Prototype and You Never Knew JavaScript Could Do This! (Pragmatic Programmers)

Prototype and script aculo us You Never Knew JavaScript Could Do This Pragmatic Programmers go inside Ebook I was asked to purchase this book for my work It was very handy in no time at all I wa

Prototype and You Never Knew JavaScript Could Do This! (Pragmatic Programmers) go inside Ebook I was asked to purchase this book for my work. It was very handy, in no time at all I was putting prototype inside our webpages.. DIV Tired of getting swamped in the nitty gritty of cross browser, Web 2.0 grade JavaScript Get back in the game with Prototype and scriptulo, two extremely popular JavaScript libraries, that make it a walk in the park Be it AJAX, drag and drop, auto completion, advanced visual effects, or many other great features, all you need is write one or two lines of script that look so good they could almost pass for Ruby code Web applications are getting richer and richer, with interaction baked in every day But JavaScript, DOM, CSS and a full host of other Web standards are quite complex, and the result isn t always browser compliant The Prototype and scriptulo libraries are veritable treasure troves, smoothing over all the usual nitty gritty differences between browsers, and making most common features a breeze to implement With this book, you can quickly wield the whole power of these extraordinary libraries Dive into Prototype, the library that makes JavaScript so much powerful, and it looks a lot like Ruby code Exploring the DOM, handling events, taming AJAX, and radically simplifying most of your scripting code it all becomes easy and very portable with Prototype When it comes to advanced UI features, scriptulo is every web developer s dream come true whether you need to create auto completed text inputs, implement in place editors, provide customized drag and drop behaviors, capture your users attention with visual effects or simply build DOM fragments efficiently, it s all there, and lightweight too This book guides you through all the details of these features, letting you use many technologies on the server side, such as PHP, vanilla Ruby, and Ruby On Rails, in countless examples illustrating every aspect Power users will also learn the design philosophies of the libraries, and how to contribute to them and augment them for their own needs.. The best Books Prototype and You Never Knew JavaScript Could Do This! (Pragmatic Programmers) Über die Webseite von scriptaculous erfährt man deutlich mehr. Zwar hilft die Übersicht über die verschiedensten Funktionen, aber die Erläuterungen sind mir persönlich zu gewoll "lässig".Auch der in den Beispielen erkennbare Programmierstil ist eher schwer nachvollziehbar. Insgesamt keine Empfehlung für dieses Buch.

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  1. Daniel H. Steinberg Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Prototype and You Never Knew JavaScript Could Do This! (Pragmatic Programmers) book, this is one of the most wanted Daniel H. Steinberg author readers around the world.


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  1. ber die Webseite von scriptaculous erf hrt man deutlich mehr Zwar hilft die bersicht ber die verschiedensten Funktionen, aber die Erl uterungen sind mir pers nlich zu gewoll l ssig.Auch der in den Beispielen erkennbare Programmierstil ist eher schwer nachvollziehbar Insgesamt keine Empfehlung f r dieses Buch.

  2. This is definitely one of the most exciting computer books that I have come across in a number of years Congratulations for a great effort, Christophe I can highly recommend to invest than just a couple of days diving into the details contained in this book Some great examples, and it very quickly becomes obvious that there is much to Prototype than just offering Ajax functionality.Christophe spends a lot of time explaining how the Prototype Core team uses JavaScript and why they have made cer [...]

  3. He really goes into great detail with prototype with some parts but leaves some not so interesting out However, this is fine as long as he really covers the important things of prototype and scriptaculous There is much contents within nearly 400 pages and it is helpful if you want to learn prototype and scriptaculous inside out Since I m working with prototype and scriptaculous for a school project I have to confess that even if I have been working with prototype for the last 6 months and the ra [...]

  4. I had heard of Prototype before, but had not begun using it until this book I bought it after seeing the recommendation on the official Prototype site and I am glad I did Book provided an excellent learning pace, practical examples, and an extensive resource in a very concise and easily readable way Good buy for a developer s collection

  5. I m a Java developer who rarely gets to touch client side code Recently I was assigned to a project that uses Prototype and I got this book to get me up to speed It certainly did that and I feel like it s taken me from a beginner Javascript coder to novice I wish the section on creating my own classes was covered further and there were examples, but other than that I would recommend this to any of my coworkers.

  6. Reading this little piece of work is a great way to very quickly learn the nuts and bolts of Prototype and Scriptaculous This book is long on code and short on deep explanation and banter for better or worse hence pragmatic programmer.My background I m not a ruby programmer I program in ASP and I recently accepted a job where I needed to quickly learn prototype When I settled on this I didn t realize that, along with choosing an intro book, I was also choosing a Prototype Scriptaculous coding co [...]

  7. This book on PrototypeJS Scriptaculous is geared towards the intermediate web developer If you are familiar with PrototypeJS Scriptaculous you will find this book to be both educational and a reference The author digs into details than other text but also clarify some of the trickier and powerful aspects of the Javascript language and its use in PrototypeJS One important note though is that the style of the author and speed at which new notions are being introduced will most likely require Pr [...]

  8. This book was a fantastic overview of all the various bits of the Prototype library Clearly written and filled with useful examples this really helped catapult me into professional Prototype usage.The Pragmatic Programmer s have a solid although short history of turning out amazing books on the latest development technologies and techniques loooooooong before other publishers even start looking for authors on the subjects I own about a dozen Pragprog books and have yet to be disappointed.Just m [...]

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