Bury the Hatchet

Bury the Hatchet They both need to make amends But they might be making than that Tulsa Thunderbirds goaltender Hunter Fielding has a lot of kissing up to do following a few brash and uncalled for statements Now he ne

They both need to make amends But they might be making than that.Tulsa Thunderbirds goaltender Hunter Fielding has a lot of kissing up to do following a few brash and uncalled for statements Now he needs to prove to the watchful eyes that he s changed for the better But cozying up to Little Miss Perfect Gone Bad isn t his idea of making amends.Agreeing to marry a hoThey both need to make amends But they might be making than that.Tulsa Thunderbirds goaltender Hunter Fielding has a lot of kissing up to do following a few brash and uncalled for statements Now he needs to prove to the watchful eyes that he s changed for the better But cozying up to Little Miss Perfect Gone Bad isn t his idea of making amends.Agreeing to marry a hockey star to clear her bad girl reputation is the worst idea Oklahoma s former sweetheart, Tallulah Belle Roth, has ever heard With cameras constantly in their faces, Hunter and Tallie need to prove their sickeningly sweet, do good lives are the real deal just to Bury the Hatchet once and for all.But when the cameras are off, desire burns hot Can fake and just for show turn into something real and forever

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Bury the Hatchet

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  1. Please note that series numbering of the Portland Storm series is different at than it is on Catherine s website or at any retailer policy will not allow the series numbering to match anything else If this confuses you, please complain to , as it is not Catherine s fault Catherine Gayle is a USA Today bestselling author of than forty contemporary hockey romance and Regency set historical romance novels and novellas Soon, she ll be launching her debut contemporary small town romance series She s sold than three quarters of a million books She s a transplanted Texan living in North Carolina with two extremely spoiled felines In her spare time, she watches way too much hockey and reality TV, plans fun things to do for the Nephew Monster s next visit, and performs experiments in the kitchen which are rarely toxic.


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  1. Currently Free 11 14 2016 A wonderful blend of touching, tender and sexy Catherine Gayle writes the perfect kickoff book to her hockey series, the Tulsa Thunderbirds, giving us a lovely story about self discovery, courage, family and love Feeling unhappy and deject knowing he s one of the best goaltenders in the NHL but has to play for a new team which will take years to get their act together, an inebriated Hunter Fielding made public remarks about his new home town of Oklahoma he shouldn t hav [...]

  2. I received an ARC via the author in exchange for an honest review Thank you My first Catherine Gayle read, I thoroughly enjoyed it Granted, the writing started a little rough for me, in whole, it was fluid and had a great concept and premise.So, what s this book about A hockey star who s delved himself into quite a scandal.And former home state beauty queen.Both of whom need to fix their image pronto if they want to reclaim their previous glory with the press and fans.The solution Marriage in ho [...]

  3. Slick s review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews4.5 StarsFor me it was easy to be excited about this expansion series by Catherine Gayle and yes I prefer the term expansion as to spin off because this is a series about hockey and this series is about an expansion NHL Hockey team in the Bible Belt of Oklahoma A goalie whose mouth has landed him in hot water with not only the teams owner and management but the whole state and a woman who has been stripped of her Miss Oklahoma crown for condu [...]

  4. A hockey twist on the pretend arranged marriage trope could be interesting indeed This is a spinoff of Catherine Gayle s Portland Storm series, which I m a fan of, this time it centers on the expansion draft team the Tulsa Thunderbirds I won t be getting into the nitty gritty of the draft, it s a hot topic though, some players from Portland and newbies are in this new team This is Hunter s story a goaltender from the Storm Hunter and Tallie are in hot water in Oklahoma for different reasons Best [...]

  5. Hunter and Tallie have pissed off Tulsa So, what better way to save face and make the public like them than to get married Yeah I couldn t think of a better way either.Hunter has just been shipped to Tulsa to play for the new NHL team, the Thunderbirds Let s just say he is less than thrilled with this idea and he isn t quiet about it He loved being in Portland and playing for the Storm even if he was only playing back up goalie Tallulah Belle, Tallie to her dad and Hunter, was reigning Miss Okla [...]

  6. This book started slow for me As much as I wanted to like it starting out, I just wasn t The premise seems contrived two people who have damaged their public reputation will redeem themselves by getting married You would expect to redeem your reputation by marrying someone with a spotless record, not someone whose public persona is as screwed up as yours And, woo hoo, for a long time, I really disliked Tallie She fits the definition of a sheep to a T , not able to make decisions for herself or e [...]

  7. Ehhhhh 3 1 2 stars Like, I liked it, but parts of it were disjointed and it just really didn t flow that well I feel like we got to know h pretty well but I still feel like I know nothing about H So the character development could have used some work Needed some editing work as well tears pricked behind my ears wait what As far as specific to the audiobook, I really hated having just one narrator reading both parts It was super distracting and at times creepy.We ll see how the next one goes.

  8. Bury The HatchetCatherine GayleGayle s first in her new spin off Tulsa Thunderbird hockey series is a fast paced contemporary arranged marriage romance staring a couple in need of redemption The fast tempo narrative is witty and gritty and is delivered via her accustomed first person point of view from both the hero and heroine Her hero Hunter, a good hearted bad boy is easily recognized as the backup goalie by her Portland Storm fans her heroine is a big hearted pageant queen who s in for a rud [...]

