there are better outlets for that to be done than with a couple hundred acquaintances, but 30,000,000 strangers potentially looking on as well. That being said, if you’ll allow me a minute . . . . Girl Meets Boy is a book I never would have read were it not for the Winter Reading Challenge. I was looking for retellings of classics and thought what could possibly be more “classic” than a retelling of something written in EIGHT A.D.? (In case you aren’t familiar with the original, the Cliff’s Notes version is that it is the story is of a poor family who cannot afford to have a female and therefore will kill their child upon birth should it be a girl. An intervention by the goddess Isis convinces the mother to sort of “go with the flow” and raise the female baby as a boy named Iphis. The deceit continues through adolescence and is only feared to be discovered upon the marriage of Iphis to Ianthe. But with the help of divine intervention once again, Iphis is turned into a man and he and Ianthe live happily ever after.)The modern version is potentially one of the most important little books I’ve ever come across. Be forewarned, the writing style is something that may turn many off – it’s simple, abrupt, doesn’t use quotation marks, etc. The message, however. Whew! I’ll allow the book to speak for itself a moment:“It’s easy to think it’s a mistake, or you’re a mistake. It’s easy, when everything and everyone you know tells you you’re the wrong shape, to believe you’re the wrong shape.”And while you may think this story is that of love . . . . “She had the swagger of a girl. She blushed like a boy. She had a girl’s toughness. She had a boy’s gentleness. She was meaty as a girl. She was graceful as a boy. She was as brave and handsome and tough as a girl. She was as pretty and delicate and dainty as a boy. She turned boys’ heads like a girl. She turned girls’ heads like a boy. She made love like a boy. She made love like a girl. She was so boyish it was girlish, so girlish it was boyish., she made me want to rove the world writing our names on every tree. I had simply never found anyone so right.”It morphs into a powerful message about the state of the population filled with sheeple and of idiotic consumerism and how selling basic needs (in this case water) has become a despicable “human right” – the right to make the almighty dollar and tough shit for anyone who can’t afford it. It’s also a story of REAL feminism. Not the whinybaby crap generally seen when people use social media as their platform but the scary real shit that goes on in the world every day. Like female infanticide and the fact that women STILL get paid 30%-40% less than a man for the same damn job and that only 2% of senior management positions are held by women and that over 90 countries in the world don’t even have a woman in a ministerial position.“THIS MUST CHANGE.”This book was read as part of the library Winter Reading Challenge. Only TWO more books and the coffee mug will be MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE!. Girl meets boy It s a story as old as time But what happens when an old story meets a brand new set of circumstances Ali Smith s re mix of Ovid s most joyful metamorphosis is a story about the kind of fluidity that can t be bottled and sold It is about girls and boys, girls and girls, love and transformation, a story of puns and doubles, reversals and revelations.. The best Ebook Girl Meets Boy "The river laughed. I swear it did. It laughed and it changed as I watched. As it changed, it stayed the same. The river was all about time, it was about how little time actually mattered. I looked at my watch. Fuck. I was an hour and a half late. Ha ha! The river laughed at me again."Girl Meets Boy is part of the Myths series published by Canongate where authors re-tell exisitng myths and stories. Other authors in this series include Margaret Atwood, Karen Armstrong, AS Byatt, David Grossman, Milton Hatoum, Natsuo Kirino, Alexander McCall Smith, Tomás Eloy Martínez, Victor Pelevin, Su Tong, Dubravka Ugresic, Salley Vickers and Jeanette Winterson. It looks like an interesting project.Girl Meets Boy is Smith's retelling of Ovid's story of Iphis and Ianthe, which deals with the idea gender fluidity or transformation within the context of heteronormativity. What Smith does, however, is to tell the story, or rather a story playing with similar ideas, in the context of two sisters, Anthea and Imogen ("Midge"), based in one of my favourite places - Inverness. Anthea is a free-spirited idealist who dislikes her job in the local PR firm her sister got her. Imogen is a straight-laced pragmatist who is pursuing her ambitions in the same firm, which currently tries to market over-priced bottled water. The story really kicks off when a protester by the artistic alias of Iphis07 vandalises the PR firm's property:"It was a beautiful day.The boy up the ladder at the gate was in a kilt and sporran. The kilt was a bright red tartan; the boy was black-waistcoated and had frilly cuffs, I could see the frills at his wrists as I came closer. I could see the glint of the knife in his sock. I could see the glint of the little diamond spangles on the waistcoat and the glint that came off the chain that held the sporran on. He had long dark hair winged with ringlets, like Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean, but cleaner. He was spray-painting, in beautiful red calligraphy, right under the Pure insignia, these words:DON’T BE STUPID. WATER IS A HUMAN RIGHT. SELLING IT IN ANY WAY IS MORALLY WRO..."I know, I know, it all sounds a bit insipid so far, but it isn't just a story of one sister conforming to what (she thinks) is expected of her and one defying "the man" - Girl Meets Boy, like all stories in Ovid's Metamorphoses, is a story of transformation. So, when Anthea falls in love with Robin (the protester), it encourages Anthea to figure out what she wants from life but it also opens up Midge to examine her own ideas about ... well, everything, really, and it is in the telling of how both sisters go through this change that Smith really shines. I particularly love the humor ....."Like double oh seven. Daniel Craig in Casino Royal, rising out of the water like that goddess on a shell, I said. Lo and behold.Ursula Andress did it first, she said. I mean, after Venus herself, that is. In fact, Daniel Craig and Ursula Andress look remarkably alike, when you compare them."and the curiosity...."Then I wondered why on earth would anyone ever stand in the world as if standing in the cornucopic middle of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon but inside a tiny white-painted rectangle about the size of a single space in a car park, refusing to come out of it, and all round her or him the whole world, beautiful, various, waiting?" and the warmth..."I get up. I call the police station. The man on the desk is unbelievably informal.Oh aye, he says. Now, is it one of the message girls or boys or whatever, or one of the seven dwarves that you’re after? Which one would you like? We’ve got Dopey, Sneezy, Grumpy, Bashful, Sleepy, Eye-fist, and another one whose name I’d have to look up for you.I’d like to talk to my sister, Anthea Gunn, please, I say. And that’s enough flippancy about their tag from you.About their what, now? he says.Years from now, I say, you and the Inverness Constabulary will be nothing but a list of dry dusty names locked in an old computer memory stick. But the message girls, the message boys. They’ll be legend.Uh huh, he says. Well, if you’d like to hang up your phone now, Ms Gunn, I’ll have your wee sister call you back in a jiffy.(I consider making a formal complaint, while I wait for the phone to go. I am the only person permitted to make fun of my sister.)"All of which I associate with Inverness anyway and which is somewhat represented by the concerns of locals over Flora MacDonald braving the weather in front of the court house with a bare neck.(Yeah, yeah, I know it was a stunt for Caley Thistle winning the league, but check out some of the comments on here. )

