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Count on Me There are people that tell you high school is the best time of your life They lied High school is horrible when you re like me and you re autistic They think that because I don t talk and I seem to al

There are people that tell you high school is the best time of your life They lied High school is horrible when you re like me and you re autistic They think that because I don t talk and I seem to always be lost in my own world, I m stupid or deaf Some even think I m retarded I m none of those things and I don t like that word Just because I ve got these issues, doeThere are people that tell you high school is the best time of your life They lied High school is horrible when you re like me and you re autistic They think that because I don t talk and I seem to always be lost in my own world, I m stupid or deaf Some even think I m retarded I m none of those things and I don t like that word Just because I ve got these issues, doesn t mean it s all I am There s a lot to me, but no one really takes the time to get to know it At least that s how it was until Kayden Kayden Walker is bad news He spends his time making people that are different, like me, feel even worse about themselves and he does it with a smile He s everything I don t need in my life, yet he s the one person I can t seem to live without Underneath, there s to him that he s afraid to let the rest of the world see I ve seen it and as I m finding out, we re not so different after all

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Count on Me

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  1. Mother, Sister, Daughter, Best Friend, Avid Book Reader, Author, Overall Crazy Person I m Melyssa and I was born and raised in what is now known as the mega city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada I m the country girl stuck in the city girls body and anytime I can get away from the big city lights and settle somewhere far slower is always such a treat.I m a mother to probably the four most amazing kids on the planet Yes that s a typical mom answer isn t it They have brought so much joy to my life and without them I m not entirely sure where or what I d be doing They ve taught me so much that I only hope I can do the same for them as they grow.When I m not with them I m doing one of two things Either curled up with my e reader and as many books as I can handle or watching marathons of Supernatural, Sons of Anarchy or Veronica Mars Lastly, I m always on the lookout for my next book boyfriend, even if I have to create him in my own stories can t go wrong with a good book boyfriend.


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  1. It is very emotional, heartbreaking and painful book It is a story about Isabelle, a girl with autism being bullied in high school And about Kayden, a boy, who is a bully.She is shy, quiet and has social anxiety, but is not in any way stupid or dumb or retarded or deaf or mute or slow or defective or see it is awful listing all the names she was called, imagine reading it Attending school is a horrible experience for her, she just wants to stay invisible and not being picked on Every day is a st [...]

  2. I m not a perfect person, As many things I wish I didn t do But I continue learning, I never meant to do those things to you Wow What a ride this book was I have NO WORDS to express how I m feeling right now The book opened my eyes to so many things It was Awe inspiring My Isabelle My Kayden What s the book about AUTISM CHILD ABUSE BULLING JOURNEY LOVE CHANGE.I usually steer clear from books about bulling It hits too close to home To makes matters worse, the hero is the bully But, Despite all of [...]

  3. Title Count on MeSeries StandaloneAuthor Melyssa WinchesterRelease Date April, 2014Rating 4 starsCliffhanger No HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler Count on Me is very emotional, heartbreaking and touching read If Bully by Penelope Douglas had a love child with Reclaming The Sand by Meredith Walters this would be it.It s about pain, sorrow, loneliness and misunderstanding It s a novel that grabs your attention and pulls on the strings of your heart It touched my soul I have never read Melyssa Winc [...]

  4. Un libro dulce y tierno que trata temas como acoso y bullying escolar que sufren los estudiantes con autismo o personas con capacidades diferentes.No puedo creer que existan personas tan abusivas que se meten y amedrentan con los que no se pueden defender aqu me dieron ganas de apalearme a m s de tres.Isabelle es una chica con autismo que es el blanco del acoso escolar a manos de los populares abusones de la escuela liderado por Kayden que es su vecino y que sol a ser su mejor amigo pero un d a [...]

  5. 4.5 STARSI want to thank the author Melyssa Winchester for A writing this awesome book B for giving me a free e book copy 3 We ve all been hurt by words before So before youspeak, think about how your words might affectsomeone else Naya RiveraI came across this series by chance and i m so GLAD i did I enjoyed every minute i spent reading it This book has original written all over it You guys know how much i care about this point in particular These days everyone is writing something and calling [...]

  6. I give up I made a valiant effort, but for some reason I am just not feeling this one Maybe I ve read too many books involving autism, bullying and teenage angst lately, but in the endMaybe I ll pick it up another day

  7. Count On Me Review I have been waiting to read this book for a long time before it was even published I am not disappointed at all from the long wait It was everything I was expecting, no, it was even Through it all I kept seeing things that reminded me of my younger brother, who is autistic, and every time I heard an insult to Isabelle I could feel myself going into a rage I also saw much of myself in Kayden Truthfully if someone tried to mess with my brother I d kick the crap out of them with [...]