  9. I was excited to learn that Ms Gayle was going to do a spinoff of the Portland Storm Series which I love and that the series was going to be bit edgy.What I liked The Hockey Ms Gayle does an awesome job in bringing a realism in our description of team dynamics, practices and game play While there was not as much Hockey as normal, it was perfect as always.I ended up liking both and Hunter and Tallie I liked how they handled the situation they found themselves in They were both mature about and d [...]

  10. Catherine Gayle is one of those authors that I know I need to set aside a good amount of time to read one of her books because once I start, I won t be able to put it down Bury the Hatchet is no exception to that rule.One thing I love about Catherine Gayle and her books is that she isn t afraid to tackle tough topics From book one in her Portland Storm series, we ve seen that to be true And she does it in a way that I think most authors would shy away from And I think I have cried at all but one [...]

  11. Conflicted on this one it was competently written and engaging enough that I wanted to finish it and sort of want to read the next one despite some major misgivings about how it ll deal with a theme and I m trying to not rate books down for being exactly what they represent themselves to be, but BUT.These are certainly written for a very 90s style iddy audience who wants Big Drama and Angst That said, the majority of the book seemed to have dialled the over the top drama down than the Portland [...]

  12. This is like the aftermath of Miss Congeniality, but with 98% hockey Also, an arranged marriage Which I admit is one of my most favorite things ever in romance novels No matter how ludicrous the set up And this one is pretty ludicrous But I m willing to go with it.It s just a sweet and loving romance novel, with really horrible appropriation of Native American culture It s so problematic I d give it another star if it wasn t for the horrible naming the team the Thunderbirds and playing war drum [...]

  13. Over the top, completely ridiculous storyline, a hockey player and a beauty queen are forced to marry and devolop lust and feeling for eachother sometimes I like ridiculous, hey sometimes I crave it This time it did not work for me I did my share of power reading through the pages, and there was nothing memorable about the story or the characters to tempt me to recommend this in the future.

  14. I love books where two strangers are forced together in marriage or engagement and actually fall in love with each other This is about a disgraced hockey player and beauty queen stripped of her crown, who are forced to marry to improve both their images And while the falling in love seemed natural for both parties, there was scheming and danger coming from other sources I look forward to reading the subsequent books in this new series if they are half as good as this one was.

  15. I just started reading this book and I m not sure I can go on How can getting married be a fix for a woman who aspires to be Miss USA You can t be married, or ever have been married to be a contestant in a Miss USA pageant Even if that weren t the case, I don t think marrying a hockey player with his own public relations issues would be the answer Not sure I can get past this.

  16. You d think with all the marriage law fic that I ve read that I d like an arranged marriage RL book but you d be wrong This whole plot didn t work for me.

  17. I almost set this one aside because the premise was is ridiculous Once I got over that I enjoyed the food writing The characters, even the bad guys were delightfully written.

  18. This was a wonderful love story, with just enough gruff and drama for effect but not taking anything away from Hunter and Tallie

  19. This had an OTT, ridiculous plot and the MCs were a little shaky to start out But it was fluffy fun to read Since I got this for free, I have no regrets about reading it.OW drama almost ruined it for me view spoiler Carrie is Hunters High School ex but they still remain f buddies At least that is how Hunter describes her in the beginning But when Tallie confronts him about Carrie he tells her they are exes and that she is family So which is it Hunter I really really wanted Tallie to ask just one [...]

  20. Wow Sexy love story Sexy Hunter, hockey player beautiful Tallie, beauty pageant queen, the two main characters each have made mistakes that have sullied their reputation with their fans and the bad press they ve been getting is making things worse Even though they have never met before they re forcefully persuaded to enter into a marriage of convenience in order to undo all the bad press That is where all the fun begins This book has everythingmance, drama, dark secrets, action, some sexual situ [...]

  21. You know what This has got to be one of the most sweet books I ve read Seriously Don t get me wrong, I really, really, really didn t like some of the characters two to be exact Yes, I did get mad but I also laughed my ass off with them, soP.S I loved Kaylee view spoiler Kisses are yucky hide spoiler

  22. I really enjoyed this novel Tallie and Hunter were married after individual mess ups to fix their images and end up on the long windy path to love I thought that there was plenty of plot line action, steamy romance, character development, and wouldn t hesitate to read from this author.

  23. Another great hockey romanceFascinating story, terrific characters, and a little but if steam makes for a terrific, hot, hockey romance I m looking forward to following the guys in Tulsa just as I did with the Portland Storm

  24. Bury the Hatchet Tulsa ThunderbirdsTallie and Hunter make a great couple Everything was solved in the book Relationship with their family was chaos but they worked through it with their love Thank goodness Tallie didn t do a reality show.

  25. Couldn t stop reading Such a massive twist of turns in either of Hunter s and Tallie s lives really well narrated can t wait to read the next in the series

  26. My first DNF It wasn t terrible, but after the hero stated he wanted to nibble on the heroine s neck, he came off a little feminine and I just couldn t get back into it again I may try to finish at a later date The plot was good though 2 mos later I finished finally It was ok Glad I finished any way.

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