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Eden in Winter Number one New York Times best selling author Richard North Patterson author of than twenty novels including Degree of Guilt and Silent Witness returns with the dramatic conclusion to the Blaine tr

Number one New York Times best selling author Richard North Patterson, author of than twenty novels, including Degree of Guilt and Silent Witness, returns with the dramatic conclusion to the Blaine trilogy Eden in Winter, the final volume that completes the story begun in Fall from Grace and Loss of Innocence Two months after the suspicious and much publicized deathNumber one New York Times best selling author Richard North Patterson, author of than twenty novels, including Degree of Guilt and Silent Witness, returns with the dramatic conclusion to the Blaine trilogy Eden in Winter, the final volume that completes the story begun in Fall from Grace and Loss of Innocence Two months after the suspicious and much publicized death of his father on the island of Martha s Vineyard, it is taking all of Adam Blaine s will to suture the deep wounds the tragedy has inflicted upon his family and himself As the court inquest into Benjamin Blaine s death casts suspicions on those closest to him, Adam struggles to protect them from those who still suspect that his father was murdered by one of his kin But the sternest test of all is Adam s proximity to Carla Pacelli his late father s mistress and a woman who, despite being pivotal to his family s plight, Adam finds himself increasingly drawn to The closer he gets to this beautiful, mysterious woman, the further Adam feels from his troubles Yet the closer he also comes to revealing the secrets he s strived to conceal, and condemning the people he s so hard fought to protect An acknowledged master of the courtroom thriller, Patterson s Blaine trilogy, a bold and surprising departure from his past novels, is a complex family drama pulsing with the tumult of the time and dripping with summer diversions, youthful passion and ideals, class

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Eden in Winter

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  1. Richard North Patterson is the author of fourteen previous bestselling and critically acclaimed novels Formerly a trial lawyer, Patterson served as the SEC s liaison to the Watergate special prosecutor and has served on the boards of several Washington advocacy groups dealing with gun violence, political reform, and women s rights He lives in San Francisco and on Martha s Vineyard.Macmillan Author ProfileAwardsEdgar Award, 1980, Best First Novel for The Lasko TangentGrand Prix de Litt rature Polici re, International Award, 1995 for Degree of Guiltuscmillan author richar


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  1. This is the final installment in a trilogy and the weakest It mostly rehashes the first two I am a longtime fan of Patterson s courtroom dramas and, unfortunately, there were precious few courtroom scenes in this book There is an Epilogue to tie the story all together which made my teeth hurt it was so sweet and tidy Happy I got this at the library rather than shelling out for it.

  2. I received a copy of this book for free through First Reads.I ve always ignored Richard North Patterson s books before I don t known why Then I read the blurb for Eden in Winter and thought I should probably give Mr Patterson a go I m glad I did.The plot is intricate enough to hold your interest for the full length of the novel, but not so complex that it ties your brain in knots The characters are well rounded and realistic, growing well within the story.The writing flows beautifully, making fo [...]

  3. The third in a trilogy of novels, Eden in Winter is part of a psychological family saga rather than the powerful courtroom drama typical of the prolific Richard North Patterson Although some reviewers have managed to read this as a stand alone story, the plot seems much gripping if the books are read in chronological order Loss of Innocence introduces us to Benjamin Blaine as a young man, indicating the factors which mould his adult persona as a bestselling author, concerned to reveal injustic [...]

  4. Patterson completes the Martha s Vineyard trilogy by returning to the present, and the inquest into Ben Blaine s death Adam, having taken over the role of shepherd to his directionless family, tries his best to steer suspicion away from his family by sabotaging the evidence on file with the district attorney Adam is also trying to make sense of the revelations of his own family s inner deterioration, both recently and over the past decade Making an effort to get a better understanding of Carla [...]

  5. Forgive me please I do not know where I been but I have only just recently come across New York Times best selling author Richard North Patterson Well better late than never as the saying goes I am incredibly stunned at the twenty one books that Richard has written Eden In Winter is Richard s twenty second novel With my love of books just like some of my blog followers, I am always shopping and researching for new authors or authors like Richard that I have not heard of before Richard North Patt [...]

  6. I didn t find this book as strong as the first two in the series although I did read it in 2 days.a lot of repetition which I know would have been enjoyable if I had read the others when they were published rather than all three in one time Full pages of previous scenes or conversations were repeated so that the new reader would be able to fill in the blanks Also found the long psychology sessions a bit tiresome about Adam s feelings toward his father s last girlfriend, who has his baby after h [...]

  7. Where the prequel, LOSS OF INNOCENCE, Unfolds as a character study, EDEN IN WINTER is Very much the Action driven, secrets unfolding, heart in mouth, Type of plotting Seems like every page or so has a character lying or exposing a lie, Hiding a secret or uncovering one, and it all certainly maintains the reader s attention throughout.

  8. RNP tells a good story, but his earlier work was interesting and plausible This trilogy seems strained, repetitive, and overly emotionally entangled But not un enjoyable.

  9. Well, this is embarrassing I thought the novel was the sequel to Fall From Grace But it turns out it s the third and final novel in the series Which helps to explain what I thought was how Patterson was handling the difficult issue of sequels in a different way Whenever a past event is referenced early on in the novel he plugs in a segment of info that appeared in Fall From Grace I think that s what happens don t have FFG with me so can t do a detective comparison Well, whatever It definitely so [...]