  8. Isabelle Reagan is a high functioning autistic She has been homeschooled until her mother thought it was time for her to attend high school She is used to people calling her names including retard She is very good in math, writing and drawing She used to be friends with her neighbor Kayden Walker until 8 yrs ago Now, he is just a bully For a long time I hated you, but not because of the names you called me I hated you because when you left that day almost eight years ago and never came back, you [...]

  9. Count On Me es el primer libro de la serie con el mismo nombre de Melyssa Winchester, ademas de mi primera experiencia leyendo algo de la autora.Tambien es el primer libro que leo que trata un tema tan delicado como el autismo, lo curioso es que hasta este libro pensaba que tenia una muy buena idea de lo que significaba tener autismo, pero si algo nos demuestra Count On Me es lo equivocada que esta la sociedad respecto a esta enfermedad.Quede muy satisfecha con la forma que tiene la autora de tr [...]

  10. This book hit close to home for me, and I m glad I read it It moved me, and I think the thing I took away with the most is acceptance not just in others, but in ourselves Isabelle and Kayden both had to take that journey in similar ways and also in different ways I loved Isabelle from the very beginning And was not a fan of Kayden s But watching him grow into the person who he wanted to be touched my heart And the first time Isabelle smiled was a beautiful moment I smiled right along with her An [...]

  11. Why isn t this book famous It was such a great and lovely read for me I think it is really well written and that storyline Amazing and so different, and unique, from what I ve read before I just loved it and I believe I m going to be re reading this for many years and would recommend it to everyone Best book I read this year Thanks for the recommendation to Mandy I wouldn t have known about this if it weren t for her Will try to review this soon, but seriously have nothing but good things to sa [...]

  12. It took like 8 hrs off an on but finally finished this I had an advantage with this book because I got to see it before it became the final product it is now I didn t speak about it or review it then in the ARC stage or when I beta read it because I knew in the end it would change and my opinion would change with it I was right.This is not the same book I read in the beginning It s stronger, better and if you don t listen to anything I say after this, remember these words before you read it It w [...]

  13. Read of my reviews at My Full Bookshelf ReviewsI received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Count On Me had an intriguing premise, and I was in the mood for a serious sort of contemporary, so I immediately picked up this book once I had it downloaded on my kindle As I progressed, I began to realize that this book would not be something I enjoyed There were multiple problems that I had with the book, and it just was not a good matchup for me at all First off, I didn t th [...]

  14. So I m like pretty much in love with anything that this author writes but this book is different I can t like fan girl out with this one even though theres like this little part of me that sort of wants to because of Kayden Walker I really wasnt expecting this kind of book when I got it I mean I knew what it was about but theres to it than just what the whole blurb thing says You need to read this book because what your told doesnt cover whats between the pages like at all theres a strong empha [...]

  15. DNF at 21%There was a scene where the hero started bullying a disabled boy to protect the heroine.but for me that was very cruel thing to do to another human being There are no excused for Why For starters the boy was innocent and should never be bullied Second, the hero was bullied himself for years knowing what pain and depression is, but yet he allowed the same bullying to be inflicted by him for years to completely innocent people I cannot romanticised that

  16. Tears, tears and tearsSo heartbreaking, but real Truly raw and believable And, what teenager Isabelle Reagan goes through is ultimately sad and unfortunate Constantly abused by a group of nasty bullies, both girls and guys, she wants so desperately to just be normal But, she s not On a daily basis she deals with the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder She s a young sweet girl that enjoys numbers So, math is her specialty But because of her lack of speech, the group of bullies often call her n [...]

  17. This is one of my favorite books I ve read this year so far It deals with a very sensitive subject, than one actually, and the author does a fantastic job handling these issues in this book.I think most people, myself included, thought that if someone is autistic, they re like Dustin Hoffman s character in Rain Manwhere they are basically unable to communicate or behave normally in any way Apparently there are degrees to autism However, that does not mean that it is easy, if you happen to have [...]

  18. Leido en Enero 2015Sinopsis Hay personas que te dicen que la escuela secundaria es el mejor momento de tu vida Mintieron.La escuela secundaria es horrible cuando eres como yo, autista.Ellos piensan que porque no hablo y siempre parezco estar perdida en mi propio mundo, soy est pida o sorda Algunos incluso piensan que soy retrasada No soy ninguna de esas cosas y no me gusta esa palabra.S lo porque tengo estos problemas, no significa que es todo lo que soy Hay mucho m s de m , pero en realidad nad [...]