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  1. Ali Smith is a writer, born in Inverness, Scotland, to working class parents She was raised in a council house in Inverness and now lives in Cambridge She studied at Aberdeen, and then at Cambridge, for a Ph.D that was never finished In a 2004 interview with writing magazine Mslexia, she talked briefly about the difficulty of becoming ill with chronic fatigue syndrome for a year and how it forced her to give up her job as a lecturer at University of Strathclyde to focus on what she really wanted to do writing Openly gay, she has been with her partner Sarah Wood for 17 years and dedicates all her books to her.


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  1. Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum Girl meets boy, I said In so many ways than one While I m admittedly someone who is not afraid to share my opinion, I am also not a person who actively seeks out things to rage about Especially on a social media site Yes, there are injustices in the world and yes sometimes a book makes me think about political religious whatever controversial topics, but my goal on this site is to discuss those things as little as possible It s my opinion there are better [...]

  2. The river laughed I swear it did It laughed and it changed as I watched As it changed, it stayed the same The river was all about time, it was about how little time actually mattered I looked at my watch Fuck I was an hour and a half late Ha ha The river laughed at me again Girl Meets Boy is part of the Myths series published by Canongate where authors re tell exisitng myths and stories Other authors in this series include Margaret Atwood, Karen Armstrong, AS Byatt, David Grossman, Milton Hatoum [...]

  3. this is not my favorite ali smith, but its charming, and it is better than the other books in this series look does that make sense i loved elements of this novella, but some of it seemed a bit pat her writing is still gorgeous though.

  4. Another day, another terrific novel from Ali Smith I have resolved to gobble up her canon in the most heroic time possible, like an overweight man backing a lorryload of curries and waffles into his ecstatic gob In Glasgow we have a meal called the Everything More, which is enough food for an entire Ethiopian village in a bucket Battered.This delightful story frames the myth of Iphis woman disguises her daughter as a man, daughter turns into a man later on within a tale of sexual identity and so [...]

  5. Even though this book is really tiny it s 161 pages , it still has a strong story and a clear message It deals with the two genders and how they both mix up and are basically the same It doesn t matter whether you re a boy and a girl or whether you fall in love with a boy or a girl, and Ali Smith does a beautiful job at describing this transparancy between the two sexes Once again, Ali Smith has surprised me with her poignant writing style She definitely has a rare talent for telling a story, an [...]

  6. If this was written by Jodi Picoult or Danielle Steel is would be branded as an unconventional love story Thankfully it s written by Ali Smith who has enough brains in her head to write a love story which happens to be unconventional.

  7. Let it be known I enjoyed an Ali Smith book That s something I never thought I d hear myself say, as I tried to read The Accidental a few years ago, and just couldn t get on board with the prose style I ve never been a fan of stream of consciousness so that was to be expected, but with Girl Meets Boy I ended up devouring it in two sittings.I won t go into the synopsis too much it follows two sisters, Andrea and Imogen Andrea finds herself falling in love with a girl, Robin, whereas Imogen strugg [...]

  8. I like Smith s reworking of the Iphis myth better than Chaudhuri s attempts with the Odysseus story Smith gives us movement, energy, chutzpah, and shows that the retelling of a myth in the modern context does not necessarily have to emphasize the mundane and the mundane only Not everyone has to be plotless like Joyce And, on plot or on syntactical innovation or on something else, Smith knows that it is important to get a tick in the radical column, like Joyce knew very well It s something that C [...]

  9. I started reading this randomly today and probably wouldn t have chosen it if I had read up on it and saw that it was a myth retelling, or that an entire chapter was written in dozens of parenthesis I m glad I did, though.

  10. Is there a phrase for when you re falling for an author Like, maybe, an author crush or something Ms Smith and I had our first date a year or so ago with How To Be Both and I got that whole giddy I think I ve met the one as in the one to add to all the other ones whose every book I think I must read But I don t like to rush into things and you can only fit so many ones into your life at the same time , so it hasn t been til now that I got to a second read of hers She has the kind of humorous, co [...]

  11. Let me tell you about when I was a girl, our grandfather says So begins Ali Smith s contribution to the Canongate Myth series I knew from that first sentence that I was going to enjoy this And it was great fun to read, as is everything I have read by Ali Smith which is nearly all of her novels, but hardly any of her short stories I only wish it had been longer I read it on my Kindle and the few times I glanced at the bottom of the screen, the percentage read seemed to have gone up very quickly n [...]

  12. Well this was my first Ali Smith book and I liked it a lot.This novel is one of the Canon gate myth series, modern re tellings of ancient myths.This one is the story of Ovids Iphis from Metamorphoses, the story of a girl who falls in love with a girl but on their wedding day turns into a boy so she can please her lover that s the short version Ali Smith centres the story around 2 sisters Imogen Midge and Anthea.It is told in both their voices and I loved them both.I really liked Ali Smith s writ [...]

  13. This is my third book by Ali Smith Based on everything I have read, I was looking forward to one of those novellas that seems so short, yet so perfect one that would impress me with its storytelling finesse I have a special interest in modern retellings, and this seems to be the only adaptation out there on the Myth of Iphis.A whimsical adaptation in which Smith s writing makes for a poetic read illustrating the transformative power of love, I was only a little disappointed While I liked it, Boy [...]

  14. This book is based on a modern reinterpretation of the myth of Iphis, which is chapter 9 of the Metamorphoses of Ovid It is a story of a girl meeting a boy, but somehow unconventional because the boy is not male.It got me quite a bit to get used to Ali Smith s writing, but once I got it I was hooked I couldn t put this book down It s a powerful little book this one I loved how the different points of view perfectly complement each other.I love how it is feminist I would have preferred character [...]

