All Fall Down

All Fall Down Continuing on from the bestselling true crime stories Three Crooked Kings and Jacks and Jokers All Fall Down follows Terry Lewis as he becomes police commissioner and the era of corruption at the hig

Continuing on from the bestselling true crime stories Three Crooked Kings and Jacks and Jokers, All Fall Down follows Terry Lewis as he becomes police commissioner and the era of corruption at the highest levels of the police and government goes on As the Queensland police become connected with their corrupt colleagues in Sydney, the era of heavy drugs and crime alsoContinuing on from the bestselling true crime stories Three Crooked Kings and Jacks and Jokers, All Fall Down follows Terry Lewis as he becomes police commissioner and the era of corruption at the highest levels of the police and government goes on As the Queensland police become connected with their corrupt colleagues in Sydney, the era of heavy drugs and crime also begins Tony Murphy and Glen Hallahan, two of the original crooked kings, become enmeshed with The Joke which is run by bagman Jack Herbert All Fall Down introduces new characters, extraordinary behavior outside the law by the law, and along the way it charts the meteoric rise of police commissioner Terry Lewis But with the arrival of the Fitzgerald Inquiry in the late 1980s, many will fall and it s not always the people who should Once again award winning journalist and novelist Matthew Condon has drawn from unprecedented access to Terry Lewis, as well as hundreds of interviews with key players and conspirators to craft the definitive account of the rise and spectacular fall of one man, an entire state, and over a generation of corruption.

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All Fall Down

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  1. Matthew Steven Condon is a prize winning Australian author and journalist.


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  1. The conclusion of the trilogy covering corruprion within the QLD Police Force and Parliament this final book covers a lot of ground, seamlessly weaving all strands to a single narrative.Interestingly enough, many of the culprits received minimal or no punishment and Condon s clever writing leaves the conclusion open enough to suggest that the subsequent Fitzgerald Inquiry left questions than answers and a suggestion that corruption never stopped, without speculating.

  2. This is a superlative work of investigative writing that involved a mountain of research and a battalion of interview subjects.More than that, it is a window through time to an era of Queensland history that must never be forgotten.The unrepentant lies and obfuscation of so many key players remains breathtaking to me That demonstrably corrupt individuals protest innocence or maintain convenient memory loss to this day, or to the day they died, should always be seen for what it truly is self delu [...]

  3. Fascinating look into the corruption, crime and cover up at nearly every level of the Queensland government and police force in the 80s Terry Lewis s insights are absent in this final volume of Condon s trilogy obviously not much comment on all the corruption , but it is interesting to see just how filled with revenge and hatred he was over the Fitzgerald Inquiry and the intricate campaign he ran from prison to try to clear his name in the face of overwhelming evidence of wrongdoing Also intere [...]

  4. I ve just finished All Fall Down, Matthew Condon s third book in his trilogy on police corruption This series is a tour de force, an in depth, meaty, gritty, no holds barred account In All Fall Down, Matt s microscope focusses on the 1980 s, 90 s and beyond, including of course the Fitzgerald Inquiry This book and its predecessors, Three Crooked Kings and Jacks and Jokers should be required reading for all Queenslanders You might think what else could possibly be said other than what was uncover [...]

  5. I worked in the Qld Police Force Service during the periods of all 3 books except the Bishop Era Looking back in retrospect it was a terrible and dishonest time I am disgusted to have been a member of this filthy organisation The credibility of the QPS has not changed and still remains a dysfunctional dirty police service Condon s ability as a major writer is on show I cannot believe how he has put the whole picture together His work is breathtaking when you take into account the players into ac [...]

  6. This is the end of Matthew Condon s trilogy about police corruption in Queensland The story is fascinating and is worth a read for those who are unfamiliar with the history of Queensland.I liked this book a lot than the second book This book seemed to be structured better which made it easier to read.

  7. A good read for those who lived through the 80 s in Qld, and some names pop up that are still about in surprising circumstances.

  8. This is the final book in Condon s trilogy on the growth of corruption within the police and government of Queensland, Australia, which culminated in the Fitzgerald Inquiry Crime and Corruption Commission of 1987 89.This book starts in the early 1980s, chronicles the Fitzgerald Inquiry and ends in the present day I have read the first two books and thoroughly enjoyed them Condon has the knack of making dry historical facts interesting, as he weaves them into a narrative with a fiction like struc [...]

  9. Having lived through the Fitzgerald Inquiry with Chris Master s The Moonlight State as an introduction and backdrop and hearing again my children pee themselves laughing as successive parliamentarians disclaimed There are no brothels in Queensland , this long awaited 3rd part of the Matt Condon trilogy was everything I had hoped for and .From now on, Condon s books ought to be mandatory reading for every school student in Qld and every person with an eye for truth in the country.However, I found [...]

  10. The third book in the series about Queensland, the police and the government all leading up to and beyond the Fitzgerald Inquiry It was interesting to actually read about the recent history that I had not read about before and makes you wonder if all that stuff is still around lurking beneath the surface It was good to read about the inner workings behind people like Joh and Terry Lewis along with the many other things that were occurring at the time.I would recommend reading all three books and [...]

  11. Part 3 of this fascinating series about police and political corruption in Queensland in the second half of the 20th century My rating may seem somewhat low but that s because ultimately, I was irritated by the failure of Condon to do anything than report on the Royal Commission s findings and on Terry Lewis s diary but not come to any real conclusion about whether he was guilty or not The implication was there but there was a lack on analysis about whether he really was that corrupt Still, it [...]

  12. The third and final book in this true crime series about endemic police corruption in Queensland AS the title suggests, this volume covers the period when the major plays and players are uncovered and mostly receive their just deserts via the Fitzgerald enquiry A sobering account of greed and flagrant disregard for the law Although many of the people involved did jail time, others escaped relatively unscathed, and one has to wonder whether similar corruption is still alive ad well today.

  13. All Fall down is the final instalment in Condon s trilogy covering corruption in the Queensland police force from the 1940s to the 1999s This book covers the mid 80 s to 2000 I enjoyed this book and its description of the political goings on in Queensland at the time and personally remember when all of the events happened Despite the slightly stilted style and the incredible twists and events, the reader is kept enthralled.

  14. outstanding work and essential history growing up, the idea of corruption and autocracy in QLD was always floating along in the background, something people rolled their eyes and joked about, but this book and the other two in the series really brings home the scale of the issue and just how damaging it was to both people and institutions and how difficult it is to uproot once it s embedded.

  15. Interesting historyAn interesting tale about a sordid part of Queensland s history Not great literature but well researched and a fascinating dip into the Bjelke Petersen years How JBP didn t get locked up is beyond me

  16. Really enjoyed this series Absolutely fascinating the level of corruption in Queensland through to the 90s even Will read of Condon s books and would love to get hold of a copy of The Man They Called a Monster

  17. Essential reading for anyone with even a passing interest in QLD politics and corruption, or if you just enjoy a good true crime story The scale and the length of the crimes investigated here is incredible, as are the larger than life characters who remained unrepentant until the bitter end.

  18. A wonderful finale to a gripping trilogy that entertains like a crime novel Great writing and suprtlative research Fantastic characterisation of disgraced top cop Terrence Lewis.

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