  19. 4 Sweet StarsKaydenIsabelleThis story was short and sweet Kayden and Isabelle are from very different worlds Kayden is the popular bully at school Isabelle on the other hand is bullied due to her autism One incident at school leads these two characters to re discover each other.Isabelle did not want to exist any She wanted to be unseen and hidden somewhere Until Kayden decides to slowly pushes her boundaries and bring light into her life Kayden s life starts to change as well He starts to show w [...]

  20. DNF at 40% I know I m in a minority here A lot of readers really liked this book I tried, but this story about the bullying that an autistic high school student endured just didn t ring true to me A childhood friend who comes to her defense, but was one of the biggest bullies himself at the school, kind of disgusted me His attempt at saving her from other students by actually actively participating in humiliating behavior toward another autistic student really left me hating him to a point that [...]

  21. TERMIN ESTE GRAN, GRAN LIBRO La historia es una de las m s delicadas que he le do, a pesar de ser YA.Melyssa, lo aborda sin ser superficial, ni dramatismos agregados para causar golpes bajos.Deber a ser lectura obligada en las escuelas.Si lo que esperan, son escenas hot Pues no, este no es su libro.Kayden es un adolescente, que tiene una vida dura en su casa l asiste a un colegio, l hostiga a sus compa eros l se enamora, pero de la persona menos pensada.Belle es autista de los niveles m s altos [...]

  22. I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review Isabelle has autism After being homeschooled for a long time, she started to go to public high school Except for name calling it went well until her last year Suddenly she becomes a victim of the school bullies.Kayden is one of these bullies As he proclaims himself, he is an asshole He likes to pick on the weaker children at school But everything changes, when his friends start to pick on Isabelle This story is about two teenagers wh [...]

  23. 6 if possible her best book yet.This story is so beautifully written beyond moving From start to finish I had tears in my eyes and butterflies in my tummy At points the tears were rolling down my face without my knowledge i was so engrossed in this book This book not only raises awareness of bullies but also autism and abuse.Kayden is ur typical bad boy bully See a kid that s different pick on them and watch them break down just for his and his friends enjoyment That is until the day he sees the [...]

  24. La autora tiene al menos una ligera idea sobre el autismo Yo dir a que no Irreal por todas partes, un quiero y no puedo Entiendo la dificultad por escribir un libro con protagonista autista narrando como se siente en cada situaci n, pero s te has metido ah tienes que saber que estas haciendo.El autismo no tiene cura, y autismo selectivo Wtf Ah puedo ver mutismo selectivo As juzgando muy a la ligera, y este no se cura con pastillas Lo que s que no es que se cure de la nada, por arte de magia, y s [...]

  25. I read this series out of order, so I already had an idea of the havoc Amy could cause It didn t make reading it any easier These characters were so well written that every heartbreaking moment was like it was happening to my best friend I loved Belle She was beautiful and deep I was right there with her throughout he whole story Kayden was the same Even when I was supposed to hate him, I couldn t The way he grew and changed was perfection As a teacher I want to believe these kinds of things don [...]

  26. DNF 41%Normally I don t rate things I haven t finished, but this book was so bad I feel like it deserves it It was filled with spelling and grammatical errors Guys, it was so cringe inducing I don t even know how to explain the extent of the ick factor The book under describes and would say things like, he handed me a gen pen He doesn t know it, but it s my favorite color, AND THEN NOT TELL YOU WHAT COLOR IT IS It s also the definition of tell not show The entire thing reads like a stream of con [...]

  27. This YA contemporary romance is different in so many ways It s sweet, heartbreaking, and heartwarming all at once Of course, there are many novels which can boast these traits, but Count On Me stands out because of the subject matter This is a beautiful story of young love, one of the main points of views coming from an autistic seventeen year old girl In fact, I have never read anything like it throughout the novel, I was allowed into her head, and I experienced the world the way she sees it Fo [...]

  28. Once I picked this book up it was hard to put down This is a beautiful book, amazingly told through the eyes of two very special people It was an extremely moving love story A powerful look into the world of autism and a reminder of the bullying that can occur from people who don t have a genuine understanding of what autism really is It s okay to have differences, to not be like everyone else around you I would recommend this book to readers of all ages.

  29. rates ok books at 2 stars and this is why I gave 2 It wasn t a bad read, it just wasn t for me.When I first read the blurb I couldn t wait to read it but when I did pick it up I wasn t wow d by it Now don t get me wrong, it was written well and it was good story but I just didn t enjoy it as much as I was hoping.

  30. El nivel de adicci n que me gener este libro es inexplicable La verdad es una historia super tierna, linda, cute Es justamente lo que estaba buscando y me encant gente Simplemente disfrute leyendo y se me pas muy r pido Hiper mega recomendadisima

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