  10. While on reader stared in the review that the repetition from the first two books spoiled this book, I found it helpful So much time between books that I forget the details, so going back over events from the first two books, I found helpful This was a tale of the Blaine family s inner lives Lot of navel gazing They give the label dysfunctional new meaning.

  11. Eh I suppose if a person really loved soaps like Dynasty, they d really love this It had its good moments, but mostly, I just kind of hated all the characters.

  12. Satisfying end to the series and tied everything up neatly This was a good listen perfect for some otherwise boring car rides.

  13. This novel concludes Patterson s trilogy focused on the Blaine family of Martha s Vineyard In all honesty, I read the first in the series Fall from Grace in 2012, but somehow missed the second installment Not sure if this affected my appraisal of this one, but really, I think in a series like this, it would be ideal if each book could stand on its own, and in this case perhaps an initial recap to bring new readers up to speed could then be followed by the new stuff However, that isn t how this o [...]

  14. I enjoyed reading this book because of the curiosity for what will happen next, and also because it is written with tension and some suspense On the other hand, I neither could relate to any of the characters nor to the plot If there ever were a book with any characters warped or a plot as disturbing, I haven t read it, yet Still, this might be just what the author intended in the first place I believe he wanted to write a twisted and complicated family drama with characters just as twisted and [...]

  15. 3.5 Stars Eden in Winter is the third part of a trilogy and Richard North Patterson spends a good deal of the first few chapters introducing readers to the background of the previous two novels Those that are fresh to the series will get the backbone of the story, whilst readers coming fresh from the previous book may be a little frustrated with the time spent on information already known Within a few chapters we start moving on, focusing on the psychological aspect of Adam, a man coming to term [...]

  16. Richard North Patterson concludes his trilogy in Eden in Winter, preceded by Fall From Grace and Loss of Innocence Adam Blaine is on leave from his CIA job after the death of his father, Ben There was no love lost between the two but Adam takes on the task of making sure that the real murderer of his father is cleared from guilt at the inquest into his father s death In reality, almost everyone in the family wanted Ben dead, so acrimonious were their relationships to the family patriarch This is [...]

  17. Another book on tape that I listened to on our Lake Tahoe drive The book includes two stories one of a highly dysfunctional family and a second of an undercover CIA agent operating in Afghanistan I found the two stories to be so out of whack that they didn t work for me And the ending was difficult and it left a void.

  18. This book is the conclusion to the Blaine family trilogy.The story opens with the Blaine family at an inquest about the death of novelist Ben Blaine.Ben s body was found at the foot of a cliff and questions unanswered concern the cause of death Did he commit suicide because he was terminally ill with cancer Was he murdered because he recently changed his will and left the bulk of his estate to his mistress, Carla Or, was it an accident Adam Blaine is the central character He s an undercover agen [...]

  19. Eden in Winter, by Richard North Patterson, a minus, Narrated by Dennis Boutsikaris, Produced by Blackstone Audio, downloaded from audible.This is the third in the Blaine trilogy This series is dramatic and romantic than many of his novels actually like John Hart s books The publisher s note describes this as well as I could.Two months after the suspicious and much publicized death of his father on the island of Martha s Vineyard, it is taking all of Adam Blaine s will to suture the deepwounds [...]

  20. This is the third book in a series I had read the first two, but didn t remember very much However, as I read this one, I started to remember the previous books and it didn t seem like much was added here.In Fall From Grace Adam Blaine came home to Martha s Vinyard after his father s death, and took on the issue of how Benjamin Blaine had died That book described the twisted family relationships and history Eden in Winter tells much of the same story, except that this time Adam already knows the [...]

  21. Richard North Patterson is, by far, my favorite author and the first two books in this trilogy are among my favorites Eden In Winter, therefore, was a letdown for me So much of the book, in fact pages at a time, recapped events already read about in prior books, This is necessary for this book to stand alone or to remind readers of events that were read about quite some time ago, I wonder if perhaps it would have been better to eliminate the need for recaps by combining the action and making one [...]

  22. Entertaining story about a dysfunctional, privileged family on Martha s Vineyard The story is delightfully full of references to the place, in and out of season I want to visit there sometime I wonder what it s like to live there in the off season I found the characters to be interesting Adam, Teddy, Clarice, Jack, Carla In the end though, why didn t Jack just go turn himself in Why bare his soul to Carla and invite her to turn him in Why would the District Attorney listen to her she couldn t pr [...]

  23. Unfortunately, I must admit I was somewhat disappointed in this third and final book of this trilogy While it had the potential to be very good, a good third or was relegated to a word for word repeat of much of the first book, inserted here and there as flashbacks Not only was it irritating in that, if needed at all, a mere mention of those events would have sufficed, but they were inserted in such a way as to break the flow of the continuation of the story I appreciate Richard North Patterson [...]

  24. This book is the final in a trilogy which, in my opinion, could have been one novel of a length reminiscent of page turning Richard North Patterson The third installment is a rehashing of the previous two books in the series, with practically no new information The side trip into Afghanistan seems out of place in an otherwise family oriented drama False starts abound, with clues leading nowhere A couple of lengthy conversations would appear to lead to one conclusion, but do not By the time I f [...]

  25. I have mixed feelings about finishing this book for it also ends the trilogy Richard North Patterson has never disappointed me He seeps you up and takes you on a journey that is compelling and keeps you turning pages Even when he is reviewing events of the prior book, you are never bored for he writes in such a way that it just helps to refresh your memory of details that you may have forgotten since reading the last installment, and countless other books in between But picking up a RNP book is [...]

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