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Skin Deep When washed up journalist Harry Hendrick wakes with a hangover and a strange symbol tattooed on his neck he shrugs it off as a bad night out When tattoos appear accompanied by visions of war torn Afg

When washed up journalist Harry Hendrick wakes with a hangover and a strange symbol tattooed on his neck, he shrugs it off as a bad night out.When tattoos appear accompanied by visions of war torn Afghanistan, bikies, boat people, murder, bar fights and a mysterious woman he begins to dig a little deeper.Harry s search leads him to Jess McGrath She s successful,When washed up journalist Harry Hendrick wakes with a hangover and a strange symbol tattooed on his neck, he shrugs it off as a bad night out.When tattoos appear accompanied by visions of war torn Afghanistan, bikies, boat people, murder, bar fights and a mysterious woman he begins to dig a little deeper.Harry s search leads him to Jess McGrath She s successful, married they are drawn to each other though they have nothing in common but unwanted tattoos and high definition nightmares Together, they edge closer to unearthing the truth behind the sinister disappearance of an SAS hero and his girlfriend Kyla.There s a federal election looming, with pundits tipping a landslide win for opposition leader Andrew Cardinal Harry knows there s a link between these disturbing visions and Cardinal s shadowy past, and is compelled to right wrongs, one way or another Skin Deep is the thrilling, layered, genre bending debut novel of Brisbane author and journalist Gary Kemble Gary Kemble s debut novel is an imaginative, fast paced page turner that combines crime writing with a delightful serving of the supernatural Books Publishing With an intense and immediate sense of place, a cracking pace and a great everyman hero, Skin Deep is by turns thrilling and haunting, and will keep readers glued to the page Angela Slatter, Aurealis Award winning author

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Skin Deep

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  1. Gary Kemble has spent his life telling stories He wrote, illustrated and self published his first story Back from the Grave aged eight His award winning short fiction has been published in magazines and anthologies in Australia and abroad, and his non fiction has appeared in newspapers, magazines and online You can follow his adventures on Twitter garykemble.


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  1. This book kept me reading till 4am this morning What a page turner My View If you want a book that will keep you reading till 4am then this book is for you This reader was exhausted but satisfied when the last page was turned.Frenetically paced, tension packed, great characters with a narrative that manages to encompass so much corruption, politics internal and external, war, asylum, greed, relationships, work I could go on an all woven so deftly into this incredible tale of justice and retribut [...]

  2. Skin Deep is the first book in the Harry Hendrick series by British born author, Gary Kemble Harry Hendrick is a journalist for a small time local Brisbane newspaper, The Chermside Chronicle Stories on traffic black spots, Meals on Wheels, and Chermside Bowls Club are his bread and butter He s feeling very fragile over the split, after six years living together, from his girlfriend, Bec, and has moved into a long vacant house on Croydon Street When he wakes one Saturday morning, extremely hung o [...]

  3. This is an excellent debut novel from Gary Kemble The story is tight, fast paced and exciting, the characters three dimensional and believable, and the researched details utterly authentic A powerful supernatural crime political thriller Highly recommended.

  4. 4.5 stars The debut novel, Skin Deep, by award winning short story writer, Gary Kemble, published by Echo Publishing who kindly sent me a review copy thank you very much is a ripper of a read Not being familiar with Kemble s work, I wasn t sure what to expect, especially when the promotional blurb announced the novel was cross genre I have had mixed experiences with cross genre novels no pun intended so worried I might be a little disappointed, especially as the blurb set my expectations high Wh [...]

  5. Loved the Brisbane setting, with such familiar suburbs and shopping centres and so on, and the idea had merit, but it went a bit too far down the rabbit hole for me and became too weird Add to that the frequent swearing, and it wasn t really my cup of tea.Currently, the lasting effect of this book on me, is that now, as I drive around Brisbane, I notice tattoo parlours 2.5

  6. This will only end when justice has been done Harry Hendrick is a journalist in Brisbane His career hasn t quite followed the path he intended, damaged by a story he was following on corruption while he was still at university Harry s a good bloke, popular with his mates and easy to get along with But he s been unlucky in love, and has just broken up with his girlfriend and moved to a newly rented home Not long after the move, Harry attends his mate Dave s buck night He wakes up with a hangover, [...]

  7. This was a strangely compelling and original genre mash up I ve never read anything quite like it and I found myself compulsively turning pages to unravel the mystery It takes place in the kind of Joh bruised Brisbane familiar to readers of Andrew McGahan it reminded me strongly of Last Drinks in its vivid descriptions of oppressive heat and humidity, its jaded protagonist and the bleariness of booze, and also in its suggestion that this weather and this corruption are somehow magically symbioti [...]

  8. this was such a great, surprising read i loved the central protagonist and was hypnotised by the strong sense of place Brisbane throughout the story as a lover of paranormal twists and turns, this story pushed all my buttons and kept me wanting a true page tuner Disclosure my novel, Ghost Girls, will also be published by Echo Publishing.

  9. Debut book, from Brisbane author , didn t think I would enjoy ghost like themes yet it s a gripping and suspenseful read.

  10. Absolute cracker of a read The pace and characters are perfectly pitched, and the violence dark, gritty and believable I particularly enjoyed the Brisbane settings, and, as a someone who was a suburban journo in Brisbane through the 90s, I can totally relate to much of Harry s day to day professional life This is a brilliantly crafted and tightly written thriller that I inhaled Highly recommended adult thriller.