  15. Let me tell you about when I was a girl, our grandfather says I was hooked by the first line of Girls Meets Boy by Ali Smith and had to buy it immediately from the awesome bookstore, Raven Used Books, in Northampton, MA GMB is a little book, a modern retelling of the myth of Iphis Not to worry, the myth is explained both traditionally in poetic old school language and in everyday slang, as well as through the story of two Scottish sisters in modern day Iverness the brooding smartass layabout Ant [...]

  16. The blurb of this book grabbed me, and then I opened a page, and it really didn t let me go until the end.This is a powerful little book.It s feminist It has LGBTIQA characters, it s based in Ancient myth What do you want, really But in all seriousness, this is a really well crafted book I wish it hadn t been so sparse in places but it s lovely just to read a book about my own kind of people for once.I would be interested in reading the rest of Smith s work, but I ll be honest, I don t think an [...]

  17. Update I changed my rating from four to five stars The I think about this book the I love it It definitely deserves five stars And a spot on my favorites shelf Briefly As the title already suggests, this is a story about a girl meeting a boy but it s somehow unconventional because the boy is female It will make sense to you, once you realize that this is a myth retelling of Ovid s Iphis and Ianthe Gender is the main focus in this novel and I really enjoyed how the myth evolved in this retellin [...]

  18. Uma bela duma introdu o obra de Ali Smith N o porque seja l o mais representativo de seus romances, mas porque fininho pacas e n o tem desculpa para n o ler , tamb m, o mais acess vel centralizado em duas narradoras, apresentadas logo no in cio do romance, n o temos muito aquele estranhamento de nos habituarmos com cada parte nova do livro como em Hotel Mundo e Su te em quatro movimentos.Eu n o consigo dar menos de cinco estrelas pra essa mulher Julguem me.

  19. A good way to start the new year I enjoyed this book than how to be both I think I have 2 Ali Smith books on my tbr to get to this year and I can t wait

  20. after i read girl meets boy i realized it was a lot like what i had expected eugenides middlesex to be than middlesex actually was i will definitely read this again, perhaps when in the mood for a love story, and i m interested in reading of ali smith s work is a book that plays out at a break neck pace, except for the moments where the language is allowed to meander into scenes of poetry and gives one pause in the midst of beauty there is much to love in ali smith s finesse with language thi [...]

  21. O carte micu , dar puternic Stilul lui Ali Smith poate p rea foarte ciudat i greu de n eles la nceput, ns pe m sur ce p trundem mai ad nc n carte acesta devine ca o dependen Recunosc c au r mas foarte multe ntreb ri f r r spuns de pe urma lectur rii acestui roman, ns nu e un lucru sup r tor neap rat Puncte bonus pentru mbinarea elegant i sofisticat a mai multor teme de importan vital pentru societatea n care tr im Scriitura lui Smith este de a dreptul psihedelic pe alocuri, ns absolut fermec toa [...]

  22. Ali Smith s, Girl Meets Boy, is a postmodernist novella based on a myth from Ovid s Metamorphoses It s OVERWHELMED with contemporary themes, such as human rights, feminism, Just write a bloody essay instead.

  23. now i read this book in two sittings it s really rather short it s a contemporary retelling of the myth of iphis and ianthe, part of ovid s metamorphoses series Pygmalion, which is the source for my fair lady, is also part of this and these are the facts is the book any good i m not sure sometimes, it managed to send me to a world only just different than ours, but somewhat magical, and at times, it feels clunky I think what it succeeds or fails on is this the plot is a bit of a device, and wit [...]

  24. Not much to say about the book itself not one of my favorites The story dragged quite a bit But there is one quote that stuck with me Like that poem I knew, about how you sit and read your way through a book then close the book and put it on the shelf, and maybe, life being so short, you ll die before you ever open that book again and its pages, the single pages, shut in the book on the shelf, will maybe never see light again

  25. Nobody grows up mythless, Robin said It s what we do with the myths we grow up with that matters p 98 An exuberant ode to love and identity, in all its many variations.

  26. I finished Girls Meets Boy just before leaving to catch a train, so don t have it with me and therefore can t quote I read most of it before falling asleep and found it to be a lovely bedtime story Ali Smith s lyrical and beautiful writing is very well suited to a re telling of Ovid s Metamorphoses, revolving around two sisters transforming their lives I liked the alternating point of view and contrast between the distinctive sisters, both very sympathetic in their own way As well as a moving lo [...]

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