The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make

The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make Although leadership is the hot topic on conference agendas and book tours most people who find themselves in positions of leadership have little or no training for the role So they wing it foll

Although leadership is the hot topic on conference agendas and book tours, most people who find themselves in positions of leadership have little or no training for the role So they wing it, foll

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The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make

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  1. Hans Finzel Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make book, this is one of the most wanted Hans Finzel author readers around the world.


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  1. Tough to read about leadership failures, Finzel presents each mistake with personal illustrations and rationale for why the mistake is so prevalent While reading my personal leadership mistakes were easily recognizable Thankfully, leadership mistakes are correctable with effort and wisdom.Best Chapters 2 Putting Paperwork Before Peoplework3 The Absence of Affirmation6 Dirty Delegation9 Success Without Successors

  2. The basic principles are sound and if you are reading this to become a better leader in a business or office environment, much here will be helpful But as a textbook for a pastoral ministry class, it is woefully incapable of identifying and explaining the most vital parts of that role Far better resources exist for men called to pastor.

  3. Mandatory reading for any of my church or business staff Core values essential for making consistent, rightly motivated decisions that put people above policies Has helped me avoid many of the natural pitfalls that we Type A, high capacity, driven creatives fall into as managers.

  4. This book was first published over 20 years ago One of the interesting tests of leadership books intended to draw out principles is to evaluate them with the passage of time In this case, the Top 10 mistakes noted in this book are just as applicable today as they were when the book was first published The characterization of leadership hasn t changed though there are now generations in the workplace not anticipated when the book was first published and technological advances that couldn t have b [...]

  5. I picked this book up after one of those moments in ministry when you say to yourself, If I could only go back and do that over again I ve read plenty of other books on leadership by writers like John Maxwell and Aubrey Malphurs, but this book seemed to be about applying leadership principles than trying to figure out what kind of leader you need to be It s a 2007 updated version of the original 1995 book The author himself recognizes, though, that the top ten mistakes leaders make are still th [...]

  6. Great book A lot of the core values in this book spoke to me specifically The idea that as leaders grow in positions and titles throughout an organization, so does their responsibilities and demands from people above leaving them, ironically, with less time to actually lead and influence team members at an individual level Hans also references Jim Collins, Patrick Lencioni, and a plethora of the worlds most leadership wise minds to re affirm his experiences in Leadership and being a CEO of a glo [...]

  7. Mukavasti paketoituja johtamisen vinkkej N ihin vinkkeihin kuuluu muun muassa tasa arvoinen suhtautuminen alaisiin ja eri vien mielipiteiden hyv ksyminen Kirja ei kuitenkaan tarjonnut mit n kovin uutta, siksi vain kolme t hte.

  8. The fact that i aspire to be a leader and one that glorifies both God and serves people, i found this book to be on point I believe am a better leader now and i hope to apply the many lessons in that book Thank you

  9. I needed to have this information in my head years ago, but I don t know that I would have been mature a discerning enough to to receive it in the 80 s I could relate to something in every chapter.I especially appreciated these The Top Down Attitude Paperwork Before Peoplework Absence of Affirmation Communication Chaos Success Without a Successor By the way, these titles represent mistakes, not goals I found out that much of what the author recommends as good practice is agreeable to my approach [...]

  10. I picked up the paperback for 1 ONE DOLLAR at our public library s book sale For a buck, even one good idea makes it worthwhile, right This book is packed with good advice from an honest man who has made and witnessed many mistakes For those in Christian ministry of any kind, there are many connections to scripture that will make it relevant.For those in secular settings, there is still much treasure to be discovered here Finzel offers secular scenarios to make his points, too, and it is worth t [...]

  11. It is really interesting book Many mistakes in leadership, I have done one of them I prepare the work before the people, this is was my big mistake and I really did not figur it out, only when I read this book The Ten mistakes book has some mistakes that many mangers know For example, Directorship system to make decision with out others participation, bad communication style with people, and failure to focus on the future The mistake that confused me, is no room for mavericks Is this a mistake I [...]

  12. In his book Finzel provides newly updated stories and strategies from very successful leaders who have once made continuous mistakes when it comes to effectively leading others The goal of the book is to teach you what effective leadership looks like, how to overcome typical bad habits that come with being a leader, and how to take your leadership skills to the next level For your convenience, we had Hans Finzel on our podcast, The Entrepreneurs Library, to give a deep dive on The Top Ten Mistak [...]

  13. Finzel addresses 10 mistakes that leaders make, though he admittedly says that there are many other mistakes that could be added or replace the 10 mistakes he covers If you do not read widely about leadership, this book will be of great service to you by exposing you to very common mistakes If you already read widely about leadership, this book will reinforce some of the major mistakes and add a few insights into it.Ultimately, though, Finzel s book is not one to simply be read but to be impleme [...]