  11. But then after the war ah, I dunno, war just teaches you the real meaning of fear Harry Hendricks is a journalist who has never been near a war The closest he s come was when his expose of corruption in Brisbane city was sabotaged, leaving his career in tatters But he s getting an education all the same and his own skin is the whiteboard In this thoroughly contemporary ghost story, you can forget about haunted houses as Harry soon realises, he s contending with a haunted body Harry moaned The to [...]

  12. Never has the questionable art of injecting ink into one s skin been imbued with so much ominous meaning.If, like me, you re no fan of tattoos this book is definitely not going to persuade you otherwise, but then that s not what this story is about.Gary Kemble has come up with an intriguing paranormal crime thriller, the ramifications of which stretch across the world and way back into human history.The suspense takes a while to build and the protagonist seems an unlikely member of Gen X given h [...]

  13. Ended up really enjoying this book I picked it up initially for the intriguing premise tattoos just appearing on your back in the middle of the night Super fricken creepy right I have to say the first 3rd of the book though was SLOW, really slow, and when you think you ve picked up a thriller it s a bit unexpected But definitely persevere with it because the ending pays off in full, the pace is quick, each high and low bigger than the last, and the plot takes many enjoyable twists and turns The [...]

  14. Even without the Stephen King references in this book I would have picked up that the author was a fan Being a debut book you could almost hope that Gary Kemble goes on to become the Aussie Stephen King because he has potential Skin Deep is a mixture of different genres horror, crime, political and thriller Each genre is interwoven into the next quite well and the mesh is a deeply engaging and adrenaline fuelled adventure over the course of three hundred pages Quintessentially Australian, this b [...]

  15. This book was tough to read for a couple reasons Foremost for its excellent and sometimes graphic descriptions of the protagonist s plight as he wakes from intense dreams to find he is directly involved with their subjects than he wants to be This mystery is compelling, and keeps you hooked The other reason is that it made me weirdly nostalgic for the sticky humidity of its setting, Brisbane, which helps adds to the already heavy atmosphere of the story Great debut.

  16. A paranormal crime thriller with a blokey sensibility, Skin Deep is set in a Brisbane still dealing with the after effects of many years of Joh rule newtownreviewofbooks 2015 12 22 crime scene gary kemble sk

  17. A pacey, tightly plotted debut novel which will please fans of thrillers, the supernatural, and those in between The heat and humidity of Brisbane in summer makes an oppressive backdrop to a tale of murder, corruption and possession, but you don t have to know Brisbane first hand to appreciate Kemble s craft here Recommended.

  18. I really enjoyed this book Great to read something by an Aussie writer I liked the twists and turns of the relationship between life weary journo Harry Hendrick and SAS soldier Rob, whose life appears to Harry via flashbacks, nightmares and the mysterious appearance of tattoos, which all tell the story of a grim cover up, and corruption in high places.

  19. Great first novel, comparable to Joe Hill s Heart shaped Box unique story characters a cool edgy ride, loved it Not perfect but better than most in the genre at the moment not 800pages long just for the sake of it Sharp taut, Kembles short story writing past had helped him hone his craft an exciting voice

  20. Wow What an absolute page turner this book will grab you and won t let you go It s fast paced, thrilling completely believable as you stretch your imagination to accept what is happening to this ordinary guy Great Aussie fiction and a debut novel as well.

  21. Loved this Was recommended to me and I admit to being a bit dubious as it took me a little while to get in to it There came that point though when nothing was going to make me put it down.excellent Look forward to reading from this author.

  22. Amazed that this is a debut book for Gary Kemble such a fast paced, action packed thriller I couldn t wait to turn the page to see what was going to happen next A great mix of supernatural, thriller, crime pollitics

  23. An impressive journalist noir with a supernatural bent, the novel comes to life with well rounded characters and an engaging, page turning mystery A great debut.

  24. Part haunting, part political thriller, Skin Deep is a fast paced, gritty, and sometimes bloody story of vengeance Harry Hendrick is a reporter for a local Brisbane newspaper His girlfriend has recently left him, he s been in the same job way too long, he s feeling lost and a little sorry for himself when his life begins to spiral out of control He begins waking up with tattoos, and with no memory of how he got them With the tattoos come the nightmares and memories of another man, a former SAS o [...]

  25. Skin Deep is fleshy, coarse, unctuous, reaches right down into your guts I don t normally like to mix my supernatural thrillers with my political crime but in Skin Deep it works I loved the gender aspects of this novel, the fast paced action scenes and the pointed digs at the societal scourge of powerful, monied opportunistic bleebs.If you like a damn good gritty crime novel with a supernatural twist this one s for you Disclosure my novel, Olmec Obituary, is also published by Echo Publishing.

  26. Although this book got off to a bit of a shaky start, I soon got caught up in the story of down on his luck reporter Harry Hendrick Mystery, suspense and horror combine to move the plot along quickly, with lots of twists and turns I really loved the character of Harry, and found him easy to empathise with I did have a few quibbles with some of the plot elements but not enough to dampen my overall enjoyment of this novel.Highly recommended for lovers of horror and suspense.

  27. This was an impressive crime book except for the supernatural elements But then Stephen King has done well in this genre I will read the next instalment if there is one.

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