  14. Finzel has truly created a great resource In his list of just 10 mistakes leaders make, he encompasses the many mistakes that leaders should work hard to avoid and how to do so This isn t just a book you should read, but one you should read at least once per year He also includes a bullet point review at the end of each chapter that is a great way to learn his points on the run for those leaders with a stack of books they should read but never will as well as a great review You can easily learn [...]

  15. This book covers some great mistakes that leaders make, many of which I know that I have committed The material is an easy read, and covers a wide variety of missteps leaders take The author is experienced and draws from his personal and professional experiences as a minister and leader involved in various Christian ministries If you re involved in faith based leadership roles, this would be a great book for you If you re not, you might find less to connect the authors point to The author does i [...]

  16. I just finished this a second time and it s just as good as a repeat I think my favourite chapter is 10 a leader looks to the future A couple of the mistakes that I need to pay close attention to are peoplework before paperwork and communication This edition is an update of the original book written in the 1990s He discusses the problems caused by these top ten mistakes and then talks about how to avoid them Easily one of the most readable leadership books that I have read Part of its value is t [...]

  17. A lens providing clarity opportunityThis book was required reading and may I say THANK YOU to our leader Reading Top Ten Mistakes was a good use of my time It brought into focus broad, yet strangely specific, mistakes or practices that have shown themselves as hindrances to progress or success In every single chapter, it was easy for me to envision present day realities in my world I recommend Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make to others in leadership roles of any kind It s easy to read, but relevant [...]

  18. This is a book that I got at the leadership conference by John Maxwell that I went to in 1994 It 19s one of the first leadership books I read At the time it was fantastic because I was just starting my study of leadership and the lightness of the material and its delivery were appealing This time through, after nearly ten years of study and many books read, the book was a little too light It wasn 19t very deep or challenging The truths are still truths and are still good, I just didn 19t enjoy i [...]

  19. A book to come back to again and againThis book is engaging, with a great combination of general principles, supported by personal anecdotes, and historical examples I have found myself or my own situation in every chapter I see things I need to change now and things to look out for in the future I have read several leadership books probably not enough of them but this has been the best so far.

  20. Entirely QuotableHans Finzel nails the essence of leadership in a way that highlights generational, traditional and inclinations of any leader anytime This book is one of the most inspiring I have ever read and I will certainly be buying to pass on to pastors, presidents and fellow leaders Great book

  21. The author provides a candid transparent look at leadership through the eyes of someone leading in a mission organization It is easy to read and full of timeless truths, even though the book is beginning to be a little dated VCRs are included with new technologies I would recommend it for leaders especially new ones.

  22. Generally helpful, if not necessarily profound, Finzel s work provides a number of points to keep in mind while engaging in leadership Readable and accessible, I m glad to have read this book in the early days of a new leadership role, even if there are some presumptions that I think lean toward specific leadership styles than to intrinsic aspects of leadership.

  23. I read The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make for a leadership class I m taking I find the content valuable and important I did not, however, find the book engaging On my own I probably wouldn t have read it I m not sure why it just didn t grab my attention I will definitely try and put the things into practice though.

  24. This book is simply writen, but it is profound Chapter 8, Missing the Clues of Corporate Culture was a veritable word from God for me It answered questions about my current situation that have been perplexing me for the past year, if not longer I highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about becoming a better leader and visionary.

  25. A book that is an encyclopedia of insight into how to live out Servant Leadership Hans chapter titles in themselves are great illustrations and insight how to lead as a servant I have read hundreds of leadership books, his book is fresh with original insights, even though written in the 90 s It is a book that is helpful for either the CEO of a Company or a Church Leader in a tiny church.

  26. Thought mistake number 9 to be most powerful Though the others certainly not to be ignored Success without a successor is failure We are to mentor, to be a good steward of those entrusted to us as leaders Raise them up to surpass ourselves Multiply what we alone can do for the task is too big.

  27. Many of these top ten seem fairly obvious, but it s amazing to me how many people in leadership positions fail to recognize the importance of peoplework over paperwork and honing basic communication skills Cautionary note if you have a difficult boss, you ll want to slip this in his or her inbox under the cover of night

  28. Great book on leadership.They say we learn from our mistakes than our success, therefore this is an excellent book for those in our wanting to be in leadership I have seen many of these mistakes and made a couple, but this book provides an easy read to start leaders on the past of reflecting on their leadership mistakes.

  29. Finzel offers some helpful leadership principles, but overall the book was merely ok The writing was lacking at a number of points and the chapters were repetitious This book doesn t deserve much than a skim